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Inside Look At Ka-52 Attack Helicopter’s Cockpit During Combat Maneuvers


The Ka-52 attack helicopter is in action.

Inside Look At Ka-52 Attack Helicopter's Cockpit During Combat Maneuvers

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  • Liberal guy


  • משה גודמן (Moshe 75)

    Rookie helicopter for a rookie military. The AH-64 Apache is the best and single most advanced, capable combat proven attack helicopter in the world. It even has a RADAR, unlike the Russkie helicopters. Apache has an an/apg-78 longbow radar capable of detecting fighter jets and ground targets out to 200km away! And the Apache can be armed with radar guided AIM-120 missiles, meanwhile the crappy Russkie helis are fitted with poor performing Infrared air-air missiles. what a joke.

    Apache has been proven in NATO Bosnia Intervention 1994-1995, Gulf War 1991, Grenada, Serbia 1999, Afghanistan 2001-present, 2006 Lebanon War, Gaza Wars, Lebanon 1982, Iraq 2003-present day, Yemen War, and Syria!

    Just remember Apache Gunships went up against 600 Russkie mercenaries back in 2018 during the battle of kusham, and annihilated 200 of them in only 1 hour.

    SUPERIOR AMERICAN FIREPOWER. No attack helicopter on the planet comes close to being as heavily armored, heavily armed, capable, and long ranged as the Apache. Now get over it, Russian Trolls!

    • Fola Obisesan

      Give it a rest. Do you never stop

      • משה גודמן (Moshe 75)

        Stop what? spreading the truth here on this antisemitic troll site?

        • Aurelian

          You say the word antisemitic like it means something, RETARD READ AND WEEP

          THE KA52 HAS longer range and can take out a yankee carrier with the Kh-35 while the pilots jack themselves off, FCUK DID YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD TO BE AS CLUELESS AS YOU ARE.

          The only advantage your dull as fcuk copter has is in sensors, radar…which can be scrambled by russias electronic warfare abilities, all that money spunked, and you are struggling to hold on, oh who is afghan war going again.?


          • Human kind is doomed

            Afghan war is going just great if you ask IMC, just dandy…

        • Aurelian

          going to have to excuse the typo those glasses you are wearing threw me off my stride, they are hideous, how is the afghan war going ?

        • Black Waters

          We know that you aren’t even jewish dude, chill down with being so retarded, dont you have anything better to do than creating fake accounts to spent your time trying to troll people on the internet?

        • Human kind is doomed

          Stop spreading 4th Reich’s propaganda.

    • JoeAlpha

      I think the mentors of these clowns need to teach them even harder if they want to be taken seriously and not be laughed at here. Oh come on .. What happened to the Hasbara Department, have their budgets been cut, so they produce clowns who are not qualified like this troll? Try harder for your shekels soapbar! Lol

      • <>

        You call us all Hasbara, even me. You should come over here for a vacation at the summer time Joe, June-August are filled with tens of thousands of Russian citizens from Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea. Try it once, I promise you’ll love Israel after that :)
        22-38 celcious 10 months in a year, we’re blessed.

        • JoeAlpha

          Oh no Iron, I’ll call you rusty little princess. I was there last summer. Of course Palestinian land is a blessed land. Honestly, it’s not as beautiful as you say, I prefer Yalta and Sochi, have you ever visited it? Many places in other countries that I would choose instead of going to Israel, surrounded by Zionists made me allergic. Don’t be afraid, I will be in Damascus again in the middle of this year, the fourth visit. You can also visit me there if you want. ;)

          • <>

            Enjoy the Hummus in Damescus xD

        • Zionism = EVIL

          There is no Pisrael moron, OCCUPIED PALESTINE.

      • Issam

        seminars need money, but don’t worry uncle sam is talking about giving them an additional aid of 3billion this year.

    • Harry Smith

      As English wiki has no article about Ka-52 let me googletranslate the Russian version specially for you

      As the airborne radar station of the Argument-52 PrPNK of serial helicopters, the FH01 Arbalet front-view radar complex (RLC) is used, the antenna and some of the modules of which are located in a radio-transparent nose fairing. The millimeter-wave radar FH01 “Crossbow” provides timely detection of obstacles and target identification, and therefore allows you to fly at extremely low altitudes, in the terrain mapping mode, with the ability to indicate moving targets. In the future, it is planned to equip the Ka-52 with the further development of the Arbalet radar, designated FH02, with dual-band radar of the millimeter and centimeter ranges (the latter being more optimal for detecting surface targets)

    • Christian S

      I remember one single iraqi sheepherder brought down an apache durin yanki invasion of IRQ war 2003 with a 100year old shotgun, it was one of the real facts where IRQ ministry of information was not lyin about ahahahahah

    • JerryDrake

      AH-64 is a thin can. I chased those cans with S-2M during NATO aggresion on SRJ and I can tell you that this SAM is a penicilin for AH-64. On the other hand, attack halicopter which I would not like to encounter is Russian Mi-24, because this is one truly flying tank. The AH-64 gained its glory through action on a battlefield on which the US had total supremacy in the air. However, when in 1999 on Kosovo, he encountered an opponent who knew how to use a weapon and, more importantly, how to mask his units in a situation where the opponent had complete dominance in the airspace, the AH-64 did – NOTHING, NONE, ZERO! At that time SRJ army had on KiM two armored brigades, six infantry brigades and police forces with about 200.000 soldiers and policemen and over two thousand pieces of military equipment. So, plenty of targets but they used AH-64 to shot a couple of times guard post (A BUILDING!) at the Pashtrik peak and that’s it. And AH-64 had losses …
      So, if that helicopter is so good like you said, they would use that helicopter against us, but they did not. Why? You do not need to tell me. I know, I am soldier, an officer in air defence units, I was there, I chased them with S-2M. I know very well that helicopter and its tactics and how to outsmart it.
      I am not an unreasonable Arab who goes to war shouting slogans and taking selfies. I am Serbian, Orthodox, and my people have shown through history that we are a lot troublesome when someone attacks us.
      That helicopter is not so good, it just had light opponents. When he ran into the ring with a worthy counterweight, he threw in the towel and left the fight.

      • Human kind is doomed

        Ne vredi, lik je trol, a ostali jednostavno ne veruju u ovo što ste napisali, jednostavno im se ne uklapa u njihov narativ supersile.
        Izrael i Amerika, teško zlo koje je snašlo bliski istok i svet.

        • JerryDrake

          To, sto oni ne veruju, nece ni jednog momenta promeniti cinjenicu. Neka zive u zabludi. Samo, imace veliki problem kada dodje na red otreznjenje – mnogo ce ih boleti, ali tada ce ionako biti kasno za njih…

    • Tudor Miron

      Shlomo, you are miserable :) Your envy and fear is obvious. Your powerless anger is eating you from inside. Keep hating creature.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Fuck off Jew parasite. Russian weapons are reliable, sturdy and easy to operate, they offer the best value for money. You toxic parasites have been mooching off our tax dollars for too long arsehole butt ugly potato head.

    • Human kind is doomed

      KA-52 isn’t even in the same class as AH-64, and you being that kind of an expert should know that in the first place, right?
      KA-52 is in class of it’s own and if you wanna be that smart and praise 4th Reich’s achievements try to compare Mi-28NM and AH-64.
      Best wishes…

    • Human kind is doomed

      “Apache has been proven in NATO Bosnia Intervention 1994-1995, Gulf War 1991, Grenada, Serbia 1999, Afghanistan 2001-present, 2006 Lebanon War, Gaza Wars, Lebanon 1982, Iraq 2003-present day, Yemen War, and Syria!”

      All of which were and still are illegal criminal interventions of 4th Reich of America&Israel taking on many times weaker opponents.
      Especially bad example is Yemen, millions of people in grave danger of famine, disease, and “collateral damage” as you would like to say for killing inocent people.
      Land of the brave…