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Informational approach of SouthFront

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Informational approach of SouthFrontOpen-minded approach of SouthFront has a goal to reveal real events occurring in the world. To show you what is hidden. Everybody can become a volunteer in our project and share own story with the world.

Modern information warfare compels a lot of mass media to follow specific line. These “independant” sources pursue specific sponsor’s aims. CNN’s fake newscast from the First Gulf War shocked the World, when a correspondent was reporting in the Desert Storm conflict with a fake backdrop, apparently from a studio set. BBC had been caught staging fake news about Syria to justify military intervention and tons of other examples occurring every single day.

There is too much “dirty work” from western mass media that hide a real truth provoking different conflicts. They form image of the false enemy, create public opinion and control over the actions of people in different countries. That happened in Ukraine, when thousands of zombies took to the streets and destroyed stability.

SouthFront gives you a “red pill”. Our long-term activity has formed like-minded persons seeking the truth. Accept the truth, take a red one.

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