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Information War Against Russia. Kerch Strait Maritime Incident

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Information War Against Russia. Kerch Strait Maritime Incident

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A start of the new campaign of the information war against Russia can be observed in the European mainstream media. This campaign is similar to the previous ones, which have been carried out against Russia: the Russo-Georgian War 2008, the MH17 incident in 2014 and  others.

Repeating the 2008 war approach, in 2018 EU mainstream media outlets have been ignoring facts and blamining “Russian agression”.

  • In 2008 when the Georgian Armed Forces opened artillery and rocket fire on South Ossetia, particularly its capital of Tskhinvali, all the European media was accusing Russia of agression against Georgia. The question remains how it was possible if Russian troops entered South Ossetia to carry out a peace-enforcement operation on November 8 evening only.
  • On November 25, 2018, 3 Ukrainian warships illegaly entered in Russian territorial waters carrying out hostile actions, ingoring commands of Russian coastal guards and threatening mairitme security in the Black Sea region. The Russian side repeatedly tried to stop the advance of the Ukrainian naval group peacefully, through military-diplomatic channels. However, Russian border guards were able to stop hostile actions of the Ukrainian naval group only after a brief firefight caused. European mainstream media outlets show this incident as an act of “Russian agression”.

Despite the obvious facts confirming that the November 25 incident in the Black Sea was provoked by the Ukrainian side, the European mainstream media as well as some Western diplomats are actively accusing Rusisa of agression against Ukraine.

For example, US Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker demonstrated a clear example of double-think in this situation.

In the near future, it’s highly likely that this information campaign against Russia will be intensified and expanded. It should be noted that from its side, Russia once again appears to be the side, which makes excuses and attempts to explain its legal actions to the audience. Russia is the defensive side in this media conflict.

Probably, the Rusian leadership has learnt little from the previous information campaigns surrounding the country.

By 16:11 EET November 26, Russia has not released a detailed comment answering to the accusations against it and providing details into the entire chain of events surrounding the incident. The existing comments by the Russian side are limited remarks by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mariya Zakharova, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov and this very statement by the foreign ministry:

“The Foreign Ministry hereby issues a strong protest against the gross violation of the rules of peaceful passage in the territorial waters of ​​the Russian Federation in the Black Sea by Ukrainian naval ships, that took place on November 25, 2018. Russia has lodged a demand for an urgent UN Security Council meeting to discuss the current situation.

Russia has repeatedly warned the Kiev regime and its Western patrons about the danger of inflating artificial hysteria in connection with the Sea of ​​Azov and the Kerch Strait. Clearly, this is a well-thought-out provocation that took place in a predetermined place and form and is aimed at creating another hotbed of tension in that region and a pretext for stepping up sanctions against Russia. Clearly, all of this was also designed to distract attention from the domestic political problems that exist in Ukraine. This assumption is further corroborated by Kiev’s plans to impose martial law in the country, a move which is odious in the light of the upcoming presidential elections in the spring of 2019.

We are also outraged by the Ukrainian radicals unleashing another attack on Russia’s diplomatic missions, and the damage it caused. We demand that Kiev bring those responsible to justice and ensure the unconditional inviolability of the Russian Embassy and Consulate Generals in Ukraine in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961.

We are hereby issuing a warning to Ukraine that Kiev’s policy, pursued in coordination with the United States and the EU, that seeks to provoke a conflict with Russia in the waters of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea is fraught with serious consequences. The Russian Federation will firmly curb any attempts to encroach on its sovereignty and security.”

Russia has reacted to the current sitaution in its ordinary manner – via diplomatic channels. For example, the Russian Foreign Ministry announced that it’s summoning Ukraine’s charge d’affaires in Russia.

Russia-Ukraine Black Sea Military Crisis: On The Brink Of War

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R Trojson

So now Russia’s military entered Georgia territory for a peaceful mission and Georgia is to blame for defending their own land against Russian forces. Just wait until China enters Russia for a peaceful mission to save their man Putin. Then what is left of Russia will see the truth.

jade villaceran

Dream on, Russia cannot be invaded by any country including china, eu, nato or usa, invading russia means your own destruction too

R Trojson

Puppet Putin will never nuke his Chinese Masters.


Georgia first amassed an invasion force on the border, then announced on TV their intention to invade, then invaded South Osettia, killing Russian peacekeepers who had been there legally. This is the view of the EU.


Georgia was the agresor when they attacked Russian forces stationed in South osethia according to internationaly recognized treaty.

You can call me Al

Wow, the European political scum bags have started chirping – check out the UK zio-weasels:

From the Guardian

In Berlin, a spokesman for the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, urged both sides to open a dialogue quickly, saying the incident raised “serious questions, above all regarding the use of military force by Russian forces for which, on the basis of the facts known to us so far, no justification is apparent”.

A spokesman for Theresa May said the UK condemned Russia’s “act of aggression”, while the foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted that the incident showed Russian “contempt for international norms and Ukrainian sovereignty”.

The French government, which has never recognised Russia’s annexation of Crimea, expressed “extreme concern” at the worsening situation, saying the seizure of the ships and their crew was unjustified and urging their immediate release.

The EU said it expected Russia to restore freedom of passage via the Kerch strait and urged both sides to “act with the utmost restraint to de-escalate the situation”, while the Danish foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, said Copenhagen gave its full support to Ukraine. “The development is very disturbing and can escalate,” Samuelsen added.


“……….On November 25, 2018, 3 Ukrainian warships illegaly entered in Russian territorial waters carrying out hostile actions…….”

This statement is false and underlies why this incident is a provocation by the Russian military. The so-called Russian “territorial waters” were acquired when the Russian military illegally annexed Crimea. According to Wikipedia:

“.……….United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/262 was adopted on March 27, 2014 by the sixty-eighth session of the United Nations General Assembly in response to the Russian annexation of Crimea and entitled “Territorial integrity of Ukraine”. The non-binding resolution, which was supported by 100 United Nations member states, affirmed the General Assembly’s commitment to the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its internationally recognized borders and underscored the invalidity of the 2014 Crimean referendum………”

Only eleven countries voted in support of the resolution. Additionally, a joint statement by the President of Ukraine and the President of the Russian Federation reads in part (Bulletin 54 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea – UN 2003):

Ukrainian and Russian military ships and trade boats enjoy the freedom of navigation in the Sea of Azov and the Straight of Kerch;

Military ships under the flag of other states can enter the Sea of Azov and go through the Straight of Kerch only by an invitation of Ukraine or Russia agreed with the other state;

So in addition to the numerous broken treaties from the illegal annexation of Crimea, the Russians broke an agreement with Ukraine over the navigation of the Strait of Kersh and the Azov Sea. It’s impossible for Ukraine to have provoked the incident when Russia illegally changed the boundaries of a country – including the territorial waters – due to military conquest and annexation.

Nationaliste Traditionaliste

You work for Soros or you’re jew ? Maybe both …

Promitheas Apollonious

nope just an idiot jerking off at the mouth as their habits is.


You can argue about whether or not the annexation of the Crimea was legal or not. But the Russians consider it as such and they now consider it as their territorial waters. So they acted to protect it when Ukrainian ships entered it.

Besides, Israel occupies East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights illegally as well and if Israel had been occupying the Crimea, based on its past behavior when the former owners of those territories even got near them, those Ukrainian ships would now be at the bottom of the Azov sea and the naval base from which they departed would now be bombed. And the US would be cheering them on in the UNSC as justifiable actions.


Besides, Israel occupies East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights illegally as well

Irrelevant. The annexation of Crimea was illegal. Period.


Crimea is part of Russia de facto. De jure doesn’t matter because Russia controls the Kerch Strait. Ukraine has to notify Russia if it wants to navigate the Kerch Strait.


Not based on the 2003 agreement which states that Ukraine and Russia have freedom of movement.


According to the bilateral agreement, Ukraine needs to notify Russia in order to enter Russia’s waters and to queue for the Kerch Strait. Do you think Ukraine’s warships are entitled to simply enter Russia’s waters without notification? Where did you get that absurd idea?


Russia has a greater claim to Crimea than does Ukraine who were only gifted the territory in the 50s. The people of Crimea have made their wishes clear in the recent vote. Right of self determination trumps anything else.



“……..Right of self determination trumps anything else……..”

Really? If you believe that then how come the Russian government bombed Chechnya into the Stone Age to prevent a vote for self-determination by Chechens? It has nothing to do with self-determination, OK?


I’m not arguing about that. All I’m saying is that compared to America’s favorite Middle Eastern ally the Russian response was extremely mild. No ships were sunk, nobody was killed. Again, if it would have been Israel the Ukrainian ships would have been sunk, its crews killed and the ports of departure would be bombed. And the US would be cheering Israel on every step along the way.

If Israel can get away with this kind of behavior then I’m not losing any sleep over what Russia did.


“we have brokered the power transition in Ukraine” Barack Obama admits the US is behind the coup in Ukraine 2014. Your theory about Russia anexing anything has been destroyed.

Madd Bassist

This outlines how obama did it…


aleksandar jakovljevic

What about kosovo,crime is ukrainen ,and kosovo is Not Serbien,……i understand you…what is beter for you,it is corect. And Texsas is mexican,And Guantynamo is Cuba…….or not??? What is corect?????


Hi Tom, while I’m not a fan of the maidanic clique, I have to agree with what you say. Also, Russia supposingly having tried to stop the ships ‘by all diplomatic means’ sounds like BS. SF and other mouthpieces of the Kremlin try to spin the story, but this time, it’s really the Russians that acted aggressively. Oh, NATO wants war, oh, we’re only defending. It’s highly unlikely Ukraine didn’t notify Russia. Rather, Russia puts pressure on the Ukraine. Russia knows nobody’s going to start a war against them.

Madd Bassist

Your post is empty rhetoric.Thanks for wasting everyone’s time.


Thanks Davki. You are 100% correct!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

All nations have a right to dispute each other borders. I personally dispute the right of the US to exist on stolen lands and the sweat of slaves. I do not propose to go to war with the US. Are you prepared for nuclear war with Russia? Well, are you, punk??? Let the Russians and Ukrainians settle their old Soviet border disputes. US/EU/NATO gangsters should not stick their oar in, willy nilly.

R Trojson

Yes, China’s Puppet Putin will send hundreds of thousands of Russians to their death fighting the West. How in the world do the Russian people benefit from taking land from Ukraine and keeping Assad in power. Only China benefits as Russia grows weaker and weaker. Soon Russia will be so weak their friend China will have to come to their aid to protect their Puppet Putin. Then China will finally have the virtually unlimited natural resources it needs for world domination. Over 1 billion Chinese will migrate to Russia to harvest it’s resources and exterminate what is left of the Russian people.

How could anyone here believe the US wants to invade Russia. China is the only country with a plan to defeat Russia and take it’s land.


Interesting theory, but Russia’s extensive nuclear arsenal will deter anyone from attempting to invade Russia.

R Trojson

Not invasion, just a massive Chinese migration to help Russia will the war. China will send 150 million Chinese to “help”. Lots of military to help bolster Russia’s defense. Moving 1 out of every 10 Chinese into Russia is all it will take. Puppet Putin already takes orders from China so nukes are off the table.

This is just common sense. Who in the world wants Russia’s unlimited natural resources the most? Who has a long border with Russia? Who has a military easily capable of overwhelming Russia? China is the only one who wants, is capable of and positioned to take Russia for her own. China has already taken Putin for her own which is why Russians are told to look in the opposite direction toward Ukraine and Syria while China sneaks up from behind. Why in the world would the Russian people want to take over Crimea and Syria at a cost of hundreds of billions of dollars and 1000s of lives? They are being played by China’s Puppet Putin.

Just Aman

An internet post from a blogger in Kerch states that there are stories of an underwater fight between between Russian & NATO (pos UK) Divers in the Black Sea close to the Kerch Strait on Sunday. Apparently there was a scramble and a fight to recover an object thrown into the Black Sea by the crew of the armed Ukranian Tug Boat. Lots of Russian and NATO activity seen, even a US deployed advanced search asset and an EW plane to assist in recovery. No information regarding who got the ‘prize’ (as the Russian translator refered to it).

No information if any Russian or NATO divers were killed or injured. However, several rumours in Ukraine and Russia now circulating that the tug was carrying a NATO made bomb, possibly unconventional in nature, to be used in a planned provocation against Russia. Ukraine were expecting massive retaliation from Russia (and NATO intervention) from this, including an infiltration by Russian SF units through a leaked route (shelled anyway by trigger happy Ukrainians). Nothing has occurred ue to Ukranian and UK incompetance who have behaved like small time drug dealers throwing a package away as the Police move in to arrest them The plan to bring NATO up to Russias soft western border has now failed. This failed planned event and the stories around it will now likely be downgraded to a ‘political stunt’, regardless of which side recovered the ‘prize’, and any and all talk of ‘devices’ written off as conspiracy theory. Note: The tug would not have been towed into Kerch if it still carried a device of some description.It will be interesting to learn who got to the prize first, perhaps we will never know.

Just Aman

Important! – I have been attempting to visit the blog from Kerch where I picked up the story / rumours of the Diving teams underwater antics to recover a so called ‘prize’ as per my earlier comment above, and provide links etc. I have been unable to log back onto the blog because the blog has been pulled down. Facebook (English) references I checked have gone too. English Google Translate references gone too. Russian Ria-Novostri references gone too. This story is being covered up it seems. I cant speak or even type Cirrillic so dont know if Russian language references have been pulled too. Neither US/UK controlled media or Russian state media is making as big an issue of this as they could, nor what has been said / revealed at the russian conveined UN Security council emergency session. Why has Bastion had gone live in Crimea and why did we see US Sub hunters and EW planes over the Black sea on Sunday and Monday morning? (retorical as Bastian keeps US and UK vessels away and the US air support suggests something was happening and being co-ordinated under the waves).

Seems to me circumstantial evidance is pointing to the package being dumped by the panicking UKrainians and Brits, as per the blog.

Looks like Ukraine are still following a prepared script to go to war, as are the Uk to some extent, but they are naked without the rest of NATO behind them. The UKranians and UK dont seem to be able to find the brake on this one, much less reverese. Ukraine will end up picking a big fight with just the Uk and thier 100 ‘advisors’ behind them if they dont stop this.


What was the name of the blog?


Aliens Are Among Us

John Brown

Russia needs to be sure to not over react. Let Ukraine start at war if they want to then crush them. Let them have small Israeli Jewish Nazistan along Poland’s border, see how they like that. It’s all because of the S-300 in Syria. So if Ukraine starts war with Russia it is at its slave master Israel’s command, than also destroy the Israeli air force, navy and most of its army with caliber cruise missiles, hyper sonic weapons etc. and Israel’s economic infrastructure, do to them what they did to Syria. If they want to escalate after that then go after racist supremacist Jewish Nazi billionaires including mainland USSA etc. with nuclear weapons where ever they are on the planet. Israel will surrender instantly as they only fight to the last of their stupid Goyims slaves. If Russia wants peace they need to station short range nuclear weapons in Syria aimed at Israel and let the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire dictatorship know if Russia gets hit Israel gets hits minutes later. If every country did this 90% of the wars in the world would end in weeks. Again Israel and its racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire dictatorship will surrender instantly as they only fight to the last of their stupid Goyims slaves.


I am sure Russian strategic nuclear forces are on alert right now. So the west will let Ukraine to eat its dirty pie alone and only use this to further enhance the Russian boggy man for the ordinary Joe. Even if Russian forces take Kyev tomorow the west will not move in troops. But that would make ukranians hate russians for decades. Which is the aim of the west.

Promitheas Apollonious

depending if the russians go their, as liberators and restore the country to before west destroy it, I dont think Ukrainians will hate russia for decades. On the contrary and russians are not single cells as ul/usraelis are and followers.


You do have some point, but many Ukrainins really do believe the western propaganda. Lets see. Anyway there is a real possibility that we are now witnessing final days of Ukraine…

Promitheas Apollonious

Base on reality and every day living, where millions now will begin to run out of gas and heating I say about 15-20% of ukrainians are against russia especially from the younger generation but the older ukrainians I dont think are anti russians at least not the ones I spoke with and I meet a lot of them from various levels of life and standards.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Let the Banderised Ukrainians stew in their own EU/US slave juices for another decade while RF powers ahead with the rest of the free world. Ukraine has to free itself, with the help of the Donbass. RF has to be on alert for a very long time as Banderised Ukraine is a willing puppet of the US/EU/NATO gangsters against RF.


Russia has no need to say a single word of justification for defending its sovereign territory. In fact anything spoken will only be twisted into “evidence” against them.

Joe Kerr

So, Ukraine warships carried arms from Odessa to Mariupol via Kerch strait. Is Poroshenko crazy? Does he really want his butt vaporised?

Saint Jimmy (Russian American)

It’s a stunt to save his a$$ from defeat in an election, a coup, or a REAL revolution. Ukraine is a corrupt wreck and people have left by the hundreds of thousands. It’s a sinking ship and this pig is trying to impose martial law and galvanize the few idiots and n*zis left against a fake boogey man.

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