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Infographics: Factions Of Turkish-backed ‘Syrian National Army’

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The pro-Turkish media outlet, Suriye Gündemi, released an infographics showing factions of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). The SNA is a coalition of Turkish-backed groups created by Ankara in an attempt to centralize its control over proxies in Syria.

Infographics: Factions Of Turkish-backed 'Syrian National Army'

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Amazing that there are even 4 Kurdish groups on that list who are on Turkey’s payroll against the YPG. I can understand that you can be opposed to one group, in this case the YPG, but are then willing to ally yourself with the one country that’s consistently been crushing Kurds the most, wow!

s Slippy

Whats amazing is your complete denial, there are 4 million syrian refugees in Turkey amongst those 200 000 kurds who fled Assad the butcher.

The kurds were crushed by your beloved dictator Assad, who didnt even give the kurds a syrian passport. Thats sick. But its not a coincidence Assads way to power is paved with blod, a man chosen by no one and hated by most is doomed to fall.

And you wonder why the kurds rebelled? Hilarious

You can call me Al

You stupid, gormless, Yanker or Kiker twat. That is not what Barba_Papa was saying at all.

1. If you look at that chart above, there are 4 groups of Kurds linked in with the Turkish backed (Syrian) National Army ……. that is the strange and troubling part for Barba and myself. Kurd vs Kurd !!!!.

2. All Syrians can have passports, whether they are Sunni, Shi’ite, Kurd, Christian – whatever…………. but where that comes into it, is anyone’s guess.

3. The only massacre against the Kurds, has been by the US backed – Islamic state.

God, I hate morons. Get back to CNN.

s Slippy

Jesus christ you have the moral integrity of a hyena.

“Yanker or Kiker twat” Im neither….

1. Its neither troubling nor strange if you actually followed the events of this war.

2. You deceiving rat, the kurds were denied passports. 2011 was the first time Assad the butcher tried to grant them this human right, that means the kurds were deprived of a passport for more than half a century.

3. what are you even talking about? I never mentioned a kurd specifik massacre. The butcher murdered anyone who stood in his way


The Kurds aren’t invited either but gate crashers who want to carve out a territory from Syria which doesn’t belong to them, Dr. Assad is all they have left to help them after their ally the US left them high and dry as usual , how dumb can they be to trust the US again.

“The kurds were crushed by your beloved dictator Assad”
The PKK/YPG are anarcho communists and a known terrorist group , the only reason they are still alive is because they didn’t attack SAA to much.
SAA never attacked the Kurds and Kurds never attacked them to much , again you have no proof.

Dr. Assad is less of a butcher than Bill Clinton, Obama , any Bush , Trump or about any US Pres. since 1940. You can’t give any solid evidence for that lie.

Erdogan has been facilitating ISIS and is responsible for creating some of the refugees in Turkey

“The only massacre against the Kurds, has been by the US backed – Islamic state.” Correct statement.

s Slippy

“Erdogan has been facilitating ISIS ” was this before or after the Americans wanted him dead by orchestrating a coup 2016?

“SAA never attacked the Kurds and Kurds never attacked them to much ”
You cant have it both ways….

I agree with you about the US role, but the constant circle jerk on this website about how great “Dr. Assad” is enough to drive anyone with any moral integrity mad. Kurds and Arabs alike rebelled for a reason against Assad.


You think the Kurds have been fighting against the SAA? They haven’t. The Kurds want autonomy and have made the mistake of siding with the US and being shat on by them. Now the Kurds are befriending the Syrian government.

s Slippy

You embody delusion.

In what alternative universe would the US allow the kurds to make such proposal? That would defeat the entire purpose of carving Syria like a piece of pie.

While we are at it would hafez al assad come back from the dead and convince Bashar to let bygones be bygones? forget what the PKK did to Syria?


“In what alternative universe would the US allow the kurds to make such proposal?”

The US are withdrawing. The SAA are securing Manbij at the request of local Kurds.
What’s your favourite news site that you believe? CNN? lol

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