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Infamous Turkish-Affiliated Syrian Tank Hunter To Travel To Ukraine To Fight Russian Forces

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Infamous Turkish-Affiliated Syrian Tank Hunter To Travel To Ukraine To Fight Russian Forces

Suheil al-Hammoud, screen grab from: https://youtu.be/DLN7oXJ_w04

An infamous tank hunter of Turkish-backed forces in Syria is reportedly attempting to travel to Ukraine to fight Russian forces there.

The militant, Suheil al-Hammoud, first expressed his desire to fight in Ukraine on February 25, just a day after the beginning of the Russian special military operation which is meant to “demilitarize” and “denazify” the country. In a tweet, al-Hammoud asked his follower on Twitter how he could get to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Later, al-Hammoud, who claims to be the best TOW anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) operator in Syria, announced that he was in contact with the Ukrainian embassy in Turkey.

In an interview with al-Aan journalist Jenan Mousa on March 2, al-Hammoud stressed again that he serious about his offer to go fight Russian forces in Ukraine.

Al-Hammoud, also known by his nom de guerre “Abu Tow,” was a senior commander in the Hazzm Movement, a US-backed group that was active in northern Syria. The group was dissolved in 2015 after a confrontation with the al-Nusra Front, now rebranded as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

After the dismissal of Hazzm, al-Hammoud joined the ranks of Turkey’s main proxy in Syria, the so-called Syrian National Army (SNA). He became a TOW ATGM operator for the SNA, targeting both Syrian government forces and Kurdish forces.

Al-Hammoud claims that he has destroyed 146 targets with TOW ATGMs since the beginning of his career as an anti-government militant. The last target to be destroyed by al-Hammoud on March 1 was a position of the US-backed, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces in the northern countryside of Syria’s Aleppo.

While al-Hammoud claims that he wants to “volunteer” to fight Russian forces in Ukraine, recent reports revealed a plot to send militants from Syria to support the forces of Kiev government. A Ukraine-based Syrian drug kingpin with links to al-Qaeda known as Tariq al-Jasim will reportedly lead the efforts to move militants from Syria to Ukraine.

The Russian military may move to neutralize Turkish-backed Syrian militants planning to leave to Ukraine on Syria territory, where it maintains a large and capable force.


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Turkish dog come, the Russians will teach you what their jets can do


hillary elite CIVIL WAR – Bay Of Pigs (Official Video) | Napalm Records

Marcelo Rodriguez

Sería muy buena idea que los Rusos incorporen en sus filas a las milicias respaldadas por Irán y a militares Sirios que tuvieron muy buena actuación en el conflicto Sirio, recuperando varias provincias de manos de los insurgentes (Alepo, Homms, Guta, Palmira etc). Esto le proporcionará al ejército Ruso buena mano de obra muy experimentada en la recuperación de ciudades y zonas residenciales por ejemplo el uso de tanquistas sirios de la 5 división blindada, así como los Hunterisis que tan buen resultado tuvieron en la República Siria. De esta forma podrán luchar junto con el ejército Ruso para tomar las zonas residenciales en las ciudades de Ucrania donde se esconden las milicias ultranacionalistas de Kiev.


He got to the position of “the best” after the previous 20 “best” were neutralized by the SAA and Russians lol. Soon another shall get his chance for promotion after this roach is deleted. :)


They suspended my Twitter account after I told him that FSA is Mossad funded and Hezbollah kicked your ass. He didn’t reply, just reported me like a pussy


Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Youtube = CIA! Don’t waste time with these western social networks.


True, they already blocked me in Germany for too much use of the word “Nazi”.

jens holm

The nazis in Ukriane are less the 3%. Blaming the rest is outragious.

Naming USA, UK and others too. They defeat Nazis in the same WW2 and remade Germans and Japanese well.

try Anton_Denikin


Eh even Westerners are quitting those. If you speak a word of truth, you’re shadow banned. Fuck all that. It’s happening so frequently, people are getting hip to it finally.

Brother Ma


jens holm

Only a small corner of the “southern” parts of FSA is supported. I see no sign for they made it. But they has given them military equipment probatly for the americans and britts there.

I am in the same NON at Twitter. I wont excuse I have offended someone, which might be Your friends and 100% enemy to someone like me.

You can try to forget it and go somewhere else. I did.

Chris Gr

Turkey plays the neutral card.

Chris Gr

Lol Hamas is allied with FSA and Hezbollah at the same time.


I hope Hezbollah sends a couple units because they’re really experienced in handling wahabi filth. Russia will also fund the fuck out of Hezbollah in return, and they also gain more experience. Win win for Russia and Hezbollah


Don’t forget to bring a couple of Houthis with you too. They are brave men

jens holm

And muHAMmad


And don’t forget the Chechnians and probably other warriors from the Caucus. This fool is walking into his own demise. These dumb fucks have no strategy or intelligence. Russia is checkmating on MULTIPLE levels and her enemies are CLUELESS. They cannot see the forest for the trees.

jens holm

I would say that. The next might be a kind of guerilla warfare. They are experts and veterans in that.


Iran abstained at the UN

Chris Gr

Iran has different interests. I have been saying it but the basement dwellers don’t listen.

Chris Gr

Hezbollah are radical Shias.


This shithead really needs to die, hopefully Russians (or Kurds) will level his house with everyone inside.

but he is right it is the same war: the same filthy terrorists dogs – those in Idlib and those in Kiev, owned by the same masters…


Kurds are US puppets, don’t trust them!


yep, but I’m sure they would like to meet this roach


Lotta good that’s done ’em.

jens holm

Carlo is a Mossad CIA puppet himself. His behind for some reason is stars and stripes too.

Up to 1993 he was a commuist. It was only red. But then he got internet made by CIA and free non dressed men in pay pr view.

SF hiding Russian losses.

The same Kurds Russia allowed to be rolled over by Turkey and their Jihadi scum in Afrin because Putin wanted to please Erdogan? Now Erdogan backstabbing Putin by selling weapons to Ukraine and sending the same mercenaries? Yeah really worked out well. Nevertheless, I hope Russians take out these jihadi scum.

Cowboy Justice

His body will rot in Ukraine.

jens holm

We dont have same systems as Your Kombinazis.


If it becomes a protracted war in the ruins, Russia should bring in some Hezbollah and also Iran should deploy its Quds Force to Ukraine. They deserve to have positions in Europe and eventual capability to hit European capitals with rockets.

jens holm

Those are busy. They have invaded Israel three times last week.

They are not feeling well and are hiding with fear in their ratholes. And Syrian jews look at them from Golan too.

Chris Gr

Facepalm. Ukrainian nazis like Iran and Hezbollah.


Why will Iranians do that in the wake of Russia’s refusal of selling its S-400 missiles to Iran?


Allow this diabolical scumbag the opportunity to travel to Nazi Ukroland. He announced that he is tired of living. The Russians will grant him his wish with a nice 80 mm. rocket or anti-tank missile from a Ka-52.

Icarus Tanović

White phosphorus, napalm and thermite can do the job of disinfection.

jens holm

3% in Ukra are nazis. The rest are placed in Your brain by Putin. They all are seized as ants and has 6 legs too.

Soon the Russian Armata will arrive. They only has one and the new Putin palace.


Send him to Ukraine. Bring his coffin also.


Let the rat go to Ukraine to meet his well-deserved end.


I don’t think he would even make it to Ukraine. What a stupid stupid mutt.


another sorry joke…”the best TOW operator in the world” …for real ? Heres another thing..i dont care if hes a better shot than king Odyseus..Eastern Ukraine is not the desert..you cant shoot through trees and high rushes..you have to get closer..close enough so that as soon as you reveal yourself with a TOW rocket you will get fried by on the circling attack helicopters

jens holm

Why not. Russi has the biggest dwarfs.

Icarus Tanović

Danmark have smallest giants.

Icarus Tanović

What an american lying clown you are, slimie boy! Posin there with that tow, wondering can you even operate air rifle? Bana alabed, just another spectacle of american factory of evils. Just like that punk that has never been in Iraq ever and claimed that he killed 235 Iraqis with sniper. What a bullshit. Such a mockery to them.


He won’t even make it to Ukraine. What a joke.


Let’s ignore their hero mythology. They ridicule themselves.

I wonder though, do these mercenaries think they can get into the war and escape from a losing war to another conflict like they won’t be encircled? Are they allowed special security privileges far from direct fire? Or is this all nonsense and he won’t go or only to loot and have fun far from enemy lines only to escape into Poland?

Last edited 1 year ago by Manu
jens holm

He is asked for by his boss in Ukraine. He is a criminal and know ways.


146 tanks my arse! I hope the big-nosed, balding Syrian terrorist gets popped off once and for all so that we can be spared his terrorist lies. This guy is no hero or freedom fighter… this guy is a c*nt who murdered people and this f*cker is proud of it??? Really hope he goes over to Ukraine where the filthy Ukrainians or the hero Russians will kill the twat!

Last edited 1 year ago by Maz
Porc halal

are you islamist turkish dogs looking for trouble?! … you’re welcome .. a dead islamist turkish dog is a good turk …

Last edited 1 year ago by Porc halal
jens holm

None will blame them for killing russian tanks. They will be rewarded by Vodka and Beluga in heaven too.

SF hiding Russian losses.

Putin allowed Erdogan to bomb Assad and take Idlib/Afrin out of hope Erdogan would side with Russia instead of the West. How did that work out?




CLINTION bad skate-baordining come i hope you not afraid like hadrian turk boarder

Gorgeous George

Darwin Award for LowIQ Suheil.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gorgeous George
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