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Infamous Jaysh Al-Izza Military Training Camp Geolocated

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An infamous military camp, where Jaysh al-Izza trains its militants a few meters away from refugee camps, has been finally geolocated.

On November 26, activists on Twitter revealed that the camp was located in northern Idlib, near the al-Bab al-Hawa border crossing less than 2 km away from Turkish border. Three large refugee camps are located right near the camp.

The camp is named after Abdul Baset al-Sarout, a so-called “icon” of the Syrian opposition who was killed by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in 2018.

For more than two years, Jaysh al-Izza trained its militants with live ammunition and heavy weapons in the camp, a few meters away from refugee camps.

The Reverse Side of the Medal, a Telegram news channel with sources in Syria, claimed that the camp is no longer in use. This is very possible as Jaysh al-Izza lost most of its militants and assets in its recent battles with the SAA.

The Telegram channel released images of three other military camps in Idlib without clarifying by what factions they are used.

Infamous Jaysh Al-Izza Military Training Camp Geolocated

Click to see full-size image

Infamous Jaysh Al-Izza Military Training Camp Geolocated

Click to see full-size image

Infamous Jaysh Al-Izza Military Training Camp Geolocated

Click to see full-size image

Turkey, the main backer of Jaysh al-Izza and other factions in Greater Idlib, is doing nothing to remove such dangerous facilities away from its borders. The border region is now infested with militants’ training camps, military headquarters and even ammunition depots.


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Jaysh al- grilled fried rats, is your new name. After receiving pin point precision hit with Iskander or Kalibr up your filthy terrorist arse! Not even hiding behind refugees or Turd protection will save your arse from laser guided bombs. Bombs away !


That’s why it was posted on the internet to surprise them :)))

And of course Russia couldn’t geolocate that until now.

Tom Tom

Wait, so you don’t just accept everything you read on the internet?



The smelly smell

Jens Holm

Its not the same as the opposite


If Russia didn’t look for (didn’t want to see) the camps built literally on the Turk border close to refugee camps, it is because they didn’t want to wreck their relations with Turkey. Turks took too much freedom in some of their actions lately. Situation has changed. Now the glows are off and Turks will receive some spanking (through proxy) because they have crossed the line with the terrorists in N Karabakh. If you make spectacle out of something that is normal in world politics that is your problem. Having Turkey leaving NATO was Russia’s intent, but not for any kind of price. This is warning to Turkey to behave. That is all.


‘now the glows are off’ LOL

Lone Ranger

FOABs incoming…


Yeah, Russia made sure you see it first before taking them by surprise.

Lone Ranger

Maybe they are already hit…


Let’s see the new photos tomorrow.

Lone Ranger



Missile strike targets?


Why post targets on the Internet before strike them?

Ivan Freely

Warning. Forcing the benefactors to withdraw support and or shutdown the site. Otherwise, it’s boom time.


If I was hunting terrorists I was bombing them immediately, but if I was just pretending, I was using photos like this just to scare them a little.

Ivan Freely

False bravado was never the intention. Revelations are used to invoke a reaction. IMO, full withdrawal of the proxies or support of such groups. Time will tell.


So the Russian footages of bombing ISIS was false bravado?

Ivan Freely

Are you really this bored? There’s no way you’re this daft.


That’s how a Ruskie lose an argument?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad’s been accusing the Turkish Red Crescent of facilitating this sorts of behavior for years and no one’s ever listened to him before. The poor old Russians upset the UN big time late last year [and early this year] with a mountain of civilian casualties during their bombing campaign [mostly western Aleppo], the Russians found it extremely difficult to bomb the terrorists with all the refugees camped just a few hundred meters away, and is it any wonder they did. The Turkish Red Crescent claim they’re in Syria helping the refugees but I think Assad’s right about them, they’re just a useful tool for Erdogan and the terrorists. And what happened, Jaysh al-Izza aren’t being linked to HTS in this story, that’s a first. And just as well they aren’t either, they’re actually members of the Syrian National Army, which means according to Russia, Turkey, Iran, and the US, they’re actually moderate opposition forces and legally included in the political process, even though I think they shouldn’t be. And there is a possible explanation as to why this camp has been relocated, HTS has been cracking down on all the Jihadists in their territory, even the one’s they’re allied to, so perhaps HTS has forced them out of the area, just like they have so many others recently.

Jens Holm

NUmbers f refugees are easy to count. UN count them and the camps are very visble too, So about that You mainly bring crap.

True it tempting to put military facilities close to refugee camps.


So they don’t walk too much from home to the job.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

And who says the terrorists are dumb, it’s not like they strap bombs to their own children and send them off to seek martyrdom, oh hang on some of them do, mmm. But I’ll bet none of the terrorist commanders families live in the refugee camps with all the other poor sods, they’ll all be safely tucked away in some of the pro Assad supporters homes the terrorists have confiscated, and nowhere near the refugee or terrorist camps.


Could be but there they would be more exposed as nobody bombs a refugee camp but a mansion why not

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Those terrorists never build training camps near the mansions they hide their own families in, they just build them near the refugee camps where other people’s families live.


Well, it’s still near, not in.

Jens Holm

Its not about “who says”.

I and we do have the facts, and even they are incomplet and – as You say some few ive i refugee camps – UN only give help to refugees and they are numbered.

They also give very good and detailed maps, so the refugees dont get hit by mistake.

And the different groups do a lot to recruit from refugee camps and has succes. Its normal for most of the worlf. The Westbank and gaza are very good exampels. Having an income again of course makes it possible to leave a camp.

There is no excuse for bombarding camps, but thee are dilemmas.

We have seen many refugees on the run by cars or walking being attacked from the air by mistake.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Yes many militia fighters are recruited in refugee camps and Iran is the prime example of that practice, but I think Erdogan’s trying to catch up to them now, he’s actually getting his fair share of recruits from the displaced and downtrodden too just lately.

And yes the UN does provide the combatant sides with detailed maps of where refugee camps are located that’s true, but those maps are sometimes false for various reasons. Late last year and earlier this year the Russians complained very loudly to the UN about their “out of bounds” maps that always seemed to have a refugee camp, hospital or school located somewhere near targets the Russians wanted to hit. And the Russians proved many of those maps were wrong especially about hospitals, but sadly some of them were right too and a lot of refugees/civilians were killed in the Russian airstrikes. So the maps are as good or as bad as the intel the UN receives about them, which means sometimes they’re accurate, sometimes they’re totally worthless, and sometimes they’re totally misleading.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The numbers of refugees are easy to count are they, then why did the UN double them before the Darra campaign, the UN said there would be 250 to 300,000 potential refugees before that campaign and there turned out to be 120 to 150,000 max, and half of them were back in their own homes just weeks after the fighting ended. The UN inflates the numbers when they want to and they deflate them when they want to, didn’t you know that Jens. And what did you bring to the conversation, just another simple insulting remark which is actually funnier than it is insulting, you really need to improve you pigeon English you fool, you’re making us laugh instead of cry.

Jens Holm

Thats dirty shit of the worst kind.

You have to divide those on the run being permanent or temporary in need for help. They all need food, water, clothe medicine whatever.

No foof in a month is a no go.

So those on the run are like water. Some hide in fields not far aeay, others go to their families permanent and others are displaced needing permanent help by UN or others.

So UN dont inflate at all. They estimate as well as it goes and there might be only as You say 150.000 of them. You should wonder how they are able to count in warzones and should not conclude, that if they vant count, there are no refugees.

I always allow me to see adding dstribtuion often is very difficult in warzones and allow med add, that one more bread pr familily a weak is much better then need of bread.

You have no idea about how far desperate people can move away fast as long as they are in good health. They also has prepared themself in all details.

UN has a lack of money because of muslims are making more and more refugees and half of the refugees in the world are muslims in many many permanent unsafe conditions. The real problem is, who makes those millions of refugees and not the helpers to them, whoever and whatever they are. So shame on You.

My english tell hard facts, which mainly are to be trusted I also tell my oppinions about it as well as referrring others and their oppinions. I often add links and very often, if I see lies and guessing based on nothing or just hostality in hooligan mode.

I bring maps too.

A very good example is its critiseized the opposition use the red white flag. Well actually thats no hastality because Belrus most of the time and latest 1919 to 1945 was a part of Poland.

I also here has tiold som many russians has forced tro emmigrate to there and Belarus has been moved west. Thats written away in the Russian propaganmda version. Belarus also is different from Russia by that just as Ukraine.

Its the same for Yugoslavia. It hardly ever was runned by Serbs, but Serbs are the ones, which insisted twice, it should be theirs. But parts of it has been into other countries like Austraía Hungary and Macedonia was taken by Serbs in 1912 having not a single serb in it.

Besides that most of it was under the Ottomans apart from Serbia having more muslims there then now(Turks and some Bulgarians as well).

And I do write back if people dont understand “my primitive english”. Facts very mush too is, You understand most things and the ones You dont is because beecause You in Your åpoptao heasd translate from a mopre simple language and by that get a much more simple but perfect englisk not covering, what mine does.

I also name Bellarus, because Russians are hardly censured about their own history and so many other things, and Russians of today just simply learn from school very biased and mad versions the totally created Bolsjevic version. .

Eastern Europe is not populated bÿ Russians but has been kept in shape by the Txars as well as the Bolshevics, so it should be no surprice, they don see Stalin and Russai as father and motherin a new dic´viding by Hirler and Stalin at the Molotow line or later having tanks and airplanes west of Berlin.

No more colonialisme. AND WEE DO TRY TO HELP THEM UP and are not hostile to Russia unless Russia dont let us reagain the old connections – Fx Danes trading along all coast of th Baltic sea for free both ways.

But I can repeat. I think the Leaders of wars should be killed first. I think its fine people with guns kille people with guns. The best is, that those people dont come here. So I love that Iranian nuke terrorrist gots killed too.

I do care for those up to 10 million naming themself for Syrians denying themself to kill their own citicens and hiding the best they can. To me thats the only real Syrians in most matters.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The one thing you do that I don’t do is open a conversation with an insult, you’re foul mouth leads the conversation whenever you make a comment, can’t you just object, argue, state your point without using insults or foul language to do it. The Muslim Brotherhood are the organization you can blame for most of the Muslim displacement all around the world, their fight to overthrow western powers is causing more harm to the people they claim to want to save than anything else is, their need to introduce Sharia Law is taking precedence over all other concerns, humanitarian, sociological, morals, and everything else.

Jens Holm

You start with a lie Yourself. Should I be polite about that??

You continue with a .. “UN makes inflation” in the numbers.

If You moved some parts of Your body to fokus, its in the open how the works and why and they are not hostile unles You are against ateast to work for better Human Rights as well as those none fighters.

Here food, water, clothe and at least a tent high ranked.

Blaming only the Muslim Sisterhood for things is far far out. You deny to see parts of Islam has to removed and because its bad for all of You fx in no change no matter what and You use each other to preten, Ypu are the it.

Facts are the IT very much is inside YOURSELF and You and others like me cant even debate anything by that – even most muslims never has been able to read and understand Islam.

And muslims comes here. An Ido know the many reasons. And I have descriebed them here many times.

And I never get answers for better structures to innovate things. I never get answers for better education and what that is. Even Your history books make Yourself to enemies amng each other even You just here can find,how things are. I never gets answer for where the alternatives to, whats wrong are – even if I give good links, where at least something can be innovate well and make at least some progress in every single home.

And womens rights is a no go. Its very strange from me to see the muslim vomens are so much less clever then the men, which in so many things are so iliterate and uneducated as it goes.

I tell You we have not only a premiereminister, which is elected to be in the top, becaise she is the best. I tell You 6 of 12 main policedistrickts are driven by Vomens Leaders. I teel You we raise men, so they are learn that nature is not to rape vomen but to work and be with them as they wish – and the other way too. I tell You old men and vomen should not decide what young vomen and men should do by hard control and too often even killings.

I also remind people, that Our vomen contribute with 22.000 dollar a year each in GDP which pr person is more then the Saudi men does. They do i because they are educated in the same level as men because they are just as bright as men – even different and maybee as some very important adding.

I also write that we all go to heaven one by one and pay one by one for Gabriel and Allah, if we are muslims. Some Grandfathers dot decide faith by force used like that. Faith is inside the brains and not by overing Your face, hair.

I tell You we in sekular parts of the world dothe opposit. We have open faces and much more open how our bodies are, because we believe, that we then hide less from others and God – if there is any.

So in contrast – why try to hide for Allah.

And I tell You – again – that we are not the ones making most of You problems and for that matter Your bad ones named muslims sissyhoods. You are. You give them all the best reasons to live just as Turks do for PKK in Turkey.

I have paid to feed hostile muslims since I remember, for its west which feed those millions of muslims and a few more. Americans and others are even blamed for not paying to poor, which do absolutly nothing exept eat and make childre. raision their children to the same traditions.

Why shold I pay. Now they come here in millions instead of the countires they come from makes jobs for them as we do for our own. We pay close to 3 billion dollars to muslims comming here. We never asked them and after 10 years with free language lessons, free schols, free education – and jobs 50% has no jobs and most of them not even has intension to take jobs as well as so many vomen are not allowed and often because the man are not able to make descent loving by no assimiliation as well as not following, what we have decided in Our Parlament by elections.

I can only reme,ber a few muslim countrie having any reforms, the rest are the same. As a minimum, You should not try to blame Jews, Americans a<nd others for, what You do Yourself.

…And here a good start for You is lying less as You have done here aboyt UN telling thiose are the bad ones. The bad ones are the ones making those millions of refugees and certainly very much You Leaders like Assads, Erdogan and Khomeini. Its tempting to add odsters. The system is bad and You cant even elect some other bad people as Leaders.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Educate me Jens, what lie did I tell, explain my lie, why am I wrong about the Muslim brotherhood. I believe I can see exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood does in free thinking European/western countries, it lets subversive Muslim brotherhood followers just like you create a fifth column in the countries you welcomed into. And then you spend all your time trying to change the political systems of the countries that welcomed you, and then immorally try to change them into the same sort of shit political systems you all just left. That’s what the Muslim brotherhood does in European/western countries, and you also breed like flies to overwhelm the local population numerically. And in all the Muslim countries that the Muslim brotherhood operates they chop your head off if you don’t agree that the Koran is the written word of God, so it’s pretty simple to understand and hard to lie about, its all in plain sight. Syria and Libya as examples in the ME but sub Sharan Africa is also their playground. Muslims shouldn’t be banned from western countries, what we should do is give you all lie detector tests when you enter, if you believe democracy and man made laws are more important than religious Laws then you’re welcome to join us, but if you believe religious Law is the only Law you should abide by and want us to do the same, then stay in your own country.

And can’t you find some sort of translation app, I can’t even understand what you’re saying half the time.

Jens Holm

You are wrong about the Brotherhood because its an excuse for, You do absolutly nothing to change the reasons for it. NOTHING.

The muslims brotherhood has not made estimated 500.000 dead in Syria and 10 million syrians not in theur homes. Many 1000 others has lost a leg and more and the destruction continue and even more stupid, that Jews and Americans are blamed for it too.

The reasons even are classic. Number on is a socalled governess which cant make jobs to half of the men. Those mainly youngsters dont like that and they are not lazy and go anywhere ekse to get a paycheck and some kind of life.

Those are first class opposition to a duch goverment.

Anotherpart is makes mpore normal criminal actvity and losses for the oes, which actually works.

You shoukd not blame us for inventing strange versions of Islam and even lies about it.

We have ourt extremists like Fascism and communism and even created WW1 and WW2. We try hard to avoid things like that again as wel as the Christian Churches now are in a sekular mode.

You have to change the Islam, You kind of day it nice. Where is it doing pretty well part from where there is oil? I also insist in women should not be raised for buy and sale ad even punished for, if they wont do that.

And we see it here too. Muslims comming here too often ot even give vomen the very low rights they have according to Islam. And Islam also is below Our sekular constitutios just as christians and hindus.

Thats what Makron confirm. We dont want Your crap here too.

Tom Tom

They have a McDonalds on site.

klove and light

ty treacherous zionist pig putin…..

ofcourse russia cannot find these camps lolololololol abd even if,,,why bomb them correct..

smartass putin cock suckers here


Idlib is a very large place, the size of Kosovo, just with plane terrain. If bombed for 3 years, someone must try very hard not to destroy it completely. Or to kill anyone. Why do you think Russia doesn’t have footages like Azerbaijan?

viktor ziv

why bomb empty camp of the terrorists destroyed months ago?

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