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India’s $3 Billion Nuclear Submarine Almost Sunk Because Someone Left Hatch Opened: Report

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India's $3 Billion Nuclear Submarine Almost Sunk Because Someone Left Hatch Opened: Report

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In early 2018, Indian outlet The Hindu reported that the country’s only operational nuclear ballistic missile submarine, INS Arihant, was out of action for about 10 months starting from some time in 2017 due to an accident.

What was the accident? Allegedly, a sailor had left a hatch open and water entered which damaged the submarine’s propulsion compartment almost sinking it.

An anonymous naval source said water rushed in as a hatch on the rear side was left open by mistake while it was at harbor.

The identity of the person, or persons, who are responsible for the incident is not publicly known. Regardless, they were almost able to sink a 3-billion-dollar submarine without firing a single shot, while it stood at the harbor.

The INS Arihant is part of what is known as the “triad” of India‘s nuclear fleet. They currently have a second nuclear submarine on lease from Russia. The INS Chakra reportedly suffered damage to her sonar domes when coming into Visakhapatnam harbor in October of 2017.

A 3rd one was launched in November 2017, and became the 2nd Arihant-class submarine in the Indian navy. It is expected to be commissioned in 2019 or 2020, after it undergoes comprehensive sea trials.

Thus, if the sailors aboard the INS Arihant had accidentally succeeded in sinking the 3-billion-dollar sub, it would have critically crippled India’s naval defenses.

India's $3 Billion Nuclear Submarine Almost Sunk Because Someone Left Hatch Opened: Report

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India hopes to build a nuclear fleet of 5 Arihant-class submarines. The cost of the program has already increased more than 4 times from what was initially projected, according to a former Navy official. He said, “It was initially estimated to cost about $430 million for three boats — now the cost of Arihant itself seems to have gone over $2 billion.”

Arihant and other nuclear launch platforms are operationally handled by the Strategic Forces Command, and report to the Nuclear Command Authority chaired by the Prime Minister.

MSM outlets such as the National Interest, among others, reported in April 2019 that the report of the Indian navy almost sinking the submarine and its repairs happened just recently. That is contrary to the truth.

In November 2018, the INS Arihant completed its first deterrence patrol.

Hailing INS Arihant’s achievement, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said “a credible nuclear deterrence is the need of the hour.”

“The success of the INS Arihant is a big step towards strengthening national security. For the country’s enemies it is an open challenge,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“I congratulate all those involved, especially the crew of INS Arihant for this accomplishment, which will always be remembered in our history. True to its name, INS Arihant will protect the 130 crore Indians from external threats and contribute to the atmosphere of peace in the region.”

NS Arihant’s 750km and 3,500km missiles may be somewhat dwarfed by SLBMs (submarine-launched ballistic missile) of the US, China and Russia, which have upwards of 5,000 km range. But for India it is significant, since it also has a “no first-strike policy” and this makes its second strike capability much more credible.

The Economic Times claims that the report was basically fake news since:

“The submarine has no hatches there. The Arihant is based on Russian double hull design with a sealed nuclear reactor section. Except for the latest French nuclear submarines that have a hatch above the reactor for quicker refuelling, no other country with nuclear submarines have such a system.

Although the Arihant’s core is not designed to operate for the submarine’s lifetime and will need refuelling, it does not have a hatch. To refuel, the hull will have to be cut open and welded back, as is the case for the Russian nuclear attack submarine, the Akula-II class that India has leased and operates as INS Chakra.”

The news report says that the absence of Arihant from operations came to the political leadership’s attention during the India-China military standoff at Dokalam when India allegedly wanted to deploy it.

That in itself would be strange: how can the top brass not be aware of one of their most significant and sophisticated weapons being out of commission and being caught unaware by the news.

And indeed, it would seem a bit suspect that sailors would accidentally sink a submarine, the project for which began almost 5 decades ago.

India's $3 Billion Nuclear Submarine Almost Sunk Because Someone Left Hatch Opened: Report

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The Eastern Naval Command plans to operate its nuclear sub fleet from an independent Naval Operational Alternative Base (NOAB) being constructed on 5,000 acres at Rambilli, for direct access to the sea. The base is located about 50 km from Visakhapatnam, and jetties are under construction.

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Next time the Indian navy should consider deploying sailors to submarines who were bought up in houses with doors, and who actually realise what a door is for.

A door is for opening and closing, in order to keep people, animals and the elements under control. :)


Stupid me, I did not even know India had an SSBN, well maybe not 1 in working order at this time. But was this an accident? Hmm


I always assumed that your butler opened and closed doors for you :)
Door knobs can be covered in all sorts of zog nasties.

You can call me Al

I wonder what the Sanitation systems are like ?.

Toronto Tonto

Same as Russian units NONE .

Gary Sellars

Fuck off retard

You can call me Al

Sums my view off perfectly, so block him. He is a total wank stain.

Concrete Mike

as far as uncultured fascist swine he is hard to beat.

maybe a bot, since its nonsense??

Concrete Mike

you wouldnt even know what a flange would be even if i smacked your fat little head with.

begone tool

You can call me Al

Look uo flange of urban dictionary. Sorry to put it in you, but I remember a school mate (!) saying it – before computer internet days.

Yes I do know what it is, I am an engineer, before you ask.

PS Could you please send me his comment, I have blocked him… I am sure it is a classic as usual, but on this, I am intrigued..


Also the term is very common in sheet metal design and fab, of course Mike’s flange is a lot heavier and better at making a point. :)
Tonto’s post is pretty lame: “Same as Russian units NONE .”

Concrete Mike

Morning Al.
your an engineer? what kind im? a civil tech myself.
As requested here is cultural gold from our friend :
Toronto Tonto You can call me Al
2 days ago
Same as Russian units NONE .

he was alluding that russian subs have no toilets.

here in canada.when you pull a toilet off, the peice that sticks out of the floor we call it ” the flange”. Its that flange i was proposing beating him with.

I should have also said, we canadians should not say a damn word about submarines to anyone. We baughy 3 british lemon subs wayyy back and they still.dont work, killed at least one sailor on a fire!!!

Thats children on the internet for you, never worked a day in its life but think there know it all because of google.

At least i know im dumb and dont know much beyond rocks.

You can call me Al

I am a Chemical / petroleum engineer.

God job I blocked him, another putz troll. Regards the rest, I agree with you 100%, some of the kids these days are absolutely hopeless (including 1 of mine), no common sense at all.

Civil engineer hence the concrete, or just a big, strong bugger ?.


It appears that its a case of opening a hatch and being careful to tip the bucket of piss and shit downwind I think.

Oh, first making sure the sub is on the surface of course.
There is a big sign by the hatch that says , ‘No shit whilst submerged’ in various languages. Rather like an NHS letter.

You can call me Al

That makes me laugh and grimace. The sub shit – got it, but it was the NHS and the multi-languages, that made me bang my head again…..

Have a look at this – https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/756977/NHS-spends-100-million-on-TRANSLATORS-in-128-languages
Now the government being abused and in defence mode, came back with this (via stealth), thinking it was OK – https://fullfact.org/online/nhs-translators-cost/

Jesus wept.

Over in The Netherlands (one of the most liberal and progressive Countries blah blah); YOU GET EVERYTHING in Dutch, unless a copy NHS literature is available…..

I was quite poorly and I still have no idea why – LOL (ish).


Thanks for that. I received the test results for a bi-annual test the other day. The routine letter was poorly constructed and to the standards of a junior school in my opinion.

“Rules stipulate that(NHS) patients must not be asked to pay for interpreting services and that they are entitled to “verbal and written language interpretation services” for 128 spoken languages.”

I now know that I can demand a formal translation into Proper Fucking English.

Thank you ,Al


there is a historic event concerning the sinking of a German sub because a toilet malfunctioned and water kept on running until the sub eventually sunk after it was located by enemy ships……https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-1206

You can call me Al

Thanks you for the info; I have just read it; I want to make a few funnies out of it, but still laughing to much. Cheers.

Brother Ma

Something fishy about the whole article. Fake news by someone as many said below. I dont think this ,happened as said at all. I reckon it was unusable for some very secret reason. Sabotage of weapons or propulsion by insane or traitorous captain or sailor maybe?


Even in naval surface ships every, door, hatch, valve, etc, is monitored by switches and sensors, and if the ship/submarine is not manned by crew, the controls and monitoring of these, is hard wired to a control station onshore.



Gary Sellars

Your graphic is crappy. Arihant isn’t based on the Charlie Class but allegedly on the Akula (Schuka-B), though its contouring is as far from Akula-ish as one can imagine.

Also the claims in the Economist as pure drivel from Atlantacist sock puppets. Why would teh hatch in question be for the reactor compartment???? Under what conditions would hatches to the reactor be opened in port???? No. the hatch involved in the incident would have been further back in the stern around the turbines or the backup electrics. Ignore Western MSM at all costs. They are just privately owned pro-regime lie factories.


Oh spare us your Trumpian conspiracy bs. This very well may be fake news – but it’s got absolutely NOTHING to do with Atlanticists or the MSM, unless you consider right-wing crap outlets like the Washtington TImes and “Southfront” to be MSM (news flash, they are not). This isn’t even reported in the Economist, b/c the Economist is actually a real news outlet with journalistic integrity.

Gary Sellars

The “Economist” is a regular distributor of pro-NATO/NWO puff pieces to attack the Wests (ie US) geopolitical adversaries. These articles are simply Atlantacist propaganda BS, and the Economist loses credability as a result.

More generally, the Economist is (as you may expect) a mouthpiece of the NWOs globalist neoliberal orthodoxy. It sticks to a narrow ideological line and routinely shit-cans the economic/financial alternatives that are judged to be against the interests of its owners and those within their elite social class. Find just ONE article in the Economist that is realistic in terms of its coverage of the BRI intiative, or the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, or the unanticipated success of Russian import-replacement program and its response to Western financial sabotage….


The Economist never published anything about this submarine BS, so your tirade is completely irrelevant and it’s clear you just need a platform to spout your anti-Atlanticist propaganda.


the Economist is moronic propaganda garbage with 0 journalistic integrity… ideal for braindead libtards like you.


Im pretty sure the smell wascomment image, considering the fact that they prob shat all over the sub !


I have been to India. Just once. To see the chaos on just the roads such as: cows, sheep, camels, dogs, people walking all over, cars and trucks and taxi rickshaws and motorcycles and anything else you can imagaine weaveing in and out. Wow.

The gal I was with and I would sometimes escape and go to some fancy Western hotel to eat some good ol’ Western food and I remember her overhearing an Indian businessman saying they need better roads and infrastructure.

The moral of this little story is they gotta a long way to go to reach higher standards. Lot of smart people, more poor, but absolutely no idea of order.


Look at the UK sub fleet.
compared to India, Indian subs are in excellent condition.
And Germans?
I think NONE of their subs is operational at the present.


With the Indian Navy, I was expecting a fire…

Jaffar al-Majmuni

They had to open that hatch because of the curry smelt

Raptar Driver

What’s wrong with curry?

You can call me Al

The curry is the least of their smell worries.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Lot’s of strange news coming out in the middle of the Indian election (round 6 of 7 is just over).
Fake news, giving the anti-Indian crowd below, a lot to crow about.
Are they jealous?
Remember the fake news that India launched over 100 satellites in one go, a new world record?
Oh, that’s right, it wasn’t fake news, was it?
But then India must have been delivering 100 curry pots in Earth orbit, right?
Feeling jealous, are we???
Time for my (Indian veggie) curry!


Could be worse – could be Norwegian KNM Helge Ingstad sunk on way home from simulated NATO exercises – by an oil tanker they (alone) managed to crash into…

Brother Ma

Ah… but that was because an American lady Naval Big Wig was unofficially giving the orders in the ship !


Ahh, didn’t know that – will check it out.

Dušan Mirić

How can it start diving with open hatch!!!


happened in the past, with a German Sub…..sunk because of a ‘toilet malfunction).

The Farney Fontenoy

In any car, an alarm sounds if it drives off with a door even partially open, how the hell could a $3 billion sub not have even this basic level of safety!?

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