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Indian Troops Allowed To Use Firearms In Border Standoff With China: Reports

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Indian Troops Allowed To Use Firearms In Border Standoff With China: Reports

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On June 21st, Indian media reported that the Indian troops alongside the border with China had been given the order to use firearms in “extraordinary situations.”

Chinese state-media Global Times editor Hu Xijin said that if the new ‘rules of engagement’ are true, it’s a serious violation of prior treaties implemented for deescalation.

The Hindustan summarized the change, which is a result of the clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers, in which at least 20 Indian troops died, and an undisclosed number of Chinese soldiers also perished.

“A significant change in Rules of Engagement (ROE) by the Indian Army following the Galwan Valley skirmish that left 20 Indian soldiers dead gives “complete freedom of action” to commanders deployed along the contested Line of Actual Control (LAC) to “handle situations at the tactical level,” two senior officers said on Saturday on condition of anonymity.

The commanders will no longer be bound by restrictions on the use of firearms and will have full authority to respond to “extraordinary situations” using all resources at their disposal, said one of the officers cited above.”

On June 22nd, the Corps Commanders of the Indian and Chinese armies are holding another round of talks at the Chushul-Moldo border personnel meeting point in eastern Ladakh to de-escalate the ongoing tension between the two countries.

It is unclear how the issue originated, since both sides blame the other.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said he was unaware of the specifics but that the Indian army had crossed into Chinese territory in several places in recent days – violating the agreement reached on June 6 – and that they should withdraw.

Calling it a “deliberate provocation” on New Delhi’s part, Zhao said: “The rights and wrongs… are very clear and the responsibility rests entirely with the Indian side.”

In response, India’s foreign ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava cautioned China against making “exaggerated and untenable claims” on the sovereignty of the Galwan Valley area.

India says China occupies 38,000 sq km of its territory in the Aksai Chin Plateau in the Himalayas, with 12,000 Chinese soldiers reportedly pushing across the border.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi categorically refuted claims of China’s takeover of any Indian territory – his statement contrasting with the government’s earlier claims.


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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Covid-19 related escalation.


LOL! Social distancing.


Social collisions, lol.


So, India gets their butt kicked in a fight with clubs and rocks so they think they can do better in a fight with guns? Actually this move is telling concerning what happened and what future motives might be.

Lazy Gamer

Though you are probably right, indian domestics need to be pacified also. Thus the govt must be seen making an action.
with such a hot point, why arent the armies supplemented by photographic teams since there will always be conflicting claims as to who violated what.

Zionism = EVIL

I have spent my entire working life in intelligence and counter-intelligence and a major conflict on the sub-continent is the last thing the world needs. India is run by a complete CIA installed illiterate tea stall keeper Modi, who the Americunt spiteful arsehole warmongers and Zionist cunts are trying to use as cannon fodder to “contain China”. The reality is that China is a first world modern military with the world’s largest manufacturing industrial base, and India is a poverty stricken third world shithole. It is best for India to suck it up and shut the fuck up, because China has reinforced its NEFA and Aksai Chin forces with highly trained mountain troops, India will be destroyed only winner Americunts, Zionists and arms peddlers.

comment image ,


you are 100% full of shit!

i can verify 100% that you have no idea what u are talking about!

Lazy Gamer

While it is true that China has a huge lead in economy, and in the military, there are certain events which show that the underdog is not automatically the loser. China itself faced the same odds before.

Lazy Gamer

not encouraging a war btw

Zionism = EVIL

As I said initially, THERE WILL BE NO WAR. China made its point and India wisely chose not to fall into the Americunt and Zionist trap.


Good question. There are military photos and video from most every conflict.

Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, seriously this beyond a pathetic joke. This is just for domestic consumption. An Indian Lt.Gen, Northern Region Corps commander went begging to the Chinese side to stop hostilities. India should just shut the fuck up and like Egyptian cunts hold a parade. I have over 100 photos, mostly classified of how the PLA fucked up the Indians. I will only post one that I have pixilated to respect the dead soldiers who were sent by the fuckwit Modi to die for nothing against the most powerful military in the world, equipped with high mountain warfare gear. The Indians never had a chance. In this photo alone there are over 40 dead, real casualty figures 63 Indians dead, 170 wounded and only 3 PLA casualties.

comment image


so why dont china admit to their deaths?

China is so full of shit!

Zionism = EVIL

They don’t need to, war is not child’s play. The PLA made its point and as I had originally said, THERE WILL BE NO WAR. So just relax!


War will occur between Taiwan and China!
The rest will begin (india etc) like setting off a spark only to become a fire!
of course the “first shot fired” will be blamed on the other side by both nations!

Taiwan is its own Country!
Do u agree?

Lazy Gamer

Bones just cant make up for the force and range given by poles and clubs. In addition, they were caught by surprise. Indian leaders have to lie on casualties otherwise they will be quickly replaced.

Zionism = EVIL

Lucky for them the Indians have wisely chosen to disengage. China made its point.

Indian and Chinese military agree to disengage in disputed Himalayan border.

Patriotic Indian

This photo shows slain chinese soldiers. 40 in number


Why is it easy for India to report its deaths but China cant?
Would the death count be embarrassing?

Are we to believe ZERO Chinese died in this hand to hand battle?
Same amount?

India claims 61 to 63 Chinese deaths!
That makes me laugh because ive always said that Indians are the most physically weak race on planet Earth lol!
i guess i was wrong! It the Chinese!

So much for Kung Fu hahahaa


what was the final result?
The final result was this…..
China left!

India took back the territory!

So no matter what happened or what u may believe happened, the Chinese retreated!
Mission failed!


they won!
61 chinese deaths to 20 ADMITTED indian deaths!

Chinese are genetically inferior people! in a stand up fight they are so shit!
unless u watch kung fu movies with 55kg fighters lol


Where do you get your figures? I have not heard of any confirmed deaths. Only estimates by the Indians which are not trust worthy.


Exactly the point im making!
Where are China’s reports?

India is the only nation owning up to it!
Why arnt china?
State secret? hahaha
State Embarrassment?

Lets say China comes out and says “only 10 deaths on China’s side” only to have India (as a setup) release pictures (im certain india has cameras and camera phones) of Chinese deaths!

these bodies would be scattered everywhere and when the trucks roll up to take away the bodies, do u think photos werent taken? u think people just got the bodies and through them on a truck? u dont think pictures were taken even as an investigation?

China’s silence and India’s honest admission is all the evidence u need!


Well, you assume that India is being honest about the numbers, which we can in no way verify. As far as China’s numbers go, it’s up in the air but considering the reports of how outnumbered the Indian troops were I doubt that China suffered near the casualties India did. But then again we don’t have any reliable data to make a confident calculation.
Remember that at first India said that only 3 of their troops were killed. So much for India’s honesty.


China doesnt lie! do they!
They were making gold bricks by spraying copper bricks with gold paint!
They OFFICIALLY had a virus created in wet markets in Wuhan only to re-open them 1 month later!
They are so honest they openly copy Russian jets (SU-27)
They have a strong moral compass dont they IMHO!
They would never ever lie!

hahahaha! China is the pied piper and u are following them off a cliff!
Willingly ignorant!
u get what u deserve!


You wrongfully assume that since I question India that I am supporting China. I am not full of the hatred that you apparently are. I am just commenting on the information given. We know that India lied. All we know is that China is holding out.


Tell me, does india get credit for showing the pictures it took of its own dead?
Does it get credit for reporting on its own deaths?

Does China get credit for not reporting on its own?

Are u saying China is courageous and moral to not report on its own deaths?

You know damn well this is a China loving website!

The other day when Chinese Manpads ended up in Libya in the hands of the GNA (via Turkey) which will be used to shoot down Russian planes (or end up somewhere else to shoot down passenger planes)! i stated what people thought of this when compared to the sites outrage when US weapons ended up in the hands of Al-Quieda and isis (via Turkey)

You know what happened? nobody commented yet down voted me 5 times!


If you guys havent worked out who and what China is then u are all lost!


Did (I) down vote that comment??? You cannot have a conversation with me based on what others do. You say this is a China loving website? Then does that make you a China lover? You can’t just paint everyone with a broad brush.
But speaking of Chinese arms being used against Russia. Did you see that now India is buying Russian jets to fight against China? But they may end up being used against Russia. The arms trade knows no loyalty and every country is involved in it.


India spends 14 times more on Russian arms than China!
What this means is that Russia will not aid China in a war against India!
Thats what that means!


Not necessarily. It depends on the situation at the time, IF it ever occurs. But then that really has nothing to do with the conversation.


“But then that really has nothing to do with the conversation.”

Ummmm yes it does, have u checked the title of the page we are on? lol
its exactly to do with the conversation!

India has always bought Russian jets! they have plenty of Mig’s and have been a major contributor to the SU-57 development, Brahmos etc etc!
India and Russia are PARTNERS!!!!!!!!

India has taken the wise stance of being NEUTRAL! it buys from everyone! France, USA, Russia and produces indigenous weapons!

What does China do? BLATANTLY COPY (SU-27) RIGHT IN RUSSIA’S FACE! And u seriously think “it depends”! Russia has 150 million people and has a very low GDP compared to China! At one point China had a GDP of 14 Trillion! They were going to dominate the world trade! They have a population of 1.5 billion and another 1 billion scattered around the planet in other countries! China is a THREAT to Russia! 10 years is a SHORT time! You dont have to invade a country in order to take it over! its called DEBT! Putin didnt even want to build that pipeline to China, he wanted to join the EU but he was forced to make the Eurasian Union!

India vs China, Russia stay out completely! SMART and most likely picks up the pieces afterwards! India vs China is a dream war for Russia, they can weaken each other, sell arms to both (hahahaha) and can probably be the deciding factor in who wins that war! Russia would be in complete control and rid itself of any future threat!

So please spare me your opinions on this!

Russia would LOVE to see China be attacked by the USA!
What does such a war do and who does it weaken?
Why join a war when u can remain neutral and profit from it?
Agreements can be made and u can also play the deciding factor! Amazing deals can be made in such an event!

U need to think White and get serious!

Get this bullshit idea out of your head the Russia and China are friends! i know u like both nations but Russia does not respect china and China doesnt give a fuck about Russia! No matter what u think or see in the military parades!


NO. Our conversation was about the numbers that were being reported from the recent clash. And I never said China and Russia were friends. Are you stupid or something. I am no longer interested in your straw man arguments.
What I have said is true and you can take your conclusions somewhere else. Geeesh!


YOU changed it from dead bodies and not believing India!
i changed it to you trusting china over india
i changed it to hypocrisy with the sale of chinese weapons
You changed it to Russian weapons and india

so dont go playing the comment victim! u digressed too!
lets get back to the point!
News is coming out about Chinese deaths and they are around double Indian deaths.
But the nation who first came out with pictures and admitted to their deaths…. u dont trust them…. but the nation who doesnt say anything and likely lied about this Corona virus (when it started), u trust them?

u dont give any credit for India coming forward and admitting its deaths yet say nothing about China staying silent!

You think u have the higher ground here?
All u did was expose BIAS! thats all u did!
and i am calling u out here!

its not about wrong or right!
We will never know what happened!
but we KNOW u said “we cant trust India”
Yet u NEVER said we cant trust China either!
the other nation shows NOTHING!

And your BIAS (which is blatantly obvious) exposes who you side for!

i am willing to bet that if i google your user name and southfront that i will find very PRO Chinese comments!
i am willing to bet that i could screen shot them and place them UNDER your comment in which u say “we cant trust india” lol! For which u say NOTHING about china!

here is what i think! i dont think youre right at all! i think youre a little fuckin snake in the grass! thats what i think!

Nobody in their right mind can say “we cant trust india” and in the same comment, say NOTHING about China ESPECIALLY when its india SHOWING ITS OWN DEAD!

Try to imagine how much evidence i could show u that proves China lies through its fucking teeth! try and guess how much? You know this Corona virus shit that has sent the worlds economy down the toilet, yeah that…… just imagine what evidence i could show u that proves they knew about it since November 9 2019 at the latest! maybe i can show evidence since August!

You and me…. RIGHT NOW!

Thats why i am calling you out!
Thats why i think you are full of shit!
Thats why i think u are wrong!
and thats why i think you are a BIASED and now an Exposed Chinese commie lover!


Lets test this out shall we?
Entertain me…. say 3 things bad about China!
Come on
u can think of 3 things yes?
Say 3 things that are very bad about china and we will see just how much of a noodle sucker u really are!


NO! You keep changing the subject. It’s apparent that your feelings are hurt because I pointed out India’s lies and your simple mind thinks that was somehow an endorsement of China whom you apparently hate. So you jump to conclusions in your own head and accuse me of things and beliefs that I have not espoused. Like I said, I am not going to continue to answer your straw man arguments. I really don’t care what you think of me. I don’t lose sleep over the butt hurt feelings of simple minded people.


“because I pointed out India’s lies”

You pointed out India’s lies?
Copy and paste the text and show me where your pointed out India’s lies!
i am waiting!
You didnt point out jack shit!
you defended China!


“Remember that at first India said that only 3 of their troops were killed. So much for India’s honesty.”
Case closed.


Comment 1.
“So, India gets their butt kicked in a fight with clubs and rocks so they think they can do better in a fight with guns? Actually this move is telling concerning what happened and what future motives might be.”

Comment 2.
Where do you get your figures? I have not heard of any confirmed deaths. Only estimates by the Indians which are not trust worthy.

So you waited to say this at comment 3?
Send me the link to where india said “3 died”

here are my questions:
Did india report 20ish Deaths? yes or no?
Did they show photos of these deaths? yes or no?
Did they release footage of the actual arguements? yes or no?

Did China report any deaths? yes or no?
Did they show photos of these deaths? yes or no?
Did they release or confirm the footage of the arguements? yes or no?
Is China Trustworthy? yes or no?

With the information and admissions we do have from India, you decided to state that Indians “are not trustworthy”!
Thats fine u can say that!
but you didnt say if China was Trustworthy!

So u have one more question to answer!

Is China Trustworthy? yes or no?

because yoour very first comment sounds a little like you are biased! u state the indians “got their ass kicked” yet they are the ones showing the deaths! yet u have nothing to say on the Chinese deaths! How do u know india lost?

From what we see from Sat images, China has left this disputed area! all the tents were ripped up!
From what i heard Gatick troops slaughtered the Chinese!
but i bet you are not willing to accept that BECAUSE CHINA DIDNT ADMIT TO IT!

Dude, the entire world KNOWS china is full of shit! u dont even have to guess or assume it! u can see it as clear as day!

Thats why i am in shock by your comment!

Be honest, u got a hard on for china…. just say it dude…. its okay if u do! i got a hard on for russia! but i dont let my hard on make me say stupid things!

are u going to make excuses for china? are u going to represent them? are u saying India gets no credit for its admission and china gets credit for the 20 deaths AND for not admitting to their own?

Do u think 20 indians died and ZERO Chinese died?
And if thats what u think, that the chinese dont want to embarrass India even more by stating china lost no lives in the battle?

Because behind your statement, youre saying this!


India, buys SU-30MKI’s from Russia LEGALLY! it doesnt copy them it BUYS them!
They just sold Russia a massive Port for Russia to build ships!

Thats called TRUST!

You have a hard on for china because u hate the USA! thats the truth!
and you want your comments to be taken seriously on a very biased website!

i know, that u know, china is a lying scum bag nation! india has 20 times the integrity of china and by releasing those photos should give them much credit!

yet u think silence, copying, stealing, hacking and lying (on the corona virus) is GOOD!

i think you are full of shit! and i think u are stupid as fuck to support China!

Me&Myself None

In other word, Modi’s soldiers are too weak, too coward to fight mano a mano with the Chinese, then he shamelessly asks them to use their guns.

Zionism = EVIL

Guys, India is third world starving shithole. China is a SUPERPOWER, Modi is an illiterate cowardly cunt who sent these starving ill-equipped soldiers to die for nothing.


Modi belongs to extremist Hindu fringe and it is US policy to promote extremists and warmongers across the globe. India is in no position to wage a losing war against China on the roof of the world.


Not good to escalate things no matter what the issue is. Its all because of the US. neither china or india needs this.

Bobby Twoshoes

I hadn’t realised the true significance of this situation before, it was always clear Modi was a tool of The Empire but I had presumed it was just more poking at China. In reality though if India actually annexes all of Kashmir as they say they intend to they will cut China’s overland connection to Iran via Pakistan. Without an overland route for oil this leaves China vulnerable to US naval piracy. There is no way China can back down even if they wanted to, this is do or die for them. Modi seems to have chosen his side, he would lose too much face were he to back down now and if he did he would share the fate of all CIA assets who change their mind. This might actually be what starts it all.


Good call India, do what you need to protect your soldiers.

Raptar Driver

Yes of course Hinduism is completely compatible with Judaism?
Perhaps god is an elephant?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Raj never really went away with India. (still under the British Empire and Crown commonwealth influence)


That is the sad truth. Indians have a very bizarre inferiority complex.

Brian Robson

Yes. Compatible with being good compliant slaves, as they want for all the goyim.


Cows, monkeys and rats too.

Zionism = EVIL

Don’t forget snakes :)


India has invaded every single neighbors and all 50 independent princely states since gaining independent on 1947.

In 1962, under Soviet and US-UK-Canada-Oz support, hubris Nehru perceived China as a weak nation just ending a long devastating civil war & brutal Japanese invasion, invaded China on the same area and got a sound humiliating defeat. Then India GDP was same as China but with much better British weapons & infrastructures.

In 2017, India with bloated pride to curry favour US, sent army incursion into China’s Doklam to sabotage its road construction, but Chinese let Indians off to de-escalate.

In 2020, India tried its luck again making repeated incursions into China’s LAC again to seek US favour, violently attacking PLA soldiers and sabotaging their constructions. But this time they got their ass kick hard by Chinese.

As Modi openly admitted, Chinese didn’t cross into Indian’s LAC nor takeover any of their outpost, i.e. its Indians that dishonored all their agreements and committing violent intrusion on Chinese.

Yet India opted to up their eroticism ante, escalating with more army deployment and declaring use of weapons in violation of all their previous promise.

With China now a 5x larger military and economic power, Indians will get a worst humiliating defeats than their 1962 border war.



Rafik Chauhan

just talking shit and dont know any history. Aksai chin belong to tibet. and tibeteten has given Authority to indian to rule and take over . but china the backstabber and liars invade tibet killed the people and occupied and also xingjian proivnce is not for china. neither Taiwan. This han communist is the biggest liras and backstabber. And keep dreaming China knows very well inida has not forgotten 1962. and this time indian armed force will go to anyl enght to kill every chinese they get. China is afraid of any war with india bcuz it will damaged China very badly. Tell me why china is hiding thier casulties. even in hand combat china is disgusting in fighting with indian armed force. look at 1967 clashes and also clashes at Nathla pass chiness soldier died like rat with high casulties.china is big army but fighint capabilities is not worth.


I don’t believe China is hiding anything. It has acted very prudently and calmed the situation down. Militarily the PRC is in a very strong position and could have inflicted far more casualties if it had used its massive firepower. India is no match for China. It had a hard time coping with Pakistan recently, losing a number of aircraft.

Patriotic Indian

China is hiding casualty figures to avoid public outrage against the communist regime


China is wise not to release data to avoid escalating.

If the truth is China has zero death, India leaders will be humilated and pressured by mostly nationalistic Indians to revenge.

If China indeed incurred more deaths like India MSM reported, 43, then Chinese nationalists will demand Chinese leaders to retaliate India violent incursion.

Both ways will put pressure on leaders, leading to disastrous war escalation.


You have just proven how Endians are shameless liars and violent intruders like its chimera creator, Brits Raj.

When Manchuria invaded and ruled Hans China, it created Qing Dynasty. Manchus then conquered Tibet, and subdued harassing Turks nomads in Xinjiang.

Xinjiang is historically China West territory since ancient dynasty. Hui is the indigenous of Xinjiang. Uyghur-Turks are violent migrating Muslim nomads from Turkey region invading Xinjiang. Since Song & Tang dynasty, wars were waged as far as Iran/Iraq border to drive these Turks out.

After Sun Zongsan lead KMT overthrown Manchus Qing Dynasty, new founded China ROC inherited all Qing Dynasty territory naturally, including Tibet, recognized internationally. UN wasn’t founded yet.

After Jiang Kai Shiak lost the civil war to Mao’s CCP, KMT fled to Taiwan. Taiwan was always part of China. Why would you Endians want to lie so shamelessly?

Before Brits Raj granting independent to East India Company’s private land – Endia in 1947, tyranny Brits Raj officer drawn South Tibet and Ladakh land into Endia map called McMahon Line, perceiving war devastated China as too weak to challenge. China refused to recognize Brits unilaterally drawn border line.

Not contented with Brits Raj given huge territory, Endia immediately invaded 50 princely states uoon gaining independent, including Tamil Nadu, Kashmir, and all neighbors like Nagaland, Manipur, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc. and China’s border.

TimesofIndia, Neville Maxwell:
“Its shameless and expansionism Endia under violent Nehru that invaded China in 1962 beyond McMahon Line, perceiving China will not resist as it just ended its devastating civil war and Jap invasion.”

But Endia got humiliating defeat reaching Delhi. However, China withdrawn behind McMahon Line 20km to de-escalate before US & Soviet force interfered. Yet after 58yrs, all Endia leaders continue to lie shamelessly that China had backstabbed it.


Declassified US: “CIA and India RAW funded and trained Tibetan rebels to subvert China.”

Now you are shamelessly lying Tibet invited Endia to control its lands. So every neighbors are inviting Endia to control their lands and raped their women as you claimed.

Evidence and timeline of India invading every neighbors violently since 1947, and still doing so.

Endia pathogenic expansionism and lying behavior is EXACTLY like Israel, US and British. Im neither from China or Endia neighbors, yet millions of violent and cheating Indians are flooding my country now using WMM. Chinese is correct, Endians are mostly pathogenic liar and aggressors.

Assad must stay

i was wondering why are they fighting medieval/barbarian style when they have guns?

Raptar Driver

You have already answered the question. They are medieval and barbarian.


Yes this is quite strange. Apparently the two sides made an agreement to not have the forward border guards armed in order to avoid them shooting each other, and causing a wider conflict. So instead they fight with fist, sticks and stones. But of course the sticks can not be sharpened, otherwise they would be fighting with spears??

Assad must stay

yea as if somehow not fighting with guns wont start a war lmao


hasn’t been a kill in over 50 years till the other day. more and more fights lately so I guess it was inevitable


I think I was read somewhere there was aggrement to not using firearm between china and india patrol border, so the fight between soldier will not escalated tomuch.

Zionism = EVIL

China had proposed a NO GUNS policy, as they knew they could Kung Fu the Indians anyway.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

MOSCOW, June 22. /TASS/. An Indian delegation led by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has arrived in Moscow. The plane landed at Moscow’s Vnukovo-3 airport on Monday.
The delegation, also including Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar and a high-ranking officer from each of the three branches of the armed forces, will attend the Victory Parade in Moscow marking the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. (the Eastern Front during WWII where Russia fought against Nazi Germany)


India should stay clear of US nefarious designs and should focus on improving the lot of its impoverished teeming millions who have no access to basic hygiene and sanitation. Under the “free market” imposed by the World Bank and IMF, the income disparity and poverty in India has gotten far worse.

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