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MAY 2021

Indian Security Forces Kill 8 Militants In Two Operations In Kashmir

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Indian Security Forces Kill 8 Militants In Two Operations In Kashmir

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Indian security forces neutralized 8 militants in 2 separate raids in Kashmir, on June 18th-19th.

The first incident took place in the Pampore area. An intelligence report was received, which claimed of militant presence in the area.

One militant was killed in a firefight, two more retreated and hid inside a nearby mosque.

According to police, tear gas was used to eject the militants from the building. Both of them were killed, and there was no damage to the mosque.

The local imam thanked security forces for their efforts.

The other incident took place in the Shopian area, where 5 militants were neutralized after a 20-hour operation.

Weapons and ammunition were seized, and the investigation continued.

Initially one militant was killed, and later 4 more.

On June 16th, three other unidentified militants were killed in the Shopian area.

More than two dozen militants have been killed by security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in the two weeks leading up to June 19th. All of these are locals.

Overall, in 2020 alone, Indian authorities announced that 94 militants had been killed, and the focus falls on North Kashmir.

Indian authorities regularly publish videos and photographs of their operations against militants in Kashmir.

A recent one shows a standoff in Nipora Kulgam, where the militants were given an opportunity to surrender.

They didn’t surrender, so two unidentified militants were killed.


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  1. guest says:

    India needs to get out of Kashmir as UN resolution of 1948.

    1. <> says:

      On the contrary, India needs to annex Kashmir just like we need to annex more parts of Israel. We will both do it eventually.

    2. Ronald says:

      You mean Pakistan needs to get out of Kashmir.
      China as well, Pakistan had no right to give away what was not theirs to begin with.

  2. Tommy Jensen says:

    Un-identified terrorists killed with 57 bullets in each body, but luckily we found 8 new printed Syrian passports and 8 ISIS manuals close to the incident.

  3. <> says:

    Goodjob India.

    1. Jimmy Jim says:


  4. Charles Homer says:

    Here is an interesting a comparison of the nuclear arsenal of both India and Pakistan and the global consequences of a regional nuclear war between the two nations:


    There are no winners in even a relatively small nuclear exchange.

    1. Jimmy Jim says:


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