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MAY 2021

Indian Security Forces Carry Out Several Simultaneous Counter-Terrorism Ops In Jammu And Kashmir

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Indian Security Forces Carry Out Several Simultaneous Counter-Terrorism Ops In Jammu And Kashmir

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A series of counter-terrorism operations are on-going in Kashmir, as of July 22nd.

Indian security forces launched several simultaneous operations against pro-Pakistani groups in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Law enforcement agencies, together with army units, blocked the city of Sopore and carried out a house-to-house search in search of hiding criminals. The operation is still on-going.

In the Badgam district, Indian special forces detained three members of the Hizb-Al-Mujahideen pro-Pakistani group.

The detainees were preparing attacks on the Indian security forces.

The police said incriminating materials, arms and ammunition, including 20 live rounds of AK-47, two detonators and 15 posters of Hizbul Mujahideen had been recovered from them.

Indian Security Forces Carry Out Several Simultaneous Counter-Terrorism Ops In Jammu And Kashmir

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On the July 18-19th weekend, three members of Hiz-Al-Mujahideen were killed by security forces.

In Jammu, Indian special services detained a financier of the Lashkare-Taiba group associated with Pakistani intelligence.

He and his accomplices attempted to smuggle about $2,000 into Kashmir.

The money was intended for the militants of the group, who were to carry out a series of terrorist attacks in the region.

In early July, the group’s militants killed the regional leader of India’s ruling party.

The killing of the regional leader of the ruling party of India “Bharatiya Janata Party” Vasim Bari was followed by a series of resignations of his fellow party members.

On July 11, directed by the Pakistani Interdepartmental Intelligence, Tehreek Ul-Mujahideen and Al-Badr groups issued an ultimatum to all members of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Jammu and Kashmir, which demanded that they either leave the ranks of this association or “face the consequences of the Wasim family.”

Meanwhile, the Indian special services managed to establish that the militants of the Lashkar-e-Taiba group, also supervised by the Pakistani Interdepartmental Intelligence Service, were behind the attack.


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  1. Paul says:

    The true party is about to begin.US will pound China,India will pound Pakistan and Israel will pound Iran.Party is about to begin!

    1. <> says:

      True bro.

    2. Ronald says:

      The US will not touch China, India doesn’t need to touch Pakistan, its is disintegrating on its own. If Israel attacks Iran, there will be nothing left of either, not a happy party.

      1. Z1 says:

        And so is India disintegrating on it’s own… India being the essence of a colonial power, heir to the british empire, and still hoping to emulate their grandeur… even ziofascists crowd control techniques won’t help much

        1. Ronald says:

          Far from disintegrating, India is rising from British and Mongol invasions.
          India has no colonies, and the only grandeur the British empire had was borrowed from India. In 1847 the East India Company, using the British Army, took Kashmir from the Sikh Hindu warriors. Kashmir will be theirs again.

          1. Z1 says:

            You are truly a joker. India is a fiction, unable to organize it’s statelyhood without fascism. And what was India before the Aryan invasion?

          2. Ronald says:

            The Aryan ‘invasion’ or migration goes back 10,000 years or more, you must be speaking of the more recent British invasion. Much like Malaysia, India was a group of ‘kingdoms’ sharing the same language and religious beliefs that extended all the way to, and including Indo-nessia.
            Monarchies are ‘fascist’ by definition, some are good, some are bad.
            It’s a bit early to judge Modi and his party on that though.

  2. Z1 says:

    Amazingly one-sided account on Southfronts behalf…

  3. <> says:

    Crush them India.

  4. Ronald says:

    The days of Pakistan’s Wahhabi are numbered, and that is a good thing.
    All of Kashmir needs to be returned to the Sikhs.

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