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Indian Officer Used Civilian As Human Shield In Kashmir Region


Indian Officer Used Civilian As Human Shield In Kashmir Region

Source: Twitter video recorded by a Kashmiri local

An Indian army officer has used a male civilian as a human shield in the disputed Kashmir region at the border with Pakistan. Major Leetul Gogoi tied the civilian to the back of a military vehicle in order to defend itself against alleged stone pelters.

Following the incident, Gogoi received an award by the army for his ‘sustained efforts’ in counter-insurgency operations.

“Major Gogoi has been awarded Chief of Army Staff’s Commendation Card for sustained efforts in counter-insurgency operations,” Army spokesperson Aman Anand said.

A video showing the man (Farooq Ahmad Dar) tied to an army vehicle during polling in the Srinagar Lok Sabha by-elections appeared on April 9.

Following the incident, some Indian sources described the use of human shields as “a wise idea” to defend Indian forces operating in the area.



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  • Stephen

    All Muslim world eyes are on Pakistani leadership and then such a leadership that cannot talk from the paper. I think Nawaz Sharif has never tried to write his own speech. My child is three years old and can talk better than Pakistani politicians without reading from a paper.

    Pakistan has thousands of PhD doctors. They are most talented scholars and researchers but in the Muslim world no country will get a well educated and talented leader because of American CIA.

  • Revi

    Question is, can we tolerate such things. Just imagine what would be the reaction of the “international community” if SAA does so with an ISIS terrorist. While this man is someone totally innocent and the action of the army is direct violation of constitutional rights of Indian citizens. But, I don’t why the “international community” just keep silent while the Indian state is behaving like colonial rulers to its own people. Not only in Kashmir but also in other parts of India too.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    India and Israel have been close lately. Indian officers have been receiving special tactics from Israeli trainers on how to implement such tactics.

    • Revi

      Can you treat Indians, especially from military and para-military forces in the same as Israeli goons have been treated worldwide?