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India to Purchase 464 Russian T-90MS Battle Tanks

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India is going to purchase 464 Russian T-90MS battle tanks, developed by the Uralvagonzavod corporation.

India to Purchase 464 Russian T-90MS Battle Tanks

The T-90MS battle tank during testing in Kuwait (Photo: i.redd.it)

The High Command of the Indian Armed Forces has approved a purchase of 464 Russian T-90MS tanks, developed by the Research and Production Corporation Uralvagonzavod, the MailOnline informational website reported.

The cost of a discussed contract is approximately $2 billion. It is supposed that a part of these tanks will be manufactured at the Indian Heavy Vehicles Factory (HVF).

According to the article, in the near future, the purchase should be approved by the Indian Council for Defense Procurement, headed by Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar.

As the website noted, 464 new T-90MS tanks would allow to fully equip ten armored regiments of the Indian Army, deployed on the western border of India and Pakistan, in a relatively short period of time (3-4 years). As of today, the Indian Army has about 850 T-90S tanks, which are in service of 18 armored regiments.

India to Purchase 464 Russian T-90MS Battle Tanks

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Apparently, the expected purchase of the T-90MS tanks by India has been initiated by slack paces of licensed production of the T-90S tanks at the HVF. In total, in 2001, 2006 and 2007, India signed contracts with Russia on 1657 T-90S tanks, 248 of which were delivered in finished form by Uralvagonzavod, 409 tanks were assembled in India from Russian vehicle sets, and 1000 T-90Ss are being manufactured in the country under a license – according to a plan, the production should be finished by 2020. However, since 2009, the Indian factory managed to manufacture only about 200 license tanks. For this reason, in order to accelerate the process of replenishment of the tank park, the Indian Defense Ministry falls back upon direct purchases, getting an improved version, the T-90MS, this time.

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Awesome Tank, I would like to see Russian orders. Until Armata hits full production the best Russian tanks will be in Indian service.

Vido Dasler

I think this could make India the biggest owner of modern tanks on the eurasian continent.

Пламень За Свободу

BUt there are no Shotras insalled in T-90MS right?

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