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India To Buy NASAMS 2 Air Defense Systems From United States

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India To Buy NASAMS 2 Air Defense Systems From United States

IMAGE: Kongsberg

India’s Defence Acquisition Council approved “acceptance of necessity” for acquisition of National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System-II (NASAMS-II) worth around $1 billion from the US, according to unspecified sources referred by the Indian Times.

At the same time, as part of the Delhi Area Air Defence Plan, efforts are being made to further realign the “VIP-89 area” over New Delhi, which includes Rashtrapati Bhawan, Parliament, North and South Blocks. The plan also aims to shorten the decision-making loop to shoot down planes that may have been hijacked or commandeered for use as “missiles against strategic targets,” the source claims.

India’s bid to acquire NASAMS-II comes as The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is in the final stages of developing its two-tier ballistic missile defence (BMD) shield, which is designed to track and destroy nuclear missiles both inside and outside of the Earth’s atmosphere. The unnamed source has said “Once the Phase-I of the BMD system is operational, it will be deployed to protect cities like Delhi and Mumbai from long-range missiles with a 2,000 km strike range. The NASAMS, in turn, is geared towards intercepting cruise missiles, aircraft and drones.”

The NASAMS-II is armed with three-dimensional Sentinel radars, short and medium-range missiles, launchers, fire-distribution centers and command-and-control units to quickly detect, track and shoot down multiple airborne threats.

The Indian defence ministry also has a $2 billion procurement of 24 MH-60 “Romeo” helicopters, with their associated weapons, spares and training packages from the US pending until the inaugural dialogue on September 6th of this year.

India wants to discuss the punitive sanctions under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) which targets countries that purchase Russian weapons or Iranian Oil. As reported by the Indian Times, the US is moving towards granting a waiver from CAATSA to India. India is under threat of sanctions for their wish to sign a deal Rs 39,000 crore (about $5.6 billion) with Russia for five S-400 Triumf air defence missile systems from Russia.

According to the Indian Times, the Indian Navy also wishes to acquire multi-role helicopters, armed with radars and sonars as well as missiles, torpedoes and depth charges, because it has no such hardware left. The 140-warship force has about 12 old Sea King and 10 Kamov-28 anti-submarine warfare helicopters. Admiral Sunil Lanba, in a lecture on Friday, said “The Navy is staring at critical capability gaps with respect to minesweepers, integral multi-role and utility helicopters and conventional submarines. The long-term “Make in India” project includes the Navy acquiring 123 multi-role helicopters and 111 light utility choppers.

To reinforce India’s policy to supply weapons from different countries, in May 2018, India’s Ministry of Defense issued a Request for Proposal to Russian Helicopters for the procurement of 200 Kamov Ka-226T helicopters.

Furthermore, the Indian Ministry of Defense, on July 25th, was reported to be in the finishing stages of negotiations with Russia to bring 48 additional Mi-17-V5 military transport/utility helicopters under its control.

Furthermore, the Economic Times reported that India is one of Russia’s largest operators of Russian equipment. Russian Helicopters has so far supplied 110 units of the Mi-4, 128 units of the Mi-8 and about 160 units of the Mi-17 type.

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Well would they going to buy the S-400 from Russia not turns that they are buying the rusty US weapons after all the US pressure was enough for this stupid Indians.


no su 50=> no money for su 57 mass production

Daniel Miller

ummm no the SU57’s is beeing prodused 20 will be made by 2020 and after that it will start large scale mass production.

jade villaceran

Well, mod of russia already says that su57 will not be mass produce because their current gen 4 fighter jets can perform well against f22 and f35


Exactly. More likely is that 6th Generation drone fighter jets will be mass produced first as technology is advancing so fast. Perhaps the SU-57 will be an escort of sorts to squadrons of these.


Drones will never totally replace pilots, the time lag caused by the satellite comms, makes drones too slow to respond in a dog fight.

Brother Ma

Yet all Nato doctrine is to never allow yourself to get into a dogfight.

Stealth remember ? Kill everyone before they get into a dogfight with you.

Daniel Miller

errrr no thats fake news the MoD said that the SU57 wont be mass prodused imedeately since their is no need to rush but they will still get the original 20 ordered by 2022 and after that the SU57 will most likely go into mass production. You really need to do your own digging and stop reading fake news story’s and other crap like that.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Nassams 2 is a Norwegian&USA air defense with no more than 150 km range with a modificate AIM 120 air to air missile turn in surface to air!…Nothing in comparison with S-400..more similar to S-350/redut….

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

it is much better than the s350 i think…

Jens Holm

Its mainly a much smaller missile as well as the main producers is Kongsberg in Norge even in an improved own version.


India is spending 1$ billion for missiles and 2$ billion for helicopters? While their people live in poverty? And , all of this is so they can defend Kashmir, where they are hated?

Why don’t they just get out of Kashmir, or let the people vote in Kashmir, like the UN Resolution requires, and save themselves that 3$ billion dollars?

These people are idiots.

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

the chinese are the threat my friend…….

Gary Sellars

The Chinese are no threat to anyone as they believe in Mercantilism instead of Imperialism…. Not interested in any yabbering to the contrary from either the Seppos or the Wobble-heads

ελευθεριος βενιζελος

the 2nd sentence is English?? do you know what mercantilism is?? read the history of the 2 nations after 1945 to understand what you wrote….


You are right about Kashmir but China is considered a threat by India, as is the USA, have you forgotten the US gave India the Iran treatment back in the 1990’s?

Brother Ma

Why doesn’t Israel leave Palestine where they are hated and United Nations have said so as well?


NASAMS, just another example of the US stealing technology, from other countries(Norway).

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