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India To Buy 9 Million Barrels Of Iranian Oil In November Despite US Sanctions: Media

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India To Buy 9 Million Barrels Of Iranian Oil In November Despite US Sanctions: Media

An Iranian crude oil supertanker anchored off Singapore. IMAGE: REUTERS

India will buy 9 million barrels of Iranian oil in November despite US sanctions, Reuters reported on October 5 citing “two industrial sources”.

“Refiners have placed November nominations to lift 1.25 million tonnes [about 9 million barrels] of oil from Iran,” Reuters quoted one of the sources as saying.

According to the report, Indian Oil Corp will lift 6 million barrels of Iranian oil and Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd 3 million barrels.

The US sanctions targeting Iran’s oil sector are set to be imposed on November 4. The Trump adminsitration claims that the move is designed to limit the Iranian economic capabilities and thus its involvement in conflicts in Syria and Iraq. Furthermore, Washington hopes that this will force Teheran to request negotiations to reach a new “pro-US” deal on its missile and nuclear programs.

It’s intersting to note that on October 5, India reached with Russia a contract on deliver of S-400 air defense systems. This move also came despite US threats to impose sanctions on any power buying Russian weapons and military equipment.

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Njegos Maljevic

India’s recent moves are very unexpected! Go India!

Promitheas Apollonious

No they are not unexpected. India is a full member of SCO and already is dropping the $ as a trading tool as all members of SCO doing and trading between them on their own coin. So what is strange to you?

Njegos Maljevic

When USA is waving with sanctions and open threats to just about everybody who is in any kind of business with RUS/IRAN and when we all know that India is big US military hardware buyer than it can come as a surprise… Memberships in all kind of organizations don’t mean too much when classic extortion is in effect.

Promitheas Apollonious

India has created her own war industry a very long time ago and is the bigger buyer of russian weapon systems. As for the rest you saying and base your conclusions get better informed. You speaking of the past and refuse to see the future and the moves each country is making.

Think again base on todays reality and not what you assume it is.

Njegos Maljevic

Traditionally, India was big importer of USSR’s mil tech, but in last decade they switched to US and other countries. This s-400 deal is very nice surprise especially in shade of US-China struggle on the same topic (S-400/SU-35 deals and “sudden” China’s halt on buying US oil).

There is nothing to assume when exact numbers and closed deals are in question but when politics is involved, you need to consider every bit of assumption and weird expectations.

India is showing great deal of independence which is very rear these days.

At the end, don’t get me wrong, i cheer for India, China, Russia and other to ditch 4th reich and to give them what they deserve.


none get you wrtong


p.s. but I agree with Prom. India has follow her own policies and changed suppliers lately like getting the Rafael technology. They got a lot of know how from the Russians, and inter graded it in their own war industry and now focusing on french technology.

Promitheas Apollonious

I am not getting you wrong. Just have my own info and studies on what India is doing. For example after getting the know how in their join ventures with russia in their join ventures have dropped out of them why?

Because the same technology is been given to the chinese so they shifted into french technology as far airplanes go and got the Rafael. Now they can combine what they learned from the russians with the french technology and in case things get sour with the chinese they have an answer to that.

When you think you must think peripherally and also understand each country’s moves and why.

Njegos Maljevic

Yes, diversity is key component for India, an if they want to be safe and secured, they need to have alternatives and that is very smart move one their behalf, technically and technologically perfect, my point was on the other side of the story, damn politics, and India is maybe even better in that field, doing what is best for them, not what is best for others.


There is a comment posted on the Sputink News forum that is amusing and astute.

The writer describes Trump as ‘Racket Man ‘.

I do love the power of words :)

Promitheas Apollonious

M2 but I am not a believer that the pen is more powerful than the sword. In this case the keyboard.

Jens Holm

Trumps forget so many need oil. India is one of them.

So the fight to keep Iran low by oil is no clever move. When You buy oil from them, they cant only be sold totally unimportant stuff.

I am for limited boycut. I never like their Mullahs and I also am sure, I did not like the Shah.

Promitheas Apollonious

trumpet forget nothing he is too stupid to process anything. Soon he realize that none really give a shit what he says or the rest of the minions beside laughing at them. The world is tired to listen to their BS and pathetic attempts to bully every one.

The morons have yet to understand they lost the game and are on their way out in a very destructive way, if they keep pushing it and beg to be destroyed.

Concrete Mike

Dont worry, usa is well on it way to destroying itself.

What this kavannaugh thing has revealed to me is : someone is undermining the justice system and is using abused women for it. What the me too movement has done is ; the presumption of innocence is now waived basically. Thats eroding one of the central tenets of the justice system, presumtion of innocence before being proven guilty.

Plus using abused women for idiotic bipartisan is frankly disgusting.

Speaking of disgusting, this kavannaugh guy does appear to be a douchebag, silver spoon fancy east coast snob. He possibly did do horrible things to women, but we cant prove it.

Anyways, im seeing american cohesion is coming closer to the cohesion of bone dry sand.


I agree with all that you say Mike.

There is however an additional facet to the current ‘Me Too’ furore that could I suppose be currently placed in the Conspiracy Theory Box.

It is a fact that the majority of historic ‘Me Too’allegations have been against powerful men and women from politics, entertainment and business, predominantly the neo-liberals and AIPAC flag wavers. If the ‘Me Too’ movement can be tarnished , the accused neo-liberals will gain the most. Historic abuse is notoriously difficult to investigate with certainty . Is there an argument for a time limitation on such crimes that cannot be supported by forensic evidence ?

Whatever the outcome of the ugly partisan Kavanagh investigation , the real results of the plethora of the ‘Guilty as blamed’ judgements by the USA today along with its vassal cheerleaders in Europe, Australia and New Zealand has been the refusal of neo-liberals to accept any voting choices they do not like.

This is a dangerous precedent in the 21st century that will only result in repetition’s of civil unrest that morphed into civil wars in centuries past.


I have many friends in US and they are good people. Is them we worry about with this head first policy of the morons who rule over there and not for the inevitable to happen that is the dissolving of united states into 52 new countries.


I agree with you for the most part in what you wrote above. The true ugliness of Washington DC has been spewed out in the open for the world to see. It has also been spewed out in front of the snowflakes and ANTIFA. Those that have a firing brain cell are walking away.

“Speaking of disgusting, this kavannaugh guy does appear to be a douchebag, silver spoon fancy east coast snob. He possibly did do horrible things to women, but we cant prove it.”

First of all, no one survives Washington DC.

I have a few observations of my own of what is going on in the US. Many people who have been involved from within the machine, and who know where the bodies are buried are being utilized. Brett Kavanaugh is one of them.

He was employed, and physically in the WH on 911 and was evacuated to a near by park. He was also in the WH in the aftermath of 911. That makes him a fly on the wall, or a co-conspirator.

Small subject change. We all know what a cunning vindictive b*tch that Hillary Clinton is. One has to wonder what the over the top hysteria is in Washington at the moment. We have never really seen anything like it.

I will leave this little document right here. Take a peek . ;-)


Jens Holm

I can agree in, that verbal remebering 37 years ago can not not be relayd on – as they said.

Certainly some terrible things happend to her at that time. It was not proven, he was the one. And drinking out of mind unfortunatly is not uncommon here for Youngsters.

I did have blackouts myself several times in that age. I should not have. One time I remember only being happy bicycling using no hands, because it was cold night – I dont rememeber anything before next afternoon, where my trousers were almost destructed and I had a lot of blood in my bed being wounded close to visit a doctor for more then plaster.

Of course I would like the rapist or close to being punished – even after 37 years of doing not.

I do like, we now use DNA, so You as a minimum has been, where the crime was to be guilty.

there has been changed attitudes to the better here about crimes. The police has a better atttude about it and seemes more clever.

We use beyond doubt, where word against word having too many very good actors is not enough.

We are not kind of allowed to lie, but we do too.


The part that bothered me the most about the treatment of Ms. Ford was this. She wrote a letter in confidence to Senator Feinstein. She asked that her anonymity be respected. Apparently the Senate procedure is that Senator Feinstein was to have shared the confidential letter to the rest of the Senate members, and that Ms. Fords anonymity was to be lawfully kept, respected, and protected. Feinstein did not do this.

Instead, Ms. Fords letter was leaked to the press and Ms. Ford was then catapulted unwillingly into the center ring of the biggest three ring circus that humanity has ever seen.

I do not doubt that Ms. Ford was sexually mistreated at some point in her life, but I do think that the way that she was treated by Feinstein, and the public spectacle that she was dragged into was probably equal to a violent rape…with even more humiliation than I can imagine.


Could it be that she has to fight Trump with any means available due to his open threat that she would be in jail if he is to become a President? I also don’t think Trump has forgotten about that promise, it is just that he is up to his eyebrows deep in the fight for survival at the moment…


Yes, I do think that Hillary and her band of hooligans are fighting for their lives. I do not think that Trump has forgotten a thing…and he knows that revenge is best served cold.

With Kavanaugh now in place Trumps position is firm and stable. Let the show begin.

Jens Holm

We all certainly give a shit. You write here too and even make strange predictions.

Trump is not the main part of USA. I got a few like for writing Trump was like a machinegun shooting random, and his conclusion was, that some bullets hit enemies too.

You dont understand world economies at all, and probatly because Your realtions to economy are family busisnes being private owned.

But we own each other as shareholders having stockings from each other. If we cant seel to USA our componies over there make no money and they have no´money to buy for and give us.

The same goes for China and most of the rest NAFTA/WTO. They produce a lot of stuff and parts of thing telling “made in USA”. So when they cant sell to USA the other stocckholders, which are we all over the world, loose too.

Its a grid and Trump and the american Goverment are not the private companies.

A typical economy as ours are 80% stockholders and 20% private owned. In Your economy 80% are private owned.Thats why You are so ineffective as well and out of the world economy beíng private.

Promitheas Apollonious

kid and I am not referring to your age, but the quality of what you assuming, about me. YOU give a shit what trumpet say not me or any of my kind. Yo are right I am not an employee as you and never been one.

As for your assumption I dont understand world economy I will not even bother to answer you and give credibility to what you saying just one thing, you make me smile. From what you wrote it seem to me you are the one who has no idea not only about economy but also what is happening around the world.

A typical economy as yours one is based on debt and not profit it never exist to succeed in any real world economy. And no our business is not 80% ours and 20%, someone else. Is better not to assume what you dont know. all the business we have is 100% owned hence the reason we make a killing against you. each and every time. Because our business is family business.

Whose the ineffective again? Go on make me laugh.

Jens Holm

If You buy a taxa, a tractor or anything else and pay 1000 back but owe 1200 its good business.

Loans making depth is not given random. You almost always have to put real money in Yourself and by that take a risk looding them. You also have to have credibility. That can be You already is known as hardworking having skills.

Most companies in that model has to tell the result. They pay back to the ones, they have loaned money from by buying shares back. They pay other loaners profit. They use some profit for new investments fx buying raw materials and machines to sell more, and they get profit themselves.

I see the results very well. I see my house in quality, space and facility, I see my car, my computer, my pesion, my free school, my medical care and also sometimes my expensive vacations.

You hardly see how our economy works. There also are many regulators in it. The currency can be changes up and down or we can buy liras and syrian pounds for it. Loans are more expensive when the risk is high.

And You are right things can go wrong or at least dont go well. Turks has Erdogan Economic pea and soon after its only cold yellow.

The mistake for that was made by giving to much depth, which gave extra production but not enough to cover the loan payback to fx IMF. We see the results. The lira is declining having less value, but people are not paid a little more, so many becomes poor the next many month.

Enemies of Turkey would say they should not have bought so much new military equipment. Being number 1 in Nato after USA should be big enough for at least some time.

I meant our companies are 80% in stockings and 20% are private owned companies. Yours are 80% private owned and 20% owned´by other kinds of ownership – often stockings/shares.

Promitheas Apollonious

either you too thick to get it or too brainwashed of your tax slave system you live under. Stop trying to explain to me your predicament and what you think about business you very far knowing what real business is.

And what I give a shit about turkish lira? You show your self to be incompetent to discuss coherently even a discussion you yourself started based on many assumptions and ignorance of fact. So stop making a fool of yourself.

You have absolute no idea what you are talking about and sound like a parrot who repeat what he hears.

Jens Holm

It seemes You have no idea about taxsystems as well. You mainly only has the part, which finance police, army and public employed.

When we pay high tax, its because we share a lot of things, which by that helps the poor . We also use it for pension for all, so the children dont have to pay. We – in Denmark – can start in school and be an ungeniur, a doctor or a lwayer for freed.

We get almost free medical care and early pension and help, if we are handicapped before the normal pension and so on.

We also have good local control for tax, so we have the lowest corruption in the world.

We spend a lot of money to keep criminals as little as possible in jail, so they instead become normal citicens and pay tax the rest of their working life. We dont have national deph for the moment.

Denmark is one of the highest industraliced countries in the world. So we all know at least some. We also sell more things to USA then they sell to us, and have several worldcompanies made here being in stockholding by all which are allowed to buy them and support us BY TRUST. TRUST. CREDIBILITY.


Promitheas Apollonious

No it seems I am not a tax slave as your self helot.

Promitheas Apollonious

spoken as a true helot. Are you trying to teach me to be a tax slave as yourself ? Been brainless and narrow minded shows of what you write try think as a free person something you not.

I never paid taxes kid and it does not take a lot of education to be able f*ck the stupid western system. Obviously you have none.


I was never a fan of the Vikings Jens, so no more Danish Bacon for me :)

Jens Holm

Me neither. My ancisters probatly was one of their many slaves :)

And dont worry, our bacons do everything they can to avoid muslims. They prefare to be respected as good food.

We have to keep them in line now and then. We actually send some of the agressive ones as food help for the infame part of the muslims.

Well, why not, You also send muslims to here, we dont like.

Tommy Jensen

America has the military means to stop any oiltransport from Iran to India.

US Navy and our Aircarriers will simply approach the Iranian oiltankers and ask them to go home, or else they will end up on the bottom of the Indian Sea and India will get an environmental issue on their beaches…………………………………LOL.

Promitheas Apollonious

Do they? And how they do this been all hiding in ports in US? You confuse farting with reality. I am curious what drugs are you into?

John Mason

No drugs, stupidity is inherited.

Promitheas Apollonious

Considering what we know of americans and their use of prescription designer drugs, I think stupidity alone does not remove common sense, since the guy is here and he seem to know how to read and write.

Nope I think is from the generations who grown in US on a diet of behavior modifications drugs and video games. what we in general call holywood educated brain dead.


So America will be kicked out of every trade with a billion Indians. Fuck you USA.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Please, no F-words. Let the US Evil Empire reproduce with themselves!


Inbreeding does have its problems as we can see in Israel and parts of the USA :)


It’s always good to start the week with a funny joke! Now to reciprocate, only for today; your warships need to ask for permission twice to pass the straits of Hormuz and Bab-el-Mandeb ;) . By the way it’s been since March there haven’t been any US aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf.

Greetings from Tehran!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

If I were PM Modi, I would send Indian Navy warships to escort all the Iranian oil tankers to and from Iran. Iran is the first line of defence for the free world.


no need extra expenses because west is farting?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It would be highly symbolic. It is because of the stupidity of the Iranian, Pakistani and Indian leaders that there is no land pipeline for Iranian and Russian oil to India, something that the US Evil Empire would hate. Perhaps, the SCO countries are finally waking up? We shall see.


stupidity. How you figured that out? And why should be a pipe line that has to pass Pakistan and controlled by it in order to reach India? Try to think before you open your mouth and also before you do this statements also look the map.

As for Us been an empire…. I never seen a colony that her main purpose is to be the military arm of NWO, becoming any thing but what they are. A degenerate cesspool that becomes worst by each passing day.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Read carefully! “land pipeline for Iranian and Russian oil to India.” Now explain the route this LAND pipeline implies. Unless you are a fan of Himalayan goats? Yes, Indian, Pakistani and Iranian leaders have been very stupid indeed, so far. They have shown that they are only fit to lick the arses of the US EVIL Empire. I now dare to hope that they are finally seeing the light and will settle their petty differences, or they will be eternal slaves to the US Evil Empire.

Miguel Redondo

for the moment there is planned a gas pipeline underwater from Iran to India.


VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Another stupid idea of the Indian elite who refuse to complete the partition of India in Kashmir, settle with Pakistan and get on with the task of building secure and prosperous live for the 1.3 billion Indians and 1.7 billion South Asians. Gee, I really should ask QEII to make me the Viceroy of good old British India!


Well, there is a pipeline in Iran reached all the way to the Pakistani border for this very goal. It was named the peace pipeline or something like that which would bring Iranian oil to Pakistan and from there, to India. There was also talks for another pipeline for gas. India played some games and finally Pakistan gave in under the US pressure, now the gas pipeline is planned to reach India via Oman, the oil by tankers.

I don’t know when these 2 countries which used to be one not long ago manage to solve their differences. They were both stupid enough to go to war a couple of times and now threaten each other by their nukes. As far as I could see, their ordinary people have no problem, many have relatives on the other side of the fence. Like so many other border issues of the former colonies, it’s a gift from the British.


We heard the Tales of Garga Papa. :))


Excellent analysis

Bill Wilson

There’s mountain ranges in the way from both directions.


Tommy is trying to be funny, sometimes he manages it.


US cannot do anything because the PM Imran Khan is allowing oil from Iran to India via land routs second there is future planning for oil pipe line from Iran to India via Pakistani land. So stop bs.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The usually thick Indian and Pakistani elite are finally waking up to the divide and conquer games of the EVIL US Empire.


The East India Company that was later owned by the British State used the Divide and Rule strategy for many many decades in (greater ) India that encompassed Pakistan et al today as we know .

Divide and Rule in any situation has always relied on the base actions of greedy,venal,psychopathic,cruel,insane and dictatorial humans who coerce others to do their bidding.

Marriage can often be like that as well :)

Jens Holm

Hard to see Pakistanis can manege anything but killing themselves. USA has given up all help to them.

And India after 1948 has tryed to be its own for good reasons. They have defeated Pakistan several times and have had war with China once, and I think they after all have some succes in a kind of “Ghandi way”.

They are in many matters both protective and defence in trade as well as war. I see none “evil conquer games there” at all. They are to USA as to everybody.

If You see the news, their military skills are from ancient time and mainly russian. They might upgrade very much by new made F16s as replacement for museum Migs.

So You might open Your other eye, if You have.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I fundamentally disagree with the violent, racist and warmongering exceptionalism of the EVIL US Empire. The US clique is a clear and present danger to the survival of humanity. I sincerely hope that India will be brave enough to lock out the violent and destructive US from Eurasia and act as a full member of the SCO. Long before the end of the century, India and China will once again be world leaders and not followers, as they still are while suffering from the divide and rule strategy. I wonder if your ilk can handle that and avoid a war? Western supremacism is displaying worrying signs of violent tantrums and hysteria over both Russia and China.

Jens Holm

As I already has written India behaves kind of Ghandi-neutral to all. They never will do, what any tell them, but go on being their own kind of closed own market and habitat.

I am so happy about we dont have to send money against starvation as well as help for schools and medical care.

But You dont get the point in that. Now they make the cake bigger and better. That does not say things will go down or they are more opposition to USA more then they have been all the time.

If You dont believe me, You should see their military forces. Most is from ancient times and many jets are Migs and Raphels. IfYou write about some S300-400 You forget, they will renew their airforces with new builds of neweest version of F16.

Spo when You write this and that, Yóu close Your eyes for great parts of the big picture. Nothing strange in India dont do, what Trumps try to dictate.

We in EU as well as Russia and China are doing exact same thing. We are moderate listeners as well as we only make moderate changes, which we by ourself find good, fair and usefull for ourselves and the world.

And whatever You say, we ARE very worried for Iran as system and especially the big bombs. So the rest of the world partly follow boycuts of Iran.

Making Pakistan to anything even by their corrupt upperclass make me laugh. They are one of the weakest nations in the world according to everything aprt from birthrates.

Why dont You chech that up in stead of presenting facts, which has been less and less true since Britts had ro leave in 1948. Its exact the same muslim problems as for ME. You can reproduce things well, but the new things almost has to be forced in.

You fx dont see they within few years have salty land, so they not even can grow their food. They are not able to do anything about it all many places having a hindu-system included in Islam, where Your belowed upperclass has done nothing.

Look at the GDP in country seize as well as pr person. Thats no top. Where is Your top. The only top I see is the same as always. Thats plunderinbg the poor ones.

The Pakistan GDP is less then Singapore or Singapore. They are number 41 among countries.

Pr person its 1500 dollars pr person being number 148 of 194 countries in the world. I think You have to add, that Your upperclas in Pakistan are so rich, that the rest by that are so, so poor.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

“new builds of neweest version of F16.” Only the vile and corrupt Indian elite will pay for this expensive rubbish can from the US. You also make a lot of prejudiced generalisations as a Western supremacist. The age pf empire has finished.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Pure war-mongering idiocy, Tommy! If the US/EU/NATO gangsters try this then they will unite the entire SCO block against it. How would the US EVIL Empire fancy a clash with the combined forces of Russia, China, India, Iran, Pakistan, Syria and Turkey? The exceptional yellow bellies will run fast home to their GMO macs. LOL!!!


Dont be silly Tommy what is the US going to do sink an oil tanker and create an environmental catastrophe. US would be an international criminal, besides interfering in international shipping on the high seas would be piracy without a UN security council resolution.


What you said is a joke. Basically the US can start it but, like Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Korea, Vietnam (we got out by the skin of our teeth), Ukraine and Iran, we never are able to end it. If one is going to cook in the geopolitical arena, then one needs to learn how to clean up the mess in the kitchen. We have never been any good at that.

So Tommy, let me tell you a little story…………. about the Walking Dead; the real Walking Dead. I am talking about Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 9th Regiment of the US Marine Corps. They were over there in Vietnam, doing there thing. One day, a limit was reached on their indiscriminate attacks on unarmed civilians, on both sides of the fight. So, EVERYBODY made it their business to shot at them. They got it from the NVA, the got it from the VC, They got it from the RSV whenever possible. So, getting attached to that unit because what was known to be a death sentence.

If the US starts interfering with shipping in International waters without a UN mandate, it will be open season on all shipping connected to US interests. Think I am just making this up? Well Britain and Brasil has a disagreement, originating with the same vein of nonsense charges by Britain. At the time, GB was the greatest empire ever known and at the peak of her power. The response by Brasil was simple; they would sink every single ship possible connected to GB that got near their shores, thus physically cutting a very large part of important trade from South America for GB. Guess what? Britain straightened up lightning fast.

Don’t let a couple of big mouths who are speaking way above what their body can pay, give you false comfort in the face of extreme danger.


The Indian government uses Indian owned and registered tankers to transport Iranian oil as well. So are you suggesting a US war with India ?

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

US and India go to war? Why not? It is bound to happen unless India agrees to be to China what Banderised Ukraine is to Russia. The US Evil Empire does NOT like upstart slave states. I bet they have a plan to wreck India from North to South, from East to West, using the huge religious, caste and linguistic divides. India has to play nice with all countries, or else it is very vulnerable to a painful dissection!


A good start might be to compromise on the Khashmir border that was drawn by British bureaucrat’s who would or should have realised that the sectarian divide they imposed would fester for decades and have no benefit for the ‘new’ India.

India and Pakistan united with China Iran and Russia would be a tremendous alliance that would be able to tame the Evil Empire and greatly help to enable the many silenced Americans who are educated in ways that do promote empathy, debate and goodwill with other countries and cultures, to take political power in the USA.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You are right that Kashmir has been the sore left by the imperial British as a time-bomb, which can go nuclear at any moment. What do you think is the time for an ICBM to go from Lahore in Pakistan to New Delhi in India, compared to a Moscow to New York trip of doom? Then one sees what a nuclear tinderbox the 1947 disaster has become. All this could have been avoided by simply completing the partition of Kashmir that the Indo-Pak elites are incapable of. I would expect China and India to settle first, and then a joint Russian-Chinese-Iranian committee to settle the Indo-Pak division once and for all. The alternative is eternal slavery to the US EVIL Empire or a nuclear winter.


By moslems stolen land, Paki and Bang belongs to india. All moslems should be kicked out from indian subcontinent!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Just how primitive and backward are you? Grunt, grunt, grunt!!! Stop farting. This is a serious discussion site.


i though, you are moslem shit, too

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

I am a liberal British Indian Hindu from London. GOTCHA!!!


does work your wife?


The new leadership in Pakistan is not ( as yet) on the US payroll ,so we can only hope that sane and pragmatic minds prevail.

Ivan Freely

Sinking an oil tanker full of oil will get every environmentalist on the planet up in arms. Commandeering the tanker is a much more wiser move than sinking it. However, as others stated, it would be an Act of War, turning a neutral friendly India into a hostile one.



The Asia Bibi blasphemy case involves a Pakistani woman, Aasiya Noreen (born c. 1971)

Pakistanis have forgotten the story of prophet Ibrahim AS. In which he invited a kafir on meal. But the kafir used wrong words for Allah on which the prophet Ibrahim AS became angry but Allah sent him Jibreel AS to go quickly and tell Ibrahim AS that ask for apology from the Kafir and call him again to eat meal with you.


You seem to spent a lot of time reading religious story books Rob.

I accept that their followers have been used in most of the wars on the planet but the new cults we see today are just as specious :)


You are right where I see any problem so then I consult the book that who is right because here I am trying to save an innocent life.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The fuel prices are under severe pressure in India and Modi has a national election to win next year. The BJP and Modi aren’t as stupid as the US Evil Empire thinks. Indian growth and prosperity is heavily dependent on Iranian oil. Modi and the usually servile Indian elite are not that stupid and they will find a way to keep the economy powered by Iranian oil.

Peter Jennings

The US admin may huff and puff all they want. However, EU leaders ain’t listening no more.

EU leaders have ruined their economies by allowing the US to dictate their domestic & foreign policies. Their economies are now on the brink of collapse, the next black swan should fan it all over the edge.

Does europe look to a short-lived, short-sighted and bankrupt US empire or do what they have done for centuries which is trade with each other and the Eastern countries? The US admin has no answers for those in europe, just orders.


India just bought the S-400 system from Russia and now the oil from Iran. These are very big moves in the face of US pressure. This is turning into a Waterloo for US foreign policy. It didn’t have to be this way. We could have actually helped the world, instead of the bankers, oilmen and everybody else who has money as their supreme priority in life.

The way to save this is get rid of people like Bolton, Pompeo, the former Senator from Texas Hutchinson and bring in the grounded adults, if there any left who would even bother. With all due respect Mr. President, the clock is ticking against you. Don’t blow it completely up. I wish well to all.

leon mc pilibin

JewSA and its rothschid zionist dollar is going down,only a matter of time.


We don’t give a rip about their conflicts, they don’t give a rip about ours. Besides, the reduced demand for Iranian stuff means the India can get a very good price on it.

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