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JUNE 2021

India Is About To Buy S-400 Defense Systems From Russia

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India Is About To Buy S-400 Defense Systems From Russia

Vitaliy Nevar/TASS

On April 5, the “New York Times” (NYT) newspaper reported that India and Russia would discuss the contract on S-400 air defense systems delivery.

According to the “NYT” Indian Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman visiting Moscow this week to finalize the purchase of a Russian missile defense system S-400. The potential contract worth is $6 billion.

The inter-governmental agreement of S-400 delivery was signed during Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India in October 2016. In January, 2016 Sergey Chemezov, the chef of Rostec Corporation said that “Discussions on this contract are at an advanced stage’”.

On April 4, the “TASS” news agency reported citing own source that the only issue of this deal is the financial point:

“The sides are continuing the negotiations on this sole issue that has not yet been agreed and there are no doubts that the document will be signed shortly,” the source noted.

The MSM has already stared a media campaign to undermine the ongoing negotiations.

Some MSM media outlets even speculated that if the Indian S-400 contract is reached Washington may threaten try to impose new sanctions against Russia in an attempt to slow down the implementation of the deal.

“My suspicion is that America will not deem the S-400 purchase as sanctions-worthy,” the NYT quoted Shailesh Kumar, the Asia director of the Eurasia Group (a geopolitical risk consulting firm) as saying. “There’s too much at stake for bilateral relations. If the U.S. goes for sanctions, it will undermine the good will the U.S. has been trying to build up with India over the last two decades.”

Currently, some Russian military companies are already under economic sanctions imposed by the USA and some European countries. However, these measures cannot limit Russia’s military export.

Earlier, a similar media-diplomatic campaign was leaded by the US in an attempt to undermine the Russia–Turkey S-400 deal.

The US-led block and its media wing has claimed that Turkey could not integrate Russian facility in NATO’s air defense system and at some moment has even threatened to impose sanctions on Ankara.

Despite this, the Turkish and Russian authorities justified the purchase by the necessity and accelerated the delivery. The S-400 regiment will be delivered to Turkey in October 2019, several months ahead of the earlier agreed date.

The USA will continue increasing pressure on Russia, especially after Putin’s March 1 statement revealing new nuclear-capable weapon systems that can suppress the US missile-defense shield. The Euro-Atlantic establishment is also concerned over the Russian increasing military influence in the Middle East, which marks the shifting balance of power around the world. Russia extends its influence sphere, exploiting the USA weak points and selling their weapon systems to the “US allies”. Russia confronts sanctions and even expands its economic activity.

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Well if India purchases the S400s I bet Pakistan will follow suit


US tries to undermine arms deals involving Russia, because more militaries realize russian weapons are effective, relatively inexpensive providing good value for money spent, with proper support regardless of political winds.
Unlike US high priced “technological junk” that comes with strings attached, like Poland buying Patriot missiles for 4.5 billion.


They try sell India Aircraft Carrier within agreement that it did not leave the port.


I am sorry, can you be a little clearer?

Cheryl Brandon

Russia;s air defense system is getting really popular;Well done Russia.

Promitheas Apollonious

Especially among countries that want to defend themselves from the aggression of NATO.


Ah- a zionist troll who hopes you don’t know about Putin’s BAN on selling the s-400 to Iran or Syria.

Actually Putin is busy selling the s-400 to NATO allied nations, like Saudi Arabia, India, Egypt, etc- as well as major NATO members like Turkey.

The ONLY people wjo don’t get the s-400 are designated targets of NATO. You’ll notice no stories about selling the s-400 to Pakistan, for instance.


He he he.


As meaningless Putin boosting comments get the most upvotes here, Southfront, once again, ignores the ongoing jewish atrocities against Humanity in Gaza. Indeed, Southfront bends over backwards to fill the headline space with anything BUT coverage of jewish atrocities. Ever ask yourself why?

You’d need to have the IQ of a squashed hedgehog not to notice the absolute zionism of RT and Sputnik- the established editorial position on all major kremlin outlets that the jews are the ‘master race’. As I type, jewish snipers, wearing their “ONE SHOT, TWO KILLS” Israeli government supplied t-shirts, are headshoting unarmed protesting kids in Gaza, while all the major kremlin outlets remain SILENT.

Recall how the West claimed the right to arm ISIS in Syria, cos “Assad shot unarmed protestors”- something they had literally zero evidence for. The depraved jews literally BOAST about how their snipers are murdering unarmed protesting kids, and May and Trump have issued statememts applauding the jews for taking out the “sub-Humans”. Yet Putin doesn’t feel like issuing word one about this sickening situation- how very curious.


You need to buy what you know it will work perfectly well in case of real problems !

Eskandar Black

Fraction of the cost of the patriot system, with the ability to paralyze the skies


The abilities were never tested.


Perhaps not in public but do you think a country spending a couple of billion dollars would not insist on seeing a test intercept first as part of the negotiation. You dont spend that kind of money unless your satisfied the system works.


i said only. american weapons were tested in combat situations. russian ones never. when ruskies began use new cruise missiles shot from caspian see, some of them were lost and fall. the same will be also with s-300 and s-400. russians are not gods. began use aircraft carrier and immediately lost 2 planes.
btw., thaad is much better then s-400. s-400 has explosive head, thaad not. thaad must have a contact with target. this is much more difficult. but yanks solved the problem. ruskies in 2050 will not have such precise weapons. of course, yanks can use this sytem in anti satellite systems, while ruskies will have nothing in hand.


So you say. What happened to yhe cruise missiles that were launched by the US last year?


he didn’t know that. all he knows are what BBC, CNN, FoxNews, Washington Post being feed into his brain.


nothing. russia did not shot anymissile.

this told clearly shoygu 1 month ago.


We know what the Patriot do, and what propaganda claims it can do. Check the stats.


They don’t have to test them, as long as they terrify the Americans.


yanks laugh


Didn’t have to. When the S-400s arrived in Syria, all coalition aircraft stayed well clear of its radar.


sure not


You have some information you’d like to share?


Tho not the skies of any nation (obviously excluding the Russian Federation) under threat from NATO (Syria is an exception only cos RUSSIAN s-400 systems there currently protect RUSSIAN personnel and assets).


While the S-400 is most likely a better system and better priced, I expect a lot has to do with the fear of USA having remote control of its Friend or Foe abilities and not being able to block a US attack on India.


The Indians are playing the Americans, and it’s good to see.
Most Americans don’t know that the USA sanctioned India, and even paid Pakistan to attack India.
Americans choose not to remember their crimes, but the victims remember.


Nothing significant will come of this, although Pakistan will be mad.


I doubt it, they are a defensive weapon, and a lot of countries see the wisdom of cooperation and the benefit to all of the new Asian century.
The old colonial methods of divide and conquer are being replaced with trade and cooperation.


I assume you’re unfamiliar with the ongoing conflicts in the sub-continent.


Problem with Indians is they want it all for $1, but now that Pakistan has developed their new medium range ballistic missile (MRBM) and MIRVs India has no room but to purchase what ever it can get to counter these developments by Pakistan. It is a beautiful prospect for US/RU as the only suppliers of such credible systems


Russia should be careful dealing with India. not long ago, india allowed US experts to inspect a Russian submarine leased to India in violation of their agreement.

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