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India Claims It Shot Down One Pakistani Jet, Lost MIG-21 Fighter Jet In Border Confrontation


India Claims It Shot Down One Pakistani Jet, Lost MIG-21 Fighter Jet In Border Confrontation

Pakistani F-16BM in flight. IMAGE: Wikipedia / Asuspine

A spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Raveesh Kumar came with a public comment on the recent escalation between India and Pakistan in the contested Azad Jammu and Kashmir region.

Kumar said that his country shot down a Pakistani jet and lost its own MiG-21 fighter, with the pilot missing in action.

In an “aerial engagement a Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft was shot down by a MiG 21 Bison of the Indian Air Force” and fell on the Pakistani territory, Kumar told media.

Kumar claimed that the Pakistani military used its jets to “target military installations on the Indian side” but due to India’s “high state of readiness and alertness Pakistan’s attempts were foiled successfully.”

Earlier, Pakistan said that it had shot down 2 Indian aircraft in its own airspace and captured two pilots. So far, Islamabad had been denying losing any of its aircraft as reports suggested that a Pakistani F-16 had been downed by the Indian Air Force.

Meanwhile, an Indian military Mi-17 helicopter also crashed in the Indian-controlled part of Kashmir. It is not clear if the helicopter was downed as a part of the ongoing escalation.

Tensions between the sides have been sky-high since February 26 when Indian warplanes targeted what they described as a terrorist camp in Pakistani territory.

Furthermore, the Pakistani military said it showed “restraint” while downing two Indian aircraft. Spokesman of the Pakistani Army Major General Asif Ghafoor said his country does not desire war, but is ready to “retaliate” if India continues to violate its territory.

“We have sent a message to India that despite having the capability to engage, we have shown restraint. Our aim is to defend our motherland yet ensure no unnecessary provocation to escalate takes place,” Army Major General Ghafoor said. “If aggression is imposed upon on us we will retaliate out of self-defense. Pakistan is not pushing the environment towards war.




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