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India Carries Out ‘Surgical Strikes’ on Pakistan: 2 Pakistani Soldiers Killed, 9 Wounded

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According to New Delhi, Indian troops have carried out “surgical strikes” against Pakistani-based militants, while Islamabad claims that the Indian side has initiated and conducted ‘cross border fire’.

India Carries Out ‘Surgical Strikes’ on Pakistan: 2 Pakistani Soldiers Killed, 9 Wounded

Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh (Photo: india.com)

New Delhi reported that “surgical strikes” against Pakistani-based militants were carried out by the country’s army across the factual border in the disputed region of Kashmir in Himalayas. However, Islamabad denied this information and accused India of firing across the border and killing of two soldiers.

According to Indian Director General of Military Operations (DGMO), Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh, “some terrorist teams had positioned themselves at launchpads along the Line of Control.”

“The Indian Army conducted surgical strikes last night at these launchpads. Significant casualties have been caused to these terrorists and those who are trying to support them,” the AFP news agency quoted his words. “The operations aimed at neutralizing the terrorists have since ceased.”

However, the nature of the operations, as well as the fact that whether Indian troops had entered Pakistani-controlled territory were not elaborated.

As Singh noted, the operations were carried out after the Indian side has received “specific and credible information” that terrorists were going to attack India’s territory. He also added that Pakistan was informed by the Indian Army about the operations, and now the country’s forces are “prepared for any contingency that may arise.” The Lieutenant General also stressed that 20 infiltration attempts of terrorists have been foiled by India’s military this year.

Meanwhile, Pakistani military said that “there has been no surgical strike by India, instead there had been cross border fire initiated and conducted by India.” According to Pakistani officials, Indian soldiers just fired across the factual border, known as the Line of Control, killed two Pakistani soldiers and wounded nine others.

Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Asif said that Delhi’s statements are just “fabrication” and noted that his country’s soldiers “befittingly responded to Indian unprovoked firing.”

“India is doing this only to please their media and public,” the Reuters news agency quoted his words. “This quest by Indian establishment to create media hype by rebranding cross border fire as surgical strike is fabrication of truth.”

Soldiers of the two countries were conducting the gunfight during six hours. According to Reuters, the incident took place in the Bhimber, Kel, Hot Spring, and Lipa sectors in Pakistan-administered Kashmir. The Indian side did not report any casualties or damage.

The incident occurred just one day after Islamabad said that New Delhi will “disintegrate” when Kashmir gains independence.

At the same time, earlier this week, the Samaa TV-channel reported that Pakistani Defense Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that Pakistan is open to using tactical devices against India, referring to nuclear weapons, which Pakistan, allegedly, has.

“Tactical weapons, our programs that we have developed, they have been developed for our protection. We haven’t kept the devices that we have just as showpieces,” Asif noted.

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Question to SF team . How’s the current Russia india relationship? Whom russia will support in case of a new indo -pak war ?! What are motives of russia -pak army drill ?! (Despite Pakistan being the god mother of terrorism ) . SF is not the russian foregin ministry , but a reliable news source . So, Please do a report or some kind of video based on your analysis.

Random guy

Russia will support both, as both are huge military equipment markets. Though currently Indian market is dominated by Russia, and Pakistani by China. Chinese equipment is Russian design anyways. Win Win


The US has backed Pakistan in a big way ,ever since they began their adventures in Afghanistan . Possibly even to a nuclear level . Russian long term goals of trade with China and peace would be better served by support for India. Pakistan is Sunni , with many Saudi schools , and extreme poverty . India has a larger population, is advancing economically , and is secular . A safer friend on Russia’s southern border.

Mateen Zaman

Pak army may spare the indian dogs but mujahideens will definately cut their (indians)throat

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