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India And Pakistan Once Again Exchange Fire Along Kashmir Contact Line

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India And Pakistan Once Again Exchange Fire Along Kashmir Contact Line

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On August 15th, Pakistan’s Army reported that Indian troops had fired across the Line of Control in Kashmir. Pakistan responded and there were casualties on both sides.

Pakistan said at least three of its soldiers and five Indian soldiers were killed, in addition to two civilians on the Pakistan side.

On August 16th, Pakistan army spokesman General Asif Ghafoor said “another brave son of soil lost his life in the line of duty” in Buttal town.

Reuters cited an unnamed Indian Army spokesperson who said that India had suffered no casualties and denied any reports by the Pakistani side.

“No casualties. This assertion is wrong,” was cited. the Indian army said that from around 0700 local time Pakistan violated a ceasefire between the two nations.

Most recently, White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley said that US President Donald Trump and Pakistan’s prime minister, Imran Khan spoke on the phone. Trump told Khan that it was important India and Pakistan reduce tensions in Jammu and Kashmir through “bilateral dialogue.”

Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi claimed that the two had a “cordial conversation”, and agreed to keep in touch over the Kashmir dispute.

“Prime Minister Khan conveyed Pakistan’s concern on recent developments in Kashmir and the threat they pose to regional peace,” he was cited as saying.

The UNSC held a closed-door meeting, requested by China, on Kashmir. Discussions were open only to its five permanent members and 10 non-permanent members. India and Pakistan didn’t attend the meeting.

Russia’s deputy UN ambassador, Dmitry Polyansky, told reporters as he headed into the meeting that Moscow is concerned about the latest developments, but he said it was “a bilateral issue.”

Amnesty International Secretary-General Kumi Naidoo said in a statement that council members “need to remember that their mandate is to protect international peace and security – and they should seek to resolve the situation in a way that puts the human rights of the people in this troubled region at its centre.”

The video shows statements following the meeting.

The Chinese ambassador to the UN said the Security Council feared that the situation in Kashmir may get worse. Zhang Jun said the situation in Kashmir is “already very tense and very dangerous”. He added that the members of the council generally feel India and Pakistan should both refrain from unilateral action over Kashmir.

Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN Maleeha Lodhi said people in Indian-administered Kashmir “are not alone”, adding that they “may be locked up … but their voices were heard today.”

“We are grateful to China in also joining us and calling this meeting. The voice of the Kashmiri people, the voice of the people of occupied Kashmir has been heard today in the highest diplomatic forum of the world. They are not alone … their plight, their hardship, their pain, their suffering, their occupation and the consequences of that occupation has been heard in the UNSC.”

Lodhi said that the very fact this meeting had taken place is “testimony to the fact that this is an internationally recognized dispute.”

India’s ambassador to the UN Syed Akbaruddin criticized international interference over Kashmir, saying that it was an internal matter.

“We don’t need international busybodies to try to tell us how to run our lives. If there are issues, they will be discussed, they will be addressed by our courts,” he said.

On the Chinese and Pakistani envoys’ remarks after the UNSC meeting, he said, “For the first time after the end of Security Council consultations, we noted that two states (China and Pakistan) who made national statements tried to pass them off as the will of the international community.”

“India remains committed to ensure that the situation in Kashmir remains calm and peaceful. We are committed to all the agreements that we have signed on this issue. We note that there are some who try to project an alarmist approach to the situation, which is far from the ground realities.”

The ”results” of the UNSC meeting won’t be made public, since they appeared to have an informal nature.

The situation in Kashmir appears stable, despite communications still being blocked and there being restrictions imposed by the Indian government.

The situation along the Line of Control is simmering, but seems unlikely that there would be a sharp escalation.


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Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

stop, realize who the REAL enemy in this world is!

Toronto Tonto

Your right its Russia .

Brother Thomas

“Your right” as opposed to “your left”?


I was surprise on division of Indian but then after study I realised that division of India to build Pakistan was right decision because in India Hindus are divided in five different casts. The top caste is Brahmins then Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras and Dalit. They all are Hindus by religions. The Dalit are also Hindus but Indian people consider them nonhumen. They have no respect. They are untouchable. The other groups of Hindus put them in minority like Muslims, Christians, Sikhs etc. Therefore, their own Hindus fedup from own upper caste Hindus that now many of them convert to Islam. Many Hindus left India and now living in Pakistan like equal citizen without discrimination.

Now Kashmiri people don’t like India therefore, for longtime they want freedom from India but Indian governments does not allow them to become free. Now there are protests on daily bases.

Zionism = EVIL

That is good and accurate summation of caste system ridden shithole India.

Brother Ma

So I guess the Shiite Moslems of Pakistan would disagree with you regarding equal treatment and no discrimination?


In entire Pakistan there is no caste system.

David Parker

Christians in the Pakistani government?
Christians do not waste money on ornate cathedrals and costumes. Roman Catholics deny the very essence of Christianity which is salvation by the grace of God alone through regeneration by the Holy Spirit alone through faith in the propitiatory work of Jesus the Christ, Messiah, Redeemer, very God and very man, alone.


You know the Asia largest cross is in Pakistan which is fixed near Catholic cathedral in Karachi. The largest and most beautiful cathedral is in Karachi. Cathedrals are in every main city of Pakistan. Christians and Pakistani government spent lots of money on cathedrals and on churches in Pakistan. Pakistan take care of all religious places in Pakistan.

David Parker

“Its good that in Pakistan there is no discrimination.”
Unless you are Christian and then you and your family get burned alive in your own car.
The entire world wars against Christians and I don’t mean Roman Catholics or any other costumed frauds when I say Christian. I mean those elect for salvation by the grace of God the Father alone through regeneration by the Holy Spirit alone and faith in Jesus – very God and very man – alone and not by any works at all. Christian doctrine is that God is three persons in one essence and cannot be comprehended by man his creature.


Dirty apples are in each and every community that is why prisons are there in every community.

Brother Thomas

How utterly futile.

Zionism = EVIL

Pakistan’s corrupt ISI made a very poor decision in 2000, and stopped supporting the Kashmiri freedom fighters after the idiot Musharraf cowards Kargil disaster. India is a real shithole and its illegal occupation of Kashmir is based on the Zionist model of disenfranchisement. The evil Jews are using India as guinea pig to fan conflicts. The morons gave India the SPICE dud bombs to bomb Pakistani trees at Balakot that backfired and the PAF blasted the stupid Indians out of the sky. Pakistan’s best bet is to arm all the fed up minorities in India, the Kashmiris, Sikhs, Nagas etc. India is not a viable state and throughout its pathetic history has been ruled by foreign powers.


few hours ago you told Lena Jones that you are ex-intelligence, which surprised me because the ISI is not known for having idiots like you on his payroll
No you are disparaging the ISI, and I understand that the reason why you are so ungrateful to them is probably because they told you that they don’t need you


This is true. I am agree with you one thousand percent.

Brother Thomas

10 people dead. 10 families mourning the irrevocable loss of their son / husband / father / brother. All for nothing. Nothing was gained. Absolutely nothing.


This will quickly escalate to a full fledged war. India is very vulnerable. China supports the Maoists in India who control 11 Indian states to varying degrees. They are one of the best armed groups who wants to end the government of India and replace it with a Communist government. The states that they control are termed “The Red Corridor”. Any foreign power could easily tap into their logistics to wage an internal war in India.
There are dozens of well armed Separatist groups across India as well. Pakistan or China only need to wage proxy wars with New Delhi, through them.


The main separatist group in Kashmir is the Hurriyat and they are fully supported by Pakistan. but here is the problem. For Kashmir to be truly independent she has to fight off Pakistan, India, and China, all of whom do not want Kashmir to have her won voice, and instead remain subservient to Pakistan, India and China.

Kashmir separatists should join forces with other powerful militant organizations like the Maoists, the Haqqani Network, and the North East Militants. Put aside differences for the common goal of Kashmiri Independence which if achieved helps the other militant groups


Finally Kashmir must become independent!
an independent Kashmir would be around 86 thousand square miles ( smaller than Great Britain which stands at 94 thousand square miles). I am going to call independent Kashmir The Republic of Kashmir.

The first act is for Kashmiris is to declare Independence. Once Kashmiri Nationalist declare independence from India, Pakistan and China they are “soldiers” defending their nation from “foreign” invasions. India can no longer call them “separatists” and it will allow nations across the world to accept this declaration of independence. This is what American revolutionizes did before 1776.

Once independence is declared Indian and Pakistani troops become “occupation” troops. Most of the world may not recognize this declaration. all it will take is one or two nations to accept it. New Delhi will automatically rebuke this declaration and by doing so India makes the declaration a world issue. Once the declaration is made India, Pakistan, China will be forced to deal with it and so will the UN and the Security Council.

The Republic of Kashmir will have a legal reason to raise funds and arm an army to defend the nation state of Kashmir. She will have legal right to ask for foreign assistance to fight for Kashmir the “nation”

Today most likely China has far more to gain by aiding Kashmir Nationalists since that will protect China’s CPEC which goes across Kashmir. Both Russia and China have far more to gain with Kashmir being independent. Even Pakistan who will be reticent at first will see an advantage of an independent Republic of Kashmir, for it will finally put to rest a 70 year old conflict which drains Pakistan’s resources.

As for India she will need to recognize that both Hindu and Muslim Kashmiri are ethnically the same. both have a right to live in that nation. and Kashmiri the language will have representation in the UN.

The Republic of Kashmir

At 86 thousand square miles the Republic of Kashmir would be larger than Cambodia (69 thousand sq miles), Bangladesh (55 thousand sq miles), or Portugal (35 thousand square miles) and have a population of only 7 million. Kashmir would be larger than many Indian states. The Republic of Kashmir could join the Chinese SCO, Russia’s CSTO, and be far more integrated into China’s Belt and Roadway initiative. Kashmir will become a major contributing member of SAARC.

Being in such a central location and sharing borders with China, India, Pakistan including being close to Russia the Republic of Kashmir will attract world markets and be the “Switzerland” of Asia’s major nuclear powers. World leader would jostle to gain the support and goodwill of Kashmir with Srinagar playing host to their embassies.

The culture of the Republic of Kashmir is rooted in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam, and the British Empire. The potential for industry is massive. Kashmir already is becoming the “Holland” of Asia producing tulips and other flowers for export. The Kashmiri Movie industry will have its own identity. Tourism which remains almost dead will become a big money earner. Russia’s oil pipelines to China’s BRI would traverse Kashmir to enter South Asia.

The Republic of Kashmir will finally have control of her borders with her own immigration regulations requiring neighboring nations to enter with a passport and not enter as Occupiers.

David Parker

So what, Kashmir has been relatively peaceful for some time.
Who stirred up dissent and now dead people?
I guess the question is what are Israel and their proxy the US deep state doing under the cover of this latest violence?

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