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India And China Making Significant Progress In Easing Tensions On The Border

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India And China Making Significant Progress In Easing Tensions On The Border

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An Indian-Chinese rapprochement will weaken U.S. ambitions to contain China.

Written by Paul Antonopoulos, independent geopolitical analyst

India and China are close to reaching an agreement on the disarmament of troops in the Ladakh region. Following the 12th round of China-India border talks, it was agreed that dialogue on de-escalating the de facto Line of Control will continue. Discussions took place on July 30, lasting nine hours, but the final statement from the two sides was published days later on August 2.

The delay between the meeting and the final statement could indicate persistent disagreements over specific areas and methods of disarming troops along the Line of Control. However, it is recalled that the previous round of talks held on April 9 could not even lead to the two sides agreeing on a joint statement.

The root cause of the dispute is the 3,440km-long border, especially around Ladakh and Kashmir. For New Delhi, controlling this territory is about securing water sources and halting Pakistani-backed terrorists from destabilizing the region. For Beijing, controlling the region secures the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor, perhaps one of the most important projects of the Belt and Road Initiative as it links Pakistan’s Port of Gwadar with China’s western provinces.

Agreements for border talks between high-level military officials was made by the Foreign Ministers of China and India, Wang Yi and Subramaniyam Jaishankar respectively. The two ministers agreed on this on July 14 in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation ministerial meeting. On July 25, Indian and Chinese military and diplomatic officials held a regular meeting on the “Working Mechanism for Consultation & Coordination on India-China Border.”

Global Times believes this is a sign that the border issue is not just a military one, but a strategic one at the political and diplomatic level. Business Standard reported that this was also supported by India’s Deputy Foreign Minister for East Asia, Naveen Srivastava, during a meeting of senior military personnel on Saturday. At the same time, The Indian Express, citing unnamed sources, noted that the two sides had agreed to demarcate the Gogra area. This is one of the key patrols on the actual Line of Control. As for another region, Hot Springs, there is currently no consensus. Proposals are being made by the government and details of how to withdraw are being discussed. The source did not rule out possible movements in the coming days.

With India beginning to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic that especially ripped through the country in April and May, the government can finally take normal steps to resolve the situation with China. This will also be seemingly more straightforward since the wave of chauvinism and nationalism in Indian and Chinese media has subsided, suggesting that the two countries are indeed prepared to resolve the dispute.

Maintaining good relations with China is also important for the development of the Indian economy. The Modi government currently maintains a high approval rating – around 70 percent. It is likely that attempting to find peace with China will lead to attacks from the Indian opposition against the ruling government, with arguments that reconciliation with the East Asian country is betraying the memories of Indian martyrs who died fighting Chinese soldiers in the mountainous border region.

None-the-less, at Saturday’s meeting, the Chinese and Indian militaries agreed to quickly resolve outstanding issues on the Line of Control, maintaining the momentum of dialogue and negotiations.  Washington will be watching this development, hoping that a rapprochement between New Delhi and Beijing will not be achieved as it could undermine the QUAD (U.S., India, Japan and Australia) anti-China coalition that has been formed. QUAD was established to contain China in the Asia-Pacific region, particularly at sea. If the two Asian Giants were to resolve their issues, it would bring to question the purpose of India’s participation in such a formation, and thus weaken Washington’s capabilities to challenge China.

There is a long way to go for China and India to resolve their issues, but both understand they have a lot to gain from strong economic relations. Continued dialogue over the border dispute has reversed intense suspicion and turned it into mild optimism, but Washington will be watching these developments, and perhaps even try to undermine them.


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Good news, as both nations have far more to lose than gain by escalating military activity. They cannot play into the wests ambitions of divide and conquer.

Simon Ndiritu

That’s very true, they can benefit a lot by solving their disagreements amicably to avoid feeding the dying global vulture with more corpses

India is a certified SH!THOLE

China is the world’s largest strongest economy and in real terms has the best equipped modern PLA, while India is a third world cesspool with 1 billion making less than $2 a day and don’t have clean water or basic hygiene. China is also India’s largest trading partner, even a dumbass CIA stooge like Modi knows that PLA can be in Delhi in less than 48 hours. The Americunt and limey gits are treating an impoverished failed state India as their coolie cannon fodder, but India does not stand a change militarily or in any forum. Best is to cooperate with China and improve the deadbeat economy and appalling conditions of the Hindus.

Tommy Jensen

What India should realize is, if they dont do something now, China will eat India up for lunch. A weak India suppressed and impoverished by its weak attitude to China dictatorship will have no chance if they dont rely on US modern nuclear attack weapons.

A nuclear war scenario between free India and genocide China, based on US support and weapon sale to India, is unavoidable if India wants to maintain its freedom and democracy, and access to the free and civilised usury world.

Last edited 1 year ago by Tommy Jensen

As expected your sarcasm sailed over people’s heads as high as the new Chinese space station did.

China collapse agenda 2024

China is declining from with beacsuse of low population growth while your fav Islamic country Pakistan is getting hammered along afghan border.Enjoy the show, both China and Pakistan will be destroyed 😎.Meanwhile ETIM is going to go to xianxang pretty soon as they have captured afghan China border.Do you want me to show proof?😁

India is a certified SH!THOLE

What a dumb moron and still attention seeking.

Arch Bungle

Yeah, show proof, liar.

You can’t, because you exist to lie with every breath.

S Balu

Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist India is a failed state and Nice to see DHOTIWALLAS come to senses Here is definition of a failed state

Failed or dysfunctional states are defined by the collapse or absence of governance and control, both functions of leadership. A failed state is also equated with a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. A state can also fail if the government loses its legitimacy even if it is performing its functions properly.

China collapse agenda 2024

If prophet Muhammad came to Pakistan he will die seeing the condition of Pakistan lol


India is literally eating itself alive. Missed the mini war between Bhakt Jumla Party ruled Assam and Bhakt Jumla Party ruled Mizoram?

China collapse agenda 2024

That’s the only thing you can blabber, meanwhile 20 Muslim countries turned to dust and China collapsing due to low population growth


Yeah, well, keep dreaming. I hear gau mutra is a powerful hallucinogenic.

Russian collapse agenda 2024

I hear Muhammad loved camel pee

Arch Bungle

I hear you’re a faecophilliac.


The Modi regime in 2020 used the (contrived) border confrontation with China to distract attention from the domestic situation (economic crash post covid lockdown etc). The Modi regime in 2021 signally failed to make the slightest headway in making border confrontation with China significant news even in the Modi regime controlled tame media. As such, and with the regime really worried about the Taliban gains in Afghanistan, it can’t afford to carry on this farce. Hence the de escalation, which may or may not last.

S Balu

Dhotiwalla skinny world clown, Modi you are not offering peaceful solution to Chinese rather you are poking China as you have been doing since interning that tomb of poking, sinners and terrorism.

Do you have civil liberties in your crimes, hate and discrimination infested regime? Silly person always talks stupid lies!

Wait for Chinese response. One golden dragon squeeze, you will be counting your false teeth on the floor and your eyes popping through your ears.

Russian collapse agenda 2024

Putin will die soon and then russia collapse😁🤣🤣

L du Plessis

Good news!! counter the US agression intensions through india towards China.

Raptar Driver

Shut up Zionist clown.

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