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MAY 2021

India Allowed US Officers To Study Nuclear Submarine Leased From Russia – Report

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India Allowed US Officers To Study Nuclear Submarine Leased From Russia - Report


Moscow suspects that Delhi allowed US Navy representatives on a Russian Shchuka-B nuclear powered submarine, which is used by the Indian Navy under the name of Chakra. This incident may complicate the lease of a second Russian nuclear powered submarine to India, and endangers further collaborative projects between Russia and India, Kommersant reported.

As reported by Strategypage.com, Russia suspected that India was violating the lease agreement and allowing American naval personnel to get a close look at the Russian sub. This is prohibited by the lease agreement, which included a clause that called for a Russian naval officer to be aboard the leased sub at all times to prevent such snooping and to provide technical assistance. Russian officials refused to comment, according to Kommersant.

Kommersant’s anonymous sources in Russian government agencies confirmed that the Indian side committed several “unfriendly acts towards Russian Federation”. The sources claim that after the US naval personnel visited the Vikramaditya (formerly Admiral Gorshkov) aircraft carrier, Russian officials wanted to protest. In this particular case the protests had little effect as the Vikramaditya is property of Indian Navy. But afterwards, the sources claim, the US delegation visited the Chakra submarine. Although theoretically the US Navy representatives wouldn’t learn anything about the inner workings of the sub without the necessary documentation, the delegation had well prepared technicians, who, according to one of the sources, “would have managed to gather some information”.

The Shchuka-B, also known by its NATO reporting name Akula, can submerge for 600 metres (~0,4 mile) and travel at 30 knots. This particular Schuka-B was leased by the Indian government in 2011 for 10 years, and renamed Chakra. The lease is estimated to have costed $650 million. Chakra is situated near Visakhapatnam, and is currently awaiting repairs due to an accident that damaged its sonar dome on October 4. The Indian Navy did not disclose the details of the accident.

These incidents may prove detrimental for the Russian-Indian military relations. In particular, the lease negotiations of a second Russian nuclear powered submarine may stall. India also demonstrated interest in the new Yasen-class submarine, with Russia ultimately deciding not to lease the new sub out of security considerations. These considerations may intensify in the near future, which is the last thing India wants right now, as Pakistan, India’s main geopolitical rival, ordered eight new submarines from China in late 2015.

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  1. Keep it Real says:

    Thats the last time they get anything from russia!

    1. Floyd Hazzard says:

      What difference does it make? You think Turkey or Saudi Arabia or Israel is anymore secure fit transfering technology?

    2. Harry Smith says:

      I think Indians should real worry not about this. The worse thing is that Russia has now moral right to be full involved to the “Silk Road” project which includes Pakistan. That is really bad for India.

      1. Keep it Real says:

        Silk road is good for everybody doing trade! Idia can use the road and infrastructure too! The just dont wont China be bigger than india in trade. China will allways be bigger in trade as you! But indians think buying weapons will help with the economy? Fools, instead f building infrastructure they buy weapons, china tried to make peace with india and pakistan, but india will not do that! And thats why you will fail! You allways choose war instead of peace, thats why you loose!

        1. Harry Smith says:

          I am Russian, not Indian. Too pity Indians betrayed Gandhi and elected UK slave leading them to the new form of western slavery. Indians traded their heroes for ghosts.

      2. 888mladen . says:

        After cleaning all these mess US NATO and Zionists created in the ME RU has gained good reputation among Arab countries and it will capitalize on it. As US has distanced itself from Pakistan as its former ally leaning more and more towards India Paks have started to look the other way getting closer to CH and RU via Shanghai Cooperation Organization. In short Modi and his party is a bunch of Hindu religious nuts. Since he was elected India has ceased to be secular state and that means a state of all Indian citizens irrespective of their religion and ethnicity.

  2. BL says:

    In case Russia hasn’t realized the Indian government is getting too disgustingly close to the terrorist global Zionist banking cartel and trying to integrate themselves within their Satanic global network.


    1. MikeH says:

      The Indians being open hostile to China’s one belt, one road should be enough to make the others wary.

    2. 888mladen . says:

      RU Indian strategic partnership has been in limbo for quiet awhile. Modi has delivered that last coup the grace. Unfortunately Indians in general tend to lie and can’t be trusted as partners. US captured few items of RU military hardware during the Cold War like MIG 25 but they have never been able or willing to make anything out of it. It has been used mainly to create media hype.

    3. 888mladen . says:

      Two witch doctors meet together.

  3. swirlydragon says:

    Well as a Indian, I am not at all shocked after reading this article.
    Btw SouthFront, you’ve written “Deli” instead of “Delhi” in your above article.

    1. southfront says:

      Thank you for the feedback. The article is updated.

    2. Tudor Miron says:

      May I ask you to elaborate, please? My own point of view is that India never restored full sovereignty since being colonized by UK.

      1. alejoeisabel says:

        I fully agree with your assessment about being fully decolonized from England. It is similar to Brazil which has not fully been decolonized after two hundred years of independence from Portugal. True decolonization comes after a revolution as occurred in Russia, China, Vietnam and Cuba. A colonial power will only leave after it has secured its collaborators and vassals as replacements.

      2. Abhishek says:

        Hmmm, that reminds me, did the UK ever gain full freedom from Denmark, Norway and Rome ?

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Not from Rome anyway :)

        2. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

          You are right, the millions of invading Norwegians never left. Instead went into politicians and launched a milti-hundred year war and racially replacing the indigenous peoples. Then after that, they continues pillaging and burning around the world and replacing others as well.
          Thank you for pointing out that many of the crimes that are often leveled at ethnic-English were not actually committed by ethnic English, but rather by the multi-racial society that is the UK-Empire.

      3. swirlydragon says:

        Yeah, you are probably right

    3. FlorianGeyer says:

      Was the author just confused with the bagel he had just purchased ?

    4. Solomon Krupacek says:


  4. Derapage says:

    I’m curious to know if these incidents may stall the development of Su-57 FGFA aka PAK-FA too being a joint venture created by Sukhoi and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.

    1. Artur Voronchuk ?? says:

      I think no. Russia and India are developing together only an export version of the Su-57.Even if Russia independently creates an export version of the Su-57, anyone can buy and study it.

    2. Tudor Miron says:

      No it would not. RuAF version is well on the way into service by 2018. Tests of 2nd gen engines are going well and on schedule. As far as I understand, India’s establishment is very non uniform… just as is the case in many other countries including Russia. Many are willing to enter that club of “special” global elite and complacent act as servants of that gang.

    3. Solomon Krupacek says:

      this project stopped russians long time ago. therefore is india pissed up.

  5. Rafik Chauhan says:

    india under BJP rule will only see india moving towards western mostly US and Israel. BJP thinkg US/Israel is the savior. And people of india slowly becoming slave of this US/Zionist like they were under british rule. BJP has to go out of power. people of india rise against this extremist nature of BJP

    1. as says:

      Nah it’s for a very long time India like to copy west culture. Brown people living in the actual west know full well how they were treated in reality.

      1. Emilia M. says:

        A lot better than brown people living in Russia!

  6. Floyd Hazzard says:

    Well, that’s what happen when you prostitute yourself to all sides. You secure no loyalty.
    Still it’s confusing why a BRICS country would sell off their secrets to their rivals.
    Guess they were trying to secure US favours or technology.

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      because brics does not exist. this is economical word, describing some countries, which do not form alliance. like sahel group, plynezia, etc.

    2. Joe says:

      Yes, there is return of favour. Recently reported US willing to allow India to have the EMAL system for India’s carriers which China is just installing it in their third carrier.

      This EMal system allow
      s planes to carry heavier loads and fly longer distance.

      India has no capability to make their own.

      Maybe this is a trade off.

      Fact is it will damage India’s future dealings with other countries if it is true.

  7. Aurelio Ferdinand says:

    This is indeed very unprofessional on the path of the Indian Navy, I am however very much in support of the continued relations/cooperation btw the two great nations; both parties must continue to value the ”Geo-Strategic” importance of their alliance.

    1. 888mladen . says:

      Well they have just demonstrated how much they value it.

  8. John says:

    Hard to tell what is really going on and who has the drop on who. Russia doesn’t usually leave loose ends so, I doubt it would do anything to harm them. The fact that they were caught doing it tells me more.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      the source is rather suspect. Not to mention that the article in question does make assumptions that are literally amateurish.

      It’s just that the zio-lackeys need to put discord among friendly nations that oppose them, and about one article every 5 or 6 even on SF will reflect that.

      1. John says:

        Hello Whitehot. Yeah it is a murky area. But, something is trending now. I have been waiting for US counter moves to Russia to pop up. I don’t think they matter in the end. The US is too far gone at this point. The country is divided for the medium to distant future and nothing can be projected successful if the back field is in disarray. I wish well to you.

        1. John Whitehot says:

          btw, when i talked to the assumptions made, i referred to the source article, not the sf one.

          I agree with you on the US condition at this time, but we shouldn’t assume too much. Well-wishes to you too.

      2. Stealth Fighter says:

        Yes this article is a total Bull-sh**t.. first of all there is no proof or even any Official declaration..
        second at present also India and Russia is continuing with our dealings without any hindrance.
        in short it states that ” Strategypage.com,” said so.. without checking the credibility of the source

    2. Rob says:

      Israel, KSA and India should never be trusted in.

      1. Solomon Krupacek says:

        also iran, turkey, china, and 170 others

      2. Mussie Aron says:


      3. John says:

        Hello Rob. I don’t know much about India. I haven’t followed them. The KSA and Israel are practically in the rubber room at this point. They are capable of almost any stupidity, in an act of desperation.

        1. Rob says:

          India are more desperate than Israel and KSA because they want to fight against China but they cannot do. There second problem is their air force. Their all fighter jets are old version. India requested to many countries but nobody trust them.

          1. Solomon Krupacek says:

            china is the agressor, not india

          2. Joe says:

            How , when .Building a road means aggressor?

          3. Solomon Krupacek says:

            they do not on own territories. similarly, the building of island in internetional water and after that close as national territory is agression. so, china united all countries, also the former enemy, vietnam is enjoying americas alliance. ruskies again went away al big losers. i tell you,m this is already art, if they lose such country like vietnam.

          4. Joe says:

            That is your opinion that China does not own the Islands. Go study history . As for the Islands, that is not aggression . China is talking with all parties and even Vietnam is coming on board.

            Your definition of aggression is lame.

          5. Solomon Krupacek says:

            IF israel has no right according to history, then also china does not have right. italians could take lot of soil according to historical right. probably also your country could be eliminated by historical right of another.
            look, the inetrnational law does not know historical right. china was accepted within actual borders. dot. discussion is over.

          6. 888mladen . says:

            The only Zio right is US might.

          7. Solomon Krupacek says:

            no! ussr was also patron of israel. gave lot of weapons against arabs.

          8. 888mladen . says:

            Calm down mate.

          9. Solomon Krupacek says:

            you should finish the grammar school, boy.

          10. Brother Ma says:

            So russia had every right to be in czechoslovakia then.afterall historical rights mean nothing ,solomon?

          11. 888mladen . says:

            Well he destroyed his own argument trying to justify the existence of the illegal Zio state. F

          12. dutchnational says:

            Israel has declared independence based upon the UN vote granting independence to Israel, which it had the right to do as the territory was ruled by the Brits on a UN mandate (earlier by the League of the Nations)

          13. Joe says:

            Why talk about UN when Israel despise ? Oooooh only when it serves it’s pu it purposes


          14. Solomon Krupacek says:

            you have no logis. rassia has right to be on territories, where are russians.

          15. Brother Ma says:

            So israel has no right ro be in palestine then because there were no jews there untill early 1900s right?

          16. Solomon Krupacek says:


          17. Stealth Fighter says:

            Tell that to the Chinks..

          18. Brother Ma says:

            What do you mean?

          19. Stealth Fighter says:

            You said “afterall historical rights mean nothing “..
            China is the only one who cling on to historical rights and maps and keep attacking and pocking other countries…

          20. Brother Ma says:

            Ok.i get it now.

          21. Joe says:

            I am not talking about 1000 years history. Just at recent pre war period is good enough where even US supported China’s claims . US turned around after the defeat of the kuomingtang party and became communist state and became an enemy.

            Rest you check it out

          22. Stealth Fighter says:

            Then How do you explain using military to capture Tibet claiming the 100 yer history..?
            Burning the monks alive are clearly not an aggression wright..!!
            Using tanks to suppress un-armed people doing peaceful protests not even close to be called aggression…

          23. Joe says:

            Go and study Tibetian history with China.

            All along Tibet has been with China until one Lama decided to declare independence during China’s bad years and civil war.

            So that was how you nuts thought Tibet was independent and China tool over.

            Go study history …. Tibet had been part of China all the while.
            It is a good thing too.

            Being part of China today is about the best any country would want especially just look how Tibet has been modernised with roads, rails and bridges that are better than India or even USA .

            China ” no one is left behind ” see people given houses and taken out of poverty .

            You see such during Lamas time? Those who escaped to India were the upper class who exploited the poor and that is why they are so against China.

            Now Tibet can become modern again.

          24. Stealth Fighter says:

            ha Do you really think we are fools to fall for this.. All know why you created those roads and rails..
            If you where soo advanced peace loving country then why used Military against a non-combatant group..? Why Chinese military burned those monks alive during Tibet capture..?

            India on the other hand against the protesters in Kashmir even though there where accompanied by Pakistani terrorists with AK’s uses the paramilitary group that too armed with rubber bullet even as the last resort…
            And China uses tanks…

            Lama got power because China never treated Tibet till that day as a part of China..
            Even the lama told in Public many times that they can leave with China but First China has to recognize Tibet as a part of her and do developments in Tibet also..

          25. Joe says:

            Like posted. Tibet was part of China and only one llama decided to declare independence and join up with India.

            China acted and saved the pure Tibetians who lived worese than dogs in their land deprived of education and land.

            Now they can have better lives than Indians themselves.

            Ask the poor Tibetians class not those who escaped to India who lived like Lord’s.

            Obviously you know nuts about Tibet.

            Don’t talk bull about those who died. In wars and putting down rebellions all kinds of things happen as in Syria today where they can behead a child.

            That has nothing to do with China having back Tibet and I challenge you can India provide the infrastructure and development?
            Nuts it can

          26. Stealth Fighter says:

            You guys are confused with the old empire system and the present country system..
            Tibet was an empire and Chinese empire was the overlord of those Tibetan empire also but at the end of 7th century Tibetan empire showed the desire to grow and started expansion by capturing other small countries.. That caused internal issues which lead to the fall of Tibetan empire.. And China cannot directly establish rule in those area because of obvious reasons like communist rule cannot be able to survive with a religious status. That is why from the fall if Tibetan empire till date Tibet is an autonomous rule of China..
            Do you know all the constructions where done by Chinese personals with out any sharing of detail s or info among the locals which created tension among the locals..!!
            China had to fists destroy their culture and relegion

          27. Joe says:

            Just keep it to the facts. Tibet was returned to China after just one llama decided to go independent during time of weak China civil war.

            ….. and Tibetians are living better lives now as China provides better education and standards of living far better than even they ruled themselves.

            Tell me can Tibetians ever dream of the roads, bridges, and development they are having as part of China and considered as Chinese?

            They are given better priviledges than the Han Chinese one child … they can have more. Learn Tibetians and Chinese…

            Get free housing in case of elevation of poverty , jobs etc

            You call those cages? You are out of my league to argue.

          28. Stealth Fighter says:

            “Tibetians are living better lives now as China provides better education and standards of living far better than even they ruled themselves.

            Tell me can Tibetans ever dream of the roads, bridges, and development they are having as part of China and considered as Chinese?”

            I think you got my point.. :)
            Tibet is not ruled by china,Instead an autonomous rule where there ,Which is followed buy the old empire rule..

            And For the construction of roads and bridges.. IF china wants to prove Tibet is a part of china they need to act some thing don’t they..!
            And they fount the need, after the Lama made the statement on that..
            Lama said in an event conducted in India that Tibet has no problem being a part of china if China is ready to accept her with her culture and tradition(Which she cannot do) and stop ignoring Tibet in the field of developmental activities..

            My question is, Do Tibet enjoy the position to be a part of China.. NO
            Do Tibet have the freedom to act of their own in the area of her development..NO
            Who governs Tibet..? A party secretory who has no relation with Tibet.. really..?
            who considers the Cultural and religious stand point of Tibet.. No one..?
            Oh Tibet is a part of China and they are not caged… :)

          29. Joe says:

            You obviously is talking nonsense .

            Tibet is part of China and enjoying the benefits of being part of China, the great nation in the world no country can challenge even today not to say about tomorrow.

            You still cannot refute me on these points bringing up irrelevant points.

            Can India bring the kind of development to Tibet what she is enjoying now plus giving free housing to those in poverty?

            Even US cannot do it not to say your backward country

            Ha you make me laugh trying to compare China …gosh no contest

          30. Stealth Fighter says:

            Why did you put India into it..??
            Oh you don’t have anything to say so the famous deviate from subject play…
            Ya you live on your chinky land..
            I love my country too..
            If you wanna compare then compare the diversity in India.. Freedom and honesty..
            Compare the culture which enables her to do the wright thing in any adverse situations…
            Just money doesn’t make a country great…if you did not understand then its OK by me because you will get it when you grow up…:)

          31. Joe says:

            Well just asking because they do poop in the open.

            Who doesn’t love their country.
            It is just that you try to insult a race for the act of one.

            It is similar to say you guys love to kill people just because about every wars have your country’s hand in it.
            Or just because one guy love yo rape, all are the same.

            You even use bold letters too.

            Very immature

          32. Stealth Fighter says:

            I was expecting these dirty talks.. Well what could we expect from some one who cannot answer the questions directly..

            Well many do poop in the open but the count is decreasing day by day and one day it will get 0..
            And you started It not me.. You are the one who tried to insult My country on a site no Indians visit..
            India did fight many wars and except one(you know the back stabbing scenario) we won all if it..
            and FYI none of those war where started by India..

            Rape is something which is happening all over the country.. In India its one of the dirtiest crime so it will get more publicity and Our Police have captured and punished above 80% of the culprits and all of the culprits which got international publicity..
            Where as in many counties China and even USA the victim don’t even bother to report it to police because the scenario in which the criminal is caught is bellow 40%…

            My keyboard has key’s called “Caps Lock” and “Shift”.. When i press these keys I get cap’s(I think that is what you intended as ‘Bold’).. If typing caps is a crime then why is there a key for the purpose…??

          33. Joe says:

            Well your answers are more of your opinion rather than the Tibetians who are having better living standards than they otherwise would have.

            Enough said

          34. Stealth Fighter says:

            I hope so they have no other options wright…
            I hope they adjust with the Chinese because otherwise they may setup many temporary human organ harvesting facilities in Tibet also.. Like they did during Falun Gong protest time…
            Do you know these things are much disgusting than pooping in the open(not because they don’t have toilets but they are free to do so)!!

            Well if we intend to throw shot at each other then we both have our positive and negative. And I have no interest in that also..
            We obviously may have a bit more negative than china I am not arguing with that because people in India have un limited freedom.. And bing the largest democratic country in the world there is nothing we can be compared with..

          35. Stealth Fighter says:

            Its china who is coming on board go study current affairs first..!
            Vietnam is not going to loose any of their land..
            And China where trying to build road on Bhutan land not even Indian.

          36. Joe says:

            Steach Fighter.
            As for road supposed on Bhutan land .. it is disputed . So no need to claim it is Bhutan’s.

            Even here you notice that China’s prudence shows where Indians were so rash ever ready like “jobn Wayne ” to fight.

            Fact is China does not think building a road is worth destroying India over it as working together is better than going to war over a small road.

          37. Stealth Fighter says:

            I answered to the same query before..

          38. Borkil Borkilovitch says:

            China has been invaded and colonized during 100 years, their people intixicated with opium the western powers forced them to buy, back in the days their military was weak and couldn’t fight against the west, now they just want this thing cannot happen again, China tried to build a trade based relationship with India and other partners but India seems to refuse it, I think India and China could be great strategic partners, but India is so dumb they prefer to be ally with declining powers, just like if the politicians there have no political insight, Mohdi is fucking dumb and crazy, Indians should remove this parasite.

          39. dutchnational says:

            In fact history shows that while several countries had a large influence on China, warlordism was rampant in China all during the 19th century and first half of 20th century, there were no actual colonies other then Mandjukwo in the north (Japanese protectorate), Hong Kong was “leased” and Taiwan became Japanese in 1895 (not an official part of China but an inofficial colony of China) and Russia made sure Mongolia gained independence from China in 1908 or so.

            China and India are rivals and not partners. Soon India will have a larger population then China and its economy is growing faster.

          40. Borkil Borkilovitch says:

            “Several countries had large influence on China” no shit bro, the europeans and US fleets attacked the Chinese in order to steal their resources, they forced them to buy and consume opium, when the emperor tried to stop this they attacked him and seized Hong Kong, Shangai, Macao, and other cities as well as Taïwan. India and China are rivals because India decided to be the rival of China. In fact Xi Jingping want to be partner with India in order to develop the new Silk Road, but it seems like India choose war instead. India ‘s economy might grow faster”, but they’re so late compared to China that I hardly see them catch them up, especially since China invest massively on automation and new techs, that mean the aging population will have less impact on GDP and productivity in the future. Also in India the government doesn’t seems to care about the poorest class, while China is trying to use it’s growing economy to drag millions of people out of poverty. It’s far from perfection but clearly not bad at all, China have been here from thousands of years and they will continue to grow in the future.

          41. Solomon Krupacek says:

            each free country has right to choose, with which countries will trade. also india.

          42. Bob says:

            China has ability to project regional power like it or not – and frankly, is the building of islands in South China Sea for this purpose any worse than the US acquisition of extremely distant islands for their international bases like Diego Garcia – former British possession handed over to the US military, who subsequently forcibly depopulated the island’s indigenous inhabitants, for a naval base to exert US power smack in middle of the Indian Ocean.

          43. Solomon Krupacek says:

            IF you are against usa or IL for their building of their power using others territotry, than you must be also agin such china. i am against all countries, which makes such politics.

            fyi: china today tajes international territory, tomorrow will take far east from russia, will you applause?

          44. Sinbad2 says:

            The islands China is building, is to defend itself against US aggression.

          45. Stealth Fighter says:

            What do you call building road on other’s land..?

          46. Stealth Fighter says:

            Building a road is not an aggression, But building a road in other’s land without their permission IS an Aggression..

          47. Joe says:

            Who told you it is other people’s road?

            The road is still under dispute and IT IS NOT OTHER’S OR EVEN BHUTAN’S. That is the situation.

            But China decided to agree to stop the road as it is not worth destroying India over it as China needs India to not to be enemies. Both then agreed to cool down.

            China prove once again here .. they are pragmatic and logical unlike hard headed US and Indians who want to get destroyed over a road that does not even belong to her.

          48. Stealth Fighter says:

            We know the Pragmatic behavior of China which she showed in 1962.. and china learned what we will gave then back in 65.. China stopped the work because they where forced to..

            You DID accepted its a disputed territory.. So you proved who is the aggressor.. Thank you..
            I did not expected this was so simple.. :)

          49. Sinbad2 says:

            That’s just silly, nobody wants India.

          50. Emilia M. says:

            India is certainly unhappy on the fighter jet front: they’ve realized that Russia’s efforts to finally develop a 5th generation fighter, even with all the delays, are failing miserably. Look for India to drop out of the project and buy western planes instead.

          51. Rob says:

            If Russia show their sensitive technology to Israel, India and KSA it means that that technology they show to the America. Russia should be smart.

          52. SG says:

            You’ve clearly been reading far too much Western MSM. India will certainly acquire more Su-57s than F-35s (if they ever buy any from Lockheed at all).

            Keep in mind that India has been infiltrated by Western espionage agencies beyond the extent of the KGB’s influence that existed there prior to Gorbachev’s peristroka. India is clearly quite corrupt, although it isn’t as bad as it used to be. I wouldn’t imagine the CIA or any other foreign government agency, business, or NGO finding much difficulty in bribing key officials here and there.

            Why India is more likely to purchase 5th gen aircraft from Russia than USA:

            1. Russian weapons are more cost effective compared to NATO products and services.

            2. Su-57 faces far fewer reliability problems compared to the F-22 & F-35, especially the latter.

            3. Su-57’s technical specifications and characteristics are overall superior compared to the competition.

            This doesn’t take into consideration Mikoyan’s plans to introduce a 5th gen MiG, nor does it take into account the development of the MiG-41 and Sukhoi’s plans for its 6th gen hypersonic jet aerocraft.

          53. Sinbad2 says:

            Just as India will betray Russia, for the right price, it would also betray America, for the right price, the US would never sell F35’s to India, even if India wanted them, which it doesn’t.
            F22’s are no longer built, a great plane, when not in maintenance, they need 43 hours of maintenance for every flying hour.

          54. Sinbad2 says:

            What western planes?
            The only western plane that actually functions as advertised is the French Rafale.
            The west is in a rapid technological decline. The only area where the west is still state of the art is software, which is why all advances are software based.

          55. Ryan Gregg says:

            I am reading the misinformation you’re posting that the west technology is on decline let me educate you a bit no technology is on the decline as the media posts proper gander so technology wouldn’t get leaked look at the American F-16 falcons now the F-16 viper the F-15 eagle now the F-15 hawk F-22 raptors or the F-35 lightening 2 they’re what you called super computers which is very hitech Russian technology is cheaper because they use analog system which is cheaper to maintain unlike the computerise systems which software systems has to be check after every flight which is very expensive.Look at the Iran/Iraq war the Iranians was winning the airwar because they have the american F14’s tomcats F-4 phantoms the F-111 awrak F-5 against the Russian migs which all was almost lost..do your research plz

          56. Sinbad2 says:

            F16 1974 F15 1972, over 40 years old, but of course they now have an iPod fitted, with GPS, which makes them much faster?
            In the 20 years between WWI and WWII, planes went from bi and tri planes, to the Spitfire, and the Zero, but the US is still using 40 year old planes as its front line fighters.
            The F22 is the best modern plane the US has built, and has excellent performance, pity it needs 40 hours of maintenance, for every flying hour.
            The F35 has lower performance than an F16, but that’s OK, because they come equipped with a targeting helmet, something South Africa had in the 1970’s.

            As for your idea that digital is superior to analog, well that just shows how uninformed you are.
            As an example, if you are over 40, you might remember TV’s, that started working, the instant you turned them on(analog), todays TV’s take a while to boot, because they are digital.
            So will an F35 computer re boot before the plane crashes to earth?

            You are a typical American, you have been fed on a diet of Americas technological and moral superiority your whole life, but it’s all lies.

          57. Stealth Fighter says:

            The offer where there even to join F-35 project but India rejected that aiming for a Indo-Russian collaborated 5 Gen fighter.. and development of a 5 gen fighter has many hurdles(both economic and technical) that everybody knows but some day we will get there… and that day is not that far..

          58. Brother Ma says:

            Can you give details? I know of no powers who turn down arms sales.

          59. dutchnational says:

            Hardly anybody turns down arms sales. US and Russia both usually develope export versions with reduced capabilities.

          60. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

            I support you Mr.Rob it is obvious and true.

          61. dutchnational says:

            It seems Israel trusts India enough to have joint missile development programs.

            Maybe they can also start fighter development programs as Israel still has the development facilities they used to build the Kfir fighter. Development from scratch will take over a decade though so will not be a short time alternative.

          62. Sinbad2 says:

            The Kfir is built on a 1970’s Dassault Mirage airframe.
            Being able to assemble a flat pack book case, does not make you a cabinet maker.

          63. Stealth Fighter says:

            Who is feading all these blunders to you..?
            India have no plan to attack China but we do expect an attack from China and we are well prepared to defend our territories.. and there is no despiration on that part… The truth is that the chinese officials(not the keyboard wariors ) will think twise or even thrise on attacking india because they know who had the upperhand in those areas..

            On fighter’s.. We have the requiremet for Single engine fighter’s only.. and we havint even made a decision yet because there are a lot of options like LM,SAAB competing each other to bag the tender.. Also there is a Tejas factor which leads the list..
            I donot understand where is the despiration thet you are talking about..!! I can only see the despiration on military officials are the slow rate of decision making by our political member’s..
            If you don’t know anything about the situation of India then Please do a n analysis OR shut it..

      4. Emilia M. says:

        The US officers recommended to India, that they should move the sub to a more appropriate location: a museum!

        1. SHA says:

          Dear emilia m.

          What do you try to say ?
          That russian subs are old trash?

          Few weeks ago a 70s S200 damaged a F35 stealth Fighter

          Im sure those subs can level new york with a Single missile

          1. Emilia M. says:

            Fake news. No F-35 was touched.

          2. Ricky Miller says:

            Yeah, it was damaged in a “bird strike.” Lol

          3. Joe says:

            Who told you …. ?

      5. Stealth Fighter says:

        Don’t say baseless blunder’s, India where dealing business with Russia (from the time of USSR) and many other countries for decades.. And there where not even a single incident of trust braking between us..
        Where as china got caught and punished and had to pay money to Russia many times doing naughty things to Russian equipment’s..
        China stabbed Russia in the back and get on with a swift skirmish even in the Prussian land.. Just like they back stabbed India..

        China the best trustworthy country available in the world.. Hilarious…

        1. Rob says:

          Your information is disinformation.

          1. Stealth Fighter says:

            Don’t just say it, Prove it..
            To prove my point just ask yourself why China bought su-35 as emergency procurement..

    3. Sinbad2 says:

      It’s Modi, he’s a fascist, the US is fascist, Israel is fascist, and KSA is fascist.
      Birds of a feather flock together.

      1. Stealth Fighter says:

        What about Xi Jinping..?
        The only country now threatening the world in Xi Jinping and his clowns(Pakistan and N-Korea)..

  9. Ricky Miller says:

    Although this clearly shows bad faith and double dealing on the part of India this breach is of limited value to the United States. Russian Federation Submarine technology and designs have changed much since these Soviet era designs. But clearly the Yasen and Borei subs, as critical as they are for Russia’s strategic security and to counter “prompt global strike,” should both not be sold nor exposed to outside actors.

    1. Joe says:

      Technology do change but most essential parts are mostly the same.

      One does not make every part of the submarine the same

  10. Turbofan says:

    There is something treacherous about Indians..Priti Patel..Nikki Haley..You cannot trust them…Legalized institutional racism called a caste system exist there too..

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      Caste system is something rediculous… That’s very much in tune with antihuman talmudic teachings i.e. separation of humans (master/servants)

    2. Solomon Krupacek says:

      check the story about su pak. then talk about who is traitor.

  11. Sinbad2 says:

    Indians are the Jews of Asia, they can always be bought.

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      until 1 min ago i was thinking, the jews BUY everybody.

      1. 888mladen . says:

        Money does and it has ever been like that irrespective of ethnicity.

    2. dutchnational says:

      This is not nice of you. Jews have lived for two millenia in (parts of) India and several peoples within India have been heavily influenced by jewish customs and beliefs over those two millennia.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        Exactly, the 2 cultures are symbiotic.

  12. SFC Steven M Barry USA RET says:

    It astonishes me that the Russian government actually thinks they can trust the Indians about anything.

    1. John Whitehot says:

      no, really?

    2. 888mladen . says:

      Perhaps they just pretend to.

    3. goingbrokes says:

      Not sure if trust comes into it. The Indians are breaking the terms of the lease if they did what is claimed. But historically the Soviet Russia and India had excellent relations, so this behaviour can be seen as a stab in the back.
      It is worth noting that Google probably got Modi in power in India, and that would then be into the zio camp, and that would be against Russia. (See Dr. Epstein’s study into how Google’s search suggestions effect voting patterns. Apparently the most powerful mass-mind-control tool in the history of mankind!)

  13. Bente Petersen says:

    I am not impressed by India under Modi’s rule… His politics suck…

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      he is good politicians. does, what is the best for his country.

      1. Bente Petersen says:

        I disagree with you on that one.

        1. Solomon Krupacek says:

          russia will not help them against chinese ambitions.

  14. Ryan Gregg says:

    Alot jokey technology and the submarine can’t even protect its Indian sailors.America has the most silent sofisticated submarines on the planet .

    1. Solomon Krupacek says:

      no, the brits and hollands.

    2. 888mladen . says:

      It hard to tell neither has been battle tested.

  15. Solomon Krupacek says:

    again, dreamers, there is no BRICS gaainst west. in so called brics (terminus technoicus of some economists) there are only countries with opposite interests. moreover, china and india are close to war, india was betrayed by russianas in case SU PAK. og course, they hit back. if russians stole their maoney, they will get back from americans for russian secrets. ;)

    1. electron says:

      You spew so much nonsense. There is a huge difference between what you feel and what`s real.

  16. Joe says:

    So many y accuse China of stealing military secrets, so what is US doing now?

    India is not trust worthy. Maybe this is in exchange for the EMALs US willing to provide Indian carriers.
    In global politics few countries can be 100% honest

    1. John Mason says:

      US wouldn’t have most of their technology if it wasn’t for stealing it one way or the other and it starts from Nazi scientists to Mig25 that defected, now this and the list goes on. US hasn’t the the brains to develop their own. A university student would be accused of plagarism.

      1. Solomon Krupacek says:

        when checked mig-25, the laughed only. the fera from russian plane was immediately away.

        1. Joe says:

          Fact remains US did try to steal especially the Russian radar.
          After that incident Russia had to change it.

          So you guys copy others too

          1. Solomon Krupacek says:

            that plane was half rocket. no maneuverabilty, nothing. only speed. ad radar? dont let me laugh. during cold war in ALL soviet planes the weakist part was the electronics.

            i tell you, as former officer i remember, how decreased the respect of yanks to soviets block, after they dismounted that plane.

          2. Joe says:

            I do not dispute that Soviet electronics were not advanced but I do read that they have their own radars in the plane.

            Fact is did US stole the plane and learn whatever that plane had forcing the Soviets to redesign their future radars?

            ….in short you do steal military secrets too like everyone else

          3. Solomon Krupacek says:

            you are right, in that time everything was on cocon list, and socialist countries tried to develope own products. btw., in mig-25 the lectronic part consisted from vacuum tubes. simply on this level was that time the socialist industry. the positive thing was, that vacuum tubes are more resistant to elmag impulse. negative, that we wer never able to build ap advanced electronics. look also today russia is extremly week. china has own radios, tv, chips, processors, on own base built ap several, the largest megacomputers. russia is 30-40 yers behind west and china. 1 more generation and russia will decline definitely. if you compare with france, the french have good car industry, civil planes, choppers, electronics, own phones, etc. also civil and military ship industry is on higher level compared to russia. in russia due to lack of background industry with thousands of small, private factories the development slowed down.

            of course, there were some sparks in soviet, now russian military industry. but this was not enough. you know the result: the cold war ended by defeat os warsaw pact. for example the titan metallurgy was in ussr on the highest level. as the russians smuggled processors and electronics for their weaons, similarly was smuggled titan from ussr to usa. sr-71 was built from soviet titan. american comrades tried to produce, ut they got always low quality product. then made several fake firms in the whole world and bought soviet titan from another socialist countries.

            i know also concrete issues, when americans stole from ussr. but we were more active :)

      2. goingbrokes says:

        It’s not called kleptocracy for nothing.

  17. John Mason says:

    Difficult to comprehend Russia trusting India especially under Modi, that country is corrupt throughout and now Russia is negotiating with the US over Syria. This kind of BS makes one wonder what Russia is about. India, US and Pakistan understand one thing only and that is money, all three are subject to bribes.
    Russia should show proper authority by telling the US to get out of Syria which is what Syria is saying and confiscate the subs from India, stop any miltary type of work with them immediately.

  18. Ronald says:

    Kommersant , are they not the “pro western” Russian press . More Fear Flack .
    As if Russia would not realize this would happen .
    Leasing to an American ally , there is nothing to be seen that is not already known .

  19. Brother Ma says:

    I would not be surprised at all.india quails in its boots if uncle sam whispers in its sleep. However, russia surely knows ths could have happened. Why wont russia bug the sub to know exactly who is on it during such visits.

  20. Joe says:

    Will Russia sell them the S400 now .?

    If Russia does then the attractiveness of the S400 missiles drop tremendously

  21. The Farney Fontenoy says:

    Such foolishness from India is shocking but not unexpected, they tend to think purely in the short-term & make decisions on the spur of the moment. India badly needs friends & pi**ing off the few countries willing to help them could be disastrous, especially considering the mood China & Pakistan are in.

  22. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    Since the collapse of Soviet Union. India were used until now to study all USSR military equipment and artillery in the name of important strategic partner of USA.India is a useless Russian partners their dont stick to their guns.USA Aegis,patriot and all other systems were built from this Indian information. USA has Brahmos latest information as well from India.India and Saudi’s love $Dollar’s. Never trust Indians most corrupt big country.

  23. Langaniso Mhlobo says:

    Most people are ill informed by world leading icons of dominance and destructive countries USA and Britain.China,Russia,North Korea and Iran’s developing and expansion is labelled as aggression.Of caused this countries have means and expertise to take the development beyond their borders for the benefit of everything humanity in and outside their borders.Just as USA which became world economic powerhouse and ruined it and now resorting to war’s to recover out of their own failure. Expansion and development shouldn’t be seen as a threat or aggression as claimed by USA and Britain I’ll inform partners.Expansions a be Development should be welcome by everyone on this planet plus emerging developing countries.This will eradicate poverty ,illiteracy and human suffering.

  24. gustavo says:

    Indian behavior is becoming more stupid every time. Its alignment to Israel and USA is becoming clearer every time. Big mistake dear Indian people.

  25. ahamushozi kanungu says:

    ….seems like hear say

  26. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    I have already warned that as soon as Russian S-400 system lands in Turkey Israeli’s are already on the ground awaiting the arrival to know all Russian secrets for the upcoming Israeli attack on Russia that will happen within the next 15 years.
    People today say that will never happen, 13 years from now people will say ‘How did we not see this coming’

  27. Joe says:

    India just destroyed their trust in eyes of the world. Really stupid. Once creditability is gone , it is gone forever

  28. Revelation says:

    If there is anyone who will benefit the most out of this deceptive campaign then its the Chinese as they will have multiple objectives fulfilled. India won’t get second nuclear submarine, S400 and Russia will stop spares for weapons including tanks and fighter jets. Also they want secrets of Brahmos missile from the Russians. India must contain this damage with full vigour. The Chinese are planting stories against India

  29. Ryan Gregg says:

    Russia is claiming that their submarines is the most advance sub’s on the planet yet it couldn’t sail through shallow waters with out crashing but still could be detected by other nations submarines.If they knows that the Americans can’t get any information on the sub then what’s the noise about????????

  30. Ernst Lindenberg says:

    Those hyping air power as automatic magic wand are brainwashed by MSM. In reality 95-99% of aircraft shut down in modern warfare are caused by AA-missiles and other AA-weapons. Besides those aircraft are totally dependend on satellites. And when we come from sky to reality of warfare we are facing realities not much different to American War In Vietnam. Unlike official American bullshit history their grunts lost most of those combats. Search and destroy by been ambushed by NLF/NVA was testament that US has never been and will never be land warfare power. That’s why Pentagon is doomed to lost Eurasia. Face these facts and grow adult. And don’t fall in love with techno warfare hype.

  31. Stealth Fighter says:

    This ia a Bull-Sh** article India had always mantained a good relation with Russia..
    And The Chakra sub had always have an onboard Russian instructor because it was a sub on lease especially for training purpose..

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