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JULY 2020

‘Independent Decision Not Linked To US Withdrawal’: SDF Is Once Again Ready To Negotiate With Damascus


On October 8, the Turkish Armed Forces announced that they had carried out strikes on the Syrian-Iraqi border in order to prevent Kurdish groups from using the route to reinforce their positions in northeastern Syria. Ankara expects that units of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, which it recognizes as a terrorist group, could be re-deployed from northern Iraq to the Syrian-Turkish border.

Almost immediately after first Turkish strikes, the SDF leadership announced that it is ready to consider resuming talks with Damascus, and therefore Russia.

“If America vacates the area and especially the border area for certain we, as a self administration and as the SDF, will be forced to study all the available options,” an official in the Kurdish-controlled ‘administration of northeastern Syria’, Badran Jia Kurd told Reuters.

“At that time we may hold talks with Damascus or the Russian side to fill the void or block the Turkish attack, so this may develop and there could be meetings and contacts in case of a vacuum,” he said.

Earlier, the group sabotaged all Damascus attempts to settle the existing differences through political measures by demanding the Syrian government to de-facto recognize and fund a de-facto independent state with own military within Syria. Now, when the SDF’s key ally has once again appeared to be not ready to sacrifice its geo-strategic interests to create a Kurdish state in Syria, the SDF is once again seeking negotiations with the ‘bloody Assad regime.’

If the Turkish military really launches a military operation against the SDF in northeastern Syria, the negotiation position of the group’s leadership may soften even further.




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  • Garga

    Of course buddy! I’m sure it has nothing to do with Trump’s scheme, yessirrie!

    The problem is, it’s not your first time to “independently to the events” express your will to return to negotiations with Damascus. Maybe your memory is hazy and forgot what you did afterward but I’m sure Syrians and their allies clearly remember each and every time.

    And this time. Trump decided to pull back US forces in a very interesting time, when almost everybody in the US is talking about a certain foreign president and Trump’s demand of him. That’s a scary position to be in so like many times before, Trump creates a crisis to deviate attentions from what matters to him most into something he can easily reverse, again like many times before, after he successfully dodged the heat of impeachment.


    • RichardD

      He’s running for reelection and stopping the Jew forever wars was one of his primary campaign issues. You may be right about the timing and Clinton and Biden are corrupt. If Trump was that corrupt they would have found it by now. Whereas the Dems corruption is in your face and can’t be denied. The impeachment circus makes the Dems look very hypocritical. They started it as soon as Trump got in office trying to find evidence to fit the charges. They have the whole judicial process backwards and are making a mockery of it and themselves.

      • Garga

        Trump is in the Zionists’ pocket, has been and will be, period.

        And no, if they didn’t bring Trump’s corruption forward it doesn’t mean he’s clean. Dems and Reps co-exist and don’t bother with each other’s corruption, theft, bribes, crimes, whatever as long as it doesn’t hurt them directly. Trump did the unthinkable by targeting one the bigger Dems in a presidential race, so there’s consequences.

        By the way, thanks for laugh. Trump the champion fights for freedom of the world from the evil Jew clutches!

        • RichardD

          Trump’s stopping the Jew forever wars is half hearted and ineffective at best. I certainly wouldn’t put him in the freedom champion of the world catagory. It’s an election ploy that few will buy this time if it doesn’t materialize. And he’s running out of time.

          Biden’s and Clinton’s corruption is impossible to hide. Trump isn’t in the same category. And after 3 years of investigations with nothing to show for it you’re comparing apples with oranges.

          • Tommy Jensen

            Agree on that. Trump is his own and has some backbone and integrity compared to the openly corrupted in all ways Democrats.
            But Trumps administration track is not solely a beauty either with open bribe offers to a Captain of Iranian oil tankers.

          • RichardD

            There’s a difference between offering payoffs from government funds to advance American foreign policy interests. And accepting personal bribes selling out your country to foreign interests.

        • Omega

          For what it’s worth, I think that Trump (a Jacksonian) wants good for the USA but faces tremendous opposition from within the country (bankers, Pentagon, Deep State, et al.). He did want to remove US troops from Syria and Afghanistan but the Congress intervened. He wants to correct unfair free trade practices that have raped the US dry for decades in de-industrializing it but he is somehow portrayed negatively for it. I am guessing most Americans want cheap kitchen apparels, clothing, toys, etc but no industry and thus no jobs.

    • Fred Dozer

      Remember ! VP Mike Pence wanted, a no-fly zone in Syria, as it was imposed in Libya. VP Mike Pence is an evangelical, born-again Christian that Loves Murdering Humans and the UNBORN and WARS. Will never ever allow a woman’s legal choice for an abortion. Go Figure.

    • Vitex

      You’re usually so “on the money” that we can tolerate a rant or two :)

  • verner

    it’s assad or the highway for these easily manipulated goons, unless the deep state overrules trump on the issue as they’ve done before. trump is holding out for being the commander in chief with all prerogatives and that is something the ds/mic don’t like one bit. let’s hope trump wins the showdown against fatso and the dod and cia and so on.

  • hvaiallverden

    Since the start this scums have back stabbed Syria and its people, and now have the bloody nerves to drool something about cooperation, why on earth should Syria have anything to do with this scums, like the even more rotten Kurds, the ISISrael Minor, huh, abolutelly nothing, the only remedie is an neck shoot, nothing else, send them to UssA, because they are traitores, give them an offer they cant refuse, or wipe them out, they are cockroatchers, if you dont kill em all, they will come back.

    I have an link, to the ISISraeli foreign ministers spokesperson saying Kurdistan will be a “second ISISrael” where ISISrael can weeken Russia and Iran.

    The second thing is, the demographic lie about Kurds, they are not native, have stayed there for an while dont make them to have any claims what so ever other than what others have, this people they have either killed, sold as slaves, raped, robbed and cleansed, have more rights to the land than this and of course, the fertail soil, the oil and suddenly everything is theirs and wants to negotiate, yeah, no shame what so ever, but the worst thing is, that they are Khazars, Turko-Mongols as the Jews are, and that, is why ISISrael and the Imperial banana republic have suported them all the time, since the invasion started, EU of course whom isnt anything that their bitch have to pimped propaganda for the scums, aka the Kurds.

    They are traitores, nothing else then hanging is what they deserve, or get the f… out, since if you dont wipe them out, they will come back again, its in their Khazarian nature, nothing but the scums of this earth.
    Hang em all, show no mercy since no mercy have been shown from them, why deal with this, when they are natural born traitores and scums of this earth, anything than wipeing them out is an mistake.


  • JustPassingThrough

    Syrian Kurds Say ‘Partnership’ With Assad Or Russia Likely If Turkey Invades

    So this mental giant thinks that RU and/or SY are going to help him fight the Turks?
    Where you been boy?
    You’ve been screwed-blued-and tatooed by your murikan “allies”.
    Reality is a bitch.

  • AJ

    The Kurds made their bed with the US so let them face Turkey alone. They rejected proposals offered by the government thinking the US would always have their backs.

  • RichardD
  • RichardD

    The Turks are talking about taking over the entire Kurdish majority areas. Outside of which the non Kurdish majority is a lot less interested in being part of Kurdish Israelistan. The logistics of getting SAA and company help means that they have to travel through a lot of non Kurdish majority area to get to the Kurdish majority area to block a Turkish advance. Unlike Afrin and Aleppo where the SAA already controlled area adjacent to the Turkish advance.

    I don’t see the SAA helping out the Kurds this time unless they turn over everything that they’ve stolen. Including the oil fields. The wild card in the equation is US airstrikes on advancing SAA forces entering the NE to block a Turkish advance. The way to mitigate that is by upgrading SADF and SAF air defense systems and fighter aircraft to be able to engage the axis of terror planes violating Syrian airspace. To deter them from doing so.

  • Prince Teutonic

    At least Assad (Damascus) have better cards in his hand this time since the water is pouring down their throats…

  • The minutes the USA military withdraws from the border with Turkey,I will said its obvious the Kurds only option is is Russia and Syria. I mean it don’t take a genius to recognize that. if they choose to fight they will carried a good guerrilla warfare but it wont last for a long time and they will suffer and they people will hit very hard and there’s nothing the international community will do to stop it .

  • verner

    not to worry – putin has the thing well in hand and the turks are just gonna quench the kurds back to where they were before the morons started the war and in the process destroyed an entire country and laid waste to ordinary peoples lives and dreams and educations – unforgivable. and the turks are doing what assad would have to do sooner or later – herd the kurds back to where they were before the war and in that turkey and syria (and iraq and iran) have a common interest – defang the kurds since you can’t have 25 to 30 million kurds having unrealistic dreams for the future in the borderland of the aforesaid countries.

    so assad with russia will get to the northeast from the south and turkey from the north and the kurds better sue for peace at an early convenience. the unhinged states of A’s interest has been vague at best and not expected to last all that long which events have shown us to be the case. in a war like this interests come and go and for some time converge and a cooperation can be founded as long as the facts remain more or less the same but once the facts change the cooperation becomes of lesser value and parties seek new parties to furher ones interests. but putin is in control so it will end well,

  • Damien C

    I’ve always been sympathetic towards Kurds especially when they take on Turkish brutality, however they have behaved so badly and treacherous to the rest of Syria any sympathy I had for them evaporated.
    Their ghastly willingness to be US stooges in the region only confirmed my disappointment in the PKK

  • Johan

    Assadneeds the Sdf as much as the The Saa needs the Sdf and Assad hates erdogan as much as the Sdf. That way it could be a marriage. For the Turks it is becoming The next Mondial blame and mark of infame.

  • Muh Dik

    What did these retards expect from the US though? They were just pawns on the chess board. They should have reconciled with Assad as soon as they could.

  • EveryoneIsBiased

    To all those who prefer Turks in Syria over Assad allying with them:
    1. Assad considers the Kurds his citizens.

    2. Kurds for all their faults, always stood against Jihadism, and as the SAA have payed with the blood of 10000+ martyrs.
    3. Turkey wants to revive its Ottoman empire. Like Afrin, they will claim it is only temporary, but truth is different: Ethnic cleansing, building Jihadi protectorates and proxy for Erdogan
    4. As they say in the middle east: When the Turks occupy, you only get them out by force.

    5. Now that Erdogan is Trumps buddy (Trump now praises him, invited him, and revived their alliance), Russia has lost much power to pressure Turkey.
    6. That Kurds finally make a deal with Assad was Russias game plan all along, and the ONLY realistic option, so save Syrias integrity, or what is left of it.
    Your comments show on what side you are truly on. Surly it aint Syria.

  • Icarus Tanović

    What you gonna do now, you turkey? Chickens, you’ll get what you deserve.

  • jim crowland

    The great Kurdish fighter Abdi will have to cut a deal with GAssad, Russia and possibly Greece. Turkey must be reduce to its real size. Some 50 % of current area. Parts will go to Greece, Russia, Armenia and Syria. Perhaps Syria en Iraq must join together. A Kurdish nation must be created with the four Kurdish portions

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      You had lots baked beans again peeping jim stop gazing a round

  • cynic

    What a difference a day makes.

  • Boxman

    Let the Turks pummel them for awhile. The conditions for SAA to swoop in and save the Kurds should be nothing less than full integration back into the Syrian state. Period.

  • jim crowland

    Mazlum Abdiit seems that you will fall into GASsad arms, unless all Kurds unite and attack the turks which are very bad fighters

    • Lena Jones


  • Peter Jennings

    Once all SDF demands are ignored, the SDF will revert to type and will probably team up with their prisoners and what else remains of other terrorists groups in northern Syria. They are terrorists after all and they still have much in common with their more head choppy friends.
    The SDF spurned talks with Damascus because of america dangling another non-existent carrot, this time it was northern Syria. Last time it was northern Iraq.

    Whatever warm and fuzzy feelings the SDF now have towards Damascus is purely damage control. They would have easily watched Damascus burn and played dice for what was left.

  • Jaime

    I wouldn’t trust these Kurdish betrayers. If they want to save their miseranle skin, they should fight alongside the Syrians in exchange for nothing; that is, they should be grateful Assad lets them stay in Syria.

  • michaelj72a

    the Kurds must have just about the most short sighted and near stupidest political leadership in the world – the central Syrian government many times has offered reconciliation to these traitors and they’ve always set other conditions. or outright rejected the offers

    plus the Kurds apparently didn’t learn a damn thing with getting their asses kicked out of Afrin and that area by the Turks either….

    • PZIVJ

      Erdogan has not made a move yet, but I hope he does.
      At the same time I hope SDF is well supplied with ATGM and puts up one hell of a fight.
      How strange is that. :)

  • nick1111

    SDF is like a prostitute

  • Xoli Xoli

    Kurds must never be trusted. Either their surrenders or else go play their evil tactics with USA,Israel and NATO. Pretenders negotiations are total destruction of Syria.

  • Tommy Jensen

    Putin and Assad should stand ready and prepared, if the Kurds return with their generous offer and helping hand to the two war countries with economies in complete tatters.

    Both Putler and Asset will need all the help they can get, and may also get some of the oil dollares from E-Syria, which is the Kurds land now, like Putler stole Crimea in front of everybody noses!

    Kurdistan could easily fight Turkey alone with Israels and US/Nato back-up, but its better to be as many as possible to defend the historical rights of the democratic Kurds.

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      🦍Wake up you dreaming dream again. and where is urdistan?

      • Andrei

        Russia and Damascus will take over even if take 10 years..

        • Mustafa Mehmet

          yeah OK..

    • Jaime

      “Kurds land”? Like in Iraq? Look what happened to your beloved Kurds. The same will happen in Syria. Nobody likes treachery and back stabbing.

  • Xoli Xoli

    The Kurds and Erdogan don’t like each other because their are always in his oil careers. But then wont be war between them.It is only shelling USA SDF abandoning sites to make believe for Putin.
    To avoid hidden agenda clashes Putin must approve de-escalation zone for Erdogan. Currently detection and range coverage of S-400 are tested from Incirlick Turkish base.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Prior to Syrian war orchestrated byTurkey, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar,Jordan,Egypt, USA, France, Israel, Britain, Germany and Hariri there was no threat of Kurds towards Turkey. It is fabricated lies of Erdogan to have terrorists influence in Syria. Problem with Kurds and Erdogan is both are opportunistic war prostitutes.Can easily be rape by USANATO.

  • Andrei

    Unbelievable: I told before, never ever trust America, they are the scum of the world, . Now not only that they disintegrate their trust between SDF but now every country in the world is thinking if they are ally of America would they do the same to us.???
    Shame on you America
    Absolutely shameful to allow that Turkish Scum to play you between his balls

    • Mustafa Mehmet

      No 1 telling you to ally with America. if you can’t look after yourself then you be come bend scumbag idiot

  • Squeeth

    About effing time

  • John Smith

    The Kurds need new “leaders”. The current crop that got played for fools, betrayed their Kinsmen and fellow countrymen.


    Snowstorms in Hell, president Lucifer approves emergency funding for acquisition of snowplows.

  • Rodger

    Assad should focus on the south and get the Arabs out of the SDF.

    • Vitex

      I don’t think he’ll have any difficulty persuading them to leave. I have an idea the supposed SDF territory is about to shrink. Unfortunately it will bring with it incursions by bands of immortal ISIS

  • Andrei

    Erdogan is a Islamist same as ISIS, he should be eliminated.. no remorse… Scumbag

  • Saso Mange

    Kurds are too dumb. I feel bad for saying this but it’s truth, politically they are too naive.

    USA has screwed them on many occasions especially in Iraq and Syria so why do they still expect the USA & co. to help them? At the end they will have to withdraw from Raqqa – and from many other areas of Syria because Kurds were minority everywhere except in Afrin and area bordering Turkey.

    Picture for reference only :

  • gustavo

    La estupidéz de los kurdos no tiene límite. Desde el principio, todo fue un plan de USA para que NATO (Turkía) tomara poseción del norte de Siria.

  • Joe Dickson

    The Kurds need protection from someone, if the US won’t do it the Russians are the only ones who can.

  • Vitex

    I’m no geopolitical expert, but I doubt if Assad will spring to the defence of the kurds any time soon. Firstly, he doesn’t trust them. Secondly, he has few military resources and can’t squander them. Thirdly, if he’s lucky the Turks will do some of the heavy lifting for him. I think the SDF is about to shrink rapidly in size, because anyone who isn’t kurd is going to defect to the SAA or to the turks, depending on racial affiliation.

  • Vitex

    These boys need to change their language quick smart. Like offer to integrate fully into the SAA and act as loyal citizens or face destruction