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JULY 2020

Increasing Pressure On SouthFront


On January 31, we released a video with details on the ongoing technical and media pressure campaign against SouthFront.

The start of this campaign followed a series of SouthFront reports covering the crash of the US Air Force E-11A electronic surveillance aircraft in Afghanistan and addressing accounts of the supposed death of the top CIA officer involved in the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani.

On January 28, the Google search service started showing a new widget for people searching with the keyword “SouthFront”. Instead of SouthFront’s official logo, the widget showcases third party pictures.

However, the mysterious developments with Google search are only the tip of the iceberg. For years, SouthFront has experienced major problems with the monetization of our videos on YouTube. Long story short, most of the content cannot be monetized because it supposedly violates YouTube monetization policies. In other words, we say something, which the service does not like. Now, our website, southfront.org, has become a target of the same approach.

On January 28, Google AdSense ads on many southfront.org pages were restricted under the pretext that the pages contain “dangerous or derogatory content”.

incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization.

harasses, intimidates, or bullies an individual or group of individuals.

threatens or advocates for harm to oneself or others.

exploits others through extortion.

Ads on over 40 pages have been restricted. Mainly, these are pages with content on the situation in the Middle East, including Israel- and Iran-related questions. Pages covering the situation in Ukraine were also targeted. An interesting fact is that Google mostly targeted articles with a high number of views (over 10,000).

Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

The situation on January 31

None of the articles on the restricted pages include any kind of what Google describes as “dangerous or derogatory content”. Even pages only containing  maps and infographics were restricted. We appealed against all of the restrictions and in about 90% of cases restrictions were lifted. The interesting fact is that the system also restricted some pages that had contained no Google Ads.

The list of the pages which remain restricted is perhaps not surprising . It looks as if the key issue is that these pages do not follow the mainstream narrative regarding the covered events. Furthermore, new complaints have continued to appear on an almost daily basis.

Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

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There are two possible explanations. Either the ads restrictions are the result of actions by some SouthFront ill-wishers or the Google Team itself is forced to act within the guidelines of US government bodies in order to undermine media organizations and limit the audience’s ability to receive alternative points of view.

Regardless all the challenges, SouthFront, with your help, will continue to provide independent coverage of key military and diplomatic events around the world.



Account: southfront@list.ru

Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

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Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

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Increasing Pressure On SouthFront


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Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

Increasing Pressure On SouthFront Increasing Pressure On SouthFront Increasing Pressure On SouthFront Increasing Pressure On SouthFront Increasing Pressure On SouthFront


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Increasing Pressure On SouthFront

SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence Team



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  • LR captain

    well south front the answer is simple look at the comments section. that is where the new violations are coming from. Between the pro-western groups and anti-groups items posted there. clearly out right violates those terms.

    When complaints are made by ill-wishers they take pictures screenshots from the comments section that make articles on the site look much less of an new article and of an online discussion between radicals.with pictures and swearing racism everywhere.

    • Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

      Very true….Congrats bro!!!Great observation! I noted there are certain accounts that enter here just to be abusive and aggressive and those might be the same ones that take the screenshots…South Front is reporting things that the US regime and Western governments would never allow on the controlled mainstream media because it would make people have a different perspective…Veterans Today is banned on Facebook and Youtube for the same reasons. Articles that allow critical thinking on the masses are a danger to the AMERICAN/WESTERN ‘DEMOCRACY …
      Look at it from this angle: A SPY PLANE IS SHOT DOWN IN AFGHANISTAN…..Normally if you think of it..IT WAS A COMMAND CENTRE! 2 Pilots and a crew of about 8 to 10 that control the military machines on board.
      What did the Taliban pictures and report show….MANY DEAD ON BOARD WITH CHARRED BODIES ALL OVER THE PLANE.
      What did the Pentagon say….ONLY 2 DEAD! A plane which is a command centre only carries 2 on board? This critical thinking if put out to the public is dangerous to the elites.
      All websites that challenge what is reported in the mainstream media are being shut down one by one…From Facebook,Twitter,Youtube,ETC….IT’S JUST A MATTER OF TIME FOR ALL OF THEM TO BE BANNED IN GOOGLE!!!Just watch this space. THE TRUTH CAN NEVER BE ALLOWED IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN IF IT’S NOT CONTROLLED. You can’ report 80 Americans soldiers were killed in Iraq in the Iran attack.
      NOTE: We are only being shown satellite images and hearing stories from 1 base that was attacked…NOBODY HAS STORIES OR IMAGES FROM THE SECOND BASE THAT WAS ATTACKED! Coincidence? Something happened in the second base that will remain classified for years…Unless of course we have another American whistleblower :)

      • Liberal guy

        Everything u said is the truth only

    • Josiah Gaxx Isaboke

      Aaaaand!That is why you will have breaking news like now: ABOUT 10 US SOLDIERS KILLED IN AFGHANISTAN BY THE TALIBAN – 8/02/2020!!! They had to find a way to hoodwink the masses from the original number of deaths!!! Now wait on how they will orchestrate the Iraqi ones!!!! The masses won’t ask questions and won’t know how it is played

      • Selbstdenker

        That is the salami tactic for killed service men, used by Israel over years. They never admit that any of their pilots was shot down, or their planes were hit. some days later there are always accidents killing the pilots, and accidents like bird impacts rendering their precious F35 scrap…

    • don

      Can you point us to where google states it considers user comments when it decides to demonetize videos or deny ad sense revenue due to user comments? I’m sincerely interested in knowing if this is the case or is not the case. What proof do you have or are you just speculating.

      If you are correct and this is google policy to deny revenue based on user comments that is censorship of the public and an economic extortion – i.e punishing content creators for comments their readers leave.

      • LR captain

        i already use Duckduckgo
        it is stretch, but think of it in this matter.

        i’ll wisher states “this article promotes extremism in people”
        google “proof”
        i’ll wisher “send pictures of comments.”
        google “does some one moderate these comments”
        i’ll wisher “nope, no moderation. This clearly a safe heaven for extremist”
        google “while we can not prevent or shut the site out of our severs and search engines. we demonetize this articles as the lack of moderation allows the breeding of extremist language.”

        thus when south front reviews these claims with google then see that these people are acting on their own accord. The monetization is restored.

        plus when google receives enough reports it will demonetize and article.

        South front is very respectfull in their work and thus provide no “troll food” for the i’ll wishers. Th comments is only place where these i’ll can find something to report. with all the pictures that people post there and with a little photo shop magic they can make it look like an article.

    • roland

      Anyone throwing the term racist around is a moron in my opinion it seems you can’t tell the truth about a certain group of people without being called a racist which kind of implies you are the worst person in the world and shouldn’t have a voice at all when in reality everyone in this world should be asking questions about the ahem Jews what they’ve been doing in this world and what they’re about I mean if you haven’t worked out there is something really fishy about the state of isreal you must have lost your mind. that’s why southfront is being attacked it exposing things they don’t want to be exposed .

      • Jake321

        LOL…when tinfoil hat man says something is fishy generally it means he has yet another looney toon conspiracy theory to spout.

        • roland

          Your starting to piss me off you ignorant little fuckwit

          • LR captain

            you need the block him and ignore him as he is the person that proves my point a troll who is only here to wind up people so the i’ll users have something report.

          • Jake321

            Good to hear.

  • Pave Way IV
  • Pepe SV

    paypal dont stop support soutfront ? waw when yes last chance bitcoin

    • Real Anti-Racist Action

      We have the BAT system. (Basic Attention Token) through the Brave browser. https://brave.com/
      SF needs to sign on, as I have over $70 to transfer to SF whenever they get on Braves BAT system.

      • Kananda

        and what data collect from users?

  • Black Waters

    The U.S GESTAPO didn’t did this only with SF but with any sites that they don’t like, they’re like a corporate dictatorship.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Israeli cyber social engineers are working over time to coincide with Syria’s and Russia’s advance on Idlib, and to cover Israels attack on the civilian airplane flying from Iraq to Syria, so Israel needs to shut up SF quickly before the world is woken up to the real truths going on.

  • Jimmy Jim


  • d’Artagnan

    There is an insidious pattern by desperate western nations to shut down independent journalism and also stifle the internet. The Zionist agenda is to create a global thought police where no truth or dissent is palatable. It is a great credit to Southfront and other independent media to have stood up to this censorship assault and thrived.

  • cechas vodobenikov

    expected from the US police state oligarchy…the radical Russian poet, .Belinsky famously observed that “there was more freedom and justice in Tsarist Russia than amerika, where corporations rule and robbery and thievery is made official”

    • Liberal guy

      Because it all a babil (babylon) conglomerate which still rules large parts of the world in worldly terms

    • Liberal guy

      So true

  • ©igare☘☘e👽Sm⚽️k🚬ng🦉Man️🎲

    Isnt there an alternative to youtube ? One that is not a tool of the CIA ?

  • Ooga Booga

    I sent you 500 rubles, will try to give monthly.

  • John Rohan

    Google may be confusing Southfront with Stormfront, a VERY different website, that would belong in their “hate” category.