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Increasing Presence Of Radical Militants In Karabakh Boosts Chances Of Russian Intervention In Armenian-Azerbaijani War

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Increasing Presence Of Radical Militants In Karabakh Boosts Chances Of Russian Intervention In Armenian-Azerbaijani War

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More and more videos and photos showing the presence of radical militants in Nagorno-Karabakh region appear online. These are members of Turkish-backed militant groups deployed from Syria to support Azerbaijan in its war with Armenia.

Another showed Syrian militants wearing Azerbaijan army uniforms.

Videos were released, the alleged transportation of Turkish military cargo to Azerbaijan disguised as trucks through the territory of Georgia, accompanied by the Georgian police. On the 10th truck in the column is written Baytaktar.

So far, only photographs of those who have allegedly been killed on the frontline have been published, but no videos of them actually fighting.

Azerbaijan released a video of its forces targeting and destroying Armenian equipment.

Baku’s side also published a video showing how Armenian attacks were purportedly deterred during night time.

Finally, a video was published of an alleged Armenian provocation.

It should be reminded that Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) president Araik Harutyunyan took up arms and went to the front.

“I call on everyone to immediately stand up for our Motherland and take part in the holy war. The nation and homeland are under threat. That’s why I am now going to the front line with special forces to fight from my side, because I will be more valuable on the front line than in the rear”, said Harutyunyan.

On the frontline itself, Harutyunyan also addressed the present troops.

“We must understand that not only the future of Artsakh and Armenia, but also the future of the Armenian people depends on each of us. Rest assured, we will win,” he said.

The head of the Artsakh Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Archbishop Pargev Martirosyan, appealed to the people and called on all Armenians in the world to unite and stand up for the defense of Artsakh.

A video showed journalists trying to take cover when Azerbaijani artillery shelled Stepanakert for the third time on October 3rd alone.

“Azerbaijan uses long – range missiles to destroy civil infrastructure, which can cause an environmental disaster,” former press secretary of the Ministry of Defence of Armenia Artsrun Hovhannisyan said.

“There are fierce battles. The enemy suffered losses in manpower and equipment. The Azerbaijani Armed Forces are targeting rear localities, including Stepanakert,” the Artsakh Defense Army said.

It also added that the enemy continued to violate “all written and unwritten” laws of war.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense released a new video showing Azerbaijani positions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Artsakh called on the world community to recognize the independence of the Republic.

Azerbaijanis living in Iran gathered along the border and filmed the destruction of the Azerbaijani army. The video shows the depressed state of the audience.

Finally, it appears that the Azerbaijan army is attempting a large-scale attack, but the Armenian forces appear capable in repelling it.

“The Artsakh Defense Army managed to stop a large-scale enemy attack that started today. In one direction, our forces counterattacked. In other parts, there are heavy defensive battles, Defense Ministry spokesperson Shushan Stepanyan said.

As of October 3, there are no indications that the Armenian-Azerbaijani war may end anytime soon by reaching some kind of ceasefire. Instead, Azerbaijan with help from Turkey has been pushing towards a military victory over Armenia in the contested Nagorno-Karbakh region. At the same time, the Armenian unwillingness to recognize the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic or officially integrate the territory into its own state left no formal ground for its allies to provide it with a military support in this conflict. The Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) pact stays for the protection of Armenia in the event of an attack on its sovereign territory only.

However, the increasing presence of radical militants on the Nagorno-Karakbah frontline could become an important factor that will change this situation and became a formal ground for some third party (France, which is in a deep conflict with Turkey, or Russia) to intervene in the conflict on the side of Armenia. For example, the presence of terrorists near its borders is a red line for Russia, which it would not tolerate. In particular, one of the strategic goals of the Russian campaign in Syria is to prevent the future expansion of terrorists to the Caucasus, closer to Russian borders. It is surprising that the Turkish leadership does not understand or ignores this fact. Some sources say that the Erdogan government has just become used to the format of warfare with an intense usage of cheap jihadist manpower supported by special forces, artillery and combat drones.


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Very interesting editing process. Seems like 2 different authors in SF with 2 different opinions are writing. And each is supporting a different side. Just like one certain country with divided public opinion on this matter.


That’s why democracy is less boring.


Does not really matter. We take all news with a grain of salt (doubt).

Random Dude

Azerbaijan is using Syrians, Libyans, Pakistanis, Turks, Italian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, Zimbabwe child soldiers, Avengers, Darth Vader, Tom & Jerry, the snowman from Frozen. They can’t fight one on one. Cowards


They use gas and oil, that’s enough.


And with them you can buy everything.


No. They still get humans who want to go back to their homes in N-K and the surrounding area illegally occupied by Armenian forces. And the civilians who want to protect their home at the perimeters.

The brave Azeris want to get their land and home back. Sweet homes!


And my grandma is a truck.

Random Dude

Matercomment image


And drones!

They get $$ to pay the Syrian rats if the news is true.




Ok. So what Armenia counters with? Zombies, clones, paupers?

Random Dude

Only brave Armenian soldiers. Of course there are casualties, few were choked by Darth Vader, and some got stuck in SpiderMan’s nets.


The Armenians should overthrow their weak government and instead get people who actually care about Armenians in power, not this pro-western shill. Only THEN can they hope to defend their people against Turkish terrorist hordes.

Jens Holm

Why should armanians support the Russian collapse and even implement is. “West” is wrong too.

Its about finding and using systems, which dont collapse – again. You should wonder why Russains cant even produce one single kind of car being sold as best to the price.

This is not about west. It exact the same for the rest of the collapse Russia Neocolonialisme ti wst of Berlin. They want higher wellfare by being effective producers in effective infrastructures nased and paid by investments in education.

Russia still do that even they collapsed. And it was exact the same when the Tzars collapsed.

You cant compete with enough very good scientists in the top, where You have no well educated and paid middleclass to manege the many complicated needs for it.

Its exact the same for Arabistan. They have a small often well educated top and the rest is only fpr basic economics.

So that why they look somewhere else.

I am no expert in Russia. But for many years older and older men being innovative in the Stalins looked more and more back. I would say many people like Gorbatjof and Jeltzin should have replaced those seniles in mpst things.

You also didnt copy the Chinese. Even keeping people hard in control, thay actually are develloping thheir country well and could have started decades ago. It works for them and its because they educate a lot at least a little more as well as they are effective in their infrastructures.


Russia as 12% debt. Are you sure they are collapsing? Also, Putin has launched, in the last 4-5 years, a lot of development programs in every sector.

They cannot build cars, or more precisely didn’t want to build cars, because the atlanticists opted for massive imports from around the world. This is changing rapidly.

Putin’s limo is russian-made. No more german cars. Pharma sector is expanding. Even microelectronics is growing ( and it is something exceptionally difficult to do…watch at China, that after 50 years of western know-how imports, isn’t able to compete with the likes of Intel, TSMC and friends ).

Russia is launched on the development path. And they have the natural resources and the space to do it.

Антон С

“Russia as 12% debt. Are you sure they are collapsing?”

Russia is collapsing everyday more than for 1000 years before.) State debt is near 5% of GDP, 50-70 billion in dollars. Reserves – 600 billion (including 120 in gold). Large trade proficient. Grain trading gives almost the same amount of money with natural gas trading. See? This is all the marks of collapse.)



western idiots always thing they can destroy Russia…yet, they all end dead!!

heck, the Soviet Union was in a terrible state, and even then they managed to destroy over 75% of axis forces and reach Berlin

the Saker is right, the west is dying in its own arrogance and hubris ( as always )

Jens Holm

Number 1) of course is, that Russia sold nazis everything they neeed, sothey could attack western Europe and half of Poland. That export was done until Barbarossa. So a great deal of the Barbarossa also was not possible by Yourself. And Stalin and all the other Bolsjevics new Nazis was enemies.

Its true Sovjet destoyed maybee 75% of Nazitroops but that background for that was unlimited help for billions anbd billions in the lend and lease.

2) fx Wiki russian lend lease ww2
Totaling $11.3 billion, or $180 billion in today’s currency, the Lend-Lease Act of the United States supplied needed goods to the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945 in support of what Stalin described to Roosevelt as the “enormous and difficult fight against the common enemy — bloodthirsty Hitlerism.”

Everytime we see pictures of T34s they were followed by USA Bedfords and jeeps

Wiki also say: On the whole the following conclusion can be drawn: that without these Western shipments under Lend-Lease the Soviet Union not only would not have been able to win the Great Patriotic War, it would not have been able even to oppose the German invaders, since it could not itself produce sufficient quantities of arms and

3) It was west which destriyed the ´Nazi military complex mainly by bombers and also well known bombarded a lot of civilians. Russia until the last month npt even had heavy bombers

4) The Bolsjevics didnt participate in knocking Out Japan in the Pacifics. Not so many men died but USA had no transportation for that well as fuel and airplanes. It also had to build many more – mainly small – aircraft carriers.

Bolshevic land also was in warmode from 1930 and even sharper from 1938. USA hoped – as in WW1 – it was none of their busines.

In 1938 USA had 400.000 soldiers but more then half was the homeguard. Those alpst was toysoldiers and not equipped for war at all. They even took bus and trains if they should exercide. There was no transportation to Europe. Many weapons not or hardly existing such as tanks, andtirank guns and landmones. Other thigs were produced but as handmade.

So when You compare it makes no sense telling the Russian killed 75% of the German forces. You were neigbors and even had made a close border to them b dividing Europe. You had miilions of soldiers trained for warfare. USA had very few.

And You forget that 5 to 7 million russians and others actually was kiled by Staling by destriyung Your own defence.

The result for that of cource was You gave the Gerans as lot of weapons for free and in thos many bery much needed 75 mm canons and vehickles.

The Nazis also store millions and millions of light weapons, which Your soldiers run away for. Many of the late second class socalled SS trooops was armed with them agains You.

Jens Holm

I fully agree in Your very visble reflexions.

Jens Holm

Ha ha its a kind of joke. But when they fx declining pension and not much grow to replace the old stuff, they are declining.

Those 12% can explain something but often does not.

Its also often is an indicator for low activity. Al in a country sitting on chairs doing absolutly nothing can make no debt – cant it:)

So You have to relate debt to what You can effort to import/export and for fx making new jobs, which pays off.

I do agree Russia because of the low activity cant effort much debt and happy for Russia dont have it.

It was illustrated very well last year. When the oil export declines under 40 dollars pr barrel it became critical right away. The indenpensy and stability by that says Russia should export more products as well as produce more and much better for own producers.

I understand that very well. Denmark is an almost totally open economy. By that we export and import in large scale and so many invest here and make new production centers.

But we do have Our own kind of insurrence in it having many products for import and export. So if some are low in the world market some others very different from them often is high.

That high activity makes a fast moneyflow in and out, but it also says, that a big minus up to a much higher level is not as bas as in Russia.

Fx Your Phamasia:
https://www.madeinrussia.com/en/manufacturers/healthcare-industry/ and the danish says https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=ukB6X4W0MInMaJ3VmtgG&q=danish+pharmasya+exports&oq=danish+pharmasya+exports&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzIFCAAQzQI6CAgAELEDEIMBOgUIABCxAzoFCC4QsQM6AggAOggILhCxAxCDAToLCC4QsQMQgwEQkwI6AgguOgUILhCTAjoECAAQCjoFCCEQoAE6BAgAEA06BggAEA0QHjoICAAQCBANEB46CAgAEA0QBRAeOgcIIRAKEKABOgYIIRAKEBU6BAghEApQ0g5YzpkCYPKzAmgEcAB4AIABlwGIAbMekgEEOC4yN5gBAKABAaoBB2d3cy13aXqwAQA&sclient=psy-ab&ved=0ahUKEwiF-cjx8pvsAhUJJhoKHZ2qBmsQ4dUDCAc&uact=5

No offence. The Russian socalled growing Pharmasia export is 0,387 Billion and the danish one is 10,8 BILLION dollars.

I can only sea You only are informed by the russian Goverment about Yourself and dont know even simple facts for what Western Econoimies are and how it works.

And its strange You believe in that even many has internet and can do factschecking in “Hohn Way style”.

Neo Onh

Lada Vesta SW Cross


What a pile of Elephant shitcomment image

Антон С

This is very good that cows and elephants doesn’t fly.)

Jens Holm

We have heard Our Goverment can send muslims home even they have no reason to be here oart from common sence.

Our next try to Iran, Iráq, Syria, Eritrea, Yemen, Somalia and now soon probatly Azerbajdjan too will be to keep those muslims here of they instead take the criinal parts of Our pigs.

Some has wings and some will be parashutet comment image

Jens Holm

I didnt know selfies was allowed here:)

Putin Apologist

“Why should armanians [sic] support the Russian collapse….”

Sure in the 1990s, after the Soviet Union collapsed and it separated into 15 different countries Russia found itself without much of its population, economy, military and most importantly its confidence that she had once formerly possessed, the West became embolden and began to attack Russia, and Russia’s interests, one after another. The West broke its promise not the expand NATO, it bombed Serbia (Russia’s historical ally), covertly ran its “color revolutions” to topple governments in countries friendly towards Russia and even used military force to invade Iraq. Although, as an aside, the later didn’t work out as well as planned. Such anti-Russia activities by the West continue. But where these diabolical plans once went unchallenged by Russia today this is clearly no longer the case. See Georgia, Crimea, Ukraine and Syria.

Why? Because, after nearly 20 years of Putin’s exemplary leadership at the helm of Russia, Russia, is no longer weak and unable to defend its interests.

How do we know Russia is stronger and is getting still stronger? Because the West’s anti-Russia rhetoric, propaganda and out-and-out lies are growing ever in intensity with the West’s politicians and within the West’s media.

No, Russia is not collapsing the Bear is back!

Jens Holm

Its a joke There is no need. They already has done it twice themselves the last 100. years. As the only ones they lost WW1 three times and didnt learn from that as well.

As Russia is they will not be stronger unless more grow pepper. You never compare with the rest of the world and know little about it and even understand less then that.

Zoran Aleksic

I cannot exactly pinpoint what’s worse – your cheesy sackashit agitprop or your English.

Jens Holm

I dont care, but the sarcasme is as it is. U see no russian growth. I see Russia regaining almost to the same level, where the collapsed from.


US debt is $250,000 per capita. This year, it is going up by $50,000

Jens Holm

Debt in USA and west is far dfrom what Communists and Arabist understand. Yoú not even has a language with explaning terms for it.

Ypu should learn to understand debt as long as its for investments and they make plus, its how we do.

Fx You can buy a taxi and pay it back a litle by little. If You then make a lot of money, so You can pay back the loan and give Yourself foot, clothe a roof and like that – then debt is a very good thing.

Debt also be made fx giving all a pension. But very much of that comes back by income tax and charges, so much comes back t the state and the local governess. So trhe debt is, what You actuelly spend in netto.

The problems in Your kind like fx the Russian one or Arabistan is You have a very low tax and income, so there hardly is any money flow for making plus in cost benefit.

Denmark has no debt for the moment and is AA but we do pay a lot of high tax. But we alos has almost free kindergarten, we have free schools, we have free education to the top of education, we have free hospitals, almost free healt care of all kinds.

We also has a relative good pension and if people cant work before time, we do give them bad health pension, so they dont have to go to court and need to get million fx also if they are hit by a car. Thats aouto – no insurrence.

So we get back and are number one in low corruption. Low corruption. We have corruption too.

So we see a lot of our money again. Much money comming in by tax also makes Out debt less bad. We faster can pay back because we are in a very open and high related economy as a part of the Western Economics. bUt of course there is a much hiogher risk for too much debt as we saw in 2008, where its true too much debt as money was created on too much hopes and greedy stupidisme.

I think the USA debt is too big as well, but its covered. The western Economy help each other, so the rest of it help USA and the dollar beacsue we need it.

By that USA cant collapse unless all do – China included. It can declined and seemes to do. Thats thesame for all currendies in that big system of connections.

We fx has IMF giving cheep loans to countries which is doing well and expensive ones to the countries doing bad. But it also – with more or less succes – try to help the poo´rest countries.

EU and its ECU is same thing. It has regulations decided by all members, where loans are after what seemes to be s good idea or not – Fir years Merkel has been Leader for that waste majority for a system for saving by low investments but it can be decided that fx unimployment by that grow too much, so there instead will come a money flow to create many more jobs. Those joibs mainy are traditional ones like building roads, hospitals but also fx more teachers and childcare. That often gives the innovative things a litle groth too, so the payback is not so difficult.

So I do see the USA debt as too high, but I so subtract debt which make sense and thats a lot of it.

The bad debt is where You eat too much, becomes fat for bad reasons and by that fush the money into the toilet.

Finally I think You forget to compare with and adjust and make a relative, because most of the world economy is declining a little and we have to add corona effects.

Locally er had a declining fine economy but Corona also do very much plus. We have a relative big medical and pharmaseutic omdustrial complex. More are ill and it actualy can sell everything it can produce. China has problems getting pork meat which is from healthy pigs, so thats doing very well.

Transportation in several sectors are doing the same or even a little better.

BUT we do have minus in all kinds of entertaining and will loose more jobs in cinemas, conserts, hotels, bars and like that.

So my best advice for others are to have more production strings but also – if possible – make more production for internal use in a plus contest.

Some gold under a pillow like Putin is almost nothing if oil decline to under 40 dollar a Barrel.

I can only advice USA for better education but they are energy wasters of the worst kind. They can fin many billions in that sector and even get higher comfort in heating as well as cooling.

Kenny Jones ™

True the president is pro west but not the military commanders who are doing a great job, maybe the old president needs to come back temporarily, what was his name again?


Yes but if the government of Armenia doesn’t authorize their military to use all it’s capacity to deploy to NK/Artsakh Republic then those military commanders can’t do their job fully.


What can they do? They can’t even defend their own country. Only Russia is there to save their asses. That is the agreement between Russia and Turkey.


Can you bring back the 2,000 year old Ancient Armenian King from his grave?


It does not matter what thugs sit in Armenia. You need to pull troops back to your own country. No other countries will help you the occupiers.

Europe hates America

have to patient, armenian army getting destroyed with all this drone attacks have to find a way to defend urself. But on the other side the whooping all this isis azeri asses on the ground battle…

They often recycle old drone attacks, those videos never seem to have a date on them


You see the casualty report from N-K side. They report like 50 deaths everyday…. The real number may be higher.

cechas vodobenikov

bad turkis photo shop


Oh man, how do you defend yourself when the terrain is wide open, no trees, no buildings? You can dig a rat hole. But the damn Turks can still see you. They can drop a bunker buster and get the rats out. Or bury the Armenian rats in their rat holes.

Europe hates America

Why so mad isis turk?

Kenny Jones ™

Russia’s one and only efficient way of helping Armenia, is simply to cut off the supply route from Turkey through Georgia, if they just extend Ossetia a bit it borders it and the war will be over in a day


Georgia already suspended the supply route today. So, the war will be over in a day according to your assumption. I’ll be here tomorrow:

Kenny Jones ™

Georgia be lying, there are whole videos of trucks with written on it bayaktar transporting

Антон С

Bayractar is a flagman, a standard bearer in translation. There are no UAVs inside these trucks, just ordinary ammo. Anka is something like phoenix.


They did this politically while they escort those trucks to Azerbaijan. Keys words in that offical statement “without special clearance”.


Azeris already has stockpile of weapons. If Turkey wants, it can fly directly over Armenia, N-K to Azerbaijan….

Jim Allen

Yeah, fool. Right into a S-300.


not so fast

the CSTO is there…if Turkey attacks Armenia directly, there is no way that Putin can stand still

and obviously the backlash worldwide will be huge

everyone remembers how leaving Hitler be, opened the way to the second world war

Erdogan is walking on a razor blade


Russia should launch an adventure of their own in Idlib to take out as many head choppers as possible, while Erdo is busy in Azerbaijan and stay out of this Azer-Armenian conflict for now. Americans will not help Armenians which will convert them sooner or later back into fold and only then can Russia mediate peace offers.


If Russia tries, its air force in Syria will be burnt in flames by those drones. Russia can’t defend 200 drones attacking at the same time. Its S-400 does not even get the time to load. Will be exhausted.


You talk like they have never tried it before and this would be something new. And that they would not have point defense systems with powerful short wave/frequency radars protecting the base.
The head choppas launch continuous drone attacks on Kheimim air base without success, regardless of whether Russian air force attacks or not.

John Brown

Russia already has many times defended against 400 plus drones attacking at the same time

cechas vodobenikov

u are a fatuous child

Tudor Miron

Little turko-azeri keyboard warrior. You don’t seem to comprehend how things work. You seem to believe in those cartoons that turkish special photoshop forces produced claiming they destroyed dozens of Pantsir’s :) I will try to explain to you some very simple things. First of all – Russian bases in Syria are well capable to defend against 200 and more slow moving targets. But more importantly – thinking that Russian bases in Syria are some sort of abandoned lonely installations is a dangerous illusion. Those are integral part of Russian forces and when one part of Russian forces is attacked the only way to defend is suppressing the launch sites. Why do you hate Turkey that much, wishing doom and destruction upon Turkey? 5th article of nato would mean sh$t :) All the nato countries will say to Turkey – you started it, you deal with it.
Now let me ask – why much reacher (money) Azeri army lost Nagorny Karabach in first place? That happened because they can’t fight. Azeri’s are traders, not warriors. This is why after 6 days of offensive (having many fold more weapons) they’re still stack in the same place. Yes, they inflict losses but they also suffer losses and their only chance was rapid success which didn’t happen.
Yes, Russia would not rush helping Armenia defend what they took from Azerbaijan (NK). Russia will let Armenians learn how their new friends (West) is helping. More than that – we’re not enemies with Azerbaijan and I feel sorry for common Azeri’s that die in this fighting.
In fact there’s only one solution for this NK mess – during CCCP times there were no problems there and people coexisted peacefully.


If the Russians don’t, the Americans will.


The “invisible hand” of International Zionism is driving the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh:


You talking about George Soros? LOL.


Read the article and you will find out!

Jens Holm

comment image

Jens Holm

According to Your knd there must be at least 500 million Jews or You are incompetent liars making excuses for being to stupid Yourself.

I believe in number two. You are learning about the world in circles having Your hairy buts out only repeating things created in dark below bed blankets.

And we see the results comming out from Your behind making You legs and feet stinking dirty.

Bruno Gama

Russia is in various deadlocks, but apparently not very worried…

1- Can´t get rid of Erdogan because it will be a victory to the West, that will place a puppet in Turkey, but have to deal with these Ottoman-Like Minded Turkey… Erdogan causes trouble but, it also troubles Europe and NATO. A puppet Gulenist will only trouble Russia.

2- Can´t intervene in Nagorno-Karabakh because officially none of the countries are Russia´s enemy. Russia has interest in both countries, historically it would position it on side of Armenia, but pragmatically it´s better to support Azerbaijan, more rich and promissing country.

3- Armenia is paying the price for it´s arrogance and alignment with the West (anyone remember Georgia and Ukraine?) Russia already says and shows that will not tolerate more NATO moving towards it´s borders (already in the Baltics) so any country that try it will pay the price…vide Moldova (lost territory), Ukraine (lost territory and humiliated), Georgia (lost territory and humiliated). There´s no reason to believe tha Armenia or Azerbaijan will face any different scenario in the case they try to join NATO. The same applies to Central Asia Republics and Belarus.
4- Russia could intervene attacking Syrian terrorists positions, but this will kill Azeris.

5- Or could allowing Armenia to Escalate, and let them use the Iskanders at strategic Azeris positions. This will rise the bar of larger conflict, and is even more dangerous.
6- Or could go to the UNSC and establish a No-Fly Zone over Nagorno-Karabakh. This will stop the UCAVs and the Azeris won´t have the momentum anymore. With France and China, Russia will already have the majority of UNSC, despite US and UK.
7- Moreover a see Russia in a movement of “let them bleed”. For a later perception of both countries that West won´t support any of them, and drag them again into this sphere.

It´s difficult to see a solution, but something is already proven this year… any country that wants power needs good Air Defense, and Fighters/Interceptors… Like shown in Georgia 2008, a Fighter/Multi-Role/Interceptor could take down any “modern drone” as easy as taking cake from a child, and many of them. A Drone is a easy prey for any AAM. Armenia doesn´t have an efficient Air Force, that´s why it´s been pounded by Azeri drones…


Imagine a Su30 with a full load of AAM. That’s at least 8-10 TB2 taken out. If there is any air dominance war or air patrol, drones do not fly

Антон С

Add electronic countermeasures to the list. DAESH and DaN has launched over 100 small drones in the direction of Hmeimim. Many of them were taken out by electronic suppression with blocking their radio channel.

Антон С

There were no massive using of UAVs in 2008th, no combat UAVs at all. Russian army been using “Bee” and recon. planes (Tu-22R was lost, it’s not a bomber) and Tbilisi regime – “Hermes 450” reconnaissance machines.
comment image


Lucia West

Google is paying $192 for every single hour….. On Monday I have got my first Mercedes-AMG right after getting my biggest payout of $35475 for a week..(4h88)… It seems un-believable but you won’t forgive yourself if you do not check it (Select Option “Home” within it to get details)>>>>>>>>> http://ps4.cloud/dl/googlejobs2020 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★::::

Jens Holm

Next week You will be in jail.

Jens Holm

I normally dont study drones but nice pictures. They look like Monty Python but as long as they are not like Von Münchauseen they are god versions too.

Replacing obervation by smaller units seemes to be a good and cheeper idea. You also dont loose people if those flying machines are shot dowm.

Nice pics.

You learn every day. The other day I learned a dane in germany actually has the bigges factory for motorcycles. His name was Skafte Petersen. After a crises none would buy his stored 200.000 motorcycles.

Instead he made very cheep and relaible Cars named DKW which later was develloped into very differet cars. In DDR the Trabant was a chikd of that. And one of the rings in the AUDI logo actually is Danish – haha.

Maybe You already know or dont care.

I know mpre about Russian old equipment then ever by this site, because Assads has bought a lot it. Interesting too. As western I know most things from the west much better.


N-K is Azeri territory. No third party will intervene

cechas vodobenikov

the Armenian double game has left them without allies—USA will do nothing for them, neither will Europe. Russia will only intervene if Armenian territory is violated by turkis/ISIS mercenaries

Ishyrion Av

ugly people

James Adams

Armenia needs to attack Nakhichevan !!!

Russia also needs to get involved and start bombing Azerbaijan !!!


The Russians would be well advised to remain aloof.

Assad must stay

YES PLEASE INSHALLAH russia gets involved and BLOWS EVIL BASTARDS AWAY!!! ahahhahahaa

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