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In Videos: US Supply Convoy Is Burning In Iraq Following Another IED Attack

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In Videos: US Supply Convoy Is Burning In Iraq Following Another IED Attack

A screenshot from the video

Another supply convoy of the US-led coalition was attacked in Iraq. The incident allegedly took place in the area of Babil.

Such attacks have become a regular occurence in the country in the recent months.



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cechas vodobenikov

amerikan morons spend 3 billion $ yearly in Syria alone so their stolen oil can be exploded by ISIS partners–progressive amerikan business model learned from famous medieval tratz business school. eminent professors—cornhole, jens, supreme bacon, Hunter Biden honorary chair of cocaine and corruption now held by visiting LGBT expert, Tommy


yeah but tommy is more fun than blinken and soon to forget biden, well in fact biden will forget in a blink anything said just now and blinken will pretend that he knows what he’s doing. great couple.

johnny rotten

These are not really able to understand that they are unwanted, they are just lucky that no one ever dies, until today …

Supreme Blyat

Someone needs to learn the difference between convoy and truck.

Oliver Eitel

the differenec lays in plural, a truck is a truck….many trucks are a convoy…..convoy doesn not mean just a group of military vehicles….its a group that moves in a formation that is called convoy….even soldiers can walk in such a formation but then its called column…

Supreme Blyat

And a click bait is also a title.

John Wallace

These trucks travel in a convoy and usually only one truck out of the convoy is hit. As English is probably their second or even third language no point in getting overly pedantic on a minor point. Most understand a truck in a convoy was hit by an IED as we have yet to see multiple trucks hit at the same time..

Supreme Blyat

I was a fan of war footages and there is a big difference between one burning truck and multiple burning trucks. Convoy sounds bigger and the titles are clickbait.

Lone Ranger

At least the truck companies are having a good time…

Kenny Jones ™

At this point the US troops aren’t even a threat to Iraq, they’re caged up in their bases like rats, a few thousand of them, while the resistance is moving freely everywhere, and supplies the other resistances with the needed arms
The reason US troops aren’t targeted is because there are none to target on the streets, cowards


No, it is because their security assessment of Iraq shows all roads as red nowadays, which means accessible only under havy armor and to be used only in emergency situations. Same situation as in 2005, when Mosul area was not anymore safe for US forces, until they erected the earth wall around the city and the check points to prevent “insurgency”.

Kenny Jones ™

Every wall can be broken down with enough firepower, not a threat


Looks like some local morons are driving the trucks,Americans don’t have the guts,some convoys with Americans on board need sending to hell.


good and more of ieds to damage the yankee-twats confidence and make them realizé they’re about to be ied every day and shot at and when the yankee-twats are finished there is the jews to clean off the map once and for all – think dodo-bird, think extinct species.

John Wallace

America won’t be worried about these minor losses as afterall they are entitled to own and control every country in the world and it is to be expected that some inconsequential losses will occur.. The Fed will just print some more dollars to cover the expenses..

Peter Jennings

If those trucks were filled with toilet seats and mugs, it could have been a small fortune going up in smoke.

Haliburton will be pleased as they get another order.

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