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Three Supply Convoys Of U.S.-Led Coalition Blown Up By IEDs

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On March 29th, improvised explosive device (IED) targeted three logistical convoys of the US-led international coalition.

The first attack took place in the Iraqi Al Diwaniyah province in central Iraq.


No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. No casualties were reported.

According to pro-Iranian sources, similar attacks were reported in the provinces of Dhi-Qar and Babil.

The Sabereen news agency shared the video from Babil governorate:

The convoys of the U.S.-led coalition are suffering IED attacks on a regular basis. Recently, the number of such attacks have significantly increased.

On March 25, five convoys carrying supplies and equipment for the US-led coalition came under attack in different parts of Iraq. On March 18, an IED attack destroyed a vehicle of the US-led coalition supply convoy in the Diwaniyah area of Qadisiyyah Governorate.

The on-going attacks are carried out by pro-Iranian groups who aim to to force US forces out of Iraq. They have significantly increased their activity in response to the assassination of Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy-Commander of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, and Iran’s Quds Force Commander Qassim Soleimani.

Taking into account the growing risks, the forces of the US-led coalition do not take part in logistics in Iraq, the transportation of supplies is  local contractors.


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Lone Ranger

Vietnam all over again…


If only.

In Vietnam, American soldiers actually went on patrols and exposed themselves to danger outside of their bases.

In Syraq, LGBTQWERTYUIOP American “soldiers” remain sequestered and turtled up inside their fortified compounds 0r “green zones”, playing Gaystation, teabagging/pegging one another, eating pizza, and never leave these areas without air suport loitering overhead.


and the same in afghanistan, sitting tight in their compounds never venturing outside and why risk being shot at by some taliban who just wants to kill the occupier. and why not, to kill an occupier as part of forcing the occupying force to withdraw is more than acceptable it’s in fact compulsory and that’s why the yankee-twats have loads of body-bags stored away within easy reach.

Oliver Eitel

thats why they lost control over all Afhganistan now just the poppy fields are important

Zaphod Braden

Must be someone fighting against ISISrael.


excellent and more of that and the yankeetwats must realize they’re not particulalrly liked and once the morons are gone, the middle east, from turkey to iran and so on can deal with the soon to be extinct jews in palestine. think dodo-bird and think celebrations for weeks and not a jew in sight.


It is not sustainable for US to stay there. Iran will be a superpower stretching Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and Iran with the Iran-China deal. It is a dilemma for US, but they will try to hang on. A lot of US stocks and 401K for retirement investments are dependent on US staying there. Iran, China and Russia will control world energy supply with control, production and consumption.

Steve Standley

Iraqis need to need to up the casualties. The west will hide or downplay material losses; it will even lie about casualties (example Iranian missile strike), but they are harder to hide.

John Brown

Soon next to no ground convoys will make it to their destinations intact and it will all have to be done by air very expensive like in Afghanistan. Its going to be a free fire zone for IEDs.

In Syria and Afghanistan it will also be IED time for the USSA as well since the USSA has gone back on Trumps word in both to withdraw USSA soldiers.


In recent videos of such Iraqi militia attacks, the footage often cuts off immediately after the explosion – not indicating the damage – whether a direct hit or if vehicle was able to kept moving. But clearly in first video the remotely detonate IED was accurate – the impact stopping the vehicle – and the truck’s undercarriage fuel tank igniting as secondary explosion. These are essentially guerilla-harassment attacks – the contents of any sea-containers are quite well protected – but the cab drivers less so, and accordingly that haulage job will be increasingly very stressed.


Aha, I have a plan for the US. The US military need to employ some yank drivers who Self Identify as Kamikaze Truckers.

John Wallace

Then they can make a Reality TV series calling it Kamikaze Truckers.. Pre show ads … Which of these brave American truckers will make it alive to the US base. Which one will be blown into so many pieces there wasn’t a bag small enough to put what was recovered.. Who will crack and cry for Mummy before his first run is complete .. these and many more stories of bravery and courage brought to you live at prime family time on TV ZXXC where we will get you right up close and personal with the Blood and Gore.


We must not forget the femail truckers as well. Diversity is a propaganda ‘must’ these days :)

Its easy to guess what the females role is in propaganda adverts these days. They are the ones holding the ‘clip boards’ whilst looking authoritarian :)

Icarus Tanović

And rpg can melt thru that canister, container, no problems. And then ka boom.

AM Hants

Well, they were told they were not wanted in Iraq, but, failed to take the hint. I bet I am not the only one who laughed at the headline – oooooops.


It is difficult to snuff the globalist orcs when they are afraid to come out of their bunkers and compounds and choose to bugger each other instead. So these will remain little more than pinprick harassment attacks until the Iraqi resistance devises some means of forcing the globalist hand.

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