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In Videos: Syrian Air Force Launches Massive Bombing Campaign Against Jaish al-Islam Ahead Of Storm Of Douma


After negotiations with Jaish al-Islam collapsed on April 6, the Syrian Air Force launched a massive bombing campaign targeting positions of the militant group in the area of Douma in Eastern Ghouta.

According to pro-government sources, the bombing campaign goes ahead of the storm of Douma by government forces which is expected to be launched in full force on April 7. MORE HERE



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  • Oscar Silva Martinez

    Finish them once and for all and deploy the army to the south east front

  • antoun

    kill,m all djihadists jayh al islam!! after yarmouk!!

  • Roger Snellman

    Syrians slaughtering Syrians while dancing to the tune of their Masters Hezballah, Iran and Russia. If you like the tune then you will love the choreography.

    • russ

      ha ha ha good one. You working Vegas? You’re funny.

      • Boris Kazlov

        He must be LGBTQ.

    • Attrition47


    • AJ

      Hezbollah, Iran and Russia are not masters they are partners with Syria combating the regime change plans of the Anglo zionist empire which has sought the destruction of the country.

      • §âm

        Russia is definitely master and the one calling shots

    • northerntruthseeker .

      I smell another Hasbara/JIDF freak here.. They always come out and are so easily seen by their sheer stupidity in their comments

    • alejandro casalegno

      Roger………Roger………you are sad…………very sad………the “Regimen Change” operation is over.

    • John Whitehot

      “Syrians slaughtering Syrians”

      Actually Syrians slaughtering Jaish-al-islam.

    • gustavo

      Actually, the plan made by USA-Israel-NATO (helped by Qatar, Saudis, Jordan, Turkey, Kurds) was to destroy totally Syria, and….. it almost worked. Russia-Iran-Hezbolah stop this plan. The idiot Syrian guys who joined to this plan ($$$) will be destroyed.

      • Roger Snellman

        Russia, Iran and Hezbollah have stopped the plan to destroy Syria? Exactly when did the destruction stop. Half a million Syrians are already dead and more will die every day. Chemical weapons were used outside Damascus. US launched over 100 missiles that destroyed some stuff. What is left of Syria is being carved up by Turkey, Russia, Iran and US.

    • antoun

      eh guy blocked this trool!!!

    • Bob

      Grow up troll, Jaysh al-Islam are a foreign, Saudi, backed Islamic extremist faction. Jaysh al-Islam do not represent the majority of secular Syrians and they dance to the tune of the foreign Saudi Whabbist state. But full defeat is around the corner for the Jaysh al-Islam extremists – is matter of days. Bad luck, chump.

      • Roger Snellman

        Naturally every Sunni tribe or village that refuses to bend over for Iran will be branded terrorist and exterminated. Of the many tribes and villages resisting Hezbollah, Iran, Russia not one is Shia. Half the Sunnis will be exterminated within the next 5 years of war. Then Shia will be majority Islam population and will elect to join Iran.

        • Bob

          Nope. Once again, Sunni’s are the majority population in secular Syria. Equally Sunni’s are the majority constituent in the Syrian Arab Army – currently fighting to defend the state secular institutions against foriegn backed Sunni terrorist Islamist’s. Once again, you literally have no idea what you are talking about regarding Syria – and your ‘predictions’ are, of course, pure contrived disinformation.

          • Roger Snellman

            I understand it is hard for you to grasp the fact that most of the dying in Syria arraigned by your Russian and Persian masters will be completed by Sunni’s.

          • Bob

            Militants are NATO and Gulf State foriegn funded and are killing Syrian soldiers and are notorious for kidnapping and ransoming Syrian civilians for money. The war would cease quickly if foreign states – NATO and Gulf States – stopped financing and weaponizing these militants. It is only the foreign NATO and Gulf sponsors who want the war in Syria to continue – in order to maintain hope for their strategic goal of regime change – but at immense cost to ordinary Syrian’s. It is foreign NATO and Gulf States that maintain the war in Syria, and they will be judged very harshly by history over these actions in future.

          • Roger Snellman

            Just look at the pictures. That is a Sunni village getting hit by the massive bombing campaign. So far 500,000 Syrians dead just to keep Assad in power.

            Syria’s leader should love his people or at a minimum do what is in their best interest.

          • Bob

            The best interests of the Syrian nation is rather obviously the defeat of the sectarian Islamist sponsored proxies of the Gulf States and NATO.

          • Roger Snellman

            What do those guys want anyway? I agree the best result is for all foreigners to leave and Syrians be allowed to freely determine their own fate.

    • j. jaxson

      go practice moel and sip on some chevits.

  • Special message from Brigadier Suheil al Hassan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ohw1uI1NsmU

  • Bob

    The Jaysh al-Islam leadership – living in hotels in London and south Turkey on the Saudi coin – are divorced from realities on the ground in Douma. They are preoccupied with an attempt to save their public image as a viable force (and ergo their foreign Saudi sponsorship), despite the fact their faction members have already sought and engaged in negotiated surrenders out of the pocket, and those remaining face inevitable complete collapse.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Propaganda old and news; WMD’s in Iraq 2002; LIE/ Russia meddled in USA elections 2016;LIE but, USA continues to place SANCTIONS on Russia when they now know ,it was Cambridge Analytica+FB which helped $chumpinstein into power, which the Director of the company Alexander Nix confirmed adding that, they also meddled in 44 other elections”? 6 million Jews died in Concentration Camps omissions galore; If 6,000,000 people died at all/ including jews, we have never been shown proof???./ 200,000 Kosovo people murdered by the Serbs;LIE USA made up those figures to implicate the Serbs who share the closest relationship to Russia.as confirmed by the CIA case officer./ Russia created Novichok” LIE; The USSR chemical lab was dismantledin 2002, and USA took most of the contents and took one of the chemist to USA, gave him his stay and created a compound from his recipe which, the USA in a Maryland Government lab, called”novichok”. FACT; Pentagun and Porton Down have a very close relationship so, it was easy for them to share the recipe with PD/ Mummar was planning to murder Reagan in 1964;LIE; This was a lie concocted by Israhell, to get USA to tackle Libya but, Reagan was hesitant. So, to get him to bomb Libya. La Belle Discoteque Berlin was fire bombed by the CIA as per their history, to give Reagan the “right” to bomb Libya in 1984