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In Videos: Shooting In Western Moscow. 2 Police Officers Injured. Gunman Neutralized


In Videos: Shooting In Western Moscow. 2 Police Officers Injured. Gunman Neutralized

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On June 15, a man opened fire at police officers that stopped a car to for a routine check at Leninsky Prospekt. Authorities reported that that 2 police officers and a civilian (most likely the gunman) were injured in the incident.

According to local media, the criminal was in the state of alcoholic, narcotic or other intoxication. The criminal was identified as Ratmir Galaev, 25, a native of Ingushetia. He opened fire from a MP-79-9T gas pistol converted to a lethal weapon. This explains why his attack was unsuccessful despite the close distance.

One of the injured police officers is in critical conditions. The attacker reportedly died from wounds at hospital.

Almost immediately, Russian liberal media outlets expectedly started spreading a lie about the incident. For example, in its report on the situation RBC uses a single video claiming that emphasizing that it shows a man in blood on the ground and that “one of officers slams his head”.

Nonetheless, videos clearly show that the criminal intentionally attacked police officers from a close distance and then he was neutralized by a single shot. As to the video referring by RBC, it shows how police officers try to give a first aid to the injured criminal. Despite this, rogue liberals posing as ‘journalists’ try to exploit this situation to fuel the ‘police brutality’ hype under the US-like scenario.

Police forces deployed to the scene and secured the area. The investigation is ongoing.




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