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In Videos: Security Forces Eliminate ISIS Suicide Bomber In Russia’s Chechnya


On November, security forces eliminated a female suicide bomber at a checkpoint in the Staropromislovskoe area in Russia’s Republic of Chechnya. According to authorities, the suicide bomber was identified as 25yo Karina Spiridonova and that she was licely indoctrinated and recruited by ISIS.

It should be noted that over the past years, Chechnya has been one of the most calm regions of Russia, with a low level of crime in comparison to other regions and. The level of crime linked to terrirosm and extremism in Chechnya is also low and, for example, even lower than in the US (if we count mass-shootings as extremism-related crimes).

Despite this, Russian’s North Caucasus and Chechnya particularly remain the region with an increased terrorist threat level and thus security measures there have always been strengthened.

The videos above allow to see the incident itself. The suicide bomber is heading towards the checkpoint – the area where special security rules of movement of foot-passengers and vehicles are employed. She did not react to commands of the security personnel and refused to stop. Instead, she increased the speend of her movement towards the checkpoint. The personnel reacted to this by opening an automatic fire. The suicide bomber blew herself up in about 75m from the checkpoint.



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