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In Videos: SDF Supporters Attack Russian-Turkish Joint Patrol In Northeastern Syria

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On November 8, Russian and Turkish forces held a third joint patrol in northeastern Syria, Russia’s Zvezda TV reported. The patrol reportedly covered the area of 105km and involved about 50 Turkish and Russian personnel as well as Typhoon, Tiger, BTR-80 and Kirpi armoured vehicles.

The Turkish Defense Ministry reported that the patrols were carried out between Qamishli and Derik cities, east of the Euphrates. The statement said that the patrols involved at least 4 armoured vehicles of the Turkish Army.

Supporters of the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) once again tried to block the patrol and threw stones at it. The previous such incident took place on November 5.

According to Turkish state-run media, at least 151 members of the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army and 559 others were wounded since the start of the operation in northeastern Syria in October.


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Ok! Until now no one has told them that the vehicles were not made of plastic. Stupid Kurds! throw stones at Russian vehicles. They don’t know what they’re doing, maybe they don’t know who was in the vehicle, or don’t know whose vehicle they were throwing stones at or maybe their leader deliberately lied and didn’t tell them what really happened. If there were no Russian troops among the patrols, maybe the Turkish troops would not remain silent if they were stoned like that every day. О нет! Глупо!

Jose Martinez

Judging from the behavioral patterns of the Kurds it would be unwise to return Syrian refugees to the safe zone. Kurds don’t care for Syria, Kurds want Autonomy. How disrespectful of Kurds to want to keep Syrians out of their own homeland. If Syrians are returned, there will undoubtedly be clashes between Syrian refugees and the Kurdish population. I would imagine the YPG would provide Kurds the same kind of protection the IDF provides Israelis when illegal settlers attack Palestinians. I believe an alliance between Damascus and Ankara is becoming more urgent..


This Kurdish they playing with fire

World Wisdom

Obviously, the US make this kurdish scum to do that. The kurdish subhumans know that the Russians will not annihilate them, and they will not allow the Turks to annihilate the kurdish scum. The thing is that this situation may change and Russia may allow Turkey to smash those freaks. Kurds are traytors and terrorists. Those bitches were saved by Russia and now they do whatever their American master tells them to do. FUCK OFF Kurdish scum


sdf is traitors aligned with israel and the unhinged states of A and is hoping the revenue from the oil fields, held by the americans contrary to any international law, will be a basis for an independent kurdish state in north east syria. how mistaken they are and should be viewed as traitors with a scheduled meeting with the nearest lamppost in the cards.

Tudor Miron

“Smart” Kurds do not realize that those who told them to do that (obviously this wasn’t a spontaneous move) would not take responsibility when next time Russia would not participate in this patrol and only Turkish forces will be there. If Russia isn’t welcome there – so be it. Kurds can have their love story with Turks as much as they want.

Jack Bauer

Rabid dogs with no loyalty or honor. The deserve oblivion. To be wiped off their little cantons. No more turdish cantons. These animals are treacherous terrorists. The TURKS had it right from the beginning. Who would have known.

John Wallace

A squirt over their heads would have dispersed them pretty quick or better still a flame thrower would have lit up their day . A bit of napalm would get them dancing in the street rather than throwing rocks .

Black Waters

It seems that these kurdish retards want to commit suicide, without Russians pushing for avoiding the massacre that the turks will commit to the kurds if they decide to fight them they would already be fertilizer for the soil.


Stupid Kurds they don’t know that Russia saved them from the turkish terrorists. If they rather want the turkish mercenaries they can have them, but hopefully they don’t cry later.

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