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MARCH 2021

In Videos: Russian Transport Aircraft Deploy More Troops And Equipment To Northeastern Syria


The Russian military has been increasing its presence in the northeastern part of Syria amid tensions between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Turkish proxies. According to reports, IL-76 transport aircraft deployed fresh Russian reinforcements to the region via the Qamishli airport.

The Kurdish-dominated SDF continues to sabotage the reconciliation with the Damascus government and tries to limit the presence of the Syrian Army in key areas in this part of the country. Instead, it prefers to loot Syria’s oil resources in the cooperation with the United States and make unsuccessful efforts in creating some kind of the Kurdish-dominated pseudo-state under the US protectorate in the Arab majority areas that it captured. The problem of this approach is that the US is not going to protect the SDF from Turkey, which considers it to be a terrorist group. The Turkish recent operation in northeastern Syria already demonstrated this. Nonetheless, the SDF continues to undermine terms of the ceasefire agreement reached with Turkey through Damascus and Russia. Thus, it creates conditions for a new escalation in the region.




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