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In Videos: Russian Military Secured UN Aid Delivery To US-controlled Rukban Refugee Camp In Eastern Syria


On February 6, the UN and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent launched a massive aid operation for the more than 40,000 displaced people in Rukban Camp, in the US-occupied part of Syria, near the border with Jordan, a UN spokesman said.

“The joint inter-agency convoy consists of 118 trucks… and will deliver food, health, nutritional supplies, core relief items, water sanitation and hygiene materials, education items and children’s recreational kits to people at the site, the vast majority of whom are vulnerable women and children,” Stephen Dujarric, the spokesman for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, said. “Vaccines for some 10,000 children under five (years) of age will also be part of the convoy.”

He described this as “the largest ever convoy to provide humanitarian assistance” to Rukban Camp.

The security of the convoy was provided by units of the Russian Military Police.



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  • Sinbad2

    I’m surprised the Americun*s would allow food for their victims, starving the enemy is a core piece of Americun* military doctrine.

    • Jacob Wohl

      America has always allowed humanitarian aid for victims of barbarous regimes. The civilians in Rukban are being held captive by the Syrian Army – not USA. USA is there to fight ISIS only and protect the civilians.

      • jade villaceran

        Keep parroting your politicians, only yankees like you believe in that story, the world knows how usa operates ther evil deeds

      • Sinbad2

        Yes I remember when the US sent rotting pig food to the North Koreans, so generous.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The 7,000 genuine displaced people that were here before January last year, should be thoroughly vetted and then quickly rehomed, the other 43,000 that arrived after January last year, who are in most cases just the families of Isis terrorists and ex FSA fighters, should be left in the camp until a solution can be found, and depending on what they really are, genuine refugees or actually the people who terrorized the refugees, they should then turn the camp into a jail and leave all the guilty ones here.

  • Sinbad2