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JUNE 2020

In Videos: Russian COVID-19 Response Team Delivers Aid At Italian Air Base Near Rome


The COVID-19 response group created by the Russian Defense Ministry is deploying medial aid, special equipments and specialists in Italy. The Russian operation involves 9 IL-76 military transport aircraft, about 100 viral agent defense experts and 8 mobile medic teams.

On March 22 evening, Russian forces arrived in Italy’s Pratica di Mare airbase, about 30km from Rome, and immidiately started assisting the country to contain the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.




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  • Ashok Varma

    Respect for Russia. Indian media reports that China and Iran were the main targets of US virus attack, but Italians share DNA similarities with Iranians and were collateral damage in American biological warfare attack. US needs to be taken to task.

    • occupybacon

      you will see in less than one monthe that all nations have ‘DNA similarities’ with Iranians and Italians

  • SnowCatzor

    Good to see that neo-con Atlanticism isn’t as strong in Italy as in other western European nations. Italy and Russia (and China) can actually get along and help each other. I just hope when all this is over that Italy remembers who it’s real friends are. The Americans just want Italy as puppets against Russia, Iran and anyone else who dares to defy Washington.

  • Daniel Martin

    A true display of friendship and humanism when it’s truly needed, not just empty words and lofty promises about the so called “western solidarity” that we are used to from the EU and the U.S. Bravo Russia and China!