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In Videos: Russia Test-Launches New Hypersonic, Anti-Satellite Missiles

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The Russian Navy’s Admiral Gorshkov frigate fired a Zircon hypersonic cruise missile from the White Sea at a target position located in the Barents Sea, the Russian Defense Ministry reported on November 26. According to the official statement, the Zircon missile successfully hit a sea target at a distance of 450 km. The flight speed of the missile was more than Mach 8.

In Videos: Russia Test-Launches New Hypersonic, Anti-Satellite Missiles

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This was the second launch of the Zircon missile by the Admiral Gorshkov. The first test-launch took place in October 2020.

Meanwhile, at the Sary-Shagan testing range in Kazakhstan, the Russian Aerospace Forces once again test-launched a missile from its modernized anti-ballistic missile system. According to Lieutenant General Andrey Demin, commander of the 1st Army of Special Air and Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense of the Aerospace Forces, the test“reliably confirmed the missile’s characteristics” and the simulated target was hit.

the Russian side did not name the missile system but it is believed to be the PRS-1M interceptor missile, which protects Moscow and other strategic sites from incoming enemy missiles. According to reports, the missile can use both nuclear and conventional warheads. It can hit targets at ranges of 350 km and altitudes of 50 km. It’s set to become a part of the A-235 anti-ballistic and anti-satellite missile system “Nudol”. The system in development will replace the current A-135. The system has both anti-ballistic and anti-satellite capabilities.


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  1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

    I dont like its design but one of the best frigate for the time being with its weapon sysytems…

    1. Jesus says:

      When they build the super Gorshkov almost doubling the tonnage and armament capacity, they will be better than Arleigh Burke US destroyers by a significant margin.

      1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

        yes but by major surface combatants Russian navy is number 4 now..after mounting hypersonic missiles and this project imo it will climb to position number 3 maybe 2..

        1. Lone Ranger says:

          Russian Navy is nr.2.
          Was nr.1 during the Cold War.
          At least in numbers.
          In firepower it was always numero uno.

          1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            bro..dont get offended but one of my friends made an excellent research using computer program which ı helped him a little bit..

          2. Lone Ranger says:

            Im not offended, Im only stating facts.
            Only country capeble to match Russia both in numbers and firepower is China.
            Theur Navy will double in size in the next 10years and like Russia tgey have super and hypersonic cruise missiles, albeit I would still bet on Russian tech.

          3. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            Future predicitions another case …navy and weapon systems are always in flux.. After mounting hyper-sonic missiles maybe Russian navy will be number 1,it has to be calculated..but for the time being without hyper-sonic missile force multiplier Usa navy as it was showed with datas with 936.000 tonnes displacement is number 1..note that they have 22 triconderega,40 arleigh burke f2a,28 arleigh burke f1/2,10 freedom,12 independence..

          4. Lone Ranger says:

            In numbers you are right.
            But the U.S. Navy has only subsonic cruise missiles while Russia has supersonic eith hypersonic being deployed as Im typing this.
            A single Russian sub or guided missile cruiser could take out 15 U.S. Navy ships of any type without breaking a sweat.
            If the U.S. Navy would get supersonic cruise missiles on most of their ships than yes that would be a gamechanger, but currently they are outgunned, especially Russia keeping the majority of its fleet at home or near home while the U.S. Navy is spread thin around the globe.

          5. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            They are working on hyper-sonic missiles as well and trying to figure out if plasma black outs is a problem or not..xD..Russian sub-marine power is another case here you are better number 2..))) Ps:Russia will no more keep its fleeet at home syria,sudan naval bases is proof of this…

          6. Lone Ranger says:

            Russian subs are better in every way, and they have quit a few of them both SSN and SSBN and they are building more ships and subs per year now than the U.S.
            Russia already solved the problem in regard of plasma communication.
            Russia has only a couple og Kilo class subs 2-3 cruisers and 2 supply ships in Syria.
            Tiny compared to their whole Navy.
            Like I said once the U.S. gets similiar quality hypersonic weapons as Russia it could be a gamechanger but they are years behind if not decades.

          7. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            Thats true..Borey 2 and borey classes are better than Usa champ ohio in ssbn..

          8. Lone Ranger says:


          9. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            Numbers do not matter so much … countries are divided into Odyssey Powers (Naval Forces), and Achilles Powers (Land Forces). China, even if it surpasses America in number of ships … will remain a Land Power. America is an Odyssey Force, a Navy Force even if it has fewer ships … than China or Russia.
            The East looks to the eternal mountain, Asia, (land forces) while the West looks to the sea (naval forces).

          10. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            numbers matters..all calculations,developments,raw datas are consisting of numbers..how can you classify china as a land force anymore?why do they invest to carriers,type 55-52d destroyers.. only to protect south-china sea?

          11. ΠΑΡΜΕΝΙΩΝ says:

            China will never become a naval power even if it has three times as many ships as the United States. The game between the eternal Achilles and the eternal Odysseus is simple, but it has rules, if you break the rules, wherever you belong you are lost.
            In general, Asia, Central Europe and Africa belong to the palm of Achilles, while the American continent, coastal Europe, and Australia belong to the hand of Odysseus.

            We could write about the fact that the first landing of marines took place in the port of Colchis, during the Argonaut campaign, the first large cruise operation took place in Ilias with the famous Trojan Horse, while the first battle maneuver took place at the battle of Marathon.

            China as an empire is a typical land power, trying to imitate some characteristics of Odysseus, such as trade, international prominence, etc. but with little success. The main feature of this is that the yellow race has never been and will never be a naval force. The Chinese may face the Sea of ​​Japan, or even the Pacific Ocean, but a Chinese aircraft carrier will never face the Atlantic Ocean or the Arctic Ocean (unless they go ashore).

        2. Jesus says:

          The number of surface combatants does not matter that much since a Russian SSGN armed with the latest weaponry can theoretically take out an entire carrier task force.
          Maybe the more important matter is the number of hypersonic missiles available from air, surface or underwater.

          1. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            ı mentioned cruisers,destroyers and frigates not carriers and sub marines..you are talking about total-war scenario and hyper-sonic missles in terms of navy are not ready yet..and if we are talking about subs then you have to calculate usa p-8a poseidon sub-marine killers et cetera et cetera…

          2. Anduin Lothar says:

            Funny thing bout BuyanM, it can go tro most rivers in Europe…

          3. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            very succesful platform for corvette class with its 2*4 vls cells of kalibr…

          4. Anduin Lothar says:

            Yea, both Buyan and its successor Karakut, very potent ships for its weight class.

          5. Jesus says:

            Carriers are surface combatants involved with cruisers, destroyers, frigates that protect the carrier. That is the US strategy in case of a conventional conflict.

            Russian strategy consists of placing deadly weapons on small to median platforms, capable of engaging much larger ships from a comfortable distance.

          6. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            sure as it is seen in 3000-1000 tonnes of ships with kalibr and oniks…

      2. Anduin Lothar says:

        Super Gorshkov is more destroyer than frigate.

        1. Jesus says:

          Yes, Russia is considering the Lidder destroyer at 15-18,000 tons apart from super Gorshkov.

  2. Jesus says:

    Russian hypersonic weapons have changed the balance of power in Russia’s favor against US conventionally, and strategically considering the Avanguard glide vehicle.
    Anti ballistic missile and anti satellite defenses are the cutting edge using the A235 and S500 system, considerably superior to the US SM3 missile. As time goes Russian technological superiority in cutting edge weaponry against US will become a hard reality US will have a difficult time to remedy.

  3. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Any of the Russian warships are to be capable of conducting anti-sat missions with either laser and/or S-500/ A-235 yet or proposed?

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Their new nuclear powered heavy cruiser will have the S-500.
      The Kirov class ships are undergoing drydock refits to be able to carry the S-400.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Most excellent Comrades ?
    CIA trolls and hasbarats will cry and rage…

  5. Tommy Jensen says:

    No problem because we have our “strength by quantity” concept.
    When Russia has killed one satellite we send 10 satellites up again, and Russia cant go on and kill so many satellites because they cant afford it……………………………….LOL.

  6. nyomarek says:

    Amazing how humanity quickly got expert on tech capable of destroying the planet and lacks behind all tech capable of cleaning up the trash & pollution.

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