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In Videos: Recent Clashes In Eastern Ukraine

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In Videos: Recent Clashes In Eastern Ukraine


In the second half of June, the Russian operation in Ukraine is mostly focused on the region of Donbass.

In the Kharkiv region, an attempt by the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine) to reach the town of Izyum failed. The Russian Army is advancing in the Donbass in a planned manner. In the Severodonetsk area, Russian forces were able to cut off supplies to AFU groups in the villages of Zolote and Gorskoye. In the Soledar direction, there are battles for Bakhmut. The AFU army successfully carried out several strikes against Donetsk using recently imported American HIMARS combat vehicles. The Russian military also carried out some strikes on positions of Kyiv’s forces around Avdeevka and Krasnogorsk. In Zaporizhzhia, the AFU army is deploying more fighters.

The following videos show developments from variuos parts of the frontline:

The Ukrainian military’s positions in Severodonetsk.

Destruction of the 63rd AFU brigade near the village of Kobzartsy in the Nikolayev direction.

155-mm Polish Krab self-propelled howitzers in Donbass.

Poland transferred 18-19 self-propelled Krab howitzers of national production from the Polish Armed Forces as military aid to Ukraine. 100 Ukrainian servicemen have already been trained in one of Poland’s training centers for these vehicles.

The head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, posted a video of Chechen soldiers destroying Ukrainian soldiers with the help of a UAV.

Ukrainian soldiers are fighting in Sverodonetsk.

Ukrainian soldiers used a tactical missile against the residents of the village of Khoroshoye. In the video, the soldier explains that the shell was high-explosive, and the shot was fired from Tochka-U.

The Russian army shelled Ukrainian positions near Ugledar.

Consequences of shots fired by the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Donetsk.

Several shots from the Kiev district of Donetsk, the AFU shelled the area.

A war correspondent describes the damage caused by AFU shells in the Kalininsky district of Gorlovka.

Russian artillery is firing at Ukrainian positions on the outskirts of Kharkiv.

The 8th mechanized brigade of the AFU was destroyed 12 km from Mykolaiv. The Ukrainian military did not have time to reach Kherson oblast. They were shot by Russian military near the village of Stepovaya Dolina, 12 kilometers from the southern outskirts of Mykolaiv.

Russian Su-34 fighter-bombers destroy AFU headquarters near Seversk. It hit the Ukrainian army’s S-300PM SAM control post. The Russian planes were working with high-precision airborne missiles.

In just half an hour, more than 20 shells of NATO 155-mm caliber were fired from Ukrainian insurgent positions in Avdiivka in the Kyiv district of the city. Residential areas of the central district of the city were hit, and a large fire was recorded in the park near the Donbass Arena stadium.

Consequences of the Ukrainian armed forces’ strikes on Makiivka. One child was injured as a result of the shelling.


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Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Hoholassholes are being whacked, they are losing 300 Nazi scum and foreign lardass terrorists a day. Russia kicks major ass….SLAVA ROSSIYA!


You don’t understand the Jewish divide & conquer strategy.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s gay message to Russian Soldiers in Ukraine https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/arnie-039-s-message-to-russian-soldiers-in-ukraine_YbBxe6xYvc4O7dl.html

Comment from Titanomachy:

[Arnold’s father sounds like he was a good man. What a shame that his son turned out a Shabbos goyim, praising the murderous Red Army made up of rapists and engaging in blood libel against his own people. His father knew the truth of what demonic bastards the Bolsheviks were, but this arrogant prick assumed he knew better and that his father was just a crazy “Nazi” pumped full of propaganda.

Not that I like Putin but the U.S. government doesn’t have the moral high ground to be lecturing to Russians about invading a sovereign country. Wish this brother war would end and the White race could unite against our common enemies threatening our very existence.

The Jews seem to have figured out the perfect way to divide both the right and the left down the middle in one fell swoop. Portions of both the far left and far right are supporting this invasion, the funny thing is I feel like the more of a centrist someone is, the more likely they are to support Ukraine. The typical White nationalist is kind of the odd man out in not really picking a side in this conflict but mainly just despairing over the fact that White people are again being manipulated into killing one another by the Jewish puppet masters.

I don’t see this war ending anytime soon. Wouldn’t be surprised if Putin ends up using nuclear weapons because he knows NATO won’t respond in kind unless he nukes an actual NATO country. The Russians want to declare victory by May 9 for the anniversary of their victory in World War II, and they may get desperate to take out Kiev by any means necessary. I don’t think NATO is actually willing to engage Russia directly, they seem content to simply keep supplying Ukrainians with arms and supplies and using sanctions against Russia.

Putin is using the fact that NATO wants to avoid WWIII at all costs to his favor. I don’t think the globalist oligarchs want huge, destructive war that could go nuclear, too many variables not under their control. It just doesn’t make sense to go and destroy so much infrastructure and irradiate so much of the planet, there are much less messy means of population reduction and White genocide the globalists have been using to great success, and they already rule the world, so why destroy it? I think the oligarchs want to keep boiling the West in the pot, gradually wiping out the White race and turning the world into a giant open-air prison with social credit scores and such. A massive global war now could derail their meticulously-laid plans.

I figure this war will be used to put the last nail in the coffin of independent national sovereignty, manufacturing consent for a global government that supercedes the authority of individual member states. Putin is playing the heel/mad dog in this geopolitical theatre, just as Trump played the villain/renegade in our domestic political milieu. Whether you are talking to mainstream media pundits who want you to hate him or Russian state media personalities or QAnon types in the West who want you to love him, the one thing they seem to agree on about Putin is that he answers to no one.

The only people I hear talking about who Putin is actually getting advice from are White nationalists talking about his deep connections to Chabad, especially Chabad Lubavitchers like the chief rabbi of Russia, Berel Lazar, with whom he meets weekly, perhaps because he is secretly a practicing Jew, I mean we do know that his maternal grandmother was Jewish and he has made it clear what a soft spot he has for the Jews, cracking down on “anti-Semitism” harder than any other contemporary world leader.

The fact that there are plenty of conservatives who believe Putin is a right wing Christian with the same values as them, conveniently ignoring his KGB past and many statements in praise of the Soviet Union and how he regards the collapse of the USSR as the greatest tragedy of the 20th century. Not many people in the West have a solid grasp of Russian politics and culture.

It isn’t analogous to the West, Marxists there are very different from those who call themselves Marxists here. If you actually read Marx, you see that he wasn’t an egalitarian or an anti-racist or a feminist, and so in a lot of ways actual Marxists can come across as socially conservative as compared to liberals and anarchists, which is what Antifa members in the West actually are, they aren’t Marxists.

Stalin had homosexuals sent to gulags or executed, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t of the far left, just the openly authoritarian Old Left. Che Guevara liked killing homosexuals for fun and he was pretty much a race realist, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a communist. Plenty of communists throughout history have been religious as well. Communism was first tried by Christian sects like the Hutterites and Diggers.

Putin really isn’t saying anything off-base when he talks about communism and Christianity being similar in some ways. Blessed are the poor and meek, rich men don’t go to heaven, that sort of thing is prevalent in the New Testament. “Think not of tomorrow, goy, leave that to us!” – Saul of Tarsus.

But alas, I digress. I just hope this teaches the world a lesson about letting Jews control their governments. It’s disheartening seeing all the people who still see the world in terms of “evil=Nazis”, with all the dipshits slinging “UkroNazi!” and “Putler!” back and forth. So tired of living on planet Jew.]

Last edited 11 months ago by Jack
jens holm

That is very stupid nonsense of the worst kind from your behind.

Sarah Black 74

It would be right: To unite the Asian, African and Latino races and destroy NATO and white race. Belarusians and Russians are not white people. Both are a subspecies of yellow people of the same race as the natural people in America before they were destroed by English criminals, butchers and rapists. Russias are Indians and Chinese.


Russia is a large nation state. Both White and Asiatic people live in Russia, multiple phenotypes of both.

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Last edited 11 months ago by Work AT Home
U S Asylum

Nonsense. Sarah Black 74 = Jack’s transgender name.

Last edited 11 months ago by U S Asylum

jack Sarah=poko molo, grunter, etc—the worm always betrays her insecurity and peasant education

Alize Sara

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Last edited 11 months ago by Alize Sara

moron nazi from oklihoma trailer park


How stupid to continue dividing humanity into races! There are no races in homo sapiens!


Us whites vs blacks is fkdup. There are no pure race on the face of the planet. We all live in a yellow submarine;) Can’t we just get along?

Hope someday I could talk with an Eskimo. Or a patagonian. Just for my universal culture.


homosexual poko molo—the senile nazi resurrected…you inferior hillbillies should remain in your lgbt trailer parks…disgusting chervet paskuda


tired of being governed by superior jews —-I recommend suicide. you will not be missed by your ex transgender bf

Hans raus

Today russian oil rafinery in rostov region has been destroyed by ukrainian army haahhahahahahah hans happy


Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

LOL, Kraut comedy is hilarious, Hitler won the war too and then set himself on fire. SLAVA ROSSIYA!


You are hopeless.


you are brainless


hope for poko polo—sodomy by senile transgender

Retired Troll

I am not sure if you are teenager troll without a clue or just plain dumb. Russia is now advancing very rapidly in Kievan-Rus. There is no refined POL left after all the refineries were destroyed by Russian airpower. The AFU Nazis are in real trouble. This in the reality now being reported on MSN:

Russia marks the day Nazi Germany’s forces invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941, with President Vladimir Putin due to lay flowers to honour the dead. The Russians and Soviet people sacrificed 28 million lives in defeating Nazism and the current de-Nazification operation in Ukraine resonates with Russian population who understand the implications of NATO supported Nazism.

Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have captured several settlements near the embattled cities of Lysychansk and Severodonetsk in the eastern Luhansk region.

Ukrainian officials concede that that the country has no refining capacity left after Russia destroyed the largest refinery. Russian attacks have destroyed an oil refinery in the central Poltava region and struck “critical infrastructure”, most of all oil facilities, near the key port city of Odesa, local officials said. Kremenchuk, 250km (150 miles) southeast of Kyiv along the Dnipro River, had been Ukraine’s only fully functioning oil refinery, but now lies in charred metal. Ukraine has run out of fuel.

Seven Russian missiles hit the southern city of Mykolaiv, regional governor Vitaliy Kim has said.

Last edited 11 months ago by Retired Troll
Hans raus

,,Russia is now advancing very rapidly”

hahahahahahahaah COPE

,,Ukraine has run out of fuel.”

i heard the same story 3 months ago. Russobots overdosed russia today propaganda ;)

Last edited 11 months ago by Hans raus
Retired Troll

⚡️European Investment Bank chief: Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction may cost $1.1 trillion.

“I’ve put the trillion out there because I saw figures in the public space that I consider completely unrealistic when I look at the level of destruction in Ukraine”, Werner Hoyer said.

He also said that Russia now controls all of the industrial heartland of Ukraine which was the powerhouse of USSR and Russia has great strategic assets and has already started repairing the damaged industrial infrastructure. Russian ships are already transporting steel from Azovstal plant and also have control over half a million tons of wheat.

Last edited 11 months ago by Retired Troll
Hans raus

If ukrainian people want us then we(west) will pay and ukrainian people will be our big european family and part of western sphere of infuence. Wonder why most ex soviet country want to be part of west, coinsidence? :D nobody want russian poverty

Last edited 11 months ago by Hans raus
Ashok Varma

You are beggars, only Russia, India, China, Iran, Venezuela, Mexico have real money and they support Russia. Germans are so stupid, no wonder Russians fucked all of you blockheads and will do again.

Cpt. Pervis

Uhmm, he’s actually not German but Israeli. He has a fascination with Naziism and fascism though; that’s the extent of his germanic attributes.


Noone desires your bandera fagglet demented inferior living standards with your aids,monsato,monkey pox and demented tranformer societys,dumbass! Geta grip of reality,before reality gets you by the throat and chokes you alive! Try hard wannabe libby dictraitor goy assflogged neo libby overhyped trampfests!


The only reason why the western nations were rich, was the fact that they pillaged the wealth from the other nations. This is now over…there is nothing more to be pillaged and Russia will not allow for their resources to be stolen by the US/WEF war criminals and psychopaths.

Your free ride is over my friend. Time to pay for your governments sins and your brainwashing induced stupidity. Once the dust settles, you will own nothing, live in a pod, eat bugs and STFU…either that or escape to Russia. But why would the Russians allow the materialistic scum war criminal supporter such as yourself to enter their country and spread hate, lies and promotion of the brain dead, selfish, “consume everything” lifestyle which you were brought up into?

By now you are damaged goods…you are nothing but a brainless entity/existence, shouting your masters propaganda in some quasi Orwellian seizure of hate against the enemies of the big brother.. You can no longer be de-programmed or fixed… You are now a 100% pure psychopath, (except not a very smart one)..:D

Ashok Varma

The Anglo thieves stole $45 trillion alone from India and killed 40 million when the racist pig Churchill stole our rice and wheat to feed the criminal British.

Up to 35 million died unnecessarily in famines; London ate India’s bread while India starved, and in 1943 nearly four million Bengalis died. It was their own fault, according to the odious Churchill, for “breeding like rabbits”. Collectively, these famines amounted to a “British colonial holocaust”.

US and Zionists are stealing the Arabs blind and also killing millions. Russia is at least not a colonial power and is fighting for its own land and safety of its people.

Inglorious Empire: What the murderous racist British Did to India, first published in India as An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, is a masterpiece exposing western crimes, racism, genocide and theft from other nations by Shashi Tharoor, an Indian politician and diplomat, on the effects of British colonial rule on India.


You made a very good point about the evils of colonialism and it exists today with Western Nations pitching the last throw of the dice with NATO and the global elite look on, they see this as the goose that lays the golden egg, a win win situation, more wars more profits.

Russia is the direct opposite to colonialism, it never crossed seas to conquer other lands, it moved outwards, it expands on two or maybe three continents (maybe even the America’s) and we see a diversity of its people, so many races, their heritage and culture all intact but they all stand together as Russians, nationhood does not have to be the furtherance of one race at the expense of another but you can all come together as a family of one.

The Eurasian land mass will be the powerhouse of the world and nothing can derail its destiny, China is already there and India, Indonesia and others are coming through. It’s a shame the people of Europe have been swallowed up by the US hegemony, if they can break free from this vassalage and align their allegiances to the East, we will have a better world.

Last edited 11 months ago by Jasonovich

Spot on. Here is an interesting text about British plunder of India:



Ha ahahaha Nice.


The currency of the $ with its bottomless pit of supply has a lot to answer for. The red dragon whoreof babylon.


Ukraine better hope Russia takes all of it, it’s the only European country that can afford to rebuild it, lol!


Enjoy the destruction of M-777 by Russians…billions of US deadbeat tax dollars going up in smoke…


Hans raus

only two ? They reciver around 150 x m777 so this is not big deal at all :D

Last edited 11 months ago by Hans raus

50% of all NATO faggots weapons are destroyed or captured before they get off trucks :)

Hans raus


source : russia today ? :D wishfull thininking

The fight against German Nazism

Ukrainian troops lost up to 50% of military equipment during the fighting, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Volodymyr Karpenko said.

Karpenko noted that “he is talking only about heavy weapons.” “Today we have about 30-40%, and sometimes up to 50% of equipment losses as a result of active fighting. So we lost about 50%.”

According to Karpenko, Ukraine lost 1.3 thousand. Infantry fighting vehicles, 400 tanks, 700 artillery systems. Assessing Western supplies, he said that Ukraine “has received a large number of weapons systems, but, unfortunately, with such a massively expended resource, they cover only 10-15% of the needs.”

According to him, Ukraine “needs artillery, artillery ammunition, infantry fighting vehicles, tanks.” In addition, “air defense systems and a multiple launch rocket system are very much needed,” he said, adding that the AFU needs to replenish 700 artillery systems that were destroyed in battles, and only 100 were received from the West.

From an interview with the American magazine “National Defense”: https://www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/articles/2022/6/15/ukraine-to-us-defense-industry-we-need-long-range-precision-weapons

Last edited 11 months ago by The fight against German Nazism
te qifsha nanen

source: ur mama. she is very intimate with hunter, porky and klitschko


Hans source is senile Jens—-you lgbt moron nazis are tiresome


few dozen infact,and 57 of your generals and asswipes just like your self!

Vlad the Imposter

Wrong gun for the eastern front.

They’re light weight guns designed to be moved around by helicopter and drop a few rounds on goat herders that can’t fire back … certainly not work horses that can keep firing until the barrel melts like the Russians have. They are an overly complicated, brittle weapon that are maintenance heavy and the Uke’s are reporting that 25% can’t fire when they set them up.

I’m not saying they’re bad weapons. They’re made of titanium and aluminum alloys … amazing engineering but the wrong tool for the conditions. It’s a shame they’re all going to blown to bits. Someones going to make a good buck scrapping them. I wonder how many bicycle frames you can make out of 4.5 tonnes of Titanium?


They received shit, NATO sent them only garbage. btw you can send them your own money (if you homeless failed janitor have any) I don’t give a single euro to Ukro scum. There is no ‘Western sphere of influence’ you brainless fool, you have no influence in your own occupied vassal country. North Korea is more free than you.


Well said. The Western so called democracies are nothing more than occupied territories and belong to the banking parasites who orchestrated every single war and conflict for the past few hundred years.

Raus du Affe!

Not much more left


That made Ukraine can’t resupply weapons and foods to Ukraine eastern front, Ukraine’s soldiers complaints of that.no gas no communication.

Karen Kobylanksi

The Ukrainian authorities admitted that after the latest missile strikes, oil refining in the country was 100% destroyed and now we Poles have to suffer as US and NATO are taking benzine from our people to fight an immoral and illegal war against Russia. We are fed up with hohols, please ship them, not our benzine.

Hillbilly Sapien

Amigo, the Uki terrorist acts against Russia and attacking Ruski civilians will only stiffen Russian resolve to liberate all of Ukraine. It will also make it easier for Putin to start mass mobilization and conscription. The Ruskies don’t like their motherland to be attacked.

🇷🇺Russia and the republics need to liberate the whole of Ukraine, including Kiev and Lviv, says Denis Pushilin at SPIEF-2022.

Last edited 11 months ago by Hillbilly Sapien

Maybe if you fools bothered READING for a change, you might learn a thing or two?

Hunter Biden

Jack-off monkey , so this moron “hans” is your trans husband or just another of your crazy alter personas?


poko molo read nazi comic books—understands nothing—inferior hillbillies require lgbt social worker attention


Cope harder. West trying to provoke Russia into a war. They will get badly embarrassed. American trash military has only seal clubbed smaller nations. They will get rekt soon.

Ashok Varma

Indian Zee TV just showed a pathetic looking Zelensky talking to a blank TV screen after a much touted US and British bastards failed African Union heads of state virtual meeting :)

Ukraine president, Volodymyr Oleksandrovych Zelensky, suffered live time humiliation after failing to address the African Union yesterday. Out of 55 invited heads of state only four (4) attended the virtual session. The 51 remaining African nations heeded a call by Russian ally Algeria to boycott the Russophobic agenda of the kangaroo meeting.

Several African heads of state led by Chair South Africa, asked ” whom are supposed to assist and with what”? Russia/USSR played a major role along with Cuba in defeating western supported Apartheid regime and African populations have great respect for Russians. Three African nations have AK-47 symbol on their national flags as a mark of respect for Russian military and economic assistance in defeating the western imperialism.

Mozambique was the first African liberated state that features an AK47: on the flag of Mozambique as a sign of gratitude to Russia.

The African rejection of US and UK pressure has humiliated the west yet again.


Usually fake new.ha ha ha

Azov is not an Ukraine sea

An small drone hit and damage the heat exchange( nothing serious)…while Russia hit Ukraine refineries with some cruise missile armed with 500kg explosive each one

Karen Kobylanksi

US is putting Polish benzine to send to Uke in tankers, we now have fuel and food shortage here too. We are fed up with NATO criminals and hohols who are squatting in Poland in luxury. Most Polish people secretly pray for Russian victory as soon as possible.


I wouldn’t say most, but yes just like in Romania a lot of people understand that the poor Ukrainians are led by a criminal corrupt government. Still, a majority ignore the fact that Romanians in areas that were stolen territories annexed by the murderous Bolsheviks to Ukraine are forbidden from even speaking Romanian. Lots of Polish people were killed by Bandera’s followers and these useful idiots today are used by the Jewish oligarchs and their stooges in the Ukrainian government to create chaos and destabilize Russia and Europe. It’s a win- win situation for the ones in full control of the Western world, with Russia being one of the last sovereign nation to challenge the banking parasites they only stand to benefit from their destruction. The Western countries getting their economies destroyed in this controlled demolition is again a win for the banking parasites as they get to implement their great reset where you own nothing and will be happy.

Real Truth

hahahaha Hans happy… Hans always has is Hans on in it he is blind. Keep your Hans of it Hairy Palms.

So Hans, how is it supporting Nazi Ukraine today… you feel alive again? You feel that fascist, Nazi blood pulsing through your body it gets you hard so your Hans is always on it?

You feel alive with that Nazi feeling pulsing through your veins Hans Raus?


If its proven that the Ukrainians are targeting civilians with US or NATO weapons, then the US and NATO are just as guilty of the war crimes.

Ashok Varma

Are you serious? US killed millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, read this report of US war crimes by a western author:

As Bush jokes about war, I walk among the ruins of Baghdad where US bombed women and children hiding in bomb shelters


Last edited 11 months ago by Ashok Varma
Florian Geyer

It IS proven that NATO has been, and still is, complicit in War Crimes against civilians all over ‘Ukraine’.


I don’t see Ukraine lacketh any kind of nato weapons,but of course nazi excuses are only just that!

Muhammad your Prophet

It’s common knowledge that Vladimir Putin has thrown the entire shitty Russian army to fight in Severdonetsk. It doesn’t matter that the rest of Putin’s ISIS caliphate in Eastern Ukraine has been turned into an unlivable wasteland. The Putin cockroaches just want to destroy everything. Because that’s what an army of terrorist cockroaches do. It’s very simple when it comes down to it.

Last edited 11 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Ashok Varma

Dear chap, you need to come up for air sometime. So much chandoo Khana (opium den) Russophobia is not healthy. Russia is winning and will win. The best thing is that the Ukrainian racist Nazis have been exposed to the world and this is why Russia is globally loved and respected. JAI RUS!

Muhammad your Prophet

Dear chap, so much British gaiety is no good for you. You have been exposed in Britain already. Freaks like you go around trolling the Daily Mail pretty much daily by now.

Last edited 11 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Ashok Varma

Dear boy, we have 1.4 billion English speakers in India and all are pro-Russian and that nightmare is dawning on Fleet Street propagandists. Russia is now dominating the narrative as well as the battlefield. Cheers and have a few toddies. Jolly good luck on trolling.

Muhammad your Prophet

Dear boy, that makes perfect sense since gang rapes are so common in India. You probably are learning a great deal from all the mass rapes at Bucha. Jolly good luck at raping defenseless women over there.

Last edited 11 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Muhammad your most stupid Nazi troll

once again, he shows his intelligence


moron nazi lgbt—USA #1 rapes per capita all nations—your own experts claim fewer than 25% reported…..your are a disgusting racist cretin


Freaks like you talk about daily trolling? How ironic… not to mention, how retarded.

Muhammad your most stupid Nazi troll

and again

Muhammad your Prophet

The deranged Putin idiot trying to display his vast range of wisdom. Because he’s a wise lunatic and nobody but him gets it. What a freak. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


I like the one of the Chechen,s –they look as if they don’t stand any nonsense.


Chechen are natural born fighters like the Cossack, the Ukes are shit scared of them. Many Ukes prefer surrendering to Russians than face Chechen deNazification interrogation :) mostly with their long blade Khanjali.


If I was AFU I’d definitely prefer to surrender to RuA than to Chechens. Or DPR.



It is so funny. Chechens fought the russians for 180 years. The chechens were glad when the german wehrmacht arrived, and they both fought side by side against the soviet red army. Now the traitor of Islam, Ramsan ‘ the Pig’ Kadyrov, this little poodle of Putin, sent some of his honourless tik tok murtadeen to Ukraine, and everybody thinks that’s “the Chechens”. But the real Che chens would never fight for Russia. Dokka Umarov, Shamil Basajew and Co. that’s the real Chechens and their sons and daughters are definitely not on Russia side.

A shame that this whole war is just a smear game of jews, created to start World War 3. The moment US assasinates Kadyrov by eighter drone or mujahedeen helpers, the current fake pro-russian Chechnya will collapse and the true Chechens will take it back from that russian-communist jews like Putin and his kuffar Kadyrov traitors. They’ll all end like this: https://t.me/rf200/1317

Russia is nothing but a jewish slave-colony. See: t.me/intelslavaua/5976 Judaism is cancer – including Zionism, Bolshewism, Communism, Feminism, Climate-Hoax, Holocaust-Hoax, Corona-Hoax, Multiculturalism, Genderism – it is all jewish satanic dirt !!!

Jews rule because they control the global financial system and the global medias too. Let alone near to all important governments of todays largest nations. Therefore I say: Stop JWO/NWO judeo-communism, stop World Jewry, which is the real pest of mankind !

Name the Jew ! Do as Jesus did ! Jews are the “Children of Satan” that’s what Jesus called them. Hitler called them “The most evil world-enemy of all times” and “the world-poisoner of all people”.

NWO/JWO the World Jewry that’s the real enemy, this we all need to realize.

Yes all the injections are produced and marketed by large jewish pharma companies. Pfizer ( which is an anagram for Iuzifer -> P becomes Iu) with his jewish CEO Albert Bourla and his satanic vaccine name COMIRNATY which is an anagram for the jewish word Goyim-RNA ( =subhuman resp. human-cattle-RNA), is clearly a jewish company. (ComiRNAty –> C+t = G rest goes into *oyim RNA) Same goes for ModeRNA with its again jewish CEO Stephan Bancel and its jewish chief scientist Tal Zaks. Goes on to Astra Zeneca with is jewish CEO Pascal Soriot and so on and on. Plus another jewish pharma giant called Roche, selling and making billions with that fake PCR-tests. Even the Russian Sputnik V vaccine is produced by the Gamaleia Insitute which is led by the Jew Alexander Ginzburg. So you see all the ratpoison death-jabs are done by jews.

The former german health minister Jens Spahn, is a homosexual jew and former pharma lobbyst. Bill Gates is of jewish origin. Yuval Noah Harari, the prime WHO man is a homosexual jew, too. Nuland, Blinken, Zelensky, Putin, Abramovich, Soros, Kissinger, Netanjahu, Lagarde, Rothschild, Sarkozy, Mückstein, Epstein, Söder, Merkel etc. etc. they are all jews !

Man, it is all jews ! They are behind this global genocide against mankind ! These “children of Satan” (what is what Jesus called them !)


And by the way, jews control Hollywood,, they produce twisted satanic propaganda films since day 1. So why do you beleive what these satanic brute is publishing about Israel and themselves taking the deadly injections too ? It might very well be a big Hollywood stunt, with them just faking it, and taking salt-water injections only.

Never believe jews. Not even a single word. They are pathologically liars. Do not fall for their media hypno-tricks and babbeling.

Last edited 11 months ago by ludmilla

What’s the song in that first video? It’s really good


nazi poky molo and his transgender bf —hansy…..multiple electroshock induced senility has made them harmless

t s

A LOT OF RECYCLED VIDEO.. as for the UKIE man fighting videos, mainly mercs.. clueless WAR/CATAGON FREAKS.. I’m sure they think they have a plan to get across the river….

Cpt. Pervis

I’d like to see more of that Su-34 action. Nice job on the S-300 component.


Mercenaries from US, UK and elsewhere are SOOL if they get captured. The country they come from is going to do nothing to help them. Most will be executed. Tough luck if you get caught…

M. Sabate

No sé cómo es un HMAAR però intentaria ser informado por ucranianos pro rusos de las llegadas de trenes con cargas oculta o no declarada . Tener vigilados los caminos que conduzcan al este y sureste. Destruirlos uns vez conocida su situación.. Hablar con las madres de los prisioneros diciéndoles que están bien pero que no se les liberará hasta que acabe la guerra y que lo comuniquen a sus amigas y vecinas con hijos en el ejército.

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