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In Videos: Putin Rides With Russian Bikers In Crimea


On August 10, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Night Wolves biker group on the 10th anniversary of a bike show held in Crimea. Putin arrived at the venue of the event riding a Ural motorcycle. He was accompanied by the group’s leader Alexander Zaldostanov.

“I am very glad to see you all. It’s good that you continue this tradition, which began ten years ago,” the president said addressing the participants. “I congratulate you on the 10th anniversary and wish you all the best”.

“Let me say that this is a very good undertaking, a good idea that brings those who like motorcycles and those who love our home country heart and soul,” the Russian leader added.



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  • Toronto Tonto

    Night wolves ya right more like nightingales .

    • Daniel Miller

      you are a litteral meme XD

      • Rob

        Don’t waste time with TT. He is lunatic.

        • Daniel Miller

          nah its funny as fuck the guy is a litteral meme he is like some caracter forom south park.

      • You can call me Al

        Is that the modern way to say a c**t ?.

        • Daniel Miller

          nah its the modern way to call him a clow i mean ffs i have read some of his shit he writes its litteral meme material and comedy gold.

  • AM Hants

    Allegedly, Ukraine are freaking out that the President of Russia, is happily enjoying himself in Russia’s Crimea. For some reason, they don’t understand self determination, which the UN Charter is based on, and the fact that over 90%, of over 80% of the electorate who voted, wanted to go home to Russia.

    We are having problems over in the UK, with regards self determination/will of the people and despite the majority voting BREXIT, our leaders refuse to acknowledge the decision. As we still finding ourselves battling to get out. Thanks to politicians.

    • DontBelieveEitherPropaganda

      Self determination only counts when it serves US regime change plans.
      Not for natives of any country or place who want to decide themselves.

    • occupybacon

      Elections irganized by the lil green are not real elections.

      • Justin

        i have to disagree with you here! Chapter 1 Draft 1 of the UN Charter states that a nation (Ukraine is one of the first members to sign this UN charter) may declare independence if they are under Tyranny!
        Keep in mind that the Kiev coup / revolution was a violent over throw of the elected Govt which Crimea and Eastern Ukraine overwhelmingly voted for!
        But that legal govt was overthrown and their is proof that it was a a foreign coup!
        But even if it wasnt a coup, its still a violent overthrow! They only had to wait 12 months for the next elections!

        So, the US can annex guantanamo bay cuba, kosovo was annexed with the help of NATO, taken from Serbia and given to Albania (taken from slavic christians and given to muslims who migrated from Turkey)

        The little green men were welcomed with open arms!
        They were there to ensure non violence (a soros antifa type)
        Of course they needed to ensure it because it was where their only warm water naval base was!
        Also keep in mind that Crimea was GIVEN to Ukraine!
        in 1953 Crimeans went to bed as Russians and woke up as Ukrainians!
        They still see themselves as Russians because their own parents and grandparents are russian! So of course the vote was over whelmingly in favour of joining Russia!
        They would begin to earn 4 times their wages!
        would u be happy if suddenly your wages were x4?

        Also remember, Crimea has been a part of Russia longer than the USA has been a country!

        And lastly, if u remember the famous meeting in ww2 between Stalin, Churchill and the US President…. that was in Crimea RUSSIA!

        Oh and coca-cola produced cans of coke in Ukraine with the map of ukraine on the can! The can did not include Crimea!

        Now, what does that tell you?

        • occupybacon

          “may declare independence if they are under Tyranny!” Name one country that recognized the Crimea referendum and is not a tyranny.

          ” coup / revolution was a violent over throw of the elected Govt ” you said it yourself, it was a revolution. Coup it was if it was the army or security forces involved but okay in Russia it’s the other way around people make coups and armies make revolutions.

          “But that legal govt was overthrown and their is proof that it was a a foreign coup!” Many tyrannies start with elections. It became a tyranny when he made protests illegal. There are no legal revolutions.

          Russia was involved in supporting the government and if the revolution was repressed and opposition jailed there was still a “foreign coup” but given by Russia. You just lost there and it’s normal to be upset and call them fascists nazi zio corporate western imperialist etc but looking from outside: Russia invested $15 billion / year in Yanukovich and USA $3-5 billion in NGO’s and they won.

          And you know why? Because Russia supports corruption to control other states and the West supports free market. It’s the negative way vs positive way.

          “They would begin to earn 4 times their wages!
          would u be happy if suddenly your wages were x4?” Really? Just like that 4 times… how so, I never heard of such thing in my life.

          “Oh and coca-cola produced cans of coke in Ukraine with the map of ukraine on the can! The can did not include Crimea!” If they drink it that means they are very stupid.

          “Now, what does that tell you?” It tells me that Russia lost the rest of Ukraine forever and is bitter about it. Putin could officially annex Donbas now but he’s afraid of new sanctions and the economy is already suffering. 1.3 growth estimation for 2019. 1.7 – 2018 2.7 – 2017. Ukraine has 2.7 estimation in 2019. They grow faster and NS2 will not be finished until the end of this year, Russia has to sign new contract with them for gas.

          • AM Hants

            Name the countries, that do not recognise Crimea, yet, used self determination themselves?

            US – self determination, 4 July 1776, to gain independence from Great Britain.

            Scottish Referendum – used self determination, for the people of Scotland to see if they wished to stay united with the UK or go independent. Strange, the ones who want independence, also wish to stick with EU.

            Falkland Island Referendum – self determination, for the people to decide whether they wished to stay aligned to the United Kingdom or Argentina.

            BREXIT – based on self determination, only the people voted to leave and the politicians are doing their best to ignore the vote.

            NATO invasion of Kosovo – based on self determination.

            UN Resolution 26/2625 – explains the argument.

            UN Charter, first discussed with Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt, in Yalta, Crimea, Russia. Based on self determination.

            The end of WWI and the fall of the Russian Empire, even though they were not part of WWI, owing to domestic problems, like the Bolsheviks overthrowing the Russian Empire. The fall of the Ottoman, Prussian and Austro-Hungarian Empires – where the territories were split up, based on self determination.

            1954, the Ukrainian leader of the Communist Soviet Party, took Ukraine from Russia.

            1991, the fall of the Soviet Union and the people of Crimea voted to stay aligned to Russia.

            1994, another referendum, where the people of Crimea voted to return home to Russia. Only, Ukraine refused to accept the vote, which led to the independent autonomous Republic of Crimea.

            2014, again the people of Crimea voted to return home to Russia. This time they got their wish.

            So riddle me, which nations, who have used self determination, and also fully understand the United Nations Charter, refuse to accept self determination/will of the people, where Crimea is concerned?

          • occupybacon

            Sorry I’m at work, can you please post some photos?

          • AM Hants

            Photos of the nations that were part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, before and after they fell?
            Photos of the Prussian Empire, before and after they fell?
            Photos of the Ottoman Empire, before and after they fell?
            Photos of the BREXIT Referendum?
            Photos of the Falkland Isles Referendum?
            Photos of the US, before and after their independence?
            Photos of Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill, when they were discussing setting up the United Nations Charter, in Yalta, Crimea, Russia?
            Photos of the United Nations delegation, who signed the UN 26/2625 Resolution?
            Photos of the Scottish Referendum?

            I have always stated that I am just a housewife, who was living in Hampshire, UK, and started following Ukraine, back in 2014. Have I not?

          • occupybacon

            Photos of half naked midgets riding various animals

          • AM Hants

            Darling, I am sure General Harding can provide you with links, to some of his dubious, favourite porn hubs, if you are looking for something along those lines. Personally, not my scene.

          • occupybacon

            I’m sure you have pics with midgets raiding things. C’mon I told you I’m at work, I need to laugh

          • FlorianGeyer

            A bloody smart ‘housewife’ though, AM.

          • AM Hants

            Haha and thank you.

          • Justin

            It tells me that Russia lost the rest of Ukraine forever and is bitter about it. Putin could officially annex Donbas now but he’s afraid of new sanctions and the economy is already suffering. 1.3 growth estimation for 2019. 1.7 – 2018 2.7 – 2017. Ukraine has 2.7 estimation in 2019. They grow faster and NS2 will not be finished until the end of this year, Russia has to sign new contract with them for gas.” Right up to the Dnieper River is fully Russian speaking people (not Ukrainian)! This means half of kiev, all of Dnipro Zaporazya, Mariupol etc etc! They all support Russia just the same as Donetsh and Luhansk do! There is even video evidence of this! What Putin did to not annex the Donbass was strategic! Why? Because having an area of Ukraine that is being slaughtered by Kiev grants sympathy and eventually the ability to annex it with good cause in the eyes of the world! once a region has suffered and been labelled terrorist for refusing to be a apart of a violent regime change, there is a point where Russia can step in and be seen as the liberators rather than the invaders! it would need years of kiev military atrocities to accomplish this, but it would be inevitable! Kiev looks bad, Not Russia! Although Crimea was a high priority due to their naval base!

            No he hasnt, Eastern ukraine is Pro Russia! Think about it, Eastern ukraine have been labelled Terrorists in their own lands! Attacked and killed by their own people! The people doing the major killing for ukraine are from Western Ukraine!

            “Russia was involved in supporting the government and if the revolution was repressed and opposition jailed there was still a “foreign coup” but given by Russia. You just lost there and it’s normal to be upset and call them fascists nazi zio corporate western imperialist etc but looking from outside: Russia invested $15 billion / year in Yanukovich and USA $3-5 billion in NGO’s and they won.”

            Yes Yanukovich was a Russian lap dog! However the plan to steal Ukraine away was made by both the Obama admin and the EU! The EU offered 13 billion in support for Ukraine to join the EU trade union and Russia offered 15 billion! Yanukovich was actually condemned for taking the higher amount!

            Did u also hear the Phone call between Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt? They literally named the next leader of Ukraine! Just with that phone call it proves a coup!

            Now that a coup is proven and Pro Russian regions of Ukraine declare independence or in Crimea’s case Reunification, does that now surprise u?

            Then of course their is the NATO aspect to all of this!

            People will say that Ukraine was surpressed but that would be western ukraine who says that! Not Eastern Ukraine! And lets not forget the Ukraine is translation for “Borderland” which is like saying “West Virginia” or “Western Australia” or “Nothern Territory” (all states)

            As for surpression, ill have u know that the Soviet union was mainly run by Ukrainians! Actually there are very powerful pro Kiev people in the Kremlin as we speak!

            And lets not forget that Kiev was Russia first and original capital city! 2nd was St Petersburg, then Moscow!

            There is also a Ukraine in Western Russia which is another example as to why its translation is “borderland”!

            Now having stated all of this u have to understand that Ukraine (at least half of it) is Russian land! Yes i know Europe has changed borders a lot over the years but just understand that Western Ukraine is pro Poland and pro Germany and the eastern is and always has been pro Russian! Thats why Pro Russian Presidents seem to always be in charge and why their trade deals favour Russia because their entire infrastructure (rail and all) including military was Russian based!

            If you read the book written by Zbignew Brezinksi called “The Grand Chess Board” you will see that the Kiev coup played out exactly as written in his book! So you see, this whole thing was planned out! The help to Al-Quieda by the USA in Afghanistan against Russia, The Chechnian revolt in Russian Caucuses, and the kiev coup! All of this is funded by Zionists! Yes Zionists as Brezinski was the architect and he worked under Kissinger!

            It was created to dismantle Russia, which is another reason why G H Bush immediately pushed into the middle east after the fall of the Soviet union and then into Serbia!

            You cant argue this logic! Russia was to be sold off and in debt to the IMF! But the Russian military intelligence services got involved and put Putin in!

            The same thing was happening in the USA (USA industries being sold off to China) but the USA military intel services have stepped in and put Trump in charge!

            This is why they are trying to keep Putin and Trump a part! Finally 2 white hats who hate George Soros, arrested a Keystone Mossad asset that was the ring leader of a pedo honey trap scheme to control bankers, politicians and some military leaders!

            i am digressing!

          • AM Hants

            Enjoyed reading your interestig and informative comment.

            I wonder if Putin put himself up for election, over in Ukraine, how many would vote for him? Especially, after seeing the damage, those who arrived after the coup d’etat, have done to the nation.

            Not that he would do it, but, hyperthetically speaking, could see the majority of sane Ukrainians, voting for the world’s leading statesman.

          • Justin

            Putin would win if the election was held without interference! Many of the Ukraine armed forces flee front lines (except for the hardened Azov and Donbass battalians). Many young men have immigrated to Russia! Around 2 million in fact in order to avoid being drafted and put onto the front lines!
            Ukraine was not suppressed by Russia, Russia was suppressed by the west and Ukraine copped the worst of it! With poverty comes corruption and low morale! They go hand ion hand!
            Ukraine still celebrates their Victory day in every city just like Russia does! In fact it was Ukrainian Soviets who first liberated the Jewish Concentration camps! So they have a lot of pride for this day. Its very hard to take away this patriotism and history they all learned as children just because the EU (who has always treated Russia and Ukraine like shit) wants a new farming nation and to block Russian energy transits! Certainly all their fathers and grandfathers fought in these wars! You cant break that! Keep in mind that if not for Russia and Ukraine (and there 30 million sacrificed of which 20 million were Russian) in WW2, there wouldnt be a Europe as we know it!

            Anyway, im not pro Soviet but im not pro EU either!
            Ukraine is Russian land no matter what the media or the puppet leaders say in Ukraine! Putin plays this smart even though most Russians just want to move into ukraine and take it all! Wouldnt be hard with so much support coming from the East! But its over in many ways! Ukraine is broke and dont have a pro war leader anymore! Trump wont be looking to push NATO into ukraine!

            Soros will be on the run soon as both Trump and Putin will be looking to hunt him and his son down very soon (after the IG comes out with his report)

            All is well!
            Honestly i think Russia and USA will become official allies after 2020 elections! Sounds crazy but Trump has already alluded to this! Trump knows its true enemies are actually its own allies! Military intelligence took back Russia from the Globalists. the same has and is occurring in the USA!

            The old guard is dying! New era being pushed and therefore new alliances formed!

          • AM Hants

            I enjoyed reading your comment, together with the passion that came through, with regards Russia and Ukraine. With Trump, I did want him, owing to best chance of peace, but, he comes with far too much drama, in his quest to change media headlines. Do not like the fact that he is begging for a war, with any nation.

            However, Russia was in the same state as Ukraine, back in the 90s, and then along came a strong and devoted leader. It would be nice if Ukraine, could find similar and even better, if soon.

            The old guard cannot get to their maker, soon enough for me and no doubt millions of others.

            Take care.

          • Justin

            Trump is stopping wars!
            you have that all wrong!
            Since when does a US president not have a perfect excuse to attack iran and not take it?
            They are decreasing greatly their forces in syria, iraq and afghanistan!
            Trump speaks strong words but pulls back from war!

            Bolton is a fake aggressive posture for Trump! So the USA does not appear weak even when they are retreating from wars!

          • AM Hants

            Not arguing with you. However, who put Bolton, Pompeo and creatures of the swamp in power?

          • Justin

            Bolton is a war hawk! So yes bad but under control!
            Pompeo is a good man!

            If you only read this web site or watch MSM then u can easily assume pompeo is bad!
            However he is not!
            Who do u think got NK to become friendly?
            Who do u think preferred sanctions over war with Iran?
            Who do u think has exposed the FAKE Russia collusion when he was the former head of the CIA?

            You will find out soon what i am talking about!
            Do not assume Iran is so innocent!
            Iran is good but also has some bad elements!
            im talking about bad elements who work with Zionist globalist (George Soros) and even Sunni Wahhabi Prince Bin talal Alaweed!

            That means that u have Shiite muslim elite, Sunni Wahhabi elite and a Jewish Globalist all working together with the Obama administration!

            The CIA and Mossad runs very deep ever since the Fall of the Soviet Union! You will learn many crazy things very soon!

            Crazy things such as the CIA, Google, Facebook and Twitter working on behalf of China! Yes the CIA directly aiding China! Crazy but its already coming out!
            i can prove this greatly already if i could be bothered!

            Do u think the Globalists decided in the 1990’s to transfer western industries to China just to be nice?

            CIA Mossad and MI6 (and others) are Globalist spy agencies!
            But now something has changed!
            Sounds crazy but its a long story if u dont already know it!

            Just trust that Putin and Trump are good! Thats all that matters!
            China is not good!
            Iran has some bad people controlling it! Those people work hand in hand with Zionist Globalists! Hence why other Euro nations dont want to sanction iran and hence why iran was given a green light with obama!

          • AM Hants

            Why when somebody disagrees with something, do ‘pay to play’ brigade bring out the same soundbite insults? Such as only reading certain websites?

            Whatever respect for you I once had, has completely disappeared. You have your views, which you are entitled to, just like I have my own personal views, which I also am entitled to.


            The good, trusted, loyal, Mike Pompeo, now what is his background and who does he answer to?

            Lobbyist: for a celebrity/political firm of lawyers, whose clients have included: Among its clients have been White House residents like Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, and George W. Bush, as well as major household names like Walt Disney, Google, Intel, HSBC, Pfizer, Bayer, Bank of America, Office Depot, Merck, 21st Century Fox, The Washington Post, Mars, Samsung, CVS, HBO, The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Eli Lilly, and Sprint.

            Would that propel him into his current position, as Secretary of State, or, even his previous position, as Head of the CIA? Now what previous Heads of the CIA, have been known for their gentle, kind and sweet natures? Including old Bush.

            1986, he starts his military career. How long does it take to reach the position of Captain, in the Infantry, including training? How come he left in 1991 and then moved onto Harvard, for his studies. Not a long time, now is it?

            What were his concerns with regards Iran, back in 2015? Why did he swear his allegiance to Benjamin] Netanyahu, who he believed was a true friend to the people of America?

            Now what else has the good, kind, generous and friendly Mike Pompeo done, for the good of America and International Relations?

            Apart from trying to undermine the JPCOA deal, that took 13 years to agree to and ratify? Why does he view Iran as the ‘world’s largest sponsor of terrorism? I thought it was the US who created Al Qaeda/ISIS/Daesh or whatever they call themselves today?

            Still, at least he was fully supportive of Trump signing the proclamation recognizing Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan Heights, March 25, 2019.

            Why did Pompeo accuse Obama of bringing Russia to Syria? I thought the democratically elected Government of Syria, invited Russia to come and lend a hand?

            Wasn’t Pompeo behind regime change, over in North Korea?

            What were his views on Julian Assange? Did he not call him a:
            ‘marcissist and a fraud, a coward hiding behind a screen’?

            What did he have to say about Russia? Does he not believe that Russia”has reasserted itself aggressively, invading and occupying Ukraine, threatening Europe, and doing nearly nothing to aid in the destruction and defeat of ISIS”.

            Why did Pompeo want Russia to “immediately release” jailed Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov?

            Doesn’t Pompeo support US military support for Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen, owing to how it would affect US a US $2 billion weapon sale to US Gulf Allies? Then he went on to blame Iran for the crisis in Yemen. Ironic, when you consider the US has only had 19 years peace in total, since 4 July 1776 and Iran has not invaded anybody for over 200 years. Not forgetting the US providing Iraq with chemical weapons to use on the innocent civilians in Iran.

            “Iran causes death and destruction inside of Yemen and does nothing to prevent the starvation,” while Saudi Arabia “have provided millions and millions of dollars of humanitarian relief” for Yemen.”” Mike Pompeo

            Yep, I can sure see why you regard Pompeo as an upright, respectable citizen of the US and best to be found, with regards getting the US back on track, with regards World Peace. I wonder what qualities one requires to either be the US Secretary of State, or Head of the CIA, when you look at previous candidates?

            I will finish with the words of good US citizen and politician Pompeo:

            “Prime Minister [Benjamin] Netanyahu is a true partner of the American people… Netanyahu’s efforts to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons are incredibly admirable and deeply appreciated… In the fight against terrorism, cooperation between Israel and the United States has never been more important and we must stand with our ally Israel and put a stop to terrorism. Ongoing attacks by the Palestinians serve only to distance the prospect of peace”. As he then went on to support Trump’s 2017 decision to move the American embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.

          • Justin

            i did not say that YOU visit only certain websites! i am saying that “some people” do! putting pompeo in the same category as Bolton is not an accurate description of pompeo! i believe the two of them are polar opposites!

            You are very entitled to your view but i disagree on Pompeo and fully agree with Bolton!

            But i come at this not as a pure analyst but more as an observer! In the world of fighting a war on multiple fronts (im talking about geopolitical as well as the deep state domestic one) one has to read between the lines!

            How do i read between the lines?
            First i offer the benefit of doubt!
            i judge on not what they say but what they do!
            i also listen to what are believed to be extremely credible intel leaks and i await their fruition or proof of those leaks!

            You do not see what i see nor do we understand the game that is being played in the same way! i can fully appreciate what u see because until 2016, i thought exactly the same as you! But thats when i got off this site and looked into other information that has proven to me more than enough in what is really going on! Up until now, u and i have agreed on most things! But as soon as Pompeo was mentioned, you clearly took offence to what i said!

            So what is it that i see or read that is different from you? i started to look into the intel war that is going on! i learned about the domestic US political control and its players and then i realised that this is not a nation vs nation struggle that is occurring but an intelligence war between Globalists and Nationalists!
            But that is a nice way of putting it! Its actually a war between Good and evil, White hats and black hats, Zionists and humanity!

            So what does this have to do with pompeo?

            The intel game (and the cyber game) is deception, sabotage, population morale, economics, technology, leverage and many other factors! Every nation (such as Iran) has its own layer of good and bad! So dealing with certain nations may require a tougher stance! Some of it is just pure strategy!

            it would take a huge write up from me to explain my opinions! All i can do is offer u small proofs! So if i say China is bad, u might want to ask me why! Then i can show u! if u tell me the USA is bad i would say ‘yes it was but not anymore’.

            Pompeo is literally Trump! He is Trump’s most trusted man! And if Trump says something completely different to pompeo, its done on purpose! How can i possibly know this? because of intelligence leaks! How do i get intelligence leaks? Ask me and ill tell u!

            If i find the energy to explain my views ill do it! But not right now because it takes too long! But let me leave you with this easter egg below so you can understand the game i not only believe but KNOW is being played!

            if i was given the time and the attention, i think i could change your mind, but because most people dont want to read or take in too much information, then there is no point in explaining!

            So all i do is come to this site and state my beliefs and opinions!
            honestly, all are coming true and i know my knowledge on history is accurate!

            if there is something in particular u want me to tell u then just ask me! But if u want me to believe pompeo is bad, then u wont!

            There is good and bad in all countries, some of those countries have bad people in power! The USA and Russia now have good people in power (its leaders)! Iran has bad people in power but the country is good!

            THE ART OF THE DEAL!

            THE ART OF WAR!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7b365ec214eb19d00f05cf5e229bd2cea938fe72f7f2a9f5431f8aa72dcaad6b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f9a9552a561e7843a649d3e68f1e782365e527a1b20aae68c9c26acd99a32e9a.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7920a8fb1abb1972d9c260dd22c4806bc3181d5e6107c59abe6b8986300ca870.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d73ca2d1a74ee5d77d0fedeef2fc9655755c0207922a8db4db9e7552a8ac0ffa.jpg

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7eb7d7471e3d1bb9ef7adbddcffb01c07ab8fa30b6b337bf1ce5ec2eb59f5bb9.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3e4cd22cbc6141ce8e9eb4586d1bf8a5c876a7ca1c48e40afd2efbe7e7323cb5.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/5b6f20100a9a7fad9d7224a772788f3b7e6479cb28c852aa413a3edbd406a983.png

          • AM Hants

            Agree to disagree on Pompeo.

          • Justin

            please watch this short video and tell me…. DID YOU LIKE WHAT YOU HEARD?
            if the answer is YES…. Then guess what??? IT MEANS POMPEO IS GOOD!if u want to know why…. ask me!


          • AM Hants

            Sorry Justin, but, I am just not interested. I respect that you believe in Pompeo and like him. Which is your choice.

          • Justin

            just watch the video PLEASE!
            You are the kind of person (smart) who i would love to share what i have learned!
            its just 7mins of your time

          • Justin

            OK fuck it, i know u will be angry at me so im going to start to red pill you! When i say “RED PILL” im not saying you are stupid and know nothing, im just saying you are looking at all of this 2 dimensionally! I need you to look at this 3 dimensionally! OK?
            Example: You know ISIS is a CIA creation right?
            Thats what i mean by 3 dimensionally!
            Hamas is an Israeli invention!
            The IRA was an MI6 created and controlled group!
            North Korea is a Globalist invention AND controlled nation! (not anymore)
            China is a Globalist Controlled nation!
            Iran is a Globalist Controlled nation!

            This is how the intelligence and Globalist world operates! Created and controlled enemies, divide and conquer, build war machines, profit from it, use rogue nations under your control to pose a threat and increase your own control over the world and steal its resources and control the people and use them as tax paying slaves!

            That statement above sounds crazy but its the Truth!

            So now we begin with your first Red pill!
            The NSA created 8Chan!
            The MSM, the Clintons, Democratic Controlled Congress and corporate pressure has just shut down 8Chan TEMPORARILY!

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2f14084ca207143334a1a08c774e3eaa1b4738184fa5649c575fb2a8b140ea17.png https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/328771b6c24aa4cb714c3018287ccb06e9c1001758c9ea7ccc36116386a0ad86.png

            The NSA released this software TO THE PUBLIC the day before Google released its Chinese Censored search engine DRAGON FLY!

            Why would the NSA create a “free speech platform” that is super hated and ridiculed by the Globalists MSM and Deep state goons?

            Why would they make it so obvious that they made it?
            Why would they TELL US (leaked it) that they made 8chan?

            Is google the CIA?
            Is facebook the CIA?
            Is twitter the CIA?
            Is facebook the CIA?

            Is the CIA good under Trump or bad?

            Is there an intelligence war between the CIA and the NSA?
            NSA jurisdiction = foreign and domestic (experts in signals intelligence and encryption / decryption)
            CIA = Foreign jurisdiction only!

            NSA mainly Military (marines and navy) led!
            CIA mainly civilian led!

            Did the CIA create its own domestic spy tools? its own Media control?

            CIA created domestic spy tools via facebook etc!
            What details do WE put into our facebook page?
            Books we read, movies we like, relations we have, education, location, political beliefs, religious beliefs! We are doing it for them!

            Globalists VS the WORLD!
            New Globalist HQ = China!
            CIA helping / working for China?
            CIA helping / working for ISIS? (same model, aid our enemies)
            Who controls the CIA? Who do they work for? Globalists?
            Who else? Mossad?
            Did Mossad corrupt the CIA long a go?
            Who is Epstein and is Handler Ghislaine Maxwell? Who was Ghislaine Maxwell’s father? Why was the former President of Israel (aslo an IDF special forces soldier) and the HEAD of MOSSAD photographed many times at Epstein’s New York Mansion?

            Honey trap! Control! Mossad control! Control over CIA, Control over politicians, over powerful bankers, over powerful corporations. Control of Celebrities, control of funding (charities and hedge funds)! Wars for Israel on behalf of Israel! Empower a Communist nation and steal away wealth of America and transfer its industries to China and use its military for Israeli ambitions! Keep America at war and build china! One party, communist, digital spy grid, no bill of rights, social credit system! PERFECT!

            Right now, Trump is KILLING MOSSAD by killing is Pedo rings / honey traps!
            Trump is killing Mossad’s insurance policies (North Korean nukes, Iran’s nukes being built in Syria, Stolen Soviet era Russian Nuclear submarine)

            Trump and Putin are in control!
            Mossad HATES Trump! Trump hates Mossad! Trump does (in the eyes of Israeli’s and Christians) a great deed for Israel by naming both Jerusalem and Gholan heights Israel capital and territory! But does that make it offical? Does it make it true? Trump gets the support of Israeli people and Israel CANNOT talk bad about Trump! BUT TRUMP IS FUCKING ISRAELI, JEWISH, ZIONIST, GLOBALIST CONTROL!

            Intelligence war!
            You have a lot to read and discover my friend!
            The NSA has been leaking to the public via 8chan (which is why they made their logo’s obvious) because the people need to understand the war and how to fight and understand it! Because to win, Trump and Putin must stay in power!

            Hence why i get intelligence leaks!
            So could you!

            But dont believe me, believe Dr. Steve Piecenic (who only showed his identity after Trump won the election!)
            Former HEAd of Black Ops!
            Former under secretary
            Former deputy assistant secretary of State!
            The founder of Counter intelligence and psyops for the Defence intelligence agency!
            The co-author of all Tom Clancey books!
            The actual character for which the fictional Jack Ryan (played by Tom Cruise) was based on!

            listen to what he has to say!
            Then ask yourself, why you dont already know this yourself!


          • AM Hants

            I am not angry at you.

          • Justin

            You are observing correctly but you are not understanding! if you understand the intelligence war then you can begin to understand!

            Let me use Putin’s rise to power as an example!
            Putin had no chance of winning is election when the powers that be (Russian oligarchs) and in particular the prime minister of Russia who controlled the media boris berezovsky was in total control!
            So there were the Jewish Zionists in control selling off Russia whilst allowing the US to mount a funded uprising in Chechnia Russia’s oil rich region and there were the Russian military intelligence services who decided to change this!
            What did they do? They convinced Boris to replace the weak and shameful perception of Yeltsin as a drunkin leader with a cold, smart tough man! They also made them think (through psyops) that Putin would be “their man”!
            So Yeltsin was told to vouch for Putin and Putin won!
            When Putin came to power he arrested those he could immediately (granting power over the military) and then fixed his nations war and brought its economy back!

            Trump is doing the same! The same happened!
            The same happened with Kennedy!

            Do you know who Admiral Rogers is?
            Do you know that these people “played the game” just like Putin and JFK did!
            These are patriots but most importantly EX-MILITARY!
            These people held powerful positions under bad US leaders only to await for the GOOD leader to arrive and defeat the nations enemies!

            If you think Trump and Pompeo are helping Israel then you DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!
            IF you think North Korea suddenly decided to bury the hatchet and become friends with Trump then you dont know whats going on!
            If you think Trump sanctioned Iran against the EU and the former administrations wishes for no good reason then u dont know what is going on!

            You believe (because you see it and hear it with your own 2 eyes) that Trump is an Israeli lap dog! WRONG!

            Trump hates Israel! Trump has damaged Israel greater than anyone you can imagine! The reason you laugh to yourself right now and think im just an idiot is because YOU DONT KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!

            If you want to know what is going on u need to drop everything u think u know and think you see and hear and start to understand the war of deception that is taking place and has taken place in the other 2 examples i gave u with JFK and Putin!

            Because in my opinion, you dont!
            If you want to know the real war and understand it u need to drop the “profile reports” you have and start to understand the nature of the war that is taking place in the world! it is not nation vs nation!

            There are companies, political parties, intelligence agencies that not only work against their own nation but actively strive to help its nations ENEMIES!

            Until you understand this then u will never figure it out!

            Obama and Clintons dont fight for the USA, they fought for themselves, China AND IRAN! They were controlled by ISRAEL!

            So that means Israel wants China to get the industries from the USA (has done so) Control its political Elite (Has done so) Aid its enemy Iran via Obama (has done so) in order to do what??

            Why would a nation aid its enemy?
            Well…. how is this statement different to what u already know about ISIS and the CIA? Al-Queida and the CIA!

            If you can control and empower your enemies, this unlocks your true ambitions of conquering it yet appearing as the victim rather than the invader!

            THE ART OF WAR!

            i wish u could understand and wish to learn what i have learned! hundreds of millions of people have!

            Because you are reading this like its checkers! its not checkers, its not Chess! its Globalists vs the world!

            Im sorry but u seem to be someone who is well versed in knowledge but you are missing the keystones to this knowledge! I feel shit saying this to people because they all get offended! but to explain it is like explaining to a person on 9/11 that “this was an inside job” and having those same people say “youre fucking crazy” only to be proven quite true!

            Pompeo is good!
            Bolton is a scarecrow (if you understand what i mean)

      • AM Hants

        25,000 Russian military personnel were contracted to work in Crimea, and yet, during those days, there were only 20,000 in the area. So where were the green men?

        Carpathian Beech Protest Model, so comes to mind, when the Nazi’s over in Ukraine, and memories of the Korsun Massacre, were running high in Crimea, tried to take control of the people of Crimea. How I laughed, when viewing the ‘Crimea Putin’ Documentary and they showed the trains, full of Nazi morons, coming to take out Crimea. Only, they found out there was a ‘greeting party’ and stopped the trains, to leg it home. So brave, the Nazi scum, when faced with proper opposition and not kids, disabled, mothers, grandparents and the disabled, aren’t they?

        So love this video, which I share often. The first 40 minutes shows how effective the ‘little green men’ were, when the Nazi cowards tried to ride into town. The people of Crimea, remember over 80% of the electorate voted and over 90% wanted to go home, to Russia.

        EXCLUSIVE: The famous Russian documentary on Crimea with Putin FINALLY with SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Mw4Y9jRwCQ

        The Government of the UK and also the US Government, knew and understood, back in 1994, that the people of Crimea would return to Russia, owing to the appalling conditions, they were offered under Ukraine. Not wrong, now were they?

        In fact, there was no legal justification for Ukraine to have been gifted Crimea in the first place, going back in time, was there?

        1954 Transfer of Crimea…https://www.revolvy.com/topic/1954%20transfer%20of%20Crimea&item_type=topic

        Sections of the article:

        ‘…On 19 February 1954, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union issued a decree transferring the Crimean Oblast from the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic to the Ukrainian SSR. The documents which are now housed at the State Archive of the Russian Federation (GARF) do confirm that the move was originally approved by the Presidium of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU) on 25 January 1954, paving the way for the authorizing resolution of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union three weeks later.[1] According to the Soviet Constitution (article 18), the borders of a republic within the Soviet Union could not be re-drawn without the agreement of the republic in question. The transfer was approved by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. The constitutional change (articles 22 and 23) to accommodate the transfer was made several days after the decree issued by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet…’

        ‘…Question of constitutionality
        According to a 2009 article on Russian website Pravda.ru, the Presidium of the Supreme Council gathered for a session on February 19, 1954 when only 13 of 27 members were present. There was no quorum, but the decision was adopted unanimously…’

        ‘…On 27 June 2015, the Office of the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation accepted the request of the leader of A Just Russia party, Sergey Mironov, to evaluate legitimacy of 1954 transfer of Crimea and stated that the transfer violated both the Constitution of the Russian SFSR and the Constitution of the Soviet Union. The text of the document signed by Russian Deputy Prosecutor General Sabir Kehlerova Mironov stated: “Neither the Constitution of the RSFSR or the USSR Constitution provide powers of the Presidium Supreme Soviet of the USSR for the consideration of the changes in the constitutional legal status of the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, members of the union republics. In view of the above, the decision adopted in 1954 by the Presidium of the Supreme Soviets of the RSFSR and the Soviet on the transfer of the Crimean region of the RSFSR to the USSR, did not correspond to the Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the RSFSR and the Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the USSR.”[…’

        ‘…In an interview with Charlie Rose, Henry Kissinger stated it was possible Khruschev gave Crimea to Ukraine because he was drunk at the time…’

        Mark Kramer (March 19, 2014). “Why Did Russia Give Away Crimea Sixty Years Ago?”.
        “The Gift of Crimea”. http://www.macalester.edu. Archived from the original on 2014-03-10. Retrieved 2014-03-06.
        Ignatius, David (March 2, 2014). “Historical claim shows why Crimea matters to Russia”. PunditFact, PolitiFact.com. Tampa Bay Times.
        Siegelbaum, Lewis, 1954: The Gift of Crimea, SovietHistory.org, archived from the original on 2014-03-10, retrieved March 3, 2014
        Calamur, Krishnadev (27 February 2014). “Crimea: A Gift To Ukraine Becomes A Political Flash Point”. NPR. Retrieved 2 March 2014.
        Dmitry Karaichev (2013-01-11). Мифы о незаконности передачи Крыма в 1954 году [Myth of illegality of the 1954 transfer of Crimea]. Dzerkalo Tyzhnia (in Russian). Archived from the original on 2014-03-16. Retrieved 2015-05-31.
        Yarmysh, Oleksandr; Cherviatsova, Alina (2016). “Transferring Crimea from Russia to Ukraine: Historical and Legal Analysis of Soviet Legislation”. In Nicolini, Matteo; Palermo, Francesco; Milano, Enrico (eds.). Law, Territory and Conflict Resolution Law as a Problem and Law as a Solution. pp. 151–152. ISBN 9789004311299. Retrieved 28 February 2018. However, at that time, Ukraine could not fully claim jurisdiction over Crimea. Indeed, further legislative acts and constitutional amendments were needed to legitimise the territorial changes in that region. On 2 June 1954, the Supreme Council of the Russian SFSR adopted the Law on the introduction of changes and amendments to Article 14 of the Constitution (Fundamental Law) of the SFSR, according to which the Crimean Region was excluded from Soviet Russia at the same time that the Supreme Council of the Ukrainian SFSR introduced changes to the Ukrainian Constitution.
        “USSR’s Nikita Khrushchev gave Russia’s Crimea away to Ukraine in only 15 minutes”. pravda.ru. Retrieved 12 February 2017.
        “Why Did Russia Give Away Crimea Sixty Years Ago?”. wilsoncenter.org. 19 March 2014. Retrieved 12 February 2017.
        “Генпрокуратура РФ: передача Крыма Украине в 1954-м была незаконной”. BBC. 27 June 2015.
        Arutunyan, Anna (2 March 2014). “Russia testing the waters on Ukraine invasion”. USA Today. Retrieved 2 March 2014.
        Keating, Joshua (25 February 2014). “Khrushchev’s Gift”. Retrieved 12 February 2017 – via Slate.
        Khrushchev’s Son: Giving Crimea Back to Russia Not an Option, Andre de Nesnera, Voice of America, March 6, 2014
        “The Transfer of Crimea to Ukraine”. International Committee for Crimea. July 2005. Retrieved March 9, 2014.
        To understand Crimea, take a look back at its complicated history, Adam Taylor, The Washington Post, February 27, 2014
        Vladimir P. Lukin, “Our Security Predicament”, Foreign Policy, No. 88 (Autumn, 1992), pp. 57–75
        Subtelny, Orest, Ukraine: A History (University of Toronto Press) 2000, ISBN 0-8020-8390-0, 600
        USSR’s Nikita Khrushchev gave Russia’s Crimea away to Ukraine in only 15 minutes, Pravda.ru, 19 February 2009
        Page 5, Crimea: Dynamics, Challenges and Prospects, edited by Maria Drohobycky
        Forget Kiev. The Real Fight Will Be for Crimea, Andrei Malgin, Moscow Times, February 25, 2014
        Celestine Bohlen, Russia vs. Ukraine: A Case of the Crimean Jitters, The New York Times (March 23, 1994).
        “Ukraine Crisis: World Leaders React to Unfolding Disaster in Crimea”. International Business Times. 2014-03-02. Retrieved 2014-03-04.
        “Sanctions threat grows as Ukraine tensions rise”. Mainichi Shimbun. 2014-03-04. Archived from the original on 2014-03-04. Retrieved 2014-03-04.
        Opinion no. 762 / 2014, Venice Commission (March 21, 2014).
        External links
        Mark Kramer. “Why Did Russia Give Away Crimea Sixty Years Ago?”. Wilson Center. Retrieved 28 March 2014.

        • FlorianGeyer

          It was such a shame for the US, as the US Military had already ordered ‘carpets and curtains’ for the Crimean naval base, and then it was cruelly snatched from the US in an instant.

          Its just not fair :)

          • AM Hants

            Haha, don’t think the people of Crimea liked their choice of interior design.

            Must admit, I was flabbergasted, when reading this old article, considering Ukraine and Crimea are non-NATO territory.

            How Russia Ruined American Plans In Crimea… https://www.fort-russ.com/2016/03/how-russia-ruined-american-plans-in/

          • FlorianGeyer

            As we know, Crimea is the only Warm Water port that Russia has and control of that by another nation would be a total disaster.

            The fact that the US/NATO judged a takeover of the port would be a Fait Accompli , is yet another demonstration of infantile NATO hubris.

            Since WW2 the US and vassals have ‘hunted down’ cats and mostly failed.
            Today they attempt to hunt ‘bear’, and a bear is able to fight back and win.

          • AM Hants

            I am just commenting on another South Front Article, regarding the Hong Kong Protests, using the same script as The Maidan. Funnily enough, using part of the ‘Putin Crimea’ video, and a few comments of what happened in the Crimean Spring, from 23 minutes into the video, which lasted around 20 minutes, covering that stage.

            How does one set up an US NGO tax payer funded, regime change programme?

            Must admit I did laugh, when the US asked the Chinese if they could use the Hong Kong Ports, in the middle of the US created regime change programme in Hong Kong, to dock a couple of their military ships. Not sure why they were surprised that the Chinese said no.


            ‘…Sergei Aksyonov, the man who saved Crimea, with taking charge of the ‘Crimean Spring’, can be seen around 23 minutes into this video.

            ‘Yuri Abisov (Commander of the Berkut Crimea Battalion) Commander of the Rapid Response Unit of the Interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimea, since August 2014: This is what he has to say, in the video, with regards the tactics, those behind The Ukrainian Maidan would use:

            ‘We knew what they were capable of. They used ice picks, to break arms. Someone would say, ‘break his right arm, he used itto throw grenades. Sew up a bloodied eye, he don’t need it anymore. So they would sew it up, without anaesthetics. That was there way of torturing people…’

            After Maidan, the Crimean Berkut introduced new elements to their training regiment. The special protection officers began practicing their own tequniques, but, the counter effective methods, used at in The Maidan, against them…

            …The Americans invited over Ukrainian Security Forces to share experience and upgrade their skills. They would give them a sheet of paper and tell them to write down how they would handle such a crowd. What the information would be. So the Ukrainian Commanders wrote, yes, they wrote down their tactics, how they would handle a of hoodlums, or ultras or rioters. That was back in 2006. Then they issued manuals, how to handle Berkut, which included how to pull off an officer’s helmet. Were they already writing instruction for the ‘right sector’ back then?

            The video then goes on to explain what and who support The Maidan, including President Putin’s views, before going back to the Commander of the Berkut Battalion.

            Relating to The Maidan ‘…It was planned and rehearsed method, that had been used in so many countries to overthrow the legitimate Government, period.’…
            ‘We wanted to prevent tragedies that occurred, later in Odessa, where dosens of people were burned alive,,, We needed to prevent bloodshed, no matter what’ – President Putin…’


        • FlorianGeyer

          I recall the video now. This time I save it where I can find it :)

      • Bob

        More correctly, the post-2014 ‘Maiden’ elections in the Ukraine, that were organized and coordinated under US directives, with the leading candidates hand picked by the then US Ambassador and US envoy to EU, were not real elections. They were merely a public relations exercise in transferring state power from one oligarchy faction to another, and the new oligarchs were firmly under US patronage.

    • FlorianGeyer
      • AM Hants

        Looks like that is the plan. Said to somebody else, that I swear to God, we are in the middle of WW3, just we have not worked it out yet. Thanks to our leaders, forgetting to declare war, on any of those they are arguing with. Guess, with the lack of manners, it escaped them, that they should have the courtesy to let the electorate know they have declared war on those they are fighting. There again, that would mean, requiring permission. Which is a NONO.


  • democritos

    Big shame for Putin! Together with fascist guys!

    Moreover, on wetern bikes! Why not on russian Urals???? Where is the big national pride?

  • RichardD

    I have an appointment tomorrow to look at a 1967 21 foot Starcraft Islander V for $1,000.00 for use as an offshore power boat in international waters for ET/ED contact work.

    It has a 120 or 140 horsepower Mercruiser I/O with a 30 horsepower Evinrude outboard on the transom as a backup. The 52 gallon tank for the main engine gives it a 250 mile range at 5 mpg at 20 to 30 mph. It plains at 18 mph.

    It’s been sitting in a garage for over 30 years partially disassembled. And probably has a lot less wear and tear than a similar boat that’s been run for 40 or 50 years.

    It can reach international waters in 30 minutes and be 50 to 100 miles offshore in a few hours. There are no customs requirements as long as I don’t enter foreign territorial waters. And I can return to the US with no reporting requirements. This provides unrestricted access to less than 1 person per square mile area.

    It can have guns onboard as long as I legally own them.

    • RichardD
      • occupybacon

        I don’t know it looks like garbage to me

        • RichardD

          You’re sick in the head:

          “occupybacon AM Hants 7 hours ago
          You keep posting naked photos of Putin and tell me how hard Russian men excites you, is that from the GM free diet?”

          • occupybacon

            Check his any other post, it has topless Putin raiding tigers, unicorns & shit Speaking of spam what has your post to do with the article?

          • RichardD

            You’re lying. A man with his pants on isn’t naked. My posts add to the site. Your incessant lying, degeneracy, depravity, profanity, and insanity detract from it. You’re obviously some kind of twisted head case.

          • occupybacon


            You need someone to talk with about your hobby, see maybe AM Hants wants to dress like a girl for you, I bet he likes second hand boats too

          • RichardD

            True to form, more lies and degeneracy. I copied your post word for word so that you couldn’t alter it and try to wiggle out of it. Which you just tried unsuccessfully to do. Proving once again that you’re some kind of whack job. Who’s head is all kinds of messed up.

          • occupybacon

            My comment is above, in this thread. Yeah I had legal problems, like any normal men has, not like pussies like you.

          • RichardD

            Changing up one comment for the other just shows who the coward and twisted head case is. Not having had your problems makes me the smart one and you the idiot.

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            I bet this is the only insult you know. Prove me I’m wrong!

          • RichardD

            Good advice is only an insult for someone as far gone as you are.

          • occupybacon

            C’mon, you wrote a book about a junk boat and can’t find an insult, what kind of dork are you?

          • RichardD

            You’re wasting my time with your lies and insanity.

          • occupybacon

            However you have anything better to do, by your comments

          • RichardD

            Having your issues doesn’t make you cool. And not having them doesn’t make me a dork. The sooner that you grow up and stop being a moron. The better that it will be for you and all of the people that are exposed to your current level of stupidity. Nobody likes having to deal with idiots.

          • occupybacon

            Well, I’m that nobody. Tell me more about the boat.

          • RichardD

            Why is that? Are you just an insane weirdo or do you get paid to be disruptive and inflammatory?

          • occupybacon

            Both. Are you that stupid to work for free?

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            Is that why you spew your lies, filth and insanity here every day?

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            You don’t answer the questions because you hate the truth about all of your failures and mistakes in life.

          • occupybacon

            I’m thankful to all the bad decisions I took and all that I messed up which didn’t even closely impaired me to the level of writing a long comment about a boat under an unrelated article, on a site I manually open and read daily.. I’m seriously pleased about my life when I read these comments of yours.

          • RichardD

            Your aversion of freedom of speech about specops work on a site that deals with it, and about an interesting vehicle on an article dealing with interesting vehicles doesn’t make me impaired. Or make your mistakes in life any less stupid than they are. Or the volume of filth and depravity that you post a lot more objectionable and off topic than anything that I’ve posted.

          • occupybacon

            When you say ‘tell us’ do you think is anyone else interested in what we say here or just naming yourself ‘us’ like the gender benders that accuse everyone of hate speech just because they refuse to call them ‘they’ instead of ‘he’ or ‘she’?

          • RichardD

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          • RichardD

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            I’m assuming that it’s venereal disease. How many types have you contracted, how many times have you been infected, how many others have you infected, and what types are you currently infected with?

  • RichardD

    The Ural side car bikes are real classics. And they’re 2 wheel drive with a drive shaft going to the side car wheel, very cool. I looked at one in Oregon a few years ago parked at a truck stop. It was very well made.