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In Videos: Protests Against COVID-19 Restrictions Around The World

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In Videos: Protests Against COVID-19 Restrictions Around The World

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On the weekend, thousands of anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination activists took to the streets of cities all over the world to protest new restrictive measures and the vaccine passport initiatives.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities for the second week in a row. According to French Interior Ministry, a total of 161,000 people took part in 168 protest actions across France, including 11,000 demonstrated in Paris alone.

Massive demonstrations led to clashes with law enforcement officers, who were forced to use tear gas and water cannon to disperse the crowds.

At the same time, two other protests took place in Paris. Members of a major anti-government movement of Yellow Jackets and supporters of the Eurosceptic ‘Patriots’ party were also present on the streets.

At least nine people were detained in Paris following the clashes, according to the French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

Protests were sparked by the recent government’s decision to extend a special certificate requirement for people visiting various public areas as well as to prolong a compulsory vaccination mandate for certain jobs, including medics.

After Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi on July 22 announced an expansion of the health passport scheme for entry to venues including restaurants, gyms and cinemas and urged people to get vaccinated or face a new lockdown, protests were organised in dozens of towns and cities across Italy.

Thousands of people gathered at Trafalgar Square in London for the ‘Freedom Rally’, to protest the restrictive measures introduced amid the Covid-19 pandemic.Minor clashes resulted in several arrests, 4 policemen were reportedly injured

Hundreds of protesters gathered in Belfast and Dublin, some carrying placards with anti-vaccine messages.

People marched the streets in Finland.

The same protests were reported in Greece.

Meanwhile, no protests were reported in Germany.

Not only Europe faced large demonstrations.

The unmasked crowd marched the streets in Sydney. About 15,000 people took part in the demonstration, chanting anti-lockdown slogans and holding signs calling for “freedom” and “the truth.” Protesters were also held in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Dozens of arrests have been made as some protestors swarmed and threw items at police in Sydney.


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there is no virus !!! it is a bio-wapon from Fort Dietrigh in Maryland. the NYTimes aug 2019 !! the culprids, bilderbergers (zionists-nazis), it is not a vaccin, a experimental genetic (nano partickles, mind control)

Ashok Varma

Also depopulation and birth control.

Muay Thai

it’s not man made or a bio weapon. it’s the common cold/flu renamed covid-19. look for “Deadly Deception – Dr Robert E Willner MD PHD” video on YT for hard facts.


Frankly, not a conspiracy buff by any means, this whole Covid nonsense is looking like a massive draconian Zionist police state operation to totally suppress even the basic human rights of an already braindead population that has been fed a steady hyped up diet of “terrorism” since the Mossad 911 operation. Now the Jews are peddling Covid surveillance malware like Pegasus to fascist EU, Sunni Arab and Indian governments to spy on and stifle any opposition. It is also no coincidence that Jew phrama and Bilderberg corporations have quadrupled their wealth while impoverishing the working class. The whole idea is a create a global Gaza gulag while the few “elites” plunder.

Also interesting that independent countries like Russia, China, Cuba and Iran did not join the freak show and were able to produce effective vaccines and control the super flu. Shamefully, the fascist western governments intend on global authoritarian fascism denigrated Russian, Iranian and Chinese vaccines while pushing the Jew pharma death shots like Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer, J&J, Moderna etc.

The main reason US and India have escalating deaths is corruption and lack of medical access, so the most vulnerable who have no access to even basic health care just die of various causes, which are mysteriously classified as Covid deaths. The US population is dying due to drug abuse and gun violence not the Covid flu. Americans have sub-Saharan lifespan not because of this flu but decades of deteriorating societal issues, lack of health care and low paying jobs and massive unemployment. Most of the US population is on crack with no hope and a totally corrupt Jew infested political system that has enmeshed the pathetic failed state in endless lost wars that since 2001 so-called 911 false flag have cost over $15 trillion while Chinese economy grew by an average of 10% since 1984. The west only has to blame itself for its implosion and decline. This flu is a convenient tool to”reset” the braindead and scared shitless western dolts and deprive them of even basic freedoms.

Now Even the few bright souls in the brainwashed west are waking up to this draconian “lock down” farce. People are getting fed up and in places like Hungary, Poland, Serbia etc have openly blamed the Jews for creating this psyco-farce. This Covid nonsense is destroying the already deadbeat, gullible, paranoid and bankrupt west. How many young people can remain locked down with NO jobs, NO homes, NO hope for ever? The only ones that are profiting are Bill Gates, Bezos, Musk, etc or the cabal of global plunders and their hireling whore politicians like Macron, Biden, Johnson, Merket et.al. Biden’s son drug addict unemployable has become a billionaire, while 200 million Americans have been relegated to the economic and social trash can, UK has fared even worse. Then you wonder why some of the awakened few are demonstrating.

Last edited 1 year ago by Frank

How can you see those countries to be independent if one cannot tell them apart from the Western countries when it comes to Covid19 tactics and policies (and much more than the Covid19). The situation with the virus is the best example how all governments are the same and it should be an eye-opener to all who delude themselves that, for example, Russia or China are somehow different. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https://stanjestvari.com/2021/07/22/cetverikova-posao/

Raptar Driver

Correct. This shows that there are no independent countries left.


Wrong, read my comment to the zionist shill “dane”. The Eastern nations are not producing DNA altering poison using highly toxic mRNA “vaccines”.


Adenovirus vector “vaccines” are also altering cell DNA to produce spike protein.


Yet they do not contain the various artificial toxins found in pfizer, moderna, az garbage.

The Eastern nations are not bound by corporate practice of profits before people.


Nice try at propaganda. One problem genius. The west is peddling mRNA poison on it’s populations for publicly listed corporations.

Nations like Russia, Iran and China use Adenovirus vaccines produced by state run Medical Facilities. Gamaleya in Russia has over 125 years history.

Garbage like pfizer, moderna are not even decades old corporations. Did you forget to mention that you degenerate shill?

Last edited 1 year ago by block
L du Plessis

Stop the engineered vaccine genocide!!!


These are synthetic opium laced untested chemical vaccine cocktails and will kill millions in the next 5 years. Many sane medical professionals who have been banned from Youtube and other Jew controlled media formats have openly questioned the deadly potions. Rense in the US is one of the few websites that has defied censorship and puts real medical concerns about the dangers posed by these “Covid vaccines” which are infact kill shots and will devastate humanity.


Try stateofthenation & themilleniumreport


“There have been many telltale signs that are dead giveaways about the close coordination between the military deployment of 5G just before the first major COVID-19 outbreaks around the world. For example, Wuhan was established as China’s first 5G “Demonstration Zone” in 2019. See: Wuhan City Was expected to have 10,000 5G base stations operating by the end of 2019”

“Another major clue concerns the highly suspicious work being conducted at Harvard University. The activation of 5G energy grids amps up the manifestation and severity of Covid symptoms considerably which is why Harvard’s Charles M. Lieber holds the U.S. Patent for using 5G radiation to vibrate corona virus particles from preset nanotubule containers. The Chair of the Chemistry Department was arrested and indicted in June of 2020.”



Had better start kicking some real ass before schlomo kill you all off and hands yur countries over to his servile mudpets

Raptar Driver

This is our last chance before the entire world goes into slavery. Rise up now or take your place as a pathetic footstool.

Tommy Jensen

After pouring gasoline all over ME causing colour revolutions, Putin is now doing the same thing with Europe and 5 eyes. Nobody can do a shit about it because we live in free and civilised societies with democracy, and Putin not. Therefore Putin has free hands to do wtf he wants!

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