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In Videos: Large Explosion Hits Northern Tehran

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On June 30, a large explosion took place in north Tehran, according to videos and photos appearing online. Iranian media did not citing the reason for the blast or any additional information. However, according to local sources, the fire was mostly contained just a few hours after the incident.


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Pave Way IV

I wonder if we’ll ever know WTF this was really all about… Probably not.


There’s several logical explanations for this recent event but a second gas storage related explosion in less than a week doesn’t bode well since we might be seeing a pattern forming. If another incident like this happens then Iranian officials need to take a second-look at what’s causing it. Coincidently these explosions had been talked about by an IRGC official (Gholamreza) as possibly being an act of sabotage and there is an active investigation going on to determine the nature of them. Whether or not this investigation leads somewhere is up for debate as I’m assuming there is quite a bit of nuance involved here.

I particularly don’t think Israel or the U.S. is necessarily behind these explosions as the causes of gas tanks erupting in Iran can be explained via a multitude of rational reasons. Namely the heat in Iran itself during the day can really get up there (35C) and the gas tanks, especially ones that are poorly maintained or built sub-par, can be susceptible to structural failures given such heat. But on the other hand some dissident groups could be sabotaging gas tanks at the behest of foreign powers. It really can’t be stated enough how profound the psychological effect such incidents would have on Iranian people, they’re already a little anxious given that this is the second such episode going down in such a short timespan.

Very well could be another round of sabotage by Israel/U.S.A, but we will need to wait and see.

Fog of War

Syria and Iran seem to be really bad at storing ammunition and gas canisters. I’m sure these are all – ahem – just accidents. cough cough

Zionism = EVIL

Iranians and the people in the region are fatalistic by nature and occupational health and safety rules are non-existent and hence prone to these type of accidents which happen everywhere. Remember, the summers on the Iranian plateau are very warm and storing leaking old propane cylinders out in the open in 42 degree Celsius temperatures is bound to have dire consequences. Dr. Ahmadinejad who was an engineer and as Mayor if Tehran did institute some safety rules in both construction and infrastructure, since then the local municipalities have gone back to the old lax attitude. Propane storage and mishandling is problem everywhere, even in the most advanced nations. Russia, Ukraine, China, India and even the dying deadbeat Americunts have gas line or propane explosions quite frequently, it is the nature of the explosive gas and safety overlaps will cause problems unfortunately.


Gas leak in a hospital.

Zionism = EVIL

Seriously, the ill-wishers of Iran, and there are plenty of those arseholes, starting with the Wahhabis and Zionist cunts, the reality is that Tehran is a huge modern metropolis of 16 million plus people and these minor accidents are bound to happen, so there is really nothing to get concerned about. The pathetic cunts who wish Iran harm are in for a severe disappointment.

Free man

The supplier of gas cylinders in Tehran should be urgently replaced.



An Iranian official revealed the cause of the explosion north of
Tehran, which killed 13 people, and wounded others, indicating that a
gas leak was behind the accident.

The Iranian Online News said that 13 people were killed and 6 others
injured in an explosion at a medical facility north of the capital on
Tuesday, referring to the statement of Hamid Reza Godarzi, the deputy
governor of Tehran, to state television, that the explosion was caused
by a gas leak and secondary explosion by oxygen cylinders stored in the medical facility.

The head of the Iranian Emergency Center said: “The explosion
occurred on the underground floor of the therapeutic center, while the
authorities closed Shari’ati Street as a result of the explosions, while
Tehran firefighters reported the possibility of renewed explosions due
to the presence of oxygen capsules in the medical center.

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