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In Videos: Houthis Pound Positions Of Saudi-led Forces In Yemen

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Houthi-linked media released fresh videos showing strikes on Saudi-led forces in Yemen. Despite a formal ceasefire in the province of al-Hudaydah, both sides (the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition) continue military actions each against other across Yemen and along the Yemeni-Saudi border.

Evaluating the released videos, it should be noted that pro-Houthi media outlets have significantly increased the quality of their work since the start of the Saudi intervention in the country in 2015.

Meanwhile, the Houthis also revealed a new ballistic missile with an expanded range, Badr-P, which they have already used against the Saudi-led forces.

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You can call me Al

I am sorry, from what I understood, the yields in their missiles are too small and they hit 2 or 3 only.
Any help would be welcome.


The recon drones are active. But it’s a shame the houthi’s don’t have more to hit these encampments with, they don’t seem to be very spread out (as in not expecting anything). This must be some light ordinance only.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Well this is not called a pounding. Dresden and Hiroshima and Hamburg and Nagasaki were poundings.
This is called a light-strike’s.
The people of Yemen are doing good for what they have. But if we call this a pounding, then we proclaim there is no need for advancement since they are already ‘pounding’ the enemies.
Yemen militia need to ability to fire a minimum of 10 good range missiles inside of Saudi Arabia a day just for starters.
It is not entirely their fault. England were very accurate in the first months of the way pinpointing Yemen’s stocks of Russian supplied missiles to be destroyed. In fact most people do not know that in the first months of the war several Israeli pilots and several British pilots flew those all important missions that destroyed some or Yemen’s large underground missile storage facilities.
The UK did not want to risk Saudi’s screwing it up and the Houthi evacuate all of those very advanced Russian missiles in storage.
That is when the war went very sour for the people of Yemen. They needed those hundreds of advanced very large explosive missiles that evade enemy anti-missile defenses very well.
Once 90% of Yemen’s stocks of those missiles were taken out. That ensured a prolonged war of attrition.
Thank you English people for doing this same shit you did to Americans and Iranians, and Germans, and Irish and Palestinians, and Chinese and on and on.
The UK have been the bad guys in every single foreign war they have ever fought.


Well , today Trump vetoed the bipartisan bill to end US involvement in Yemen. Are there any Trump-tards left that still believe he’s standing behind his campaign promises to be an “anti-interventionist” ?

Real Anti-Racist Action

No. His original base that got him elected abandoned him last year.
And the neo-cons who were originally against him now side with him.
Because the newer and younger generations realize we now have more voting power then the old politically-correct-baby boomers. We also know we are more motivated and smarter then the old zionist generations are.
So we turned against him fully in 2018.
Now we are moving into full fledged meme war for Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard 2020!
We have also written songs bashing Trump about how horrible he is for bombing Syria.
We are an avalanche gaining more momentum and crushing the establishment more and more each month.
Soon Zionist globalist gains will be reversed.comment image


Sounds good. Keep at it.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

As soon as Houthis get shiploads of Kornets, Igla/Verba MANPADS, and long range missiles they can easily dominate Saudi Army all the way to Riyadh. MBS and royal family will be running scared all the way to Tel Aviv lol

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