In Videos: Houthis Crushing Saudi-UAE-led Coalition Forces In Western Yemen

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In Videos: Houthis Crushing Saudi-UAE-led Coalition Forces In Western Yemen 5 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.


Fierce clashes have once again resumed between the Houthis and forces loyal to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition in western Yemen.

After the failure of their advance on the port city of al-Hudaydah, the coalition-led forces are aiming to expand their control along the western Yemeni coast and set conditions for a new advance on al-Hudaydah. The Houthis have responded to this effort with a series of successful counter-attacks destroying a large number of equipment and troops of the coalition-led forces.


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  • as

    Dogs start scavenging those bodies. I hope nothing come out of it later.

    • Merijn

      Yeah a lot o’ Dogshit…

      • as

        Left as is they’ll develop taste for human meat and may attacks weaker member such as children or sick/injured people.
        Burying them at the closest plot of land available is the least that should’ve been done.
        Although going from their way they’ll probably bomb such humanely gestures just to have some kills.

        • R PLobo

          Dogs should never be allowed to eat humans – regardless of war foe or not. The Houthis need to shoot these animals on sight and remove all bodies.

  • Rob

    If Syria use just 30 Zulfiqar missiles to destroy all important targets of Israel in Palestine then Israel will finish. US, ISIS and Israel are war criminals and their elimination is important to end bloodshed in the world.

    Syria has produced thousands of three types of ballistic missiles Tashrin-1, Fateh and Zufiqar. Tashrin missile is a copy of Scud-C and D while Zulfiqar is similar to Chinese M-11, Pakistani Shahine-1 and Iranian Zulfiqar missile because they have similar sizes and operational ranges that is 750 km. It is very accurate and can hit targets with in 5 to 20 m. It is a hypersonic missile which achieve the speed of Mach 6.5 with in few seconds which is needed for heigh impact and complete destruction of targets. It carries single warhead of 750 kg or multiple warheads of 150 kg of HE. Israel cannot intercept this missile due to hypersonic speed.

    • Paul Barbara

      I suspect there are a lot more than 30 important targets in Israel.

      • Rob

        May be but I know just about those that where Israel produces, store and launch biological, chemical, nuclear warheads, rockets, missiles, reprocessing plants, UAVs etc. and research and development labs.

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      i hope its impossible to intercept, because israel has the arrow and iron dome systems, and davids sling? or something

      • Concrete Mike

        I dont think there that good…patriots are junk…

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    A good way to replenish, guns and ammo.

  • Merijn

    Give them Houthis Mo’ ATGMs….and these Wahhabi-Terrorists will be Completely Obliterated…One Shot….Many Salafi-Takfiri-Wahhabis Gone to Hell….

    • Rob

      Today Saudi did airstrike on a school bus carrying children in Yemen, killed 20.

      The actions of ISIS, Israel, US and Saudis are clear proofs that they are child butchers, abductors, harassers and plunderers.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Houthis,zionist exterminators.

  • FlorianGeyer

    The strategy and tactics employed by the Houthis will be analysed for many decades to come .

    How to combat an invader that has massive firepower with irregular light infantry will be the ruin of the US Coalition of Terror :)

    • Selbstdenker

      Asynchronous warfare was the key against the French in Vietnam at Dien Bien Phu as well as against the Americans through the Vietnam war. The invader is alsways on the loosing side when invading a country without bombing it to smithereens before (Germany)

      • I beg to differ about Dien Bien Phu. The Viet Minh victory there was based on synchronous warfare, i.e. massing overwhelming artillery above a stationary strong point that the French were able to take, but not hold. Overall war strategy of the Viet Minh was asynchronous and was certainly successful. In that one pivotal battle though it was superior firepower and logistics that were the key.

        • S Melanson

          Correct. The military equipment, including heavy weaponry left behind by the Japanese after their surrender to the allies was swooped up by indigenous insurgents that would turn their attention to the returning French. I believe this is why they could amass sufficient artillery against Dien Bien Phu.

          • Along with the determination to haul the artillery through the mountains and jungles by brute force!

          • Concrete Mike

            That must have been a hell of a job hauling those big guns through that…just amazing.

          • The heat, humidity, bugs and snakes must have taken an enormous toll on the laborers. Patriotic zeal and hardnosed leadership got it done anyway.

          • I recently read about Japanese occupation troops in Indonesia joining with Indonesia’s rebels fighting against Dutch re-occupation after the WW2 surrender. I wonder if any were active advising Viet Minh after 1945?

          • S Melanson

            I was not aware of that. Do you have a link? I do know the insurgent leader Ho Chi Minh had ties with the Communist forces in China and got considerable assistance after 1949 when the communists won over the nationalists. This assistance I failed to mention as also playing a role at Dien Bien Phu.

            Now if the Japanese helped the Vietnam Minh, that would be interesting given the hatred between China and Japan.

          • I’ve forgotten where I read the article, but Wikipedia has some links under the Japanese Occupation of Indonesia page. Taking a quick glance at the War in Vietnam 1945-1946 page it shows that Japanese troops fought alongside UK and French troops rather than against them.

          • S Melanson


      • I believe the word “asymmetrical” is more accurate in your context. “Asynchronous” literally means not contemporary, whereas asymmetrical means not of equivalent size or volume.

  • occupybacon

    This are the real anti-terrorist fighters. Hope they take Mecca and Riyadh

    • Concrete Mike

      Now your talking, burn these pompous saudi bitchasses

  • The Houthis have great Esprit de Corps. These guys are flat out having fun. Wahhabistan’s mercenary puppet Orcs are in a World of Shit!

  • Jamie9260

    This will go on forever unless a western government steps in and helps the Saudis they are too weak and have no heart.

    • as

      There are no longer boots on the ground from the west that can safely guaranteed to return to their country origin in these kinds of highly enhanced battlefield. Their own fault.
      They flooded in the weapons and training.

    • Concrete Mike

      Fuxk the saudis, yemen is their grave

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    hahah so awesome :)))