In Videos: Houthi Forces Hunt Down Saudi-Backed Fighters In Yemen

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In Videos: Houthi Forces Hunt Down Saudi-Backed Fighters In Yemen 4.7272727272727 out of 5 based on 11 ratings. 11 user reviews.

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A new batch of combat footage showing operations of the Houthis against Saudi-backed forces across Yemen.


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Pave Way IV

I can’t even see these videos for some reason, but I know they’ll show those crazy Houthi bastards kicking Wahhabi ass once again.

The CENTCOM-supported Houthi aerial genocide was and is a God damn failure. I hope the Houthis stop by Riyadh to have a quick chat with the al Sauds.


I would like it better if Saudi Arabia cut the US loose, and began to be better actors in their own region, like they seemed to be leaning towards before Israel and the US committed war crimes in Iraq in January.

Pave Way IV

They can’t – the Saudi government is absolutely broke, just like the Emirates and Qatar. They’re all screwed. The best the al Sauds can hope for today is to flee to London with their gold and their lives before their slowly-starving Wahhabi subjects chimp out in Riyadh and start looking for some heads to chop. That place is going to be absolute head-chopper hell by next year.

Jim Allen

Correct the Headcutters can’t cut ties to the West. Their debt to the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal, stops this. The bigger reason is, the Headcutters are Zionist Khazars, Atheists pretending to be pretending to be Arab, and Wahabbis hiding in plain sight. Headcutters answer to the same masters of Israel, The Vatican, US Government, United Nations,, NATO, answer to, The City of London.


Well stated sir.


Yeah… The US really takes care of its allies, until they’re broke, then they move on like a plague. Hopefully the world is watching this Iran/Venezuela situation, because America has no legal reasons to intervene… Are they dumb enough to do anything? Unfortunately, yes… Unchecked arrogance clouds the mind and the vision, and if Europe can’t stand up to them now, it’s WWIII


Could be the oil war is a reaction to the plandemic – a desperate play to shore up their fast-evaporating fortunes


And a collapsing fiat currency, as the US went bankrupt economically in 1971, and have been morally bankrupt for most (If not all) of its short existence.

Phyuck Yiu

Yeah, I downloaded the raw video data and its an audio only mp4 file.

Daily Beatings

No they’re videos, but poor quality. Use the plugin Video DownloadHelper. They also have it for Firefox.

Bill Proffin

As per @dailybeatings:disqus’s comment, while these videos do play when downloaded and played in VLC, they don’t in Chrome or Chrome based browsers (at least current versions, maybe further back). Given that there is a video track, I imagine there is something about the way they’ve been encoded that prevents this.

I’m not sure if you folks would have done something to post-process these, or if they’re straight from the Houthi media office, but tweaks to ensure that they can be played on Chrome would be wise. The ffmpeg/libav versions used to process these seem to be from a couple months back, perhaps there was a bug in that version? Happy to lend a hand in troubleshooting if it would be helpful.

Regardless, very heartening videos, greatly enjoyed them. Allah is Great, death to…

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