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In Videos: Hamas’ Military Wing Launched At Least 2 Long-Range Missiles At Tel Aviv


In Videos: Hamas' Military Wing Launched At Least 2 Long-Range Missiles At Tel Aviv

A screenshot from the video

On March 14, a military wing of the Palestinian movement Hamas, Islamic Jihad, launched at least 2 long-range missiles at Tel Aviv. According to reports, one of the missiles was intercepted by the Iron Dome system. The second one reportedly exploded over the Gush Dan area near the coast.



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  • Saddam Hussein

    Fake news. Hamas and Islamic Jihaad have denied their involvement. It might be an election tactic from Netanyahu to bomb Gaza. Also, if an unknown Palestinian resistance group managed to bomb occupied Tel Aviv, they exposed the iron dome meme yet again with 100% failure rate.

  • Manofjustice

    100% fake, all the Palestinian resistance movement denied their involvement in the launch of those missiles.

    • PZIVJ

      The video appears to be 2 iron dome missiles detonating and nothing more.
      Perhaps they where targeting a false flag round or just time for a test fire?
      Good to make the voters fell threatened :)

  • iosongasingsing

    Israel is a Nazi regime with state law establishing the Jewish racist system, the leftist party denouncing the state of apartheid and the Arab party condemning the targeted killings of the Palestinians were excluded from the elections. The right-wing religious parties, fanatical Talmudists who pursue the physical annihilation of the non-Jewish people of Israel as if they were amalecites, can instead present themselves. Hitler says Ofer Kasif, a Jew excluded from the elections, would be like one of them, in fact he was helped by the Zionists. It is this truth that Zionist Jews abhor as “anti-Semitism” that does not exist, if anything, is anti-Judaism.

  • Sinbad2

    What would Hamas achieve by doing this?
    This is just a typical Israeli lie, and it’s obvious to most thinking people.
    However the Israeli Government thinks the schmucks that vote for them are stupid enough to believe it, and they would know their voters.

  • Emanual Macron

    FAKE!!!!! we are all retarded here so we cannot process any truth. Stop reporting truths you fuckers

    • H Eccles

      no, it’s just you that’s retarded..

  • verner

    good do it again and again and again till the point that the squatters just decide to up and leave. they, the squatters are a) not needed and b) not missed when gone missing. so again and again and again and, like the squatters, aim for women and children. that hurts the most and given the squatters proclivity to target women and children and kids (and using snipers) it a suitable tit for tat! unless of course hamas can have a few of pakistan’s nukes of course.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Israels paid stooges inside of Gaza launched these attacks to blame on the Palestinian people.
    Israel fake-bombs themselves, then claims right to real-bomb Goyims.The Goyims know.

  • Tchoutoye

    What a God-send. Just in time to distract from Bibi’s corruption scandal and save his prospects of re-election.