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In Videos: First Day Of CSTO Operation In Kazakhstan

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As of January 6, mass clashes continued in the cities of Kazakhstan. Last night, military entered the city of Almaty.

In early hours on January 6, the Kazakh military on armored vehicles took the armed rioters in a ring in the center of Almaty. A shootout was reported on the square.

The police in Almaty reported that rioters attempted to storm the building of the department at night. As a result, dozens of attackers were eliminated.

According to the official reports, 12 law enforcement officers were killed during clashes in Almaty. 353 employees were injured.

At night, a body of a unidentified decapitated man was found in the city.

The exact number of victims among the civilians is yet to be revealed. According to the footage shared online, a big number of citizens were killed during the clashes by armed protesters as well as by members of local gangs.

Protesters in Almaty are now surrounding hospitals. They do not let patients and medical staff to enter. Clashes with the police broke out near the 7th city hospital.

The work of all financial institutions in Almaty, namely second-tier banks and the Kazakh Stock Exchange, has been suspended. The decision was made following the failure of the Internet, as well as in order to ensure the safety of employees.

Local sources cited witnesses claiming that there are no ”usual citizens” on the streets in Almaty, people are staying at home. There is allegedly a crowd of young looters on the streets, mainly migrants, who are coordinated by ”armed people in black SUVs in camouflage.”

According to the CSTO’s official comment, the situation in Kazakhstan is considered as an invasion of gangs trained from abroad.

In order to contain the armed crowds, the advanced units of the CSTO contingent are already deployed in Kazakhstan.

The Collective Security Council of the CSTO decided to send the Collective peacekeeping forces to the Republic of Kazakhstan, following an appeal from President Tokayev. The CSTO peacekeeping forces are deployed for a limited period of time in order to stabilize and normalize the situation in the country.

Tajikistan claimed its readiness to take part in the CSTO operation to assist Kazakhstan.

Footage of the departure of Russian peacekeepers to Kazakhstan was released by Zvezda TV.

Russian An-124 and IL-76TD were spotted flying to Kazakhstan on January 6. More aircraft at Russian Chkalovsky airfield are loaded and are ready for the departure. In total, at least 10 IL-76 and 3 AN-124 are reportedly involved in the CSTO operation.

In Videos: First Day Of CSTO Operation In Kazakhstan

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So they literally need military force to putdown a revolt? Imagine what could have been done to avoid it. It wouldn’t be the first time. Oh but America is at fault, sooo powerful yet weak at the same time… I don’t get it, and no I don’t like NATO either. However in Russia freedom of speech is somehow worse than it is in the EU, China is more oppressive too in suppressing dissent. The west is trying to implement similar digital totalitarianism with the Covid Plandemic in preparation for the World Economic Forum’s Global Reset, I see the Protocols of Zion predicted what’s to come and everything in between.


Since reports are that these gangs are killing civilians and police, it doesn’t take much imagination to see this is a repeat of Ukraine. They are using the very same in the US, except most are to polarized to see it. BLM began as a grass roots org, that was quickly picked up and radicalized by provocateurs. This has been happening in the US since 1999 at the very least and the MSM keeps the lie alive. When provocateurs were captured by demonstrators, they were handed over to police. They turned out to be out of state police. The story vanished, never to be heard again. The very same with idiot Trump and his deluded followers that hate Soros, Trump’s long time friend and business partner. Funny how some of those at the Jan 6 event were also present at BLM riots as well as Trump rallies. The US was also in bed with KSA when they tried this in Chechnya. Do I even have to mention the other party, who owns both?

jens holm

Thats a typical comment. Not a single word about how things actually are i Kasakstand as well as you are an expert in West, EU, Nato, USA and zionists.

There is not a single line for how and why USSR collapsed themself as well as how bad old days traditions are kept as gold and diamonts in a museum.

People do demonstrate if they have no food and no fuel. Thats no uprise. Its no suddenly as well. Almost all problems grow, if You as Goverment not even try to take care about it.

By that many Kasakstanis might se the glass as more then full bacuse many other jobs for a Goverment has not been solved.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

You are a pathetic troll.
EU and the U.S. is more opressive than Ru or China.
U.S. has more people in prison than Ru and China combined.
U.S. is weak, a crumbling empire thats why its dangerous.
You don’t need that much money and assets to start a revolution in a second world country.

jens holm

Kasakstan is no second world country at all. You are.


“Kasakstan is no second world country at all. You are.”

What age are you? 5? That was the most childish insult ever.

jens holm

Thats no insult. Facts are Kasakstan is about number 86 at the GDP pr inhabitant which makes them to no second world country at all.

Thats where the insult is ranking Yourself as second knowledge level. I didnt. You did. Again.

Washington DCorruption

No you don’t get it, because you are a moron. When a few hillbillies dressed as Indians entered Senate, US police crushed their “insurrection”, 5 people were killed, police shot an unarmed woman for no reason, then they sent the Army/NG, 50.000 soldiers occupied Washington for weeks! They even erected fences around the city, literally turned into a fortress. All “domestic terrorists” were arrested and brutally prosecuted. They are still obsessed with this imaginary “insurrection”, no one in America even dares to protest any more, especially not Trump. Last time there were more FBI agents than protesters. And these in Kazakhstan are not weak Murican gays like you, these are lunatics and jihadists who cut off heads for fun. So yeah, they need military force. You know anything about ‘freedom of speech in Russia’ except parroting imbecilic CNN mantras; as we can see here they tolerate your idiotic spamming, why don’t you try it on BBCNNDW? Because you will be perma banned and removed in 0,2 seconds, you pathetic dumb troll.

Last edited 12 days ago by Washington DCorruption
jens holm

We see Russian TV. The leaders there are barking mad.

Its not Our mistake You only see CNN and the rest of Our many medias.

CIA bot

The only thing you see is Joe Bidens azzhole – it’s directly in front your face. Keep sucking it instead of barking here dumb danish poodle b*tch.

jens holm

Im sure its cleaner then Yours and makes less gas as well as smoke:)

pens holm

It must be clean when you lick it all day long, every day… makes less gas? You mean he farts a lot in your face?


Our globalists just want to place some rockets in Kazakhstan to “protect” Russia… O, next is Mongolia…

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

They will fail as usual.
The glory days are iver for the U.S.
Now its one defeat after the other.

jens holm

Your idiotisme contnue. This is not only USA but also EU, China, Japan and many others.

I see problems for the world economy. They are not in USA only. So far USA is number 9 in GDP pr capaita for the world and by that also can decline from a very high level.

Go and buy You an empty hose in China. Thats were the next big problems are, if they are not sold.

Liberal guy

Another regime change by the zios which will fail as usual

jens holm

So are Kasakstan runned by jews today or are those demonstraters runned by the jews – or two kinds of jews?

According to Yourself it would be very strange if those zionists wasnt leaders there today.

The Leader today kindly assisted by Putin seemes to behave like Netanayho. “shoot away those criminals and gangs…”.

Ivan Petrov

You forgot Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. They probably will be before Mongolia.

jens holm

I dont see those to be armed. I see them as markets, where the rest of the world now can integrate and raise their livingstandards if they produce. Thye hardly did in the USSR.

They are easy to see. Russia and USSR stole those emirates and sultanats by military forces step by step by militaries building fortres and attaclines.

Thats exact the same for Caucasus as well as Western Europe all the way to west of Berlin. By the way the Krimera Khanat was taken by hard figtings too.

jens holm

I see none of that. I see we wish them to devellop well by better economy and social systems being more semilar to ours.

They cant buy Our stuff and vice versa if they dont produce. None should live in neocolonialisme there anymore.

Its normal relations for the rest of the world not being handcuffed in dayly life decided by some nasty big brother. They are not demanded to but asked as well as being an investment both ways.

jens holm

As usual we see the Russian – Arabaic Autopilot for everything. None is their fault and nothing has to be changes unless it can be changed back by bajonets and fear.

They are raised like Pavlov dogs but tricked as. There are no rewards.

West has nothing to do with this at all but again and again are used as excused for the homemade missery.

Washington DCorruption

As usual we can see your moronic gibberish, utterly stupid and worthless as always. So as usual I’ll just quickly down vote it and ignore it…

jens holm

Thats right.

I often tell about the versions and facts people in a narrowminded closed world are unaware of of being kept away from the rest of us.

I see both sides or actually many.

Its only worthless for You, because You are a no learner. Im a learner and by that fight my enemies better, because I know.

Knowledge is power.


“West has nothing to do with this at all but again and again are used as excused for the homemade missery.”

Suuuure! Like ordinary protesters are constructing IDE’s, dropping off weapons from unmarked cars and beheading police officers over the price of fuel you deluded moron.

jens holm

In which country? Links pls. Who controls the medias in Kasakstan? Which countries are supporting them in those media stunts as well ? Who closed the Internet?

This is not about fuel. Its about the glass was filled and the fuel was the final spillover. Thats what happen when You dont make sober solutions by sober initiatives and show sober Leadership.

Why should russians go there and able to be that fast? The kasaks has 80.000 soldiers themself.

I could be wrong but my best guess is, thatv the extreme violent ones are criminals paid by the Russians. We/I/The ones having sober cameras in Belarus observed exact same things done by small very violent groups. They were the excuse for the non Presidential acting.

And the whole Belarus army was send to the Polish border, so they could not join and protect the peacefull protesters and make the very needed change from Regime to sober governess supported by a majority of the population.

Thats the how about it.

jens holm

Kasakstan has about 80.000 soldiers in their miliatry forces, but not a single one here wonder why Russia has to invade.

Its exact the same reasons as for Belarus. No needed reforms are allowed.

Most likely the violent riots are Russian bought local criminal provocing agents.

jens holm

Sorry 3 little barking sheep. It only was 67.543,5. One female soldier was pregnant.

pens holm

Story from Danish brothel: jens and 3 barking sheep. One of them is his mother.

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