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In Videos: Europe On Fire. Clashes With Police Reported In France, England, Poland

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On November 28, demonstrations were held in various European countries. While the French are fighting a new law project, people in London are protesting against restrictions related to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, mass demonstrations against the abortion ban resumed in Poland.

The demonstrations turned into fierce clashes with police in France where people protest a “Global security” bill that imposes a ban on redistributing images in which police officers or gendarmes can be identified.

Protesters claim that this law undermines the principles of a free press and will increase police violence.

About 46 thousand people reportedly took part in the demonstration in Paris, in Lyon – 7.5 thousand people, in Bordeaux – 6 thousand, in Strasbourg-1.5 thousand, in Lille-1.4 thousand. Protests were held in 70 French cities.

Heavy clashes took place in the capital, where several cars, cafes, newsstands and garbage cans were burned.

Police used tear gas and water cannons to restore order.

According to the interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, 37 police officers and gendarmes have been injured during the demonstrations, so far. He once again condemned the unacceptable violence against the police.

Consideration of the bill began in the lower house of Parliament on November 18. Immediately after the discussions began, the first protests were held in Paris.

At the same time, anti-lockdown protests continue for several weeks  in London.

More that 60 people were reportedly arrested during the protests. The protests were generally held by The group Save Our Rights UK.

Some protesters were dressed in Christmas costumes, shouting “All I want for Christmas is my freedom back”.

Meanwhile, crowds turned out to protest in the Polish capital Warsaw. Again.

People are fighting against the court’s decision to ban almost all abortions, which was adopted on October 22 and immediately provoked the largest demonstrations in Poland in recent decades.


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Tommy Jensen

America won again!


This soros protest will definetaly hinder condom sales:

Kenny Jones ™

Soros virus isn’t working anymore the people are rising up which I support

raymond daubney

I support it too, but 60 protesters is hardly an uprising.

Vox Populi

Some of the smarter can see the Zionist agenda of scaremongering and a brutal fascist police state. However, the majority and almost all dumbed down Anglos have bought into Soros and Jew global agenda, which the midget Macron exemplifies.


Tipical Putinist ass licker.


Nope,I live in the commonwealth born n bred and respect constituates unlike you toy boys of the 4th reight sect,so much for preverted doctrine,oh yeah and all pro incerst commonwealth traitors going down,including the royal bank of england who let soros get away with stealing from the peoples as for asslicker,id take you boith on any day (period)
3 seconds flat,knowing too well putin snap both wrists,heterosexual hating fascist p00ftrr!


Learn to use a keypad


Respect for the French protestors, I hope they win and Macron ends under guilotine.

Ivan Freely

Rope. Economical, versatile and less messy.

raymond daubney

The old fashioned strangulation rope is even better. I have never heard of anyone coming back to complain about it.

Vox Populi

The Goldman Sachs midget Macron is pushing a brutal police state agenda, the French are not as brainwashed as the monarchist Anglo’s who have bought the Zionist fascism hook like and sinker. Covid, covid, covid.


khazar neo-liberal pro murder spawn of incests nor fascism nor lgbtq has any future with or without micron,soros,eu-epp,banderias,gaytos,odummers,bidens,zogs or suicides:

Jens Holm

Europe is not on fire. We are 500 mio inhabitants. Sue things here and there is not nice at all.

Fog of War

The only difference here is that the protests in Poland are a full blown Soros operation. Nothing to support or cheer about.

Jens Holm

Well, actually Soros then are supported by 27 member states and the constitution of EU toocomment image

Fog of War

Who controls the EU then ? You cant be that stupid can you ?

Jens Holm

I do.

Porc Halal

Yes, he can (be that stupid) … however, he recogized already … at least he’s sicere…

Jihadi Colin

None of these will achieve a thing. How many of these regimes are not controlled by the Sorosistanis? What do Sorosistanis care about people?

Vox Populi

The Anglo puppets in particular are totally subservient, just look at the blind compliance in Australia, Canada and NZ colonies. The Brits are used to slavery, their Rothschild monarchy is a case in point.


Rothchilds ain’t monarchy fkhed like german colony fkn derr khazar shill!


Everything is fine in Europe. I understand why SF writes these articles but don’t be so obvious. Just cuz censored on few platforms doesn’t mean a need to take off the mask and go full berserk. Keep pretending, maybe the patron will lend another helping hand.
But in any case keep hydrated, water is in shortage these days.

Potato Man

LMFAO European spring uprising…

Vox Populi

Eurosheeple are waking up to Zionist agenda of a fake pandemic to create a global police state on the Palestine model.


This is just warming up for what is really coming. Like real, war like looking riots.

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