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In Videos: Drone Look At Syria’s Khan Shaykhun


Drone videos show the current situation in Khan Shaykhun amid circulating reports that militants are withdrawing from the area.




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  • Hasbara Hunter


    • russ

      Syria and Russia are herding the rats into smaller and smaller rat holes. I am looking forward to the day where they start the rat hunt… It will be like one of those videos of Scottish bogs and hunting the rats with dogs when the farmer digs them out with pitchforks… I hope they make videos of it.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Rats will start to eat eachother when you put a lot in a small cage….

        • russ

          The biblical Israelites were literally eating their young during the siege by Rome in 70+ AD. These modern Khazarian phonies are even more narcissistic than them. If they start eating each other I hope they take selfies…

    • Icarus Tanović

      Seem like we have many things in common…

      • Hasbara Hunter

        One thing for sure and that is:
        Common Sense Thinkin’….💡

        • Icarus Tanović

          That is for sure. Anyways, thanks. 😃

  • Kire Stojanovski

    It seems like it isn’t much damaged of bombing, but I find it a bit strange how much desolate it looks. It looks like it has been abandoned by any people decades ago.

    • Redadmiral

      My thoughts exactly, not as much as a rat scurrying along a back lane.

  • Anthony Paul Mapes

    Even during the worst fighting in Aleppo people still went about there business, either the militants have the place under the strictest martial law or its abandoned!
    Will be a hard slog with urban warfare in any case.

  • Andrei

    Run rats run
    You can run but you can’t hide forever
    Extermination of rats terrorists

  • Hide Behind

    Never did the #s of terrorist exceed the forces of Government, nor were the terrorist always looked upon unfavorably by vast #s of city and urban populations.
    Many men of fighting age decided to run and fight for passage into the arms of nations that were participating in
    destroying Syria.
    Leaving elderly men women and child relatives behind to fend for themselves, so that survival by any means by those left behind was that of people without a common will and could see nothing of hope in future.
    The barbarity of those the UAE Saudi, Jordan, US/Israel and NATO supported demands compliance or else, but in turn fear drives people to limit contact to all but essential day to day needs, food and water, and lack of social contacts outside of family and friends, and even they could not be fully trusted, so staying out of sight and out of mind is a great survival tactic.
    And no matter the severity of terrorist groups there are always they who survive by aiding their oppressors, no small numbers can actually take and controll such a huge population of a city this size without local collaborators.
    There can be no guilt associated by those who are forced to live under or for tyrannical regimes for both survive by whatever opportunity available, nor for.those who ran for europe, survival has many routes.
    Todays multi generations of largely white Eurocentric nationality that rule this world are either deliberately ignorant or else completely ignorant of what it takes to survive against an enemy that uses warfare, and chaos to hold subjects at bay.
    One should not see peoples activities that we of Eurocentric ruled nations take for granted, shopping, partying, drinking espresso whilst texting or game playing on phones or laptops, children playing soccer or spoiled adults acting like children at sporting events and dashing around town in autos or aboard public transport, activities enjoyed by those who ran from conflict.
    A darkness that weighs heavily and oppresively upon the heart and soul of defeated peoples, unknown to those who pay the terrorist who have no soul.

  • Icarus Tanović

    Pretty big city, and nice looking too. Looks like pigs, rats and filthy dogs have run away.