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In Videos: Coordinated Chaos In Kazakhstan

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In Videos: Coordinated Chaos In Kazakhstan

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You can read this article in German: LINK

Protests in Qazaqstan, which broke out on January 2, escalated into mass clashes with law enforcement forces. The protesters use batons, cold weapons and explosive packages. Turmoils that started in the south and west of the country are spreading over other cities. State of emergency was introduced in Nur-Sultan, Alma-Ata, Mangistau region. On January 5, the use of firearms was reported.

According to the latest data, more than 200 police officers and more than 100 civilians have already been injured. Only in Alma-Ata, the largest city in Qazaqstan, 190 people went to health institutions, 150 of them were transported via ambulance. There are at least 7 victims in critical condition in the intensive care units, 4 of them are police officers.

“More than 500 civilians were beaten, including 130 women and old people. As a result of their illegal actions, over 120 vehicles were burned, including 33 police cars, ambulance crews, fire trucks” the head of the Almaty police department said.

According to incoming data, the Mayor’s Office of Almaty has been captured and set on fire. The building of the regional prosecutor’s office in the city is on fire too.

In Almaty, pogroms began amid the protests. About 400 cafes, shops and offices were looted.

Shouts of ‘Allahu Akbar’ are heard in the crowds.

Police are forbidden to use force. The protesters are well coordinated and equipped. Videos shared online show that street surveillance cameras are being purposefully destroyed. Dozens of cars, including military trucks, were burned. In Almaty, protesters seized police special equipment, including military trucks

Apparently, some of the security forces joined the protesters.

On the night of January 5, president Tokayev resigned the entire government.

The behavior of President Tokayev and his office is surprising. The protests were likely directed by concerned persons from Tokayev’s entourage in order to completely remove the former President of Qazaqstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, from power. He now holds the post of “Leader of the Nation”, i.e. a kind of final political instance. Earlier in 2021, Nazarbayev left several key posts, which he continued to hold after he left the post of the president of Qazaqstan. So far his team has held a number of key positions in the state, including in the power unit.

The efforts of some Qazaq elites were immediately joined by pro-Western forces that organize the coordination of the protests from the territory of Ukraine and Europe. Their formal leader seems to be the fugitive Qazaq oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov.

In Videos: Coordinated Chaos In Kazakhstan

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Prominent member of opposition with a corruption and criminal trail Mukhtar Ablyazov calls on the protesters to coordinate their actions with the remote headquarters located in Ukraine: +380 is the international code of Ukraine, and 50 and 99 are the codes of the Ukrainian Vodafone mobile provider. The publication reads:

“We call to coordinate actions on the protest the change of the Nazarbayev’s regime. You have to contact the headquarters of the DVK (Democratic choice of Qazaqstan, political party founded by Ablyazov and coordinated by foreign services)”


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It seems familiar. We have witnessed such level of coordination in 2009 and again a few years ago. When in a country there’s someone who says the final word and he’s not favoured by the empire these things bound to happen, seemingly out of nowhere and an excuse (like a price increase) is enough. I’m sure the increase in gas prices will affect a lot of ordinary people, but this reaction is not what a genuine protest warrants. And an increase in fuel prices (even with huge subsidiaries) has to come slow, incremental and in the span of 5 years to a decade, not overnight. I wonder if the same scenario like Iran happened there (Rouhani admin denied increase in gasoline prices for a year, denied it a night before and suddenly increased the next day, resulting in genuine protests hijacked by coordinated riots. Luckily the result was the destruction of years of planning and networking by west, but the price was high.

In addition to that, like in similar situations the west moved too quickly. Kazakhstan is an important country in the central Asia and with huge hydrocarbon reserve is too delicious to be left alone. Not to mention the negative of it joining the Empire on China, Russia and Iran (as one of five Caspian sea loitering nations)

I’d take a look on the stance of Turkey.in this regard as it will confirm beyond any doubt what is going on. I hope relevant Kazakh authorities ask us for consultation and do it quickly. Nothing beats first hand experience.

Chris Gr

Do you support Rouhani or Raisi?




Kazakhstan is also a keystone country on the Belt and Road Initiative connecting Russia and China through the main route. Almaty is the ‘gateway’ city to the BRI coming in from China.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Was Victoria”cookie monster” Nuland in vicinity?


Here is a report form 2016 were Nazarbayev warned of a western backed colour revolution;


Many other reports called him “paranoid”, he isn’t so paranoid now!

Ted Gunderson Former FBI Chief – Most Terror Attacks Are Committed By Our CIA And FBI;


Simon Ndiritu

I projected accelerated regime change campaigns in 2022, someone even insulted me for it but…



Kazakhstan is incredibly important, a huge country between Russia and China, the center of Eurasia. I’ve been saying this for years, it is even more strategically problematic for Russia than Ukraine. Perfect target for CIA Maidan-style revolution, although I doubt Russia OR China will allow that.

Last edited 1 year ago by revoluCIA
Icarus Tanović

Of course they won’t.


The Jews and the CIA are behind it, as the conspiracy theorists at SF would say LMAO


they are certainly behind you, taking turns on your bvtt LMAO

Camilo Ribeirinha

USA invading all countries bordering Russia.The encirclement seems obvious.

Ivan Freely

Placement of US military bases over the years should have been obvious to many.

Chris Gr

Iran is encircling Saudi Arabia also…


Lol putin expected action in Ukraine but it happened on the opposite side lol


and he still managed to eliminate it….

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