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In Videos: Active Street Firefight In New Jersey City. Casualties Reported


UPDATE: Reuters reported  that 6 people dead as a result of the shooting: 2 gunmen and a police officer and 3 civilians.


At least 3 police officers and 2 civilians were injured in an active street firefight iin New Jersey City. Firefights between police and suspect (or suspects) have been reported around the Bay View Cemetery and New Jersey City University. A single suspect was reportedly shot in the firefight.

The cause of the incident remains unclear. The situation is developing.



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  • Ed

    Just another day in the US. Does anyone really care anymore?

    • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

      no, we cant do much about it even if we did

    • Jake321

      Your Chechen days were not long ago, Igor. And similar days are likely to come again as Putz Putin’s RF goes down the economic tubes thanks to new US sanctions in the works.

      • Bob

        US sanctions don’t work – decades later, still haven’t caused regime change in Russia, Syria, Iran,Venezuela, China, Cuba etc. Economic sanctions are tool of warfare – but one that targets civilians – especially children and the elderly – who need nutrition and medicine. Still so full of pride?

        • Jake321

          You want to live like the North Koreans under Putz Putin? Fine with me. That is what is on the way for you once we get rid of Traitor Trump and new draconian sanctions are applied.

      • Tudor Miron

        Yeah, US tried hard to organize terrorist insurgency in Chechen Republic but in the end they failed utterly. Now Chechnia is thriving within Russian Federation. Regarding us sanctions – “Russian economy is in shambles”(c) Obama.

        • Jake321

          The South will not raise again in the US. But you damn well know that your large Muslim population and their Republics will raise again and again until the RF goes the way of your thankfully dead Russian Soviet Union.

          • Tudor Miron

            Keep dreaming little zio :) For now you should watch how your master’s plans failed in Syria. Enjoy.

      • Rhodium 10

        US sanctions are nothing!..Ask to Nordstream or Power of Siberia!…now there is another economic superpower ally of Russia = China!

        • Jake321

          LOL…China’s your ally? Hey, Igor, you are a mouse compared to the Chinese economic elephant. One step or one crap by them and you’re finished. All the US has to do is make a deal with them that if they help bankrupt Putz Putin’s RF Siberia is theirs after the RF goes the way of Russian Soviet Union. And good riddance to you.

          • Rhodium 10

            China is not a military nuclear superpower..they have the same nuclear warheads that Israel…so dont worry!..China need Russian airspace, artic route, caspian route and railways route….because the main enemy of China is USA..and USA can block China merchant ships in Indian ocean and pacific

          • Jake321

            And all those nukes didn’t keep your Russian Soviet Union from thankfully being dumped into the dustbin of history for mostly economic reasons. Again, when the same happens to Putz Putin’s Residual RF, China gets first call on Siberia, which they have wanted for centuries.

          • Rhodium 10

            Russian nuclear power wipe off all USA, Israel and EU countries at the same time..it is called 3 in 1 strike!

    • viktor ziv

      This are no news anymore.

  • Pave Way IV

    What? No Blackhawks, miniguns or Hellfire missiles? What the hell kind of pansy counter-insurgency op do you call that? Dangerous little people need to be taught to respect jackboots authority or you end up having to Fallujah the whole neighborhood to neutralize the perps. A few civilian casualties are inevitable… that’s the way we roll in Jerseystan.

  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    bing bong bang

  • Davki

    American spirit…

  • LR captain

    wait for MSM to say that this is Iran’s fault

    • Icarus Tanović

      I almost laughed. Yes, that’s right.