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In Video: US Troops Continue Withdrawal From Sarin Base In Northeastern Syria

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In Video: US Troops Continue Withdrawal From Sarin Base In Northeastern Syria

A screenshot from the video

US fores have continued withdrawal from their Sarin base in northeastern Syria. The facility is located in about 25km south of the border town of Kabani and has been one of the biggest US military facilities in this part of Syria.

Commenting on the situation in the area, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said that the withdrawal from the Kobane District of Syria will take “another week or so” to complete. He recalled that about 600 US troops will remain in Syria even after the US withdrawal from the war-torn country.

“We are still partners of the SDF. We continue to help them,” he continued.

US President Donald Trump was more precise, when he commented on the reasons why the US remained in Syria recently:

“We’re keeping the oil, we have the oil, the oil is secure, we left troops behind only for the oil,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the White House.


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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“…we left troops behind only for the oil..” so Dump admits he lied when just a few days/week back he said that the US will stay to protect against ISIS? Nothing to do with the Syrian people, protecting Iraqi north, maintain peace and calm or supporting their “allies” or any other BS?


sarin base – interesting but the dumber than dumb yanks can’t really expect to hold even the most miniscule oilfield for any lengthy period of time which begs the question, why are they still in the northeast since it is clear to all and sundry that turkey and syria never will allow even the most miniscule kurdish statelet in syria, however much the squatters dream of a partition of syria in three, one for the jews, one for whomever and one for the dumber than most, the kurds. ain’t gonna happen!

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