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In Video: US Military Convoy Blown Up In Iraq Marking Deadline For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops From The Country

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On December 31, the Ashab Al-Kahf resistance group attacked a US logistical convoy in Iraq. Video showing the attack, which was carried out in Dhi Qar province, was released immediately.

This was for the first time that an Iraqi resistance groups have used a Soviet-made rocket-propelled grenade launcher RPG-29 against a U.S. convoy.

Ashab Al-Kahf claimed that the highway to southern Iraq is part of the Islamic Resistance operation area and that any convoy belonging to the United States will be targeted.

In Video: US Military Convoy Blown Up In Iraq Marking Deadline For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops From The Country

Click to see full-size image

In Video: US Military Convoy Blown Up In Iraq Marking Deadline For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops From The Country

Click to see full-size image

In Video: US Military Convoy Blown Up In Iraq Marking Deadline For Withdrawal Of Foreign Troops From The Country

Click to see full-size image

Forces of the Iraqi Resistance vowed to launch large attacks against the US-led coalition if all foreign troops do not withdraw from Iraq before the end of December 31.

Last July, the US and Iraq reached an agreement that should see the withdrawal of all American “combat forces” from the country before the end of 2021. As a result, in September, the U.S. military ended its combat mission in Iraq, but the troops remained, gaining a training and advisory role. About 2,500 foreign service members are still in Iraq to advise and assist Iraqi security forces.

Iran’s allies and so-called “resistance forces,” who carried out dozens of attacks on US-led coalition bases and supply convoys in the last few months, rejected this approach and demanded a complete withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.

Since the deadline for their ultimatum has expired, an increase in the number of attacks on foreign troops in Syria and Iraq should be expected in the nearest future.


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Good job, soon enough America will have less and less bases in the ME

Chris Gr

But will these Shias be moderate?


Depends what you call moderate,and what business is it of anyone but Iraqis?

Chris Gr

Those fanatical Shias are oppressing Christians.

Simon Ndiritu

Why do you care whether a group thousands of miles away from you home is moderate yet not whether the empire that gave Tony Blair an award for killing Iraqis is mentally sound?

Chris Gr

I don’t support Blair. Actually, the Americans helped those radical Shias.


There is some truth to that. Remember Patraues and the CIA were key players in causing the manifestation of terrorist groups. After they disbanded the Iraqi Army of course. ISIS resulted in that and other groups that can now act as a proxy for state governments.

jens holm

Its from WW1, where the winners took the Turkish Oilcompany which was situated in, what was NOT IRAQ.

Thats the whoe base for why so many oilcompanies are the from finding to transport from there. You shouæld see the Brittish zone. Thats Kirkuk. It also is affiliated by traditionel help for production in the Kaucasus(good relations to Azarbaidian and Georgia).

And Your thousens of miles away is living in the old days. I he or I far away has faster internet connection then You, we get and send the information before You too.

Anyu can Skype in realtime as well.

Im sure Blair is responsabile too. As often the local always are innocent. Saddam didnt invade Iran. Saddam didnt invade Kuwaus. Saddam didnt nake threats at Israel by a supercanon and several other things. Saddams didnt attack Israel.

And Saddam of course wasnt involved in who should have the oil or the cost benefit and never gassed, killed or deported a single Kurd.No way.

Tony Blair did it.

Chris Gr

You are correct. The Iraqi invasion was done in order to steal Iraqi oil. Iranians also wanted to steal it.


They both had roles to play. They are both guilty.

jens holm

And we do care a lot Simon Ndiritu. For the locals oil hardly was used and having no value. By that they were not paid much and their leaders happy about it.

But very fast it became important for the whole world replacing coal very well. By that we do care a lot for control as well as the price for it.

We do care about the Iraqian livibstandards as well, but we seemes not to be able to fight total backstabbing well. Ha-ha. Saddam partly could, but do You support those methods?

In Syria its same thing even there is only oil and gas for local matters. I never has been shared. The Baathist has taken almost all incomming money and not shared with the rest of the population. The SDF-Kurds share with population more then Assads ever has done.

Assads has drowned things in control with bajonets, fear and devastating propaganda and has/had world record in corruption. Thats not a country but private owner ship in Feudalisme or like the USSR communist party.

Im so sorry for those wars and has nev3er supported any of them Afghanistan included. But we seemes stil worried for people in Afganistan starving and the women kept lower then the value of two goats.

So thats the result. Your are the winners. Taleban here we comes. Why help any there. They help each other well even too many escape from Ypour muslims self created hells, where Tony Blair seemes to be Your last – bad – prophet.

jens holm

I ask again and again for plans for the future. None can rebuild or raise the lives, if there are not any.

That seemes to be a religios as well as sekular Haram. Something is terrible wrong when muslims prefare to live among christians sekulars and infidels.

Instead You blame us for not treating them well and we are fobidden by Your kind to send them back. If they come back many disspear because they are named as rebelss. Some becomes to forced recruits to kill those, which are against those kinds of regime.

Some links for a future pls.

Chris Gr

Saddam was secular socialist.


Are US soldiers moderate christians??? who give a fuck … although right now I’ll bet the Russians would rather see US forces in Iraq and Syria rotting in the desert with their supply lines attacked by partisans instead of deployed in Poland or Ukraine

Chris Gr

I don’t know about the soldiers. I am talking about radical Shia groups.


yes.. they promise to be very moderate. as moderate as the bearded moderate ones.


Well done, bravo…just increase the ferociousness and frequency to increase the body bags going back to USA

Arch Bungle

We need more of these. We need to wipe out the US embassy too.


Yankee go home!

Lone Ranger

Yankee go home.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Not a peep in U.S. lamestream presstitue media…


They have been attacking ghosts since there is no US military left in Iraq ^^

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