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In Video: US Forces Are Trying To Block Russian Military Police Patrol In Northeastern Syria


This video shows one of the recent incidents between the Russian Military Police and the US military in northeastern Syria. US forces are trying and failing to block the Russian Military Police patrol.




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  • occupybacon

    5 stars for the music!

  • Lone Ranger

    MRAPs are a bit slow arent they…
    Good job Comrades.

    • BMWA1

      Russian have lots of good trucks….perfect for archaeological projects too!

      • Lone Ranger

        Kamaz trucks won the Dakar 18 times, a WR.

        • BMWA1

          See UAZ Bukanka

          • Lone Ranger

            Ah yes, the ultimate zombie apocalypse van :)
            It will survive anything.

          • BMWA1

            Friend in Transbaikal has used one…only way to go out there Genghis Khan land

          • Lone Ranger

            All metal construction.
            No rubber and plastic crap in the engine.
            You can light a small fire under the engine in extreme cold to warm up the oil without causing any damage.
            Genius of a car.

        • BMWA1
  • Lone Ranger

    CIA trolls will cry and rage :)

  • Maurizio Pucci

    That’s blyatiful :-)

  • BMWA1

    Poor Buford T. Justice!

  • cechas vodobenikov
  • IggyBundy


  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    It’s the Syrian Cannonball Run.

  • Jamal Utr.

    Russians are only tough against women and children

    • AJ

      Nah thats the Israelis

      • <>

        We barely hurt women and children, if we really decide to do carpet bombings then they will actually feel it by the thousands. The war has been postponed, for now.

    • gryzor84

      that’s what you saw in the video right. American girls in bikini and their boys without their arms and equipment, correct, we’re looking at the same thing ?

    • Cromwell

      Try telling the millions of Nazi trash that never got back to the Reich.

  • Tommy Jensen

    We were not trying to block anything. Russia was just in the way with their amateurish clumsy equipment, simple as that.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Ah, I see.

      • BMWA1

        I’m just glad We have Tommy to clarify

        • FlorianGeyer

          Exactly :)

    • Jamal Utr.

      They were just drunk, like always

  • IsraelDid911

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Rofl!!!!! As I surmised earlier, the Russian vehicles are lighter, faster and better armed compared to the American vehicles which are slow and heavy but have better armour protection.

  • LaRata

    La Ocupacion Americana de otro pais ,,,

  • gryzor84

    What the f*** did I just watch lol xD This game of convoys is becoming as ludicrous as it is hilarious. The times we live in, I swear… too bad the actual background for all this childish competition is so sordid…

  • Ivan Freely

    SF, are you sure that’s an attempt to block Russian patrols?

  • Serg The Purge


  • Alberto Garza

    lol.. that looked funny .

  • cechas vodobenikov

    the empire crumbles
    amerikan insecurity, cowardice and their famous fear of death—again displayed

  • hvaiallverden

    Yeah, one thing Russians is good at, is making efficient mechanical equimpents, where I came from, with solid 6 months of real winter, the old Lada Niva was used to drag loose other so called 4 wd, from Toyota to Yankedoodle crap, they look like 4 wd, but usually their is an downside, or two, wieght and the 4 wd system it self, Lada have the same system as the Range Rover have, locks everywhere and between axsels, but, and as with Russian equimpents, all thoe they work prefectly, they are usually stripped off any additional comfort, but the saying went in those days that the only thing you couldnt do with an Niva was climbing trees, hehe, it was an genuine good 4 wd, and I have driven the Merc, (and the old “insane” 1/4 tonner) yeah, works pefectly on asphalt, but terain, uh…. it have the same problem as Yankeddodle, not realy built for terain, but as an 4 wd, the old Volvo Sugga was much better, but it had the draw back of been unstable, but it worked as an 4 wd.

    Yeah, the reasons for Kamaz is good, is due to the mechanics, briliant 4 wd systems and made so easy that its much easier to fix road side, the second best thing with Russian gear, their ability to make things so easy that an monkey can fix it, and in wars, that makes the difference, I woudl rather have my ass in one of theirs since it can go offroad and not only depend on pawed roads.


  • God

    nobody is trying to block you, wtf is the goal of all this useless patrols, I feel sorry for the neighbours

  • kenpachi

    probably just a lost 19 year old tranny lost control while driving uncle sam’s truck. if not, that is bad for tensions. when the war starts, troops aren’t going to hesistate or need their arm twisted to attack

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    It seems that if there’s a US vehicle anywhere near a Russian vehicle it’s always taken for granted they’re trying to block the Russians in some way, and that’s even if the US patrol is heading in the opposite direction or just sitting on the side of the highway.
    Maybe SF should start leaving out the video footage and only stick to a written article, at least that way the story will be a bit more believable.
    I know the US has actually blocked a few Russian patrols recently so why don’t they show those real occurrences, they’d at least be believable, but maybe the fact the locals were also involved could possibly have something to do with it, I think those sort of videos would be very unappealing to most of SF patrons.
    The local Kurds think the Russians will let the Turks move in with them if they’re allowed to establish a base here, and when the Russians say no they won’t let that happen, the locals just point to Idlib and Aleppo and say no way, go away we don’t trust you, and I can’t really blame them.

  • Svincius Savickas

    fuck america, viva russia