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In Video: Units Of Russian Military Police Escort Crops Shipments In Northeastern Syria

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The Russian Military Police escorted a convoy of 262 trucks carrying crops and agricultural products along the M4 highway in northeastern Syria, Zvezda TV reported on January 27.

The M4 links al-Hasakah with Raqqa and Aleppo. In 2019, the highway was blocked by Turkish forces which occupied a long strip of land between al-Hasakah and Raqqa. Last year, the Russian Military Police opened the highway and began escorting civilian traffic on it.

According to the Zvezda TV, the Russian Military Police secure the last convoy with two armored personnel carriers and a helicopter.

“Since May 25 last year, Russian military police have resumed escorting civilians along the M4 highway,” Captain Artem Tukovsky, commander of a police unit, told the channel. “There are a lot of people who want to travel on the highway from Ain Isa to Tell Tamer. To ensure the safe escort of the civilian population, newly-deployed military policemen are taking part.”

Last year, civilians travelling on the M4 came under fire from Turkish forces, situated to the north, on several occasions. This prompted the Russian Military Police to step up its presence along the highway in cooperation with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces.

The ongoing operations to keep the M4 highway open and safe highlights the efforts undertaken by Russia to stabilize northeastern Syria.


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I have never understood how the head hacking Apes have moved about in that landscape without being seen and liquidated.it should be like a turkey shoot.


The gangs operate in rugged country and have the asset of the safe havens in US controlled training areas, such as Al Tanf, plus the benefit of US satellite and other intelligence data.


Too bad Russia can’t cover the desert between Al Tanf and Palmyra with any kind of intelligence.

cechas vodobenikov

too bad polish/ukrop bacon intelligence so low must work in UK as janitors


Cleaner enviroment than a Russian hospital


Checha, please tell me again the story how you visited america and they found your IQ too high for them :D


Russia is again showing the world that their military assets are a genuine force for good.

The US and NATO are showing the world that the destruction of civil infrastructure and civilians are part of their strategy for their global domination plans. The PROOF of US/NATO warcrimes are there for all to see. The list is a long one, even when we only look at the list for the last 20 years.
Syria, Iraq, Libya,the Balkan nations,Yemen,Ukraine,Afghanistan and many more in Asia and Africa, South America, at al.

Add to that the most cowardly NATO use of criminal terror murder gangs to further the destruction of innocents, and we have the most vile global destruction that even surpasses the atrocities of the British Empire.

Ghengis Khan was a mere ‘boy scout leader ‘ by comparison.

William D

You are saying Russia is defending Syria for the sake of defending freedom? They are defending their naval base and looking to expand.
US/NATO is guilty of the same. China is guilty with ridiculous 9-dash line
OUR hope should be that developing nations choose aid that supports democracy and democratic values


That is a realistic statement. Syria is being used as a punching bag for many states regional ambitions. It was a progressive middle income state that has been turned into rubble and this endless terror war against it needs to end.


Aside of crippling US economic sanctions and embargoes against Syria – NATO & Gulf State sponsored militant fundamentalist proxies in Syria have routinely torched Syrian agriculture – particularly vast grain crops. This obviously deeply impacts Syrian society with a large rural sector – and is act of economic sabotage/warfare designed to cause grain shortages. It is an extension of US sanction and resource denial strategy – in an attempt to create sufficient civil hardship to generate civil unrest – that US policymakers believe will assist in their desired regime change agenda.

El libanes

Thank you Mr. Putin <3

Jens Holm

Maybee Russia is only transporter of UN help. Thats good, but if so, You should thank UN too.

El libanes

Thanks to Russian ( and syria’s allies) syria have not fallen to the ziotakfiris hand. Putin and the Russian federation have and will support Syria and its people in its dificult moment. Russian commrades have fallen in syria as well and they deserve our respect. My thanks to Putin is not only for this act.

Jens Holm

I wonder if Your first name is Haram:)

Jens Holm

IKts not told if those Russians are tranporters for UN. They mainly are.

cechas vodobenikov

low educated villager writes CIA propaganda—backward Danes help send weapons to SA to kill civilized people….where is UN in Syria? it should be in dinkmark to protect Palestinians/turks from racist danes….villager not comprehend all UN vehicles are marked w UN designation….schools in Denmark 3rd world

Ashok Varma

It is quite disgusting that US and its Wahhabi terrorists are stealing anything from oil to crops in Syria to fund terrorism. Russia is doing a noble job protecting Syria from petty thieves and criminals in the service of Erdogan family.

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